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Volume 657 - President Slovik


 December 6, 2001                                                                              Dark Cloud over bartcop.com


 "Hillary has no business trying to help the Afghan women since
   her husband cheated on her. She doesn't speak for everyone.
   Not every woman in Afghanistan wants to be like American women.
   Many of those women cherish family and modesty."
      -- The insane leg-spreader, Laura Schlessinger

 This Just In...

 NRA opens branch office in Indiana.


Enron Paid Out BIG Bonuses Before Bankruptcy Filing

  Click  Here

 Just days before Enron filed for bankruptcy and laid off 4,000 people,
 it paid out  $55 million in bonuses to about 500 employees,

 The Bush Family Evil Empire always rewards their friends and always screws the little people
 That's another reason the voters refused to vote Republican.

 Good thing for Smirk that the fix was in.

From: vnemeth@home.com

Subject: A Question

Just wondered if you thought 9-11's likelihood was "not bloody likely" had Clinton still been in charge.


Valerie, hard to say.
All we know for sure is that Bush has ordered secret trials to hide something.

Just like his Daddy's administration, he must hide what he's doing.
If Bush is doing what's right and what's legal, why hide it?

 Horrendo the Ho Almost Dies

 Fox News whore Geraldo Rivera had a close call in Afghanistan on Thursday,
 ducking to avoid sniper fire that came so close the sound of the bullets was
 picked up by his crew's microphones, a spokesman said.

 ...a spokesman said?
 ...a spokesman said?

 Why don't you report by playing the tape and let us decide?

From: (withheld)

Subject: Beating a Dead Horse


Will there be an attempt to postpone next year's off-year elections?
I still think so.

If fast track trade goes through, if military tribunals stand, if the mass round ups of
"wild-eyed terrorists" continues, if The Bill of Rights keeps getting treated like a
pit bull on a poodle, if they want to keep Ken Lay out of jail, if ...,

well, the list goes on and on, then they can't let the Democrats have access to the
fascism-in-the-name-of-anti-terrorism state that the bush Admin is creating.

Not even if they are just pink tutu Dems.


Why does Penelope Cruz think Tom will be
any more loyal to her than he was to Nicole Kidman?

He had kids with Nicole and he dumped her like used gum
as soon as a newer model with fewer miles came along.

Did you read about that defamation lawsuit Tom just won?
He made the defendant say, "Tom is not gay and has never had a homosexual affair with a man."

Now, how in the hell can some reporter/author swear
that Tom Cruise has never had a homosexual affair?

As far as I know Tom's not gay, but I sure couldn't
guarantee that statement in court documents.

Pat Robertson Resigns From Coathanger Coalition

Click  Here

Oh, sure, he lists all kinds of phoney reasons, "I'm getting old," etc.,
but we all know it's because his idiotic comments about the gays being
at fault for September 11th have killed his fund-raising efforts and he's always
been about more money and more money.

I mean, the sick bastard is so greedy, he bought an oil refinery.

Destiny's Child no longer

Beyonce : "We're splitting for a year."

For a year?

ha ha

Beyonce (center) needs those other two like Bill Clinton &
James Carville need me to help them with political strategery.


 "Someone said to me the other day - that God wanted me
   to be president, but I don't think God chose me to be president."
  -- President Stupid, to Barbara Walters last night

 You're right, George, there was no deity involved.
 Katherine Harris and that thug Scalia chose you to be president

 Is Ashcroft safe and sane?
  By Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 With all due respect, of course, and God Bless America too,
 has anyone considered the possibility that the attorney general is becoming unhinged?

 Funny - the mainstreamers are starting to sound like  bartcop.com


...founded by James Carville & Bob Shrum & Stan Greenburg

Tell 'em BartCop sent you.

Maybe James will write back.

Letter to Newsweek
From: Johnnymood@aol.com

Subject: The most inept president since Hoover

So let me get this straight: A president fails miserably at his two main responsibilities,
national security and the economy and he's somehow a hero?  He's certainly had his eyes
on the prize. Unfortunately that prize has been corporate greed and right wing fanaticism.
And as for his "astute military strategy," he's done what every president since Reagan has done,
pick a  decrepit third world country and bomb the crap out of them. Hardly Doug MacArthur!

People in America are scared right now. Something you and Bush seem to get off on,
but they'll get over it. When they do they're going to look around and wonder where their jobs went,
where their surplus went, where their social security went, and where their constitution went.

Hey, do you think the terrorists took the month of August off for a vacation?

John Moody
Studio City, CA

Economic Stimulus: The Rich get Richer. . .Again
 by the Angry Liberal

 Click  Here

From: ajbrooks@sheller.com

Subject: The Hairy Laura

Has anyone else noticed that the Furry "Doctor" Shrill has been yanked from many large radio markets?

Here in Philly, she was pulled off the largest talk station in town. The ostensible reason given is the desire to
provide local coverage in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and provide a forum for locals to comment.

However, we all know what talks and what walks in commercial radio.  I mean these aren't public radio or local
college stations we're talking about.  They're going to air whatever draws the largest ad revenue, and now nearly
3 months after 9/11, we know Laura ain't it.

It is ironic that Laura's show has been pulled in this same time of indefinite "war",
and I bet we'll see are civil liberties returned before we hear the hairy one again.
In other words, "Hey Laura, now go do the unemployment thing!".


Burglars With Badges
  by Nat Hentoff

 Click  Here

 However, the worst assault on our liberties in the USA PATRIOT Act
 is not subject to the sunset clause. It is now a permanent part of our laws.
 The new act includes "Sneak and Peek Warrants," as they are cosmetically
 called —known in J. Edgar Hoover's days as warrantless "black bag jobs."
 It legalizes, with warrants, burglars with FBI badges.
 Now the new FBI director, Robert Mueller, can enhance that tradition.

From: BConnelly@foleyhoag.com

Subject: Question

Do you all at bartcop really think Clinton was respected?

Brian Connelly

Brian, yes, we do.
He left office with higher approval ratings than Saint Reagan.
He would've won again if not for that pesky 22nd Amendment.

When he walks the streets of New York, he's mobbed by fans, whereas Bush
must have people bussed in so the camera will think he's admired by somebody.

Are you saying you bought into the "sex scandals" financed and fabricated
by election-hating bastards like Richard Mellon Scaife?

Is Rush the only radio you listen to?
Is Fox the only TV channel you get?

 Scream, Smirk, scream!

From: Jackmack4@aol.com

Subject: Limbaugh and his crap

Does anyone remember when Rush the hog complained when the Clinton administration put
the stanchion around the White House to protect it from Terrorists and Bob Novack ranted
and raved about the same denial of the White House to the American citizens?

Now you can't even visit it except if you have a lot of dough and are a friend of Smirker .

 Happy Birthday to...

            Janine Turner is 39

Bush Skipping Pearl Harbor Anniversary

President Bush's decision to skip ceremonies for the 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor
is viewed by  some as a setback to those seeking exoneration for the U.S. commanders
held accountable for the success of the Japanese attack.

Click  Here

That's sad, because for most of these men this is the last anniversary.
How many will still be around for the 70th?

But I know why the Wartime Deserter is skipping this "nuisance."
Honoring those men won't produce a single barrel of oil,  and it won't produce
any money for the Bush Family Evil Empire, so why should he bother?

Reminder:   www.awolbush.com

I wonder what Private Slovik thinks of Bush spending his time in the service
getting drunk on Jim Beam and screwing prostitutes south of the Texas border?

Oh, that's right, he's dead.
They use to execute wartime deserters.

Now we have them forced on us as president, against the will of the voters.

From: surf2@mindspring.com

Subject: What the Republicans are doing to America

Hey Bartcop,

I found a site that helps explain where all the "angry" conservatives come from.
The theory is that the propaganda of the right, by spinning every issue irrationally upside down,
has driven some people crazy.  The author further argues that this mind warping is a new form
of fascism, using more sophisticated methods than the ones available to the Hitler-era Nazi party.

Lots of good stuff here. It starts out with Election 2000 comment, with the most recent writing at the bottom.



Todd, you are correct.
The medical term for it it Clinton cockus insanitus.

 By the way, if anyone has any good ideas about how to combat the problem
 with The Dark Cloud (above) send them to Christian at  publicist@bartcop.com

 This Just In...

  Taliban leader Mullah Omar will begin surrendering Kandahar on Friday

 Wanna bet?

 President Compassion is going to have him murdered.
 Otherwise he might talk about the real reason Bush ordered secret trials.

 If I was Mullah Omar, I'd surrender to Dan Rather and a live TV crew.
 That'd make it much harder for Bush (the Christian) to have him murdered.

 Click on and see what's new.
 Marty has a report on the Clinton Library groundbreaking, some special chocolate brownies,
 a funny-as-hell Jack Nicholson story, a Muhammed Ali report, Sinatra's Jaguar and all kinds of good stuff.

Sixty years ago today - December 6, 1941

 As a last attempt to prevent the outbreak of hostilities, President Roosevelt sends a
 personal message to Emperor Hirohito of Japan. The note states, “Developments
 are occurring in the Pacific area which threaten to deprive each of our nations and
 all humanity of the beneficial influence of the long peace between our two countries...

 During the past few weeks it has become clear to the world that Japanese military,
 naval, and air forces have been sent to Southern Indo­china in such large numbers as to
 create a reasonable doubt on the part of other nations that this continuing concentration
 in Indochina is not defensive in its character...  the people of the Philippines, of the
 hundreds of Islands of the East Indies, of Malaya, and of Thailand itself are asking
 themselves whether these forces of Japan are preparing or intending to make attack
 in one or more of these many directions....

 It is clear that a continuance of such a situation is unthinkable."

 Nagumo’s fleet turned southeast. The crew of his flagship, the Akagi, hoist the
 battle flag used by Admiral Togo at the Battle of Tsushima in 1905, when the
 Russians were decisively defeated.

 Zhukov extends the counter-attack at Moscow, ordering the right flank of the
 West Front to attack 3rd and 4th Panzer Armies in the Klin area. The attacks are
 making progress as the Germans, battered and exhausted give ground.

 President Roosevelt authorizes the Manhattan Engineering District. The secret U.S.
 project to build an atomic bomb, later to be called the Manhattan Project, is put
 under the direction of the Office of Scientific Research and Development.

 Britain declares war on Finland, Hungary, and Rumania denouncing the aggression
 by these countries against Russia.

 Working on a Saturday afternoon, Dorothy Edgers translated a secret diplomatic
 message from Tokyo to diplomats in Honolulu. The message requested continuous
 and detailed information on ship movements, berthing position, and torpedo netting
 at Pearl Harbor. Alarmed, Mrs. Edgers checked other similar messages waiting to
 be translated. All had similar request. At 3:00 pm she brought this information to
 the attention of her boss, Lt. Commander Alvin Kramer, USN. After making a few
 minor corrections to the translation, he told her “We’ll get back to this on Monday.”

 In less than 24 hours, the reason for the messages would be obvious, even to Kramer.

Japanese aircraft carriers
on their way to Pearl Harbor

Click  Here  for more


Great stuff...

 Hurry back, Christian

  She's in Bob Barr's district, writing.

 Girls' Night Out

 Ann Coulter, Paula Jones, Peggy Noonan and Linda Tripp were at a strip club.
 None of them had gotten laid in 2001 and they were hornier than a frog from TCU.

 Coulter got things started when the Chippendale dude danced over towards her.
 She reached in her purse, pulled out a $10 bill, licked it and stuck it on his ass.
 The Chippendale dude did a nasty dance in Coulter's face.

 Wanting to be part of the gang, Paula Jones reached into her purse and pulled out a $20 bill,
 licked it, and stuck in on his ass, so he did a nasty dance for Paula Jones.

 Trying to one-up the others, Peggy Noonan reached into her purse and pulled out a $50 bill,
 licked it, and stuck in on his ass, so he did a nasty dance for Peggy Noonan.

 So the Chippendale dude looked at Linda Tripp and cringed.  Tripp reached into her purse,
 pulled out her ATM card, swiped it thru the crack of his ass and grabbed the $80 off his ass
 and said, "I need the money real bad," and left.

 Full Story

if you're black,
if you're gay,
if you're of the wrong religion
or if Ashcroft doesn't like your haircut,
he & President Fraud can execute you without a trial.

All they have to do is  suspect  you of being a terrorist.

That's a sad goddamn fact in Bush's fascist America.

...and the Democrats have no objections, none at all.

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