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Volume 660 - Deal with the Devil

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 December 10, 2001                                                                                                Dark Cloud over bartcop.com


 Over the last several years, we've all heard the nuttiest quotes come from
 the Doctor of Dis-information.  But yesterday he said something that was
 so incredibly and overwhelmingly false I just had to share it with you.

 You might want to get a drink and sit back in your chair for this one...

 "Everything was fine in the Middle East until 1979 when Jimmy Carter
   deposed the Shah of Iran and got everything stirred up over there.
   The Shah might not have been perfect, but he was our ally.
   That's who started all the trouble over there - Jimmy Carter."

 I mean, has anyone in the media ever distorted the truth as much as Rush?

 If you're in your early twenties and worship the ground Rush waddles on you might believe him
 when he says that's what happened, but I'm old and I remember 22 years ago.

 The truth is that audio cassettes brought down the Shah of Iran.
 The Iranians were getting tired of the Shah torturing and disappearing dissidents
 and there was plenty of unrest boiling in that country. Meanwhile, a good friend of
 Reagan/Bush named the Ayatollah Khomenie, was exiled in Paris and his followers
 were distributing audio cassettes of Khomenie speeches and anybody with a boom box
 could listen to the man they saw as an alternative to the King of Torture, The Shah.
 The people of Iran eventually rose up and caused The Shah to flee for his life.

 What specifically caused the trouble was The Shah asked permission to come into the
 United States to be treated for cancer or whatever his malady was, and when Carter
 granted our longtime ally permission to be treated medically, the religiously insane Iranians
 took this as a sign that America was propping up The Shah for his return to the Iranian throne.

 But for Rush to state that "everything was fine" over there is just another clumsy lie
 from the biggest political fraud in America's history. "Everything" hasn't been fine
 in the Middle East since Isaac and Ishmael found out they had different mothers.

 And Jimmy Carter didn't depose anybody. Pigboy knows that.
 And every ditto-monkey smarter than The Bird knows it, too.
 The trouble happened when Carter tried to help an old ally.

 How in the world can any Republican who knows what happened in 1979
 respect Rush Limbaugh when they know he's lying to his ignorant sheep?

 Bush caught lying about seeing the first plane hit the WTC?
  Or is he just too stupid to form a sentence that makes sense?

  Click  Here

 "I was in Florida. And my chief of staff, Andy Card -- actually I was in a classroom
  talking about a reading program that works. And I was sitting outside the classroom
  waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on..."

 ...but it was hours after both towers collapsed before the video of plane #1 surfaced,
 so how did President Trifecta see video of the first plane crash?

 Did he screw up the day's script?
 Or does he lack control over the words coming out of his mouth?

From: psennett@bigfoot.com

Subject: Your "fuck you" to Ashcroft

I continue to monitor your hate-infested blatherings, much in the way one cannot help themselves from gaping
at a car wreck alongside the highway.  Just in case something interesting is there, like a bloody corpse.

But you have reached an all-time low (and believe me, that is quite a claim.)
What exactly do you want from government?  Your sole undercurrent seems to be the dismemberment of
anyone with a (R) after their title, and anyone who is charged and convicted with the crime of agreeing with an (R).


Patrick, it's true I hate what Bush and Ashcroft have done to the Constitution.
As of this writing, it's still legal to have an opinion.
Funny, they've torn up everything but the Second Amendment.

Could you answer a question for me?
What would your (or Rush's - same thing) reaction be if Bill Clinton was suspected of being
involved in America's worst terrorist nightmare, and then he suddenly declared that everything had
to be investigated in secret with he, Clinton, personally selecting the suspects (his former business partners)
to be tried without counsel and executed behind closed doors "to protect America?"

Can I get you to answer that?

Don't answer with, "But that's not what's happening," because I didn't ask you if it was happening.
I asked, "What would your reaction be if Clinton did that?"

...you any good at answering questions, Patrick?

 Big Daddy
   by Isaac Peterson

  Click  Here

 Now, if we had national ID cards, a lot of that information scattered all over creation and
 beyond will be in a central database. The plans I've heard floated call for the little magnetic strips
 (like the ones on credit cards, and in some states like Minnesota), to hold an awful lot of information
 about you. And all that info would be kept in one place. I have to wonder if there would be any
 provision to find out just what information is on the card we would be forced to carry around.

 Before I forget, I need to thank Dan Quayle for helping me spell-check that last issue.
 Geez, that was a mess.

From: (withheld)

Subject: We asked for it

Hey BC,

This is the only article on Ashcroft you or any BartCop reader ever need to read.


"In general-just to tidy up all of Ashcroft's doings in one neat package-it's silly to fault the man for
  unleashing the gestapo-spores of a police state, for at his very core is an intolerant, racist, unfulfilled
  totalitarian yearning of which he has never made much of a secret. Ashcroft may be a Himmlerian
  doppelganger, but he's our doppelganger, straight out of  the scenic, right-wing Missouri Ozarks.
  He did not simply materialize against our wishes.  We put him everywhere he has been and where
  he is now, every step of the way. He is our creation."

 He is the Democrats' creation because they allowed this.  Everyone knew what he was, but the Democrats allowed it.
 I think that when Congress is in session the Democrats go up to the cloak room.  The guy behind the desk says,
 'Honorable Sir, please check your balls, they are not allowed in the halls o' Congress under the current administration,
 (Executive Order # 1234567)."  Then they go in as eunuchs and, praise be, are too scared to talk straightforwardly
 and ask the right questions because they are afraid of losing the lobbyist's money.
 Whores - all of them.

 What we need right now is a Democrat with heeeuuuuggge balls (or ovaries as the case may be).
 Someone who will fight and not back down.
 We need someone to step up to the plate, not worrying about lobbyist's money.

 With all due respect (cough) to the gentleman from Missouri who lost an election to a DEAD man,
 this man singlehandledly handed over the Judicial branch of the government to the Executive branch.
 He is as much a victim of President Bunnypants as the American people are.  Any Attorney General
 worth his salt would have balked at Dubya taking the prosecution of terrorists out of the Justice Dept
 and into the military.  He would have balked at Dubya messing with the separation of powers.
 But not Ashcroft, whose balls lie in state in some vault down in Crawford, TX.
 He is the most inept Attorney General in 200 years.
 An embarrassment to 200 years of jurisprudence.

 If Congress doesn't wake up we will have a dictator on our hands if we don't already.

 Where are the REAL Democrats?


 Dissing Democracy
   By Robert Parry

  Click Here

 Major news outlets have gone silent about their presidential-election recount stories following the disclosure that
 they misunderstood the plans of a key judge and thus mistakenly reported that George W. Bush would have prevailed.

From: (withheld)

Subject: Creeping Fascism

I was going to keep this between Ashcroft and me, but then I saw that msg from Linda
and I thought you guys might be interested in a note a sent to him today.  If you post this,
please take my address out.  Ashcroft and the FBI don't scare me but I feel no need to
be harassed by ditto(e)s-for-brains freeper scum.

(Yes, they're like termites - everywhere)

I caught your little show in the senate yesterday and I thought you might be interested in what I think.
I am 57 years old and I have been following politics since my early 20s.  I know politics the way Walter Cronkite
knows politics.  I have a long standing love and respect for the principles that make this country great.  I consider
our Declaration of Independence and Constitution to be the finest definition of human rights, freedoms and
responsibilities in existence.  I think that this country quite rightly still leads the world in promoting democratic ideals,
so it pains me some to say this, but when you told the senate that criticism of your policies was aiding terrorism,
it sent a chill through me.  You could not be more wrong!  This country was founded on dissent.  If people had
not objected to the actions of their government then, we would be South Canada today.  Your statements
yesterday prove that you do not have the most basic understanding of how and why this country began.
Nor do you understand that dissent is what keeps this country alive.  (The Declaration of Independence is
dissent, is criticism of the government, read it sometime.)  You obviously have no respect for the principles
on which this country was founded and so, (this is important, John), you have no legitimate place in the
government of this country.  The same may be said of the unelected boob who appointed you.

I oppose you, John!  I oppose your very presence in my government!  Rest assured that I am doing everything
I can to see that you and the current occupant of my White House are replaced at the first opportunity.


 What did the Bush Family Evil Empire know about the WTC?
 And when did they learn it?

 Click  Here

 After pointing out - among other things - that the Chief of Pakistani intelligence (approved for his position
 by the CIA) ordered a $100,000 wire transfer to lead hijacker Mohammed Atta; that the Bush family had
 business dealings with the bin Laden family through the Carlyle Group, that the U.S. and British governments
 had extensive military deployments already in the area before the attacks, and that the Bush administration
 had ordered the FBI to stop investigating two relatives of Osama bin Laden living near CIA headquarters
 this January, Ruppert launched into the centerpiece of the lecture which was a visual presentation of his
 timeline of events around September 11th - which left some members of the audience in tears.

 By the way, for you Rush fans out there, Ebay is having a special auction
 for all things concerning "The Little Piggy."

 Just  Click  Here

 Rolling Stone says that new Garbage CD was the sixth best of the year.

 ...and still, nobody has heard it.

 Click on and see what else is new in Entertainment.
 There's tons of stuff over there - you should click and check it out.


 "Ted Olson a right-wing knuckledragging nut..."
    -- Paul Begala, who doesn't read  bartcop.com

 Happy Birthday to...

           Kim Basinger is 48                              Teri Hatcher is 37

 Also, Kirk Douglas, Redd Foxx, Greg Allman, John Milton,
          Jim Morrison, Sam Kinison and "Book 'em," Dano.

 Rush Has Officially Lost His Mind
   by The Diehard

  Click  Here

 Not once did the obviously stoned and clearly off-his-rocker luddite demonstrate
 the mental capacity to even use the phrase "global warming," and if there's ever
 actually a transcript posted of that conversation it will make most of us head for
 the cheap vodka in order to get drunk enough to try to unravel a single sentence,
 but Pigfucker seized on it immediately to finish off his previous screech, which I
 caught thirty seconds of, that "the liberals are just like the Taliban because they
 want to take away our right to drive SUVs!  Tom Daschle is a terrorist who
 wants to take away your rights!"  (I almost drove into the river right there.)


Great stuff...


 If you don't read  bartcop.com  every day - the Evil Doers win.


 "I fully support the idea of military trbunals."


 "The president's high approval ratings are well-earned."
     -- Hillary Clinton, to Tim the General Electric clown

 Hillary, I now believe that you won't be in the 2004 election.

   "More guns,
      more God,
   less education"

 The AG's perpetual adoration of guns

  Click  Here

 "You're looking for new tools in every direction...," Chuck Schumer told Ashcroft at his Senate hearing.
 "But when it comes to the area of even illegal immigrants getting guns and finding out if they did,
  this administration becomes as weak as a wet noodle."

 Meet the Whore

 Watching Cheney with Tim Russert pissed me off again.
 To most questions, Cheney lied and said, "That's not my call."

 Russert would semi-press a little on the issue and Cheney would bark,
 "That's not my decision, you'd have to ask the president that."

 Hey, Dick!

 The man you call president is so stupid he's unwilling to answer questions.
 Why is President Dumbass sending the smart people out to whine to Russert,
 "I don't make those decisions," when the man who does can't answer any questions?

 This way, the Crooked Administration never has to answer for anything
 and that's certainly quite all right with America's obedient press.

 Ocean's Eleven
 A movie review by BartCop with hardly any spoilers.

 Click  Here

 Journalist beaten by Afghan mob

  Damn, ...I was hoping it was Jerry Rivers...

 Ashcroft shoots self in the foot

  Click  Here

 It turns out that Ashcroft's Justice Department won't let the FBI find out if 1,200 people being held have
 bought guns in the United States.  Everyone who buys a gun goes through a federal background check.
 Some people - convicted felons, for example - aren't allowed to own guns.

 In most cases, the FBI can't use information from the background checks. But the FBI thinks there should be an
 exception for some of the people being held as part of the terrorist investigation. The Justice Department still says no.
 So, apparently, it's OK to bring people in for the slightest of reasons, hold them as long as you want, and give them
 a secret military trial.    But it's not OK to find out whether they bought a gun.

 By the way, if anyone has any good ideas about how to combat the problem
 with The Dark Cloud (above) send them to Christian at  publicist@bartcop.com

Oedipal Loop de Loop
     by Maureen Dowd     She hates everybody.    This time...?  You tell me.

 Click  Here


 Ashcroft suspends civil liberties logic

 Click  Here

 But Ashcroft's willingness to subvert civil liberties in pursuit of terrorists apparently has limits.
 Pressed to explain why he has refused to let the FBI tap the Justice Department's database
 of criminal background checks to see if any terror suspects have tried to buy guns in this country,
 this apostle of law and order wrapped himself in the Second Amendment -- or at least, his
 interpretation of it. Under the law, he said, the database can be used only to verify prospective
 gun buyers' eligibility to own a firearm and not for any "unrelated" purpose.
 In this case, presumably, suspected foreign terrorists do have a constitutional right.

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