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Volume 656 - Serpent is Rising

On a dark spring night, nine weeks behind schedule, the MNS Indestructible,
a Class C Submersible Deepswimmer, departs Sancrist Isle
with a crew of twenty and a callous disregard for the inevitable.
Armed with top secret devices, a band of intrepid gnome
explorers sets out on a legendary journey to... Read more

 December 5, 2001                                                                                 Dark Cloud over bartcop.com

Dear Mr. President

                  We express our opposition to a recent executive order which undermines
Constitutional principles and undercuts America's moral authority in the world.

                  We oppose the creation of military tribunals under your executive order,
which would permit secret arrests, secret charges using secret evidence, secret prosecutions,
secret witnesses, secret trials, secret convictions, secret sentencing and even secret executions.

                  We call upon you to withdraw your executive order and to work with Congress
if the Administration is in need of additional legislation to protect America's interests.

                  Bob Barr, Maxine Waters & 25 other members of congress

 Bob Barr and Maxine Waters working together to stop fascism in America?

 In Memoriam...

 Strom Thurmond would have been 99 today.

From: Mike in Saudi Arabia

Subject: Re: Bin Laden's Pre-emptive strike

I'm living & working in the mid-east.
There has been stories in European papers about the 9/11 attacks on the US being a pre-emptive strike on the US.
One specific story which can probably be found in "The Guardian"'s archives concerns a meeting held by US
and European ministers in Spring-Summer in which the disposition of bin Laden and the Taliban was discussed.

Another story that popped up was one I read in an English language Pakistani Newspaper 2 days after the WTC attack.
On September 13th, this paper had a front page story about "50 US Marine Green Seals" landing in Pakistan.

I believe that they were referring to USMC Force Recon (Special Forces). This story was published only once.
I've not seen or heard any more about it. It would seem to me that in order for the Marines to get there so quickly
after 9/11, the orders to move would have been much earlier than 9/11. Or if they were given immediately after
the attacks, it was not Bush who gave the order; he was still hiding out.


Mike, thanks for that.
Let us know what you hear over there.

US planned war in Afghanistan long before September 11

Click  Here

Vote Fraud in Tennessee: Worse than Florida?

 Click  Here

 Black voters were told to get behind the white voters. They were told to remove
 NAACP stickers from their cars, or leave the polling place without voting.
 "You know what it is to stand at the back of the bus," said one election volunteer.

From:  61panhead@prodigy.net
X-Sexual-Preference: Young Boys
X-Date-of-Birth: 01/01/55

To: retort@drudge.com

Subject: News Tip [drudge]

I'm just writing to ask why in gods name you would put a total retard's work on your site?
I'm talking about bartcop, I've known this guy for 10 years and he has never had an honest word to type.

He is asking for money on his page to support his lazy no writting butt and you are supporting his worthless
cause and lies by giving him access to your readers via the link from your page. Have you seen his trash site?
It is nothing but bullshit and lies as everything he has ever said is.

Jeff Wiser,
Vice President, Man-Boy Love Association

ha ha

Wiser is one of my stalkers.
He can't go a day without his  bartcop.com
Poor bastard - lives and beathes his  bartcop.com
He wakes up every day and searches for "bartcop" then writes to anyone
who mentions  bartcop.com  to complain about their mentioning the site.

Be sure to read  http://www.drudge.com

From: pauln@adhe.arknet.edu

Subject:  If you can read the headline without laughing

> Bartcop wrote:
> If you can read this headline without laughing,
> I'll send you $20 in the mail right away.


You DON'T owe me any money :-)

Paul M. Nations


 "I saw an airplane hit the tower, and I said, 'There's one terrible pilot.'"
   -- President Stupid, to an eight-year old in Florida, on the events of 9/11

  Full stupid story

 Bush visits Florida, Blames 9-11 for the Recession
  Sure, George, blame everyone but the guy who wrecked the economy.

 President Bush says he really hurts when he sees people out of work.
 He says we need to do something to help hotel & restaurant workers in Florida.
 (I guess that states that weren't fraudulently called for Bush can go to hell?)

 I agree that the working class people need relief from the Bush Recession.

 The question is:
 How will hotel & restaurant workers in Florida be helped by giving IBM $1.4 Billion?

 Wouldn't that money be better spent on Homeland Security?
 If people felt more secure they might travel more.

 Remember that $15 Billion he gave to the airlines?
 If he had followed the BartCop Airline Recovery Plan and given every tax-filing family a free flight
 to any American city they chose, hotels would gain, restaurants would gain, taxi drivers would gain,
 car rentals would gain, amusement parks would gain - the list is endless, but noooooooooo.

 Instead, Bush gives his corporate billionaire friends a monster tax break.

 Better still, pass the Bartcop Tax Plan.  Some people would spend their $1500
 on a trip to Disneyland and help the little people Bush claims he cares so much about.

From: Karen Goodrich

Subject: Bush has read only one book

The quote from Newsweek is disgusting.

"The president doesn't read many books,
because he's busy making history, but doesn't look back at his own, or the world's...
Bush would rather look forward than backward. It's the way he's built."

Shrub has only read one book for years and that is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" as Arianna Huffington says,

"... W has been falling back on "TVHC" since he was running for governor.
He's made hundreds and hundreds of school appearances over the years,
and it's always the same drill: Anytime he gets within shouting distance of school kids,
no matter their age -- whoosh! -- out comes "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

And I would suggest the only reason Bush looks forward is
because he can't remember the past, too much partying.

                    "Hey, this ain't my caterpillar book."

 Remember when Bush promised, "Help is on the way?"
GOP Holds Up Homeless Vets Bill

 Click  Here

 On Nov. 15, the Republicans reached an agreement with Wellstone in which they dropped their hold,
 and he dropped his hold on GOP legislation extending a moratorium on Internet-related taxes.
 The Senate then approved Wellstone's bill on a voice vote.

 But when Wellstone brought it up Tuesday under a procedure reserved for non-controversial legislation,
 Sen. Larry Craig, (R-Letthemfreeze) objected.

 "I'm sorry that I have to do this,'' Craig said, volunteering that he was
  not the senator who had a hold on the legislation.


 ...funny how the press continues to protect the coked-up, whoring wartime deserter.

From: walkingalone4527@icqmail.com

Subject: Censoring Bartcop


I am currently a sophmore in highschool, and have been a regular reader of your site
since I heard about on C-SPAN this past year.

I usually just look at your website from my PC. But the other day I was at school
and we had some extra time, so I decided to check bartcop from the school.
Now, what I should mention is that the school has a program called "bess".
It is designed to protect us children from the evils of the real world.
Well, bess wouldn't let me into  bartcop.com
The reasons were: Tasteless/Gross Jokes.

I thought that was interesting, because I never thought of bartcop as either Tasteless of Gross,
or anything bad. I just always went there because I found a lot of news that they didn't really
report elsewhere, or to at least to see the news in a different  viewpoint than the "Media Whores".


Steve, I'm guilty of so many things.
I use the language most Americans use and I often run photos of fully-clothed women,
but you should see the stuff that's held back.  I'm really very mainstream.

...and you should only read  bartcop.com  with a parent nearby :)

   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Think of it this way: The Whitewater real estate deal involved a total investment of about $200,000,
 roughly the cost of modest Hillcrest fixer-upper. The Clintons lost $45,000, not quite enough to buy
 a new SUV with all the trimmings. Whitewater itself never cost the taxpayers a dime, but the demise
 of Jim McDougal's Madison Guaranty S&L reportedly cost the taxpayers maybe $65 million. Probing
 this fathomless mystery required months of House and Senate hearings, and kept Kenneth Starr and
 his sleuths busy for six years, at the end of which poor, sick McDougal had died in prison, and all
 Starr had to show for his trouble was a stained dress and a ruined reputation.

 Now Republicans are reminding us what a real financial scandal looks like. With the value of its stock
 plunging from $94 a share to 26 cents, the cost of the Enron implosion is roughly ONE THOUSAND
 TIMES greater than McDougal's finagling. It'll be interesting to see if it receives ten percent of the attention.

 Gene, great article!
 But of course the whore media won't, as you say, give this huge story ONE-TENTH of the bad press
 that Clinton got because they can't make any money selling dirt on crooked Republicans.
 Mr. Scaife will only finance fabricated scandals against Democrats.

 ...and they still insist on the myth of the liberal media?


 If you can read the headline without laughing
 I'll send you $20 in the mail right away.

 ha ha

 Happy Birthday to...

  Little Richard is 69, Walt Disney would've been 100.

 U2 to headline 2002 Super Bowl

 ...and if they share the stage with Britney and Justin I will pound them
 worse than I pounded Aerosmith because more is expected of them.

 If the movie Pearl Harbor was coming out this December 7th,
 instead of last summer, it would've made more money than Titanic.

 By the way, if anyone has any good ideas about how to combat the problem
 with The Dark Cloud (above) send them to Christian at  publicist@bartcop.com

 Click on and see what's new.

Sixty years ago today - December 5, 1941

A political storm erupts in the United States when the Washington Times-Herald, New York Daily News,

and theChicago Tribune publish details of plans for mobilization for total war against German and Japan.
It was later discovered that the plans were leaked by a Captain in the War Plans Division (Ed. Note: probably
a Republican). The Captain passed the plan to Senator Burton Wheeler (anti-FDR D-Montana), who in turn
gave the report to the article’s author Chesley Manly. The Germans gleefully turned the intelligence bonanza
over to General Jodl, Hitler’s operations chief, to make necessary adjustments to their plans. The official word
to reporters from the White House was “Your right to print the news is, I think, unchallenged and unquestioned.
It depends entirely on the decision of the publisher and editor whether publication is patriotic or treasonable.”
(Editor’s Note – Compare this to the reaction from our current administration when a comedian
made a joke.)
With temperatures hovering at –15F, Zhukov unleashes his counterattack at Moscow. Konev’s Kalinin front
opens the offensive against the Germans, attacking the northern edge of the Klin bulge. The fighting is very serious
and resistance is stiff. Some headway is made and casualties on both sides are high.
US Navy officials order all stations in Tokyo, Bangkok, Peking, Tiensin, Shanghai, Guam and Wake to destroy
all codebooks and secret files.
Hitler calls an end to the winter offensive against Moscow and orders some “limited” withdrawals.

Rommel orders the evacuation of the eastern part of the Tobruk perimeter in order to attack the British
forces at Bir El Gobi. The attack fails to dislodge the British defenders.


Japanese aircraft carriers
on their way to Pearl Harbor

Click  Here  for more


Great stuff on RB Ham's site...

 Hurry back, Christian

  She's in Tallahassee, or something like that, writing.


 Remember back in Volume 648, the  Last Honest Reporter  made an excellent point.

 Look at that picture.

 Is there anyone on the planet who doubted America's armed forces were coming?
 Is there anyone on the planet who doubted America's resolve after that sneak attack?

 bin Laden HAD to know, with absolute certainty beyond any doubt, that his country was
 going to be invaded by pig-eating Devils from America, and that he was certainly going to die,
 and his entire Al Qaeda  network was going to die, and his beloved Taliban would be overthrown,
 and that no expense would be spared to root out every half-assed suspected terrorist from Manila
 to Cairo and whatever plans bin Laden had for anything were going to die in a few short months.

 He HAD to know what was coming, right?
 Is there anyone who could disagree with that?

 Why would bin Laden take such a suicidal step?
 It's one thing to die for your religion, but why take an action that was CERTAIN to kill you,
 your allies, your movement and cause the fall of the regime of the country you called home?

 I think the Last Honest Reporter hit the motherlode.

 I believe that bin Laden knew with certainty that the Bush Family Evil Empire was going to invade
 Afghanistan and build their precious pipeline and no power on Earth could stop that from happening.

 I believe that bin Laden, once he was backed into that inescapable corner, decided he had nothing to lose
 by striking a symbolic but horrific blow against the infidels who were about to invade his country.

 Can anyone look at that picture and doubt what America's reaction would be?

 I'll admit, this is a hunch - I could be wrong.
 But show me another scanario that makes sense.

 Let's say bin Laden got a kick out of causing America this much pain.
 Would he willingly take this step at the cost of his life, Al Qaeda's existence and the Taliban's rule?

 I say no.

 I say bin Laden knew the Bush Family Evil Empire had their greed set on that pipeline
 and like Cagney screaming, "Top of the world, Ma" decided to go out with a big bang.

The only way we'll know for sure is if that pipeline gets built.

 If that pipeline is built, it'll be built by Halliburton, and the Bush Family Evil Empire will own a piece.
 If/when that happens, I think the Unelected Fraud may have a new nickname coming...

 Think I'm wrong?
 Fine, write and tell me why.

 But SAY something when you write.
 If you just write and say, "That's crazy, you're an idiot, what a retard you are."
 That will tell me you think I'm right and it'll let me know that you can't think of a way to rebutt the allegation.

 If either one comes true - if Haliburton builds that pipeline or Bush ends up owning a piece,
 then the Failure in Thief will owe New York a helluva lot more than an apology.

Remember, Ashcroft is coming after blacks and gays

...and the Democrats have no objections.

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