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Volume 633 - Cave Monkeys

Warner is going to win in Virginia.

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 November 5, 2001

 VCR Alert - Vegas night on the Travel Channel - Venice in Vegas, Inside Ceasars Palace and Beating the Odds
  Also, Seven-of-Nine is good on Boston Public and Ling becomes a judge on Ally McBeal. I like a mean judge.
  Then, the last half of Uprising. Too bad they don't have electricity in Afghanistan.   Plus Monday Night Football.          <Cowboys Lost!!>


"I feel I would be better trained for it, ...more prepared."
   -- Bill Clinton, on terrorism, when asked if he wished he was still president.
       as told to Paul McCartney's "blond" girlfriend.

 Can you believe Clinton is catching hell for saying that? (If he said it)
 Koresh, I'm more qualified than President Weak & Stupid, so Clinton certainly is.

 At least on September 11th, I wouldn't have been running from state to state
 waiting for Uncle Dick to tell me what to do and say. And I damn sure wouldn't have
 continued reading the Little Caterpillar That Could to some Florida curtain climbers.

 ...and I wouldn't have let a former president (who was in Australia) beat me to New York.

Britney's breasts are on tour.
Here they are in Columbus, Ohio.
I heard they turn her mic on between songs.

BTW, have you seen the Elvis costume she wears
to promote her upcoming Las Vegas show?

...and before I forget, did you see the Halloween Frasier?
It was the funniest damn episode in a long, long time.

Marty Crane kissing Elton John, Niles drinking his first beer, (and getting drunk)

Great script, great acting - Welcome back, Frasier.
I was afraid we had lost you with those "message" shows.

From: mgottlieb@cmp.com

Subject: Hiding the Truth

Hey - glad you brought up the Executive Order that Bush signed late one night
last week barring the release of Presidential Papers if either the sitting or
the past President decides he doesn't want them released.

This was definitely the biggest story in the last several weeks (and that's saying something.)
And of course nary a word by the Corporate Press (though I did read about in the SF Chronicle).

There is no doubt in my mind that this was going to happen one way or another.
The crimes committed by Reagan/Bush/Bush were/are treasonous and no justice will ever be done
to these creeps and their minions. But to see the story that Bush (without fanfare) signed an executive
order sweeping these crimes under the rug for good, should make every American very pissed and
very worried. Our government is now officially secret and any talk of American democracy is a joke.

 Be sure and check out David Friedrichs's Project 60

From: jonbastian@earthlink.net

Subject: Re: Mohammad Atta and Ronald Reagan

Hey, Bartcop. Well, I wish the story of Reagan and Shultz releasing the WTC Atta were true,
but it's not, as Snopes.com has shown. Yes, there was a Mohammad Atta who blew up a bus
in Israel in 1986. However, hewent to prison for life and is still there. Same name, different person.

From:  willitss@pacbell.net

According to Snopes.com, the authoritative urban legend debunker of date, the 1986 Israel bus bombing
was a different Atta.  He was 33 years old in 1986.  Our Mohammed Atta was 33 years old on 9-11-01.

They detail this athttp://www.snopes2.com/rumors/atta.htm

Jon, Scott, thanks for that.
That's why I labeled it a "rumor," because I didn't know.

Reagan is guilty of everything from rape to arming terrorist nations to perjury to destroying our economy,
so I certainly didn't want to accuse him of something he didn't do.

 Just a reminder - PLEASE don't support  bartcop.com  financially.

 After all, we're in good hands getting news and comment from Rush Limbaugh.
 When I hear Rush speak, I have to remind myself that he's not Edward R. Murrow.

 Bill O' Reilly and Sean Hannity have always told the truth - so why do we need  bartcop.com?
 Brit Hume and Tony Snow are above reproach. Who has a problem with fair and balanced news?
 They always give both sides on Fox. Matter of fact, Fox News sometimes is too liberal.

 Bob Scheiffer and Wolf Blitzer have always given us 'just the facts,' so why read  bartcop.com?
 And Cokie Roberts and Tim Russert are the epitome of network integrity - who needs  bartcop.com?
 Chris Matthews and Judas Maximus can always be counted on to give the Clinton side of the story,
 and don't forget Juan Williams and Mara Liason (seems like TV is just loaded with liberal voices.)
 so there's no reason to clutter up the Internet with that drivel from  bartcop.com, is there?

 And Dr. Laura, Michael Medved and Bill Bennett are the moral voices of a sinful nation,
 so we certainly don't need any opinions coming from some online smart ass.
 We certainly don't need BartCop's snide remarks about Rev Falwell and Pat Robertson.

 And we can always depend on Andrew Sullivan and Ann Coulter for their honesty.
 One thing about those two - they never let their personal bias color their truthfulness.
 At  bartcop.com  things are slanted just to make our President appear weak - and stupid.

 Peggy Noonan and Ari Fliescher do a great job of keeping us informed
 Who needs  bartcop.com?

 The American press is doing a great job and people like BartCop just like to cause trouble.
 Poor President Bush is working his rear end off, and it's just not fair that Bart makes fun of him.
 We don't need BartCop and his ilk bothering President Bush and Dick Cheney.
 Besides, he's always making excuses for the niggers, the fags and the pepperbellies.
 Who needs more of that?

 So if you thought about contributing to  bartcop.complease reconsider.
 If nobody contributes to his stupid site, maybe he'll get the hint and just go away.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
 .Support Bartcop.com
 POBox 54466.... Tulsa,OK 74155

That trip to New York seems like years ago.


 "I'm the Taliban's worst nightmare - a gay woman,
   wearing a suit, surrounded by Jews"
      --Ellen Degeneres, with the best line of the night

 Republican Vision? Keep Shopping
  Someone failed to get Mr. Rove's memo...

  Click  Here

 Is it too late to get that recount? I was just wondering. The 2000 presidential election
 is almost a year in the past. The Supreme Court gave Bush the benefit of the doubt,
 and we never did get that hand recount of the Florida votes.

 Does Ellen Degeneres read  bartcop.com?

            from Friday's page

                        last night

 Full Emmy coverage at 
 Sheen was robbed, so was Sorkin.

From: dogfolks@cape.com

Subject: The Moon Cusser Administration

The lore of Cape Cod is rife with stories of the sea. Of interest to me are the people who were called "Moon Cussers".
The shores of the Cape are littered with shipwrecks. Many happened at night, and the cover of darkness afforded the less-than-honest an opportunity to plunder and steal the cargo. Some contented themselves with what they could get off
of a wreck that resulted from bad weather or bad seamanship. But, others were not adverse to CAUSING a wreck,
so that they could get a crack at the booty. A bright moon was not conducive to any such activities. Hence, they cursed
the moonlight, and became known as Moon Cussers.

Considering all that the current administration is trying to obscure and obfuscate, I think they should be dubbed
The Moon Cusser Administration. They are using the cover of the "War on Terrorism" to hide their theft of our
civil rights, to raid the treasury and give millions of dollars in hand outs to their corporate patrons, and to avoid
revealing to the press any of the inner workings of the war effort.

Further, under cover of "patriotism" and "unity" they have tried to hide their involvement in the theft of the presidency
by delaying the release of the Florida recount, AND they are trying their damnedest level best to make sure that the
Reagan presidential papers NEVER see the light of day. The new executive order that Bu$h signed is nothing more
than a CYA, and a C EVERYBODY'S A gambit to protect his daddy, his daddy's cronies, and (further down the line)
himself from the scrutiny the American people have a right to apply to their activities.

They are, indeed, afraid of any light that may be shed on their nefarious activities, be it moonlight, or the bright light of day. They are, most truly, The Moon Cusser Administration.


 Everything you do on the job, even your private e-mail messages, belongs to those you work for.
 You have no right to privacy.

 ...unless you're a Republican using our taxpayer dollars.

 The Republicans think what they do in our name with our money is none of our business.
 What is President Bush hiding from us?

 With permission of the gelding Democrats, the secrets of the Reagan/Bush crime spree
 have been buried forever, and they cannot be held liable for those crimes - whatever they were.
 What is President Bush hiding from us?

 If Reagan was a great president, like the GOP constantly claims,
 why would they go to such drastic measures to hide his papers from the public?

 If Reagan was one-tenth the president they claimed he was,
 shouldn't his presidential papers be mandatory reading for every GOP presidential candidate?

 Why hide Reagan's greatness?
 What is it about Reagan's greatness that we shouldn't see?
 What is President Bush hiding from us?

 Of course, when it came to Bill Clinton, the GOP exposed everything to everybody,
 down to which way Air Force One pointed inside his pants.

 Every piece of Clinton's e-mail and personal papers have already been made public.
 Even his personal business that wasn't done in his government offices.
 He didn't even get a 12 year grace period. Hell, Clinton didn't get a 12 day grace period.
 The GOP said it was "constitutionally imperative" that we knew everything.

 For Christ's sake, they went thru Hillary's underwear drawer,
 but we can't see what Reagan did in our name with our money?
 What is President Bush hiding from us?

 What dark secrets is Bush so desperate to hide?
 Could it be the secrets of October Surprise?
 Could it be the secret illegal deals they cut with Islamic Jihad to get Reagan elected?
 Could it be the secrets of the Bush Family Evil Empire?

 This proves once again that there is one set of laws for Republicans and
 another set of laws for everyone else and nobody seems to care.

 ...and of course, the American whore media plays along and helps Bush
 cover his tracks because that's how Mr Rove wants it and he's the boss.

 What is President Bush hiding from us?

I cannot verify this rumor.

Ronald Reagan and Mohammad Atta

Terrorist pilot Mohammad Atta blew up a bus in Israel in 1986.
The Israelis captured, tried and imprisoned him. As part of the Oslo agreement Israel had to agree
to release so called "political prisoners". However, they would not release any with "blood on their hands".
But Ronald Reagan and George Shultz "insisted" that all be released.

Thus Mr. Atta was freed and eventually flew a jet into the World Trade Center.
This was reported by the networks when the terrorists were first identified, but it has
been censored in the USA from all later reports, to protect Saint Reagan's false legacy.

If anyone can confirm, please do.

From: rayblessin@shaw.ca

Subject: Cave monkeys??

"Cave monkeys"  --  are they like gooks, slopes, chinks . . . . . and niggers??

No, ...they're like cave monkeys.

You mean I have to be nice to the people we're trying to kill?
I should show some respect to the murdering sons of bitches?
I can't say bad things about the people harboring bin Laden?

You ask too much.

 How long since you visited Chihuahuaboy?


 From: (withheld)

 Subject: History Test

 Dear Bart,

 I heard a reference of a `History Test" somewhere on your site.
 (Your site is FABULOUS) only I am not able to find the file.
 I am visually impaired and sometimes I Just miss things.
 I've heard this is quite powerful and would not want to miss it

 Sounds like it's in a back issue.
 I will ask for assistance.

 ...anybody remember a history test?

 Home Grown?
  If anthrax is domestic, likely suspects abound

  Click  Here

 “You can’t look at this with blinders on and say it has to be Islam,” said Juliette Kayyem,
 executive director of the Executive Session on Domestic Terrorism and Preparedness
 study at Harvard, in a telephone interview with the LA Weekly.

“Abortion clinics and left-leaning groups have been the targets of American bio-terror
  enterprise for years. The events of the 11th may have only opened the doors.
 As soon as I heard the word anthrax, that’s what I thought of.”

From:  asasuperfly@yahoo.com

Subject: Pig Cam

I saw on the News that after B-52's dropped their huge load of 650 lbs. bombs,
the Taliban Soldiers would pop out of their holes like angry hornets and return fire.

It is obvious that someone has to go in those holes after them. I suggest we put
harnesses on large pigs that strap a web cam with a speaker and C4 Explosives
set to go off when the pig dies. With a long wire antenna streaming behind the pig,
we can prod it down the hole, by electric shocks, squealing for it's life while a reality
based TV show in America broadcasts the Taliban cave from a pig's point of view.

Messages from the squealing pig could blare out in Arabic,
"The Taliban is going to Hell," and "You will all be reborn as piglets!"

The yelling Talibans firing at the camera would be the last broadcast seen before the C4 explodes.
If they won't follow the Geneva convention, why should we?


Hey, I'll watch that show.
It beats Boat Load O' Whores.


 "Security at the Emmy Awards is tighter than Joan Rivers's face."
   -- Dave

 Harry Potter books spark rise in Satanism among Children

 Click  Here

     "The Harry Potter books are cool, 'cause they teach you all about magic and how you can use it
 to control people and get revenge on your enemies," said Hartland, WI, 10-year-old Craig Nowell,
 a recent convert to the New Satanic Order Of The Black Circle. "I want to learn the Cruciatus Curse,
 to make my muggle science teacher suffer for giving me a D."

     "Hermione is my favorite, because she's smart and has a kitty," said 6-year-old
 Jessica Lehman of Easley, SC. "Jesus died because He was weak and stupid."

 My 9 Innings With Ari Fleischer
    by Bill Hutchinson

 Click  Here

 As I stood there in my pajamas, I thought this had to be a joke.
 Here we are in the middle of a war, there's anthrax from Boca to Brokaw,
 the World Trade Center is still smoking, and Ari Fleischer of the White House
 is calling me about whether the commander-in-chief will or will not cheer for the Yankees.

 The Greatest Sedition is Silence
  by William Rivers Pitt    11/04/01

  Click  Here

 68,000 pages of communications between Ronald Reagan and his advisers
 were due for release last January.  Many people in Bush's current administration
 were part of the Reagan cabal, and would have their names and deeds all over
 these papers.  The most notable name that would be found within these papers
 is George Herbert Walker Bush.  The administration managed to par off this
 release for months, but in the end ran out of excuses for doing so.  This
 executive order is the last gasp, created in the name of "national security."

 The audacity of this action is staggering.  Even the stupefyingly naive must see
 through this farce for what it is: a betrayal of the Freedom of  Information Act
 meant solely to protect members of this current administration for being called
 to task for their actions.  The truth of the Iran/Contra scandal is likely in these
 papers, something that Bush Sr. would just as soon see burned.

 Have you been to  lately?

 Lots of good things over there.
 Watch for Michelle's  *Thanksgiving Special*

 Click  Here

 Your e-mail is in this pile.

 You want to join the Taliban?
 You may want to read this first.

 Click  Here

"Maybe I was naive but I was told there would be proper training and I
would be joining an organised military unit and it was just chaos," he said.

The impression being given by militant Muslim groups is that there is a slick and successful
recruiting drive in British cities after which volunteers are shepherded by its emissaries to
Pakistan and on to training camps run by the Taleban. The reality, says Abu Mindar, is different.

After days of delay, discomfort and lies he was driven into the desert with about 25 others,
somewhere near Kabul, and handed a Kalishnikov by the "commander" of his group
who gestured for him to fire at an enemy he could not see through the swirling dust.

 Should the Florida 2000 election results remain hidden?
 Should the illegitimate fraud be protected at all costs?
 Or should the facts be made public?

 Click  Here

 What would Thomas Jefferson say about a partisan Supreme Court
 overturning the people's vote to illegally install their preferred candidate?

 ...and don't forget to listen to www.RadioLeft.com

 Mr. Steinbrenner is furious!

 Luis Gonzalez was scripted to hit a weak grounder to the pitcher.
 Instead, he lined a shot to center and won the series for Arizona.

 Steinbrenner has filed a $20 million lawsuit against the Diamondbacks and Fox Sports
 for breach of contract and lost income, and is threatening to back out of next year's show.

 "We was robbed, plain and simple," said Steinbrenner.
 "I have a legally binding contract that says the Yankees win the World Series,
  and Arizona and Fox Sports have renegged on their part of the bargain," he fumed.

 Meanwhile - party in Phoenix.

 Testimony of a Gov't Whistleblower
   by Barbara Hartwell

 Click  Here

 I was utilized against my will and in certain cases without my own knowledge or consent
 in CIA illegal domestic and foreign covert operations, otherwise known as 'black ops'.
 My life is in serious danger, due to the fact that I am in the process of exposing highly
 classified information about illegal and unethical violations of human rights by the CIA and
 other government agencies. These violations are infractions of established US national and
 international laws and codes, including the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Convention.

 The latest from R.B. Ham

 Click  Here

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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