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Volume 654 - The Ashcroft Monster

On a dark spring night, nine weeks behind schedule, the MNS Indestructible,
a Class C Submersible Deepswimmer, departs Sancrist Isle
with a crew of twenty and a callous disregard for the inevitable.
Armed with top secret devices, a band of intrepid gnome
explorers sets out on a legendary journey to... Read more

 December 2-3, 2001                                                                                                        Required Reading

 Here's something you'll really like

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What is happening to the America I love?
   By Rose Moss

  Click  Here

 From: jstone@axs.net

 Subject: Calling out the National Guard

 St. John the Religiously Insane says we should call up the NG to defend  the border ....

 ...WITH CANADA !!!!!!

 Is he completely off his rocker or what!!!!

 Ashcroft is nuttier than a blue Santa Claus


 "This is all wonderful news.
    It is time to finish off the US once and for all."
    -- Chess champ Bobby Fisher,  who loves the Palestinians
         and hates America and Israel, on the events of  Sept 11th

  Full Story

 Now that the Ashcroft Monster is out of Control...

  Click  Here  then weep for how America used to be.

 Ashcroft's anti-terrorism measures drew fire from many quarters - especially since he and President Bush
 never presented them to Congress. That's the governing body which is required by the Constitution to
 devise the nation's laws. Such an elementary explanation seems necessary since Bush and Ashcroft
 may not be familiar with the checks-and-balance system.

 Every senator who voted for Ashcroft were repeatedly warned that he might violate civil liberties.
 As they worked to help Bush get elected last year, all Collins and Specter had to do was follow
 the news to recognize that Bush might press a hard-right agenda once he assumed the presidency.

From: chadbo64@hotmail.com

Subject: Note to rogue nations

Please do not send missiles if the weather's bad. Thanks.

Ashcroft tried to drop habeas corpus
 Insane AG wants to shred every page of the Constitution

 Click  Here

 THE Bush Administration sought the power to suspend all suspects’ rights in the most extreme example
 of its squeeze on civil liberties since September 11.  According to a draft of the anti-terrorism Bill which
 was published yesterday, John Ashcroft, the Attorney-General, initially wanted to do away with the
 fundamental legal tenet of habeas corpus for terrorist suspects.

 Such a move would have allowed the authorities to hold suspects in secret and indefinitely
 without charging them or producing them before a judge.

 Smirk ands Ashcroft want the absolute power to jail ANYONE they think MIGHT
 be a problem for them and nobody seems too worried about it?

 Well, besides  bartcop.com and  ...(choke) Bob Barr?


"You're walking a very, very slippery slope to just bring people in to question them
  based on nothing more than some vague assertion that they might be connected
  with some group that might have had something to do with the attacks."
     -- Suddenly sane Bob Barr (R-Klansman)

 Hearings Reflect Some Unease With Ashcroft's Legal Approach

  Full sad-as-hell Story

 "You're not going to be passing legislation in a situation like this,"
   said Patrick Leahy, Bush's rubber stamp in the senate.
 "I'm not unaware of the polls."

 Yeah, that's right, Senator.
 If the public doesn't mind losing the Bill of Rights,
 why should you bother with trying to preserve it?

 Tell me, Senator, did you cash your paycheck last month?
 If so, why?
 You didn't do anything - why are you taking our money to do nothing?

 Gelding Democrats make me wanna puke.

 I'm so glad sweeps are over.
 Thanks to everyone who contributed in Phase Four.
 I'm still working on my individual Thank Yous.


 "Poor, poor Barbara Olson. God truly is the most severe book critic, isn't He?
  But it is not ours to question why. "
    -- Betty Bowers, in the chat room November 1

Bush on the Economy:
"We're screwed, but it's not my fault."

In typical GOP style, our unelected President wants credit for a recovery that never happened
and he wants to blame the Democrats for the disaster that is happening on his watch.

Remember, his Administration promised us unending surpluses for eternity.
Even as the Recession*  was well underway, his official economic forecast was for 2% growth this year.
Also remember (even if the lapdog media will not) that the Republicans guaranteed economic disaster if
Bill Clinton got his plan passed in 1992.   And who could forget Reagan and Bush Sr. promising balanced
budgets year after year when they actually brought us to near bankruptcy with exploding deficits.

The question is:  How can they be so totally wrong every time?   Are they:
   a.  Lying to the American People for their own Political benefit.
   b.  Completely stupid and uniformed.
How can we take them seriously when they claim that their stimulus package will lead to recovery?

In fact, we have already given 15 billion to the airlines and it didn't save anybody's job.
However, it did provide a nice severence package for the CEO of United Airlines.
The man responsible for the security of United passengers on 9/11 got $100 million and full health benefits.
while his airline is losing $15 million per day - why? - because he did such a good job?
That's the kind of bailout package Smirk's Daddy got for him for Arlington Stadium.

While we're on the subject, didn't top airline executives make the management decision
to increase profits by selling the safety and security respoinsibility to the lowest bidder?
Doesn't the GOP free-market religion require them to go bankrupt for their unwise decisions?
In George Bush's America, management gets the reward and the workers get laid off.

Back to the Bush Recession:

Long before the election  bartcop.com  warned that we'd have war and recession if Bush won.
But wanting to be constructive (not just critical) we have offered a specific plan for recovery.
The  BartCop Tax Plan  called for working Americans to get $1500 tax rebates in their mail.
And instead of a lousy Bush Christmas, we would be facing a fantastic BartCop Christmas.
The Recession would be history no matter what bin Laden did on September 11th.

With $1500 and the current low interest rates,  car sales would set records; same for housing starts.
Same for computer sales, big screen TVs; DVD players; washer/dryers -- and on and on.

Bush chose not to accept this advice. Why?  Because it does nothing for the super-rich.
They'd get the same $1500 per person that the middle-class get, and we can't have that!
He chose to backload his tax cuts to the super-rich to hide their true cost and what stimulus is provided?
None at all - zip - zero - nada - zilch.
Screw working families - what did they ever do for King George II?

That was his choice. That makes this recession Bush's recession.

His current $100 billion plan will help the rich, but the Bush Recession is still in full flight.
If the  Bartcop Tax Plan  is not adopted soon we could be facing years of slow or no growth.
It's too late for this year because the checks must arrive at Christmas time to have the maximum impact.
Businesses must have the summer to prepare for the record sales.

Don't forget, GOP economic predictions are always wrong.
What we need is the  BartCop Tax Plan.

...but we're stuck with a president who cares more about the super rich than working families.

From: Nick Barlow   Senior foreign correspondent for  bartcop.com

Subject: One other reason to remember George Harrison

I don't know how much this was reported in memorials to him in the US press,
but George also had a quite major role as a film producer in the 70s and 80s.

When Monty Python were making The Life Of Brian, EMI, their original backers, pulled out
because of their fear of being attacked by the religously insane over it, so George (who had
been one of Python's earliest fans) managed to raise the £6m (about $15m at that time)
to fund the film, even putting his house up as collateral, mainly because he'd read the script
and wanted to see the film. Michael Palin called it 'the most expensive cinema ticket in history'.

He can actually be seen in the film as one of Brian's followers in the 'he's not the Messiah,
he's a very naughty boy!' scene. So, not only did he help to produce one of the funnies films
of all time, he was also willing to use his money to stop the religously insane from censoring humour.

Anyway, from that, George went on to create Handmade Films, which produced some of the
best British films of the 80s, including is The Long Good Friday, Time Bandits, Mona Lisa and
Withnail & I - all of which are strongly recommended to Bartcop readers.


 Analysis of Rush Limbaugh Tactics
   by Ken Charles

  Click  Here

 3. Clairvoyance.
 He knows what others are thinking, especially those who oppose his views and opinions, and what
 they "really meant" when they said something. And he tells you what they are thinking. They are all,
 every one of them  (e.g. "liberals", if there is such a simple all-encomapssing label) engaged in a
 sinister plot against you. And you will buy it.  After all, isn't he always right?

Bush and military tribunals
  by Scott Davis

 Click  Here

 We saw in the second Presidential debate the smirk of pleasure that the three who dragged
 James Byrd to his death would themselves be killed, when Bush was loose with the facts.
 Only two received the death sentence. And the smile spoke volumes about Bush's empathy deficiency.

Gilmore Resigns As GOP Nat'l Chair

Republican National Chairman Jim Gilmore (left)  resigned Friday,
clearing the way for President Bush (in red) to install a new Supreme Dragon.

Former Montana governor and close Bush ally Marc Racicot (right) is likely to replace
Gilmore if he wants the job, senior Klansmen said Friday. Racicot was in line to be Bush's
personal ramrod but took himself out when doctor's discovered an enlarged prostate.

Moving quickly, the White House asked Republican leaders for advice on a successor.
Besides Racicot, who helped Bush murder democracy during the Florida rape last year,
other prospects included Uncle O.J. Watts (in blue, back to camera) and Ann Wagner
of Missouri, (photo unavailable) co-chairwoman of the Council of Concerned Citizens.

Why did Al Gore tell Nigerians he was running
a small family restaurant in Tennessee?

 Click on and see.

 Homo-Loving Vermont Senators to Face Tribunals

 Click  Here

From: zorba2001@home.com

Subject: Re. Parry essay 11/27

What is pathetic is that lefties ringing their hands over stolen elections and unfair/biased reporting
still haven't figured out that the Democrat "Party" is simply the (weak) civil rights wing of the
Corporate Party that owns the national elections and determines the viable candidates.

Future historians will have no difficulty concluding that the #1 priority task of the new Clinton administration
in 1992 was the shutdown and termination of the investigation of Reagan-Bush1 criminal activities.
Myopic Dems, like BC & Parry, view the Iran-Iraq-contra cover-up as a sort of non-partisan "gesture,"
a pre-paid quid pro quo as it were, that would hopefully result in support for Clinton's legislative agenda,
rather than accept the obvious fact that there is only one political party in this country.
Touching, yet sad, to be so naive.

Your friend, Zorba.

First, let me say how flattered I am to be lumped with Robert Parry.

Second, there are two kinds of political parties in America;
the ones who can win and the certain-loser Green Party.
My naive party won the election - your "sophisticated" party got what, three percent?
It would be funny if your defection didn't give Smirk the White House.

Third, want to bet Nader gets fewer votes next time?

Meet the Whore moment

Tim the Whore: Should President Bush take Sharon and Arafat behind a locked door
                           and the three of them hammer out a peace agreement to stop this violence?

Rumsfeld:  Gee, Tim, that's not for me to say.

ha ha

Can you imagine Weak & Stupid in a serious discussion about anything
besides baseball or how to get laid in a Mexican whorehouse?

As always, Russert let Runsfeld get by with "I don't know" and "You'd have to ask the president,"
and "Those decisions are made by others," for his entire segment.

But a couple of years ago, when the topic was Clinton's zipper, "It's not my business"
wasn't a valid reply and Tim the Whore would hammer on and hammer on until he finally
would browbeat an answer out of whichever scared and weak Democrat was in the hot seat.

Funny, when the topic is war and the protection of American lives
a simple "I dunno" is good enough for Jack Welch's puppet Tim the Whore.

 Missile Defense Test Postponed

  Click  Here

 Bad weather on the California coast frustrated Pentagon efforts
 to carry out the fifth test of a missile defense system over the weekend.

 The test, scrubbed both Saturday and Sunday primarily because of high winds
 at the Vandenberg Air Force Base launch site, was rescheduled for Monday night.

 So, let me get this straight:
 Missle defense works, but we need to convince the enemy to only attack when
 the weather is clear and winds are calm, ...and oh yeah, could you guys be sure
 to include a tracking beacon so our missles can locate yours in the big sky?

 It doesn't work and every body knows it and it'll cost trillions and everybody knows it
 and they only reason we're even messing with it is because the Bush Family Evil Empire
 has the defense contractors kicking in to Gilligan's campaign for 2004.

From: cyruss12000@yahoo.com

Subject: i hope you fucking die

Please die

Cyruss Tope


Great stuff on RB Ham's site...

  Follow up:
 When Christians Lie for Tawdry Political Gain

  Click  Here

  Rep. J. C. Watts announced Monday that he will run for re-election in November.
  Monday's announcement puts to rest months of speculation on whether Watts
  would seek a fourth term representing the state's 4th Congressional District.
  He had signed a pledge when he was first elected in 1994 to serve only three terms,
  but said Monday that he and his wife had decided he needs to continue to fight
  for conservative ideals in Congress.

From: mkonieczki@rslusa.com

Subject: Garbage

I am finally writing about the Garbage CD.
I had to listen to it many times before I felt confident enough in my opinion.

First off, it is so good it is almost ridiculous. An entire CD shouldn't be this good.
Usually bands spread this many good songs on 2 or more CDs.  Secondly, I don't think
I have ever listened to a CD where my favorite song changes every time I hear it.

First, it was Shut Your Mouth. THEN, I went to Can't Cry These Tears. Then it went to Androgyny,
Cherry Lips (can her voice be ANY sexier when she gets to that first GO Baby Go Go ), and now I
am ensconced in  Til the Day I Die. Every time I hear it, I say, No, THAT is my favorite song.

I am no music expert, but I know what I like. Every time my wife gets into my truck, she yells at me
"Do you have to listen to that CD EVERY time you get in here?"

To which I reply "No dear, change the CD or put on the radio...whatever YOU want to listen to."

(ha ha  I'm married, too)

Anyway, I wanted to get back to you with the Garbage comments.
You should think about doing a music page, similar to the cooking page...list your favorite CDs,
bands, etc and open it up to comments to agree or disagree with you. If I knew anything about
that web page crap, I'd volunteer. Just a thought. Also, got this from the Garbage website:

Catch Garbage on Jay Leno on December 12th

Mike, great note.
And of course, I agree.
I like this CD more than any other CD.
What was so unique about this album is we found it while in a four-day sensory deprivation tank.
We got into this album sooo deeply.  Good thing it wasn't crap, eh?

The songs you mentioned are the grabbers. Soon, the songs that didn't grab you right away
will be stuck in your head, too. Wait till you get to Cup of Coffee.

Cup of Coffee is like watching a great episode of West Wing or The Sopranos.
Shirley puts you in the room with her as she goes thru this hell.

...but, besides you, me, Lorena and Kai, nobody's heard this CD.

 Hurry back, Christian.

 The mail is piling up...

 Gargage/U2 in St Louis

 Click  Here

  Final report

 When religious insanity attacks...
Ashcroft Seeking to Free F.B.I. to Spy on Americans

  Click  Here

 John Ashcroft is considering a plan to relax restrictions on the F.B.I.'s spying on
 religious and political organizations in the United States, officials said today.

 ...that would be Democrats, blacks, gays and minorities.

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