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Volume 661 - Ho, Ho, Ho

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 December 10, 2001                                                                                               Dark Cloud over bartcop.com


 "I'd like to be on the ticket in 2004, if the president
   wants me and everything else makes sense.''
    -- the Vice Oil man

 Trust me, Dick, President Dumbass needs his handlers.

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "To hear the Democrats attack John Ashcroft, you'd think he ordered the
   government to attack a cabin in the woods and shoot the guy's wife in the head."
     --The vulgar Pigboy, fifteen minutes into today's show

 No, Rush, that was Bush Senior who ordered Randy Weaver's wife murdered.
 Why do you continue to blame Clinton for crimes Bush ordered?

 Is your stroke that bad?
 Or are you just a lying whore?

From: bvg@sun.com

Subject: Gramm-Enron

Don't know if you noticed but Wendy Gramm, wife of that moron from Texas, Phil Gramm,
just happens to be on board of directors of Enron Cute, huh ?? Enron and their crooked CEO
rob billions from rate payers and shareholders, and give a couple hundred million to the Bushies.
Everyone gets screwed except the Republicans.

This must be what Phil Gramm means by the "free market".

 Why doesn't Bush ask Congress for a declaration of war?

From: Pam Green

Subject: Spencer Abraham

1.  Do you suppose that Ashcroft (R-lost to a dead man) has sent "Spence" Abraham (R-incumbent;
     lost to a much smarter woman) a request to come in for questioning?  Right after being appointed
     as secretary of the Energy Department, I seem to recall that he "remembered" being of Arab-American
     descent  (I have the misfortune of having been represented by him in the Senate prior to the "election").

2.  Isn't it interesting that the cabinet is full of people who lost the election?
     Oops.  Guess it makes sense for this administration.

 Bush shows signs of war's burden

  Click  Here

 "It's aged the hell out of him," said Gov. William J. Janklow of South Dakota,
  a Republican who for years has been close to Mr. Bush and his parents.
 "Look at his hair. Look at the lines on his face. It's incredible, the toll.
  He's the only guy in history who had to take lessons to get that smirk off his face."

  Poor baby, had to do some work?
  It's the first job President Bunnypants has ever had


"Although we may never know with complete certainty the identity of the winner
  of this year's presidential election, the identity of the loser is perfectly clear.
  It is the nation's confidence in this Court as the impartial guardian of the rule of law."
    --  Justice Stevens, wishing our votes meant something

Capitol Hill bullies target NYC survivors,
DC train riders and crime-weary Oregonians
     by Bruce S Ticker

 Click  Here

 Already John Ashcroft is picking on an entire state, Oregon.
 Not only did followers of Ronald Reagan name an airport after the right-wing president but they
 want $400,000 spent on sign changes and related expenses.
 And while New Yorkers still struggle after the Sept. 11 attack they are denied needed funds
 from President Bush and the right-wing controlled House of Representatives.

 So what else can happen? When the people of these states and affected communities even
 question such moves, the Capitol Hill bullies are poised to pounce.

 ...from the new & exciting   thebushsyndrome.com
 They also have a poll up - Did Ashcroft perjure himself last Thursday?
 I voted "yes."

 Nice interview with the creator of Boondocks
   He's every bit as angry as Huey.

 Click  Here

 Come on, Bush is a moron. There is no doubt about it. And they really
 didn't have a problem going there before. But now, nobody wants to call
 him on it. People get excited because he can speak well. What world is this?
 When we're happy that the president can articulate well. That's something they
 only used to say about black men. "Oh, you speak so well." That's nuts.
 You don't say that about the president

 Thanks to Salon magazine.

From: davidwilkinso42@hotmail.com

Subject: The Complicity Story

On your link to the story about the speech on complicity that that guy gave, I wanted to point out
something to you.  It says that he showed proof that planning for this war has been going on for
"at least four years."  If that's true then planning would have been started in 1997 at the beginning
of Clinton's second term.   So if this planning was started by the Clinton administration,
why all the animosity about it toward the Bush administration?

Clinton has no use for an oil pipeline in Afghanistan.
Clinton wouldn't sacrifice men & women for a few extra dollars like the Bush family Evil Empire does.

Even after the angry American voters fired George Herbert-Herbert Bush for doing a bad job,
he still had his CIA connections. I doubt any former CIA director is ever shut out from the spooky
goings on there, and that goes double for a former director who then became President.

I also heard a rumor that even as president, Clinton was shut out of some stuff
that was on a "need to know only" basis, but I can't produce evidence of that.

I got your Bill of Rights right here, America!


"Geraldo is in Afghanistan. He's a little dramatic, though.
  He is carrying a gun and says he isn't afraid to use it.
  So he is now considered armed and annoying."
       --Jay Leno

   Does Richard Reeves read  bartcop.com?  I think he might...

       By Richard Reeves

  Click  Here

  So, the attorney general of the United States tells me: "To those who scare peace-loving people
  with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is this: Your tactics only aid terrorists."

  Well, screw you, buddy!

 According to a British newspaper,
 bin Laden's wife says he's going to commit sucide on TV

 Dear Mr. bin Laden,

 Please don't kill yourself on a Tuesday or a Sunday because there's already too much on.
 Saturday nights are pretty good, could you do it then?
  ...talk about "Must see TV."

 And have you determined the method yet?

 One way you might consider would be to get in a tall building (are there any left in Afghanistan?)
 and have one of your virgin-seekers fly into it and crush your murdering ass, but then again,
 flames really look good on TV, so a self immolation would be great theater.

 And if you need help striking the match, I know of a few thousand volunteers
 and they're already in country so it'd be convenient.

 ...just trying to help,


  Headline on Yahoo Sports Sunday night at 8:43 PM CST

 Nebraksa, Miami in BCS title game

 Several things wrong with that headline.
 First, Miami is a good choice, but Nebraska didn't even win their conference.
 How do you invite an also-ran instead of the winner to represent your conference?

 Second, Colorado kicked Nebraska's ass really, really bad.
 Colorado scored 62 points on hapless Nebraska in their last game of the season.

 A non-conference winner who got tagged for 62 might be the best team in the nation?
 Are Katherine Harris and Three Fingers Scalia involved in this selection?

 Third, I'm a little confused about exactly who Nebraksa is.
 Is Nebraksa a college in New Jersey?

 Yeah, I'm making a little fun at Yahoo's expense.
 I know what it's like to publish something with glaring spelling errors.

 ...but then again, Yahoo is a BILLION dollar conglomerate
 and Bart's Treehouse is funded by Marc Perkel and reader donations.

 I feel better about Friday's Quayle-ish spelling riot.

   I'm watching you...

 Giving Comfort to the Enemy
   By Robert Pagani

  Click  Here

 When exactly did castration become a requirement to run for office as a Democrat?

Justice, Afghan Style
   By K. Douglas Burkhart ©

  Click  Here

 The world may never know who died from the weapons that John Lindh fired, or whether he had any involvement
 in the death of the American CIA agent who died in the prison uprising.  What is certain is that this American traitor
 chose sides, and, much like gambling and the stock market, the person placing a bet and buying stock always knows,
 but may deny, the sizeable downside risk that follows if fortunes go against them.  Lindh gambled, and lost.

 As I have said before, John Walker Lindh deserves what he expected of others, and nothing less ­ justice ­ not in
 the court of world opinion, but in the way that will soon be dispensed in the new Afghanistan.

 K. Doug,
 If I'm reading you right, I disagree.
 I'm an old-school, Constitution type of guy.
 I never met this John Lindh, all I know about him comes from the profit-driven, media whores.

 I can't call for some new, swift justice until a few facts float my way.
 If the cops say he's guilty, let's have a trial and see what the government's case is.
 If a jury finds him guilty with sunshine-basking evidence, let's hang him.

 ...and if he's guilty due to religiously insanity I suggest we put them ALL on trial.

 Somehow, this John  Lindh guy has suddenly become the focus of all media all the time.
 He's as non-news-worthy as Elian Gonzales, but the whore press needs a human interest angle.
 Karl Rove appreciates a great distraction, so we're in Lindhland until further notice.

 Click on and see what else is new in Entertainment.
 There's tons of stuff over there - you should check it out.


"The Houston Police Department was on Andrews street in front of the Enron building
   to give tickets to employees who parked in front to load up their belongings."
       ----former Enron Employee

From: (a stalker)

Subject: I've lost ol' Barfy.....

Ol' Barfy used to reply to my e-mail,  but I'm afraid I've lost him.
He's a real chicken-shit.  That boy lives in total fear of having his identity revealed or his real words exposed
(he does speak quite differently in his private mail, and to people he regards as "friendly", as I was once considered).

So, even though I harrass him all the time with e-mail, he has refrained from answering me for the last few weeks.
The last word I got from him was when he offered me a regular column on his page, which I declined in a fit of rage.

Pumpkin Eater

Let the record show, since the stalker thought I wouldn't print his note, he spoke some truth.
Almost every angry conservative who has ever written to me has been offered a regular column.
This has been my standing offer since I started the newsletter in 1996.

I live for the confrontation - I want to be put to the test.
I want people to write and say, "That's not true and here's why!!!!"

If I'm wrong about something - SHOW ME!

Bottom line?
There's no conservative online who can go one-on-one with me.
All I have is an IQ of 64 and the truth, and they're too shy to take me on.

Back when I played pool for a living, if someone was afraid to gamble, I'd have to give them the 8,
or the 7 and 8, ...or the 6, 7 and 8, ...or the 6, 7 and 8 and the damn break, but eventually we could
arrive at an acceptable arrangement and then they would finally agree and pay me after the game.

But with my IQ of 64, what else can I give up?
All I have is the truth

The call goes out again - I will debate well-behaved republicans on any topic I've written about.

...any takers?

 Happy Birthday to...

         Susan Dey is 49                                   Nia Peeples is 40

  I'm watching you, terrorist...

   by Dave Romm

  Click  Here

 December 12 marks the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that awarded the presidency to the wrong guy.

  Interview With Alex Castellanos; Interview With Paul Begala

  Click  Here

 BEGALA: Were dead wrong. Dead-ass wrong. History will record it.
 Tom Daschle is also the guy whose first act as majority leader was he allowed
 the confirmation of that right-wing, knuckle-dragging thug Ted Olson.
 So don't tell me that all of a sudden he's the most partisan guy...


                    Ho                             Ho                           Ho

  Merry Christmas to all the GOP Hos


 If you don't read  bartcop.com  every day - the Evil Doers win.

 Constitution put at risk
      by Daniel Baker

  Click  Here

 The military tribunals are secret unless the president chooses to make them open. He further claims the
 privilege of inspecting the trial record for “review and final decision by me,” so he can convict anyone
 whom the tribunal acquits. The defendant is not allowed to appeal to anyone, not even the Supreme Court.

 The Constitution nowhere gives the president the authority to do this. Indeed it specifically prohibits him,
 or anybody else, from doing it. The Sixth Amendment says, “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused
 shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein
 the crime shall have been committed.”

 It does not distinguish between citizens and non-citizens in granting this right.

 Who's Joey Bishop?
   by Maureen Dowd      She hates everybody, this time it's Clooney, I think.

 Click  Here

 Forget about Clooney and Pitt mimicking vintage testosterone in the new Rat Pack remake.
 We've got the real deal right here. Septuagenarian testosterone. The suave swagger of Rummy
 and Cheney, enhanced by cluster bombs and secure locations instead of martinis and broads.

 Who needs the men of "Ocean's 11" when you've got the men of Sept. 11?


 "We should be down on our knees thanking God right now
    that it's also "natural" for men to fight, shoot and kill."
      -- Ann Coulter, who's down on her knees a lot.

 I'm watching everything you do...

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