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Volume 669 - Rock the Casbah

 December 19, 2001                                                                          Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)

  24  is one of the best shows on TV, certainly it's the best new show.

 Last night's episode had all kinds of twists & surprises.
 If you missed it, Fox is running it again Friday night.
 But I gotta mention one thing that was totally Murdochian.

 The man the terrorists want dead is a black man who's about to win the California primary.
 He has a secret, tho - his daughter was raped and since he was out of town at the time, his son
 threw the skel out a window and killed him, which is what any guy would do for his sister, right?

 All this time, he's been trying to protect his wife from this terrible secret.
 Turns out, the wife knew all along, and when he confronted her last night, she said,
 "I did this for YOU, so YOU could be president," she tells him, and the candidate shoots back,
 "No, woman, YOU wanted the White House a lot more than I ever did."

 Can you believe that?
 Can you believe they included that tacky line about the candidate's wife?

 I'm so outraged  - I could spit!

 Can you believe Rupert Murdoch would take his best show, and inject petty partisan
 politics into it this way?  Trying to tar and feather a decent woman like Pickles Bush?

 I'm outraged that Murdoch would take this cheap shot against our First Lady, insinuating that
 President Weak & Stupid was just a brainless, nose-picking lightweight and that Pickles is the
 greedy, power-driven, rung-climbing slut of the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 Mr, Murdoch, have you no shame?
 Did you do this to Pickles because she's pro-choice?

 Shame on you, Mr. Murdoch.
 Shame on you, Mr. Murdoch, for calling Pickles a greedy golddigger.

Magic Carpet Jihad
  by Gene Lyons

 Click  Here

Speaking of  sycophancy, here's part of a recent Newsweek profile of our own peerless leader.

"The First Team has been exemplary in the eyes of the Amercan people. Bush has been a model
of unblinking, eyes-on-the-prize decisiveness. His basic military strategy...has proved astute.
He has been eloquent in public, commanding in private. He had survived the first blows, made the
right calls and exceeded expectations-again. The president doesn't read many books, because he's
busy making history, but doesn't look back at his own, or the world's....Bush would rather look
forward than backward. It's the way he's built."

Surely it's possible to say the president is doing a decent job without implying that ignorance is a virtue.

 From: Bernie

 Subject: Insane Ditto-Monkey


 Did you hear that insane ditto-monkey that called in and said that he was unemployed and he
 supported tax cuts for corporations and did not want any extended unemployment benefits?

 The gutless, draft-dodging, vulgar pigboy praised the fool and talked about how he "gets it".
 What kind of upside down, bullshit world are we living in?


 Bernie, we live in a word where the guy who didn't get elected takes power.
 Scalia doesn't believe in "one man, one vote," because that "one man" might be non-white..

 Remember that almost scientific poll at About.com?

 As you know, polls like that are very, very important to us here at  bartcop.com
 Last time I checked, we were behind by 40,000 votes, so I went to church
 and prayed over it and all praise to God because we're back in the lead!

 BartCop       (152403)    56%

 Bush Watch  (98919)     36%

 As you know, all the  bartcop.com  votes were 100 percent legit, whereas I
 cannot speak for the votes coming if from that Texas-based conglomerate.

 View the results yourself, but don't vote again, because, as Nixon said, "That would be wrong."

 Actually, Jerry at Bushwatch is a good guy.
 Since people can vote again and again, this poll has all the legitimacy of a Bush victory
 in a state controlled by his crooked brother and his whore, but it's fun to pretend, right?.

 From: amy@wordwell.com

 Subject: The Taliban are hardly liberal

 You wrote:

 > The shameless liars of the right, (Hannity and Pigboy) are saying that
 > that John Walker Taliban dude is "a perfect example of the failures of liberalism"
 > because his folks lived in Marin County, CA.

 I love this. Walker joins up with the Taliban because he's "liberal"?
 Ummm, what's so liberal about no women's rights, no civil rights,
 and a fundamentalist religious government? Sounds pretty far-right to me!


 Amy, how true.
 What does the Taliban stand for?
 More God, more guns and less education, especially for women.

 That was the GOP platform at NaziCon 2000


 "Reagan loved argument, loved freedom and thought everyone should join the fray--anarchists,
   Wobblies, monarchists, whatever. But if a political group refused to come forward publicly and
   put forth its programs in the democratic daylight; if it chose to pursue power secretly, by guile
   and deception, silently taking over institutions and moving for power through force--well, that
   was what the Nazis did in Germany. That's what Fascists and the supporters of dictators do."
    -- Peggy Noonan, from her book, I'd Like to Have Saint Reagan's Baby, describing the
        Baby Bush's illegal ascension to power.

  ...and by the way, Reagan didn't love argument.
  Reagan never allowed dissenting views or free-flowing ideas.
  No conservative allows other ideas to get into his small skull.

  If there's a conservative who enjoys debate, why can't I find one on the www?

  Reagan made up his mind early on and never, ever changed his mind - ever.
  Certain ditto-monkeys see that as a good trait - never, ever changing your mind.

  Ron Reagan Junior talked about this, saying once his Dad made up his mind
  he didn't let the facts or the circumstances change it - no matter what.

  In the real world, that's called "being pigheaded."

 Whitewater Critics Quiet About Enron
     by Joe Conason

   Click  Here

 The immediate justification for the Senate probe of Whitewater was that Madison Guaranty, the storefront
 savings-and-loan operated by small-time hustler James McDougal, had cost the government about $65 million
 in bailout funding. Setting that pitiful amount against the $60 billion or so that suddenly evaporated from
 Enron’s  market capitalization–as Gene Lyons and Molly Ivins have noted–offers a way to chart the difference
 in magnitude.

 Yet so far, thanks to the "war on terrorism" and perhaps other, less patriotic factors, the level of public indignation
 is inverted; Enron seems to generate about one-tenth of  1 percent  as much concern as Whitewater did.

 So, the Enron scandal is a thousand times bigger than Whitewater, but the press won't touch it.
 It's because the crooked press is on the payroll of the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 The TV pundits will all say this is simply "bad accounting," and it'll all go away.
 This idiot who stole his way into power is going to skate again.

 He's got Reagan's brain and Nixon's morals,
 and the pink tutu Democrats are too afraid to stand up to him.

     Hi, I'm a Democrat.
     I love George Bush.
     He's MY president.
     I stand behind him.
      He's a good man.

 News Report

 The United States is likely to strike Somalia next in its war
 against bin Laden a senior German official said on Wednesday.
"It's not a question of 'if' but of 'how' and 'when','' the official said
 after Rumsfeld briefed NATO defense ministers Tuesday.

 I know this will piss off the doves, but I'm all for it.
 We owe those Somalian bastards, and it's time to collect.

 There's a new war about to come out called, "Black Hawk Down,"
 where the military is going to "celebrate" what a bad man Clinton was.

 As always, they're going to ignore the hundreds who died under Saint Reagan
 and the hundreds who died under Bush so they can focus on the 18 men who died
 after they were sent into Somalia to help the piss-poor legacy of Herbet Herbert Bush.

 The number of dead isn't important, not at all - trashing Clinton is important.
 That's how we measure success in America since January of 1993.
 If we can blame Clinton for it, the public will buy it.

 For reasons I can't explain, the military families would rather have their
 sons come home in body bags under a Republican bungler than have them
 come home and give them grandchildren under a "cowardly" Democrat.

 But no matter who the military wants to blame for those 18 men from 1993,
 we owe the Somali warlords a severe ass-kicking, and I'm sure our boys are
 in the mood to do just that.     Let's get ready to rumble.

 Cloudy Future for U.S. Women's Agencies
    by Tamar Lewin

  Click  Here

 Women's groups were critical of President Bush when he did not continue the White House Office on
 Women's Initiatives and Outreach, created by Bill Clinton in 1995.  One group whose work has been stalled
  by White House inaction is the Department of Veterans Affairs' Advisory Committee on Women Veterans,
  which over the years has helped the agency address issues like mammograms and sexual trauma.

 Bush to American women: Screw you bitches, they didn't vote for me, anyway.

 Helping a woman get a life-saving mammogram won't produce a single barrel of oil.
 Helping a rape victim doesn't put any money in the pockets of the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 President Weak & Heartless isn't going to anything for anybody without a kickback.

 The punch line?  It's not even his money.
 If he had a heart, he'd want to help save lives and comfort the raped.
 If he had a brain, he'd endorse the measures, if for no other reason than to look good politically.

 He's got no heart and he's got no brain, so Bush says the women can just die.

 King Midas in Reverse
    by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 "On June 22, 1990, George Jr. sold two-thirds of his Harken stock for $848,560 - a cool
  200 percent profit. The move was well timed. One week after Junior sold his stock, Harken
  announced a $23.2 million loss in quarterly earnings and Harken stock dropped sharply,
  losing 60 percent of its value over the next six months."

  In short, it seems clear that Bush knew Harken was in deep financial trouble, so he bailed on
  the stock before it became devalued, but failed to alert his investors of the impending calamity.
  Somehow he escaped SEC penalties for what appears to be nothing less than opportunistic
  profiteering at the expense of those who helped him get his businesses off the ground, a place
  they found themselves on several occasions.

 The rest, of course, is history. Bush got into baseball, and then into politics, never once getting
 called to task for the calamitous financial history he left in his wake.

 ...and now he's doing it to America.

 The super rich will get their precious tax cut while we're stuck with war and recession.

 Have you been hearing about these heinous trial ballons being sent up
 by President Littleboots and Vice President Nosferatu?

 Every ho pundit the GOP has on their payroll (90 percent, at least) is saying,
 "Even if we don't get bin Laden and Mullah Omar, the war is STILL a success."

 Bunnypants, I'm telling you right now - if you bring those boys home without
 finishing the damn job, just like your bungling daddy Herbert Herbert did,
 I will beat you up every day over that until Field Marshall Ashcroft arrests me.

 It's too bad the whores that some call "reporters" are going to let you get away with that horseshit.
 It's too bad the brave fighting military men will let you get away with that, too.
 For reasons I can't explain, GOP presidents can screw up everything as far as the eye can see
 and the military and the press and the historians will praise them like crazy.

 We've still got those thgousands of dead in New York and Washington DC and PA,
 but unelected Weak & Stupid wants to come home without doing the job?

 We're going to hear a lot of crap about "breaking Al Qaeda's back," but crap is all that is.
 I don't want to see a picture of a cave and watch some general call a press conference to say
 they're "almost certain" bin Laden was in the damn cave that they bombed all to hell.
 I want to see bin Laden's dead ass on my television screen.

 If America is willing to settle for a "maybe, sorta," on getting bin Laden, I think that would send
 a clear signal that you can bomb America any time you want and never have to pay a price
 if a Republican (legitimate or not) is sitting as Commander in Chief.

 I suggest we stay after bin Laden until we nail his ass.

 Making fun of us was a dumb move, Karl Rove
    by Kathy Sullivan

  Click  Here

 Rove's behavior with respect to Enron, the bankrupt energy behemoth, is another example
 of the rules not applying to him. He refused to sell his 1,350 shares of Enron stock after he
 went to work for the Bush White House. Our White House. Despite this conflict of interest,
 he sat in at a meeting between Enron officials and Dick Cheney to discuss energy policy.

 But don't worry about Karl Rove's investment in Enron. In a case of interesting timing,
 he finally cashed out in June - before Enron's collapse. When he sold his stock, Enron was
 worth more than $50 a share. Last Friday it was worth 26 cents a share. You do the math.

 That's because the Bush Family Evil Empire always gets theirs.
 It's the little people, the working families that get screwed by the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 The War-On-Terrorism Scam

 Click  Here

 According to the Friendly Colonel, one of his friends who retired from the FBI and became
 a local police chief has told him that even in the small city jail he runs they're holding eight
 suspects under the terrorism act. They're being kept in a separate wing. It's interesting the way
 it works. The federal government picks up the tab. The sheriff told him that the detainees are
 not allowed to have any visitors, not even family. They're not even allowed to call a lawyer or
 have any contact with a lawyer. They can't send out mail or receive mail. As a matter of fact,
 they're not even allowed to put these guys' names in the computer to say they're holding them.
 Their names are kept on a separate hand written piece of paper that the sheriff has to keep
 locked up in his safe. These people are being kept "at the special request" of the Office of
 Homeland Security. . . .

 Welcome to the Totalitarian States of George Bush

 Happy Birthday to...

         Alyssa Milano is 29                  Jennifer Beals is 38

 Also, Venus Flytrap is 57, Marrianne Faithfull is 55 and Dan Tanna is 55

Stuck in New Jersey! Part II
  by Christian Livemore

 Click  Here

 From: DENNISC@iadb.org

 Subject: Sawyer/Bush a New Low in fawning journalism

  Full Story

 On Good Morning America this morning, former President and Mrs. Bush called John Walker "demented"
 and was "so offended" that an American was on the side of the enemy.  This from a man whose family business
 is giving aid and comfort to America's enemies!  Whose father, Prescott Bush, Sr. had his property confiscated
 during WWII under the Trading With the Enemy Act, who personally sold Stinger Missiles to Islamic Jihad and
 is a Carlyle Senior Advisor with extensive business dealings with the bin Laden family, whose brother Prescott, Jr.
 works as a front for the Communist Chinese and whose son sent $43 million of our tax dollars to the Taliban
 earlier this year.  The only thing he could be offended about with John Walker is that his family didn't make
 any money off the deal!

 I wanted to throw a brick at my television set when that lazy corporate whore Diane Sawyer didn't call him on it.
 Isn't *anyone* in the media willing to work any more?

 Dennis Courtney

 Dennis, they work all right - for Mr. Rove and the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 Today'shas Pamela Anderson, Joan Collins, Garbage, Sex Pistols,
 an all-time great quote from Oklahoma's Governor Ditto-Monkey and some
 hot & juicy gossip about that idiot Jerry Rivers, who's not shot yet!!!

  CBS's Bernard Goldberg has written an expose on the liberal media entitled
 Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News

 This is a good example of smart writing and even better marketing.
 If Goldberg had written the truth, that the media is nothing but right-wing pimps working for Bush,
 if would sell about as many copies as Fortunate Son and be withdrawn from the shelves right away.

 But since he's selling the LIE that left-wingers control the media,
 something very different will happen to Mr. Goldberg and his book.

 Click  Here

 Everybody is calling Jerry Rivers and  whores

  Click  Here

If we even think you're not on our team,
well, ...you'd better be right with God.

Keeping an eye on those wild conspiracy theories...

 Christian Livemore, my right-hand Girl Friday, (and unpaid staff member)
  is moving from New York, (since bin Laden destroyed the building where she got most of her work)
  and is moving to Georgia, of all places.  Trouble is, she's been borrowing her roommate's computer
  all this time, so moving will leave her without one.

 Add to that her lack of work since Sept 11 (see above) and she's in need of a Mac computer at a discount price.

 Anybody can help?

 Contact her at  publicist@bartcop.com

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