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 December 18, 2001                                                                          Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)


 "There's nothing unusual about Eugene Scalia.
   He's as normal as I am."
    -- The vulgar Pigboy, opening the third hour today

 Well, sure, most lying, Nazi whores are basically similar.
 Eugene is "Fat Tony's" job-getting boy, so the swastika didn't fall far from the tree.

From: amorgan@mail.cesd.wvu.edu

Subject: Ashcroft's Defense

I happened to catch a few minutes of that hearing.  Ashcroft was asked why he wouldn't allow
the FBI to look into whether or not these suspects had bought guns, and his response was that it
wasn't legal under existing laws.  And since he promised to abide by the laws of the nation (yeah, right),
he wasn't going to go against the guns laws that prohibit him from looking at that list of gun sales.

Then Leahy made a comment that Ashcroft had asked for several other waivers and got them,
so why hadn't he asked for this one?  After asking him the question three times, he never did
get an answer from Ashcroft.

I'm not educated enough in gun laws to know what laws Ashcroft was referring to.


April, I'm not an attorney, but I'm pretty sure Ashcroft was lying his ass off.

There's no law that says the FBI can't look at a suspect's gun-buying habits.

The problem Ashcroft has is his devotion first to the NRA, then to God, ...then the Constitution.
Everyone in America (even the Demos who confirmed him) knew he was lying when he swore
to uphold the Constitution. A religiously-insane man cannot serve two masters, so Ashcroft puts
the NRA first (because they give him the most money) then God second, ...then the Constitution.

The Second Amendment is worded so poorly anybody can make it say anything they want,
and what Ashcroft sees is "Let the terrorists get all the guns they need - it's the price
we pay to have more guns than anybody could ever shoot in a lifetime."

(Besides, if there was such a law, President Weak & Stupid would just suspend it and the Democrats
 would say,  'Bush is my president and I stand behind him no matter what laws he breaks' )

 Where's Jerry Rivers?
 Nowhere Near Site Of U.S. Casualties, As He Claimed

  Click  Here

(CBS) Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera, who couldn't bear
 being away from the action in Afghanistan, was hundreds of miles from the site
 of a friendly fire incident he reported on, the Baltimore Sun said in a Dec. 15 report.

 Rivera reported in a Dec. 6 piece that he became emotional and choked up while
 standing on the "hallowed ground" in Afghanistan where "friendly fire took so many
 of our, our men and the mujahedeen yesterday." Rivera said he had recited the Lord's Prayer.

 But, according to a report on the Baltimore Sun's Internet site, Rivera admitted that he was
 several hundred miles from the site - outside Kandahar - where three Americans were killed
 on Dec. 5 by an errant U.S. bomb.

 What a hoser loser this Rivers guy is.
 He's carrying a gun "in case he runs into bin Laden," but he's hundreds of miles away.

 What a phoney.
 What a fraud.
 What a liar.

 He's right at home at 

From: (withheld)

Subject: (no subject)

Where is Brad Pitt's birthday picture!!??
You have chicks reading this site too!!!

His wife is goddamn ugly

ha ha

Kelly, sorry about that.
The BartCop Photo Collection doesn't include any pretty Hollywood boys.

The shameless liars of the right, (Hannity and Pigboy) are saying that that John Walker Taliban dude
is "a perfect example of the failures of liberalism" because his folks lived in Marin County, CA.

They did the same thing with Monica's dad, because his zip code was 90210,
 they used his zip code as PROOF that Dr. Lewinsky was a bed-wetting liberal.

Can they be that retarded?
They think that 100 percent of everyone in the county, by law, must be liberal?

The amount of horseshit we get from the Nazi right in incredible,
and there's nobody to call them on it besides some personal websites.

Where is the press?
Why can't they do their jobs?

You know who's the worst?
Howie Kurtz who, every Saturday, "turns a critical eye on the media."
He does no such fucking thing.
He gets three or four Clinton haters to dismiss any right-wing abuses and when
the 30 minutes is over, he beams into the camera and declares,
"We've just taken a critical look at the media," when he did nothing more
than fellate the whore media in his allegiance to the profits for which they stand.

I read some more horseshit today from Thomas Sewell, still honking that discredited horn
that "ninety percent of all reporters are liberals," even tho it's not true - never has been.
If it was true, people could have a reasonable answer to that kiss my ass  rant from a while back.
But until someone stands up and says, "That's a lie - take it back," they won't.

 West Wing

 Tomorrow night, as the credits for West Wing are rolling, read the fine print.
 Do you know who the paid, political consultants are for that show?

 Patrick Caddell - more of a back stabber than even Judas Maximus
 Peggy Noonan - who swears Reagan was a decent man and that dolphins rescued Elian
 Dee Dee Myers - who'd committ hari kari before she'd say one nice thing about the best president
                               of our lifetime (and the guy on whose coattails she rode to fame and riches)
 Lawrence O'Donnell - Clinton-hating liberal who said last week, "There's NO DIFFERENCE between
                                      Patty Hearst and Taliban John Walker - they are EXACTLY THE SAME"

 How can such a great show be co-written by such insatiable and scummy money-grubbing assholes?

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "I don't understand what's so hard to understand..."
    -- El Pigbo, 40 minutes thru hour three

  ...and before I could finish writing that, he said,

 "At the end of the day, they're (the GOP) still rich,
  you're still unemployed, and you're still mad about it."

 Yeah, Rush. That's why we don't like President Dumbass giving away Clinton's surplus
  to the richest one percent of all Americans. What's so hard to understand?

 Like I've been saying for nine years:
 The GOP's answer for poverty in America is for the poor to "Knock it off."

Abu-Jamal Death Sentence Thrown Out

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A federal judge on Tuesday threw out the death sentence
imposed nearly two decades ago on Mumia Abu-Jamal, revered by supporters worldwide
as a crusader against racial injustice but reviled by others as an unrepentant cop-killer.

U.S. District Judge William Yohn cited problems with the jury charge and verdict form in
the trial that ended with the former journalist and Black Panther's first-degree murder conviction
in the death of a Philadelphia police officer. The judge denied all of Abu-Jamal's other claims
and refused his request for a new trial.

The judge said Abu-Jamal is entitled to a new sentencing hearing within 180 days.

I know nothing about this guy, except the overall story.
Is this good news or bad news?

(Please don't send me a ten thousand word thesis by Ed Begley or a slew of URLs.
 Tell me what you think.)

Harper's Weekly Review

 Click  Here

 This is really wild/true stuff - and a great/fast read.

 Thanks to Keydeer

 Dark Cloud Talk

 You'll have to cut me some slack here.
 When the Dark Cloud thing hit about two weeks ago, I asked people to contact
 Christian if they had any suggestions on how to chase the dark clouds away.

 Well, Christian was stuck in Tuscaloosa at the time & couldn't get to her mail,

 Sidebar: To add to the confusion, Christian is moving to Georgia next week
 and will no longer have a computer so no telling what will happen then...

 So I recently got a bunch of mail from some concerned readers, so I took
 every one and put them on one page and tried to answer them "live," so this
 might not be as slick & polished as the regular snappy BartCop reparte'

 Click Here

 There's also some Vegas talk involved, which I'll attempt to explain soon.

 ...and then there's that BartCop TV thing

 Just as I was leaving for the  Garbage/U2  tour, I mentioned that Part One of BartCop TV
 was being broadcast that Tuesday night in Houston. So far, nobody has written to say they say the show,
 and that might be just as well.

  (Funny - nobody in the greater Houston area saw the show?
   Of the dozens of  bartcop.com  readers, some must be in Houston...
   Or did you write about it, and the e-mail got buried?)

 Steve Schioli, Houston Democratic media mogul, sent me a tape of Part One
 and I was surprised that my performance wasn't as bad as I remembered it.

 Oh. don't get me wrong - at times I sounded like early Bobcat Goldthwaith passing a kidney stone,
 but there were other times where it didn't sound too bad, which surprised me.
 Also, (I can tell you now) I tried something the day we started taping.
 I read where the late, great Jackie Gleason told about a ritual he did before each show.
 Just before he went onstage, he downed seven shots of vodka or whiskey.

 Well, when I read that, I thought I'd try it, but I don't think I finished all seven shots,
 but I think Part Two was more lively than Part One :)

 Of course, it's cheating to call it "BartCop TV," because it was just a guest spot
 on a local TV show, and I think regular readers would find it boring because we
 mostly covered the same old ground, but it'd be interesting to hear what a first-time
 listener thought of the non-fawning, terrorist-enabling non-sequiters that erupted.

But Daddy, Bart keeps making fun of me!


 “The model of thought that says we need to go out and extend unemployment
   benefits and health insurance benefits and so forth is not, I think,
   one that is commensurate with the American spirit here.”
     -- Armey, the foul-mouthed Dick

 No, lame Dick.
 Helping the poor bastards who lost their jobs so Weak & Stupid
 could give his billionaire buddies a tax break is not commensurate
 with the principles of the American Taliban Party.

Today in History

On Dec. 18, 1865, the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, abolishing slavery, was declared in effect.

...and 136 years later, the Party of Lincoln is still all white.
The closest the GOP has to an elected black person is Uncle O.J. Watts (-Tool)

 Missile Defense System Canceled
  Navy Program Woes Cause Bush Setback

 Click  Here

 The Pentagon, in a serious setback for the Bush administration's missile defense plans,
 yesterday canceled a multibillion-dollar missile defense system being developed by the Navy,
 citing "poor performance" and 50 percent cost overruns.

 This must be a false headline.

 "Poor performance" and "cost overruns?"

 No, no, ...Bush and the GOP have guaranteed that these tests all worked.

 And after every bogus intercept missle test, the headlines all screamed,
 "Another success for missle defense," but in some newspapers and
 on some websites they also mentioned that the tests only "succeeded" when the homing beacon
 was working and the sun was shining bright on my old Kentucky home.

 But Bush, the GOP and the relentelessly pro-Bush media scream "Success" at every test.
 ...that is, ...until the project collapsed under it's own failures and overruns.

 I don't know about you, but if this holds up, it might mean $6-10 thousand dollars in my pocket
 because that Bush Family Evil Empire Shield would've cost me at least that much in taxes.

 That calls for a party...

 Asymmetrical politics
 After 9/11, the playing field is skewed
  by Eric Alterman

 Click  Here

 Bush the Younger knows quite well who brung him to this dance. He would
 never have received the Republican nomination, nor come close enough in
 Florida to receive the favor of the Supreme Court’s intervention in the election,
 without the bedrock support of the nation’s conservative activists and corporate
 funders currently making demands in the name of 9/11

 Nice article - there's a whole laundry list of crap Smirk is pulling and the Democrats
 are too afraid to speak up and stop this massive pillaging of the American Treasury.

 Happy Birthday to...

            Katie Holmes is 23                                     Christine Aquilera is 21

    Jennifer Aniston's husband is 38                 Catherine Oxenberg's husband is 33

From: bushblowsus@yahoo.com

Subject: Bush's brain

During a White House celebration of Eid al-Fitr, he was quoted by TBO.com
http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGA75WITCVC.html as saying,

"People of every faith are welcome here in the people's house.
 People of every background  are welcome to come here to the White House,"
 he told his invited guests in party dresses and sport coats.

 I love TBO's follow-up comment,

"The White House has been closed to the public since September because of security concerns."

 People of every background are welcome to come here to the White House,
 but only if they gave to the Republican Party.


 Today'shas Michael Dare's always great column,
 and go figure - guess who dumped who in Hollywood's weirdest marriage?

 Plus, how will NBC counterprogram the Super Bowl with U2 live at halftime?

 Plus, Paula Poundstone is back on the comedy stage.
 Can she Richard Pryor her troubles into a funny routine?

 You learn all kinds of fun stuff at 

 Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave
    by Bridget Gibson

   Click Here

 Wendy Gramm, wife of Senator Phil Gramm - who, by the way, has announced that he
 will not run for re-election next year - sat on the Board of Directors and has been named
 in a lawsuit with Amalgamated Bank. Ms. Gramm was the head of the Commodity Futures
 Trading Commission (CFTC) prior to sitting on the Enron Board of Directors.
 She placed on the agenda of the CFTC the entire deregulation scheme.
 Did she do this at the behest of Enron and Kenneth Lay?

 This is just one of the dirty, crooked billion dollar deals that the Bush Family Evil Empire
 had their fingers in, but the press won't touch it because it doesn;'t involve Clinton's zipper.

 It's at least a hundred times bigger than Whitewater, but the press is ignoring it
 because the Unelected Usurper's handlers don't want their press to talk about it.

 Like Don Corleone, the Bush Family Evil Empire has judges on the payroll
 all the way to the Supreme Court, but the press refuses to talk about it.

 Gramm resigned so he doesn't have to answer any questions.
 Is that why the Foul-mouthed Dick is resigning, too?
 Are their any Texas policitians who aren't crooked?

 We don't have a free press in America.
 We have bought-and-paid-for employees of Karl Rove.


  Is Big Brother Watching You?
       by Cliff Downing

   Click  Here

 Are you upset yet? You should be because Equifax (whom I understand has recently changed their name)
 will sell a targeted list to anyone. Want to find out who owns a gun in your area? You can purchase a list
 from Equifax. Want to find out how many car wrecks your neighbor has been involved in? Just purchase
 the information from Equifax. And the list goes on. They know everything about you all the way from who
 your parents and grandparents are to who some of your friends are. They know what types of foods you
 are most likely to purchase and they know what kind of make-up your wife uses.


 "If you quit drugs, you join the fight against terrorism."
   --pResident Weak & Stupid

  But Weak, if that's true, why did you give the Taliban $43,000,000 this year?

  ...and by the way, ...whose money was that?

 I took down the monkey picture as a symbolic olive branch to see if he'll debate some

 From:  hookemhorns92@hotmail.com

 Subject: Bush approval rating

 Hmmmmmm.  It would appear that 81% of the nation respects W.
 Are you slow or do you still not understand the point I was making.

 ignacious ryley

 Of course that's NOT true.

 What did Bush do, what steps did he take, to warrant a 90-percent approval rating?
 He was standing there when we got hit, that's his moment in the sun.
 So now our choices are letting the terrorists win or stand behind a man who wasn't elected.

 What choice does a patriot have?

 And no matter how great you think Bush was on 9/11, he wasn't even one-third the man Rudy was.
 If Rudy was an "A" that day, the man some call president was a Gentlemen's "C" at best.

VIVA LAS VEGAS newsletter

 Click Here

 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 Come to Vegas, ...BartCop...

Keeping an eye on those wild conspiracy theories...

  Isn't it great when a crooked president owes you a favor?
 President Bush and the American Airlines Labor Dispute

 Click  Here

 During the last election, it was American Airlines that seemingly had the confidence in Bush,
 with its employees contributing more than $65,000 to his campaign for president--not including
 the $100,000 check Carty personally delivered to the Bush-Cheney Inaugural Committee last
 January or the $5,000 he chipped in to pay for Bush’s Florida recount expenses.

 These days, American seems to be benefiting big time from that investment. President Bush this week
 announced plans to block a looming strike by American’s flight attendants that the airline says would
 have forced it to cancel most, if not all, of its flights heading into the Fourth of July holiday.

 For every nickle you give to The Unelected, you get $50 back.

   ...and by the way, ...whose money is that?

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