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Volume 655 - Tool of the White House

On a dark spring night, nine weeks behind schedule, the MNS Indestructible,
a Class C Submersible Deepswimmer, departs Sancrist Isle
with a crew of twenty and a callous disregard for the inevitable.
Armed with top secret devices, a band of intrepid gnome
explorers sets out on a legendary journey to... Read more

 December 4, 2001                                                                       Dark Clouds over bartcop.com


 Hey, it's gotta be good, right?

 There are TONS of great links there.

My letter to Newsweek

I imagine you're getting some flak over your fawning (and non-factual) praise of President Bush.
Perhaps your motives are of a patriotic nature, but you failed to state that, so your actions are puzzling.

I'm a fair person, so I thought of a challenge:
Could you publish (or just send to me to publish) something from your back issues where you
 heaped such mountains of praise on  a Democratic president who fairly won election?

Clinton would be the easiest example, I guess.

Please forward to me a few paragraphs (with attribution) where your magazine printed paragraph after
paragraph about Clinton's greatness and I will reconsider my opinion of you as a tool of the White House

Thanks, I used to be a reader,



 "Whoever lands the RNC's top spot will be taking orders from Karl Rove.
   Party and WH officials said Gilmore "never learned" that.
      --Hotline Scoop, Spotlight


  Since Rove is the president's boss, to whom is this a shock?

 Certainly, Mr President

  Click  Here

  Whatever journalists' private views, America's newspapers are giving Bush aan easy ride over the war.
   Roy Greenslade wonders why they are so eager to censor themselves

 Happy Birthday to...

   Tyra Banks is 28

Ashcroft on the Loose

 Click  Here

 The Attorney General is out of control.
 The speed and scope of his assault on the Constitution is mind-boggling.
 His round-up of Muslim and Arab immigrants will surely go down in history as the Ashcroft Raids.

 When you're young and in love,
  there's only one thing that matters....



 "When Shaq retires he says he wants to be a sheriff of a small town.
   Which he'd be good at, as long as he doesn't have to shoot someone from the foul line."
     --Conan O'Brien

 By the way, if anyone has any good ideas about how to combat the problem
 with The Dark Cloud (above) send them to Christian at  publicist@bartcop.com

GOP's history is fraught with "dirty tricks" politics

 Click  Here

 Watergate and/or "Angry White Males" Contract with America notwithstanding,
  no episode in the nation's sordid history revealed the ruthlessness of a desperate
  Republican Party more than the Clinton sex scandal, which set in motion a series
  of dirty tricks that culminated with the GOP literally stealing the presidency.

From: Alex

Subject: Letter to Newsweek

While like many Americans, I am very patriotic and feel that it is important to be 100% behind my leader,
I am not sure I agree with your quote.  Since the 1st day, September 11, as I watched NYC skyline go up in
smoke from my porch, Bush has done nothing to re-assure me and make me feel safe.  He wasn't the "model
of unblinking, eyes-on-the-prize...".  He galloped around the country before returning to Washington, wept in
front of the camera, and had the "deer caught in the head lights" look when talking to the reports.

In fact, if it wasn't for my Mayor, Rudy, I don't know how I would've felt that day.
"The President doesn't read many books", that should not be something to be proud of.
He is a leader of the free world, the guy who controls the most powerfull army in the world,
he really should read a book here and there.

The media has given him a free ride since day 1, and after a year of having this type
of bologna shoved down my throat, I am getting really sick and tired of it.
That quote is nothing but a blatant attempt to kiss butt, and it just makes me sick!


Alex Mnatsakanov

 Tin Soldiers and Ashcroft's Comin'...
  ...and Conservatives Go to Sleep!
  Freepers, gun nuts look the other way as militia leader arrested by Bush-Ashcroft BATF

  by Tamara Baker

   Click  Here

 To Military, He's Geraldo non Grata

  Click  Here

 He's been getting precious little cooperation from U.S. military
 officials who apparently don't cotton to the left-leaning TV star.

"The military remembers his support of Bill Clinton," says one insider.
"They won't let him get near stories he wants — particularly if it
  involves interviewing U.S. personnel."

 You gotta love our military.
 They support arms for hostages, arms to terrorists, secret pardons to hide the truth,
 a richboy wartime deserter who never worked a day in his life - no problem.
 Hell, Smirk even promised "Help is on the way," then stabbed them in the back with,
 "We want to review our options before we just throw money at them."

 But if a man gets a blow job and tried to hide it, they turn on him and all who supported him


 “He wanted to talk about the Colorado-Texas football game.
   Unfortunately, I guess, I wasn’t really that interested.”
      -- University of Colorado physics professor Carl Wieman,
          who won the Nobel Prize for discovering a new form of matter,
          on his inability to have a conversation with President Dumbass

 Republican Obsession

  Click  Here

 During the Monica Lewinsky crisis, the vicious and narrow-minded puritanical men and women
 of the Republican Party, like a pack of hungry wolves, ganged up on President Bill Clinton to put
 an end to his political life. In their haste to crucify Clinton, Republicans are guilty of depleting our
 precious resources and diverting our nation's attention from our already threatened national security.

From: dogfolks@cape.com

Subject: Where's Whore-waldo?

It has occurred to me that I haven't seen anything from Geraldo Rivera
on Fox, except his self-agrandizing sit-down studio blurb about how
totally psyched he is to be a "war correspondent".

What's up with that?

Anne, he just went to open bin Laden's hidden vault.
I thought Horrendo was to smart to do what he has done.

The right-wing will always hate him for standing up for Clinton,
and now the left hates him for turning into Murdoch's whore.

Same mistake made by Judas Maximus, Pat Caddell, Dee Dee Myers etc.

 Click on and see what's new.

 William Rivers Pitt  is a damn good writer.  Give him a read.

  Click  Here

Sixty years ago today - December 4, 1941

Under extremely poor weather and wave conditions, Nagumo’s fleet manages to
replenish its fuel stores. The replenishment ships head for the return leg rendezvous
point and the carriers turn south for their final run to Hawaii.

Temperatures in the Moscow area fall to –31F as the German offensive grinds to a
halt some 19 miles from the city.

The Japanese embassy in Washington begins to destroy codebooks and personal files.

The Japanese 25th Army, begins leaving Hainan Island in preparation for the
invasion of Malaysia and Thailand.

Japanese aircraft carriers
on their way to Pearl Harbor

Click  Here  for more


"The First Team has been exemplary in the eyes of the American people.
  Bush has been a model of unblinking, eyes-on-the-prize decisiveness.
  His basic military strategy... has proved astute. He has been eloquent in public,
  commanding in private. He had survived the first blows, made the right calls
  and exceeded expectations-- again. The president doesn't read many books,
  because he's busy making history, but doesn't look back at his own, or the world's....
  Bush would rather look forward than backward. It's the way he's built."
    -- Newsweek, publically performing Monica on the thieving Fraud,
        instead of doing their damn job and asking some tough questions.

 If you agree that this is the worst horseshit Newsweek has ever printed, tell them.

 Newsweek Washington Bureau
 Phone: (202) 626-2000
 Fax: (202) 626-2011

 Thanks to Martin Sall


Great stuff on RB Ham's site...

 The Witch Hunt
    by Bob Herbert

  Click  Here

 If you're the United States of America, and you're going to start arresting people and
 bringing them to trial, you have to give them fair trials. And before you start executing
 people, you have to try to make sure you're separating the guilty from the innocent.
 This is not a principle that evaporates because the populace is angry and frightened.

 Excuse me, Mr Herbert, but you are in error.
 That last sentence should read, "This OUGHT NOT TO BE a principle..."
 since we are already living in times when Bush's whims supersede the Constitution.


 "Under certain circumstances - very, very restricted circumstances, depending on how it's handled,
   I'm willing to look at it. With regard to the situation in Afghanistan in particular, trying a Taliban
   or terrorist or ... people involved in terrorist activity, clearly there's at least the possibility that
   something like that might have merit."
    -- Tom Daschle, Bush's other rubberstamp, on NBC's "Meet the Whore"

  Remember when there was a thing called "the opposition party?"

 Hurry back, Christian

  She's in Chattennooga, or something like that, writing non-fiction.
  She called last night with a preview and I couldn't stop laughing.

  ...can't wait to read the final version.

From: zotts@echonyc.com

Subject: fuck you

Fuck you for the comment about Jon Stewart feeling guilt over being a jew, and this being his fault.
I never realized what a fucking ignorant red neck you were.
I guess knuckledrag is right.



Remember, the Ashcroft monster is watching you
...and the Democrats have no objections.

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