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Volume 672 - Used to Bad News

 December 22-26, 2001                                                                   Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)


 "He has chosen Cabinet officials whose devotion to the Confederacy is nearly canine in its uncritical affection."
      -- Julian Bond, on Pres. Bush

 More fun bashing Jerry Rivers

 Click  Here

 Like the network he works for, Rivera made no effort to keep partisanship out of his work,
 openly admitting he wanted a chance to put a FDNY hat on Osama bin Laden's corpse.

 ...and this clown was Clinton's only media ally during impeachment?

 U.S. Economy Weakest in a Decade

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 "Prosperity, itself, is on the ballot this November."
     -- Al Gore, during the campaign

Thoughts on the Shoe Bomber
   by Mike Lordi

  Click  Here

Enron went from $84 to 68 cents this year.

Impeachment talk
   by Kenneth E. Jones

 Click  Here

From:  asasuperfly@yahoo.com

Subject: Who wants to Blame a Democrat for the Fall of Enron?

I have heard Republicans actually trying to blame Clinton for the Fall of Enron because his campaign
accepted something like $14,000 Dollars from Enron. Desperate to spin the Enron Scandal, Republicans
without Clinton are like Ticks without a Deer. Companies often give money to both sides. If there is a
Democrat responsible for the Fall of Enron, it is California Governor Gray Davis. This was self defense, though.
Enron never produced energy. They only traded in Futures Contracts on the Commoditities Market.
They were cornering the Market on Electricity and Natural Gas, getting 10 times what those commodities were
worth last year. They made this move only after The U. S. Extreme Court legalized the Bu$h Coup.

The False Energy Crisis began with Bu$h assuring the Texas based Power Companies,
"There will be NO PRICE CAPS on how much companies like Enron can charge."

Gray Davis responded to the Price Gouging of Californians by quickly building 12 new power plants, 4 of which
are already on-line. Now California is producing a surplus of Power making Enron's Futures Contracts worthless.
This was a clash of the titans and Gray Davis won.
He broke the Monopoly.

Gray Davis for President in 2004


 Flight 587 - Why can't we get the truth from George Bush?

  Click  Here

 Sabotage? Cover-up?

Mr Lynch says "That's for other people to decide. At first, we hear there were seagulls in the engine,
then the plane was caught in a jet stream and the tail fell off."

"Im telling you, no damn tail fell off until the second explosion," he said.

Then there's Jim Conrad - who retired last month as a police lieutenant after 34 years service.

He agree's with Tom Lynch. "I saw exactly what Tom saw."

"I was near a stop light at Marine Parway Bridge. First, the small explosion.
 The plane kept going, tail intact, then the big explosion and the plane nosedived."

 Hmmm... two explosions? One for each shoe?


"In public, Daschle only wants to help the president work through these challenging times.
 But in private, and in the conduct of his duty as the Senate Majority leader, it's death to everything Bush wants.
 And what is Yasser Daschle's latest - [imitating a critic] "Name calling! Name calling! Name calling!
 Yasser Daschle, how dare you! It's bad enough you call him Puff Daschle, now it's Yasser?"
 Yes sir, it is Yasser Daschle. Now it's death to the Bush nominations."
       --Rush Limbaugh

 If only Daschle was the fighter Rush claims he is...

 More Bad News for the Economy

 Republicans are predicting recovery in the first quarter next year.
 Given their track record for economics predictions, we're in big trouble.

 Some Liars Are More Equal Than Others!
  Bush family backer linked to ghoulish (and illegal) corpse-dumping, grave reselling schemes
    by Tamara Baker  as seen at americanpolitics.com

  Click  Here

 Remember how the GOPMedia buried the "Funeralgate" story surrounding
 George W. Bush -- just as they buried the Air National Guard desertion story,
 the drug-use stories, the booze stories (until his DUIs started coming to light)?

 Remember how the main figure in that story, Eliza May, was convinced to settle
 out of court, rather than (horrors!) drag the sacred Bush name through the mud?
 Well, this is one story that won't stay buried.

 Want to be a true Ashcroft patriot?

  You'll need to register  Here

 As you can imagine, I didn't get much news while I was out of town.
 But that idiot with the exploding shoes?

 I haven't seen anybody point out how stupid he was
 or how close all those people came to dying.

 The way I heard the story, the stewardess and others smelled sulphur and
 became alarmed and tracked the smell to the religiously-insane Richard Reid.
 Apparently, he lit match after match trying to light his fuse.

 If the moron had used a lighter, which produces no sulphur smell,
 he probably would've succeeded and murdered everyone on that plane.
 But no, the dumbass used matches, so instead of getting his 72 virgins
 he's gonna get life with Bubba or the needle, which is too good for him.

 Also, how do we know that last American Airlines plane that crashed outside
 of New York wasn't another shoe job? Eyewitnesses reported an explosion,
 but our always-dependable, always-honest government tells us it was a tail problem.

 Chinaco Virgin No More!
    by Julie Benjamin

   Click  Here

 Clinton's Compartments
    by Richard Cohen

   Click  Here

 If blame is to be apportioned for what happened or didn't happen around that time -- the lagging,
 distracted effort to eliminate bin Laden, for instance -- then the uber partisans of Washington
 have to take some responsibility. It was they, with the connivance of the Supreme Court,
 who manufactured a sexual harassment lawsuit out of Paula Jones's uncorroborated charge
 of boorish behavior and converted it into an assault on the presidency itself.

 Damn, how often does one see the truth come from the Washington Post?

Keeping an eye on the wild conspiracy theories...

 Ashcroft kills DNA program for inmates

Screw 'em, they're probably all guilty anyway, especially the blacks.

  Click  Here

 The Justice Department has scrapped plans to offer $500,000 in federal grants
 to pay for DNA testing of some inmates so that prosecutors could verify their convictions.


 "Many of us believe the country was in the right condition when President Clinton
   left us and that we should have built on those successes instead of turning the clock back.
   I believe the two terms of the Clinton administration were very good for our country.
   I'm deeply concerned that, within a space of a year, we seem to have done a U-turn,"
     -- Senator Clinton

  It's too bad President Gore laid down in Florida last year.
  Remember how he promised he would fight?

   ...and then laid down, instead?

 From: joesantos@mindspring.com

 Subject: Ummmm....


 You wrote:

> If you're walking to your car late at night and a guy jumps out of the bushes and puts a knife
> to your throat and says, "Your wallet or your life," it really doesn't matter who's right and who's wrong,
> you'd better give up the damn wallet. The Taliban refused to give up their wallet, and now their throat is slit."

 Y'know, in this analogy, you're equating the U.S. with a mugger.
 Someone who flouts the law and takes what they want by force.
 Is that really the picture you want to paint here?
 I can't say *I* don't agree with that analogy,
 but it certainly doesn't seem to jibe with your position on the war.
 Or, maybe I'm wrong about your position on the war.

 Joe, that was written in haste.
 What I meant was, "when you have a gun to your head," you follow directions or you end up dead.

 For some reason, a lot of people wrote to say I "slipped" and admitted that I think "we're the bad guys,"
 and goofy dove talk like that, but it was only meant as a matter of practicality.
 Thanks for the note...

 Happy Birthday to...

  Helena Christensen is 33     Carla Bruni is 33

  Also, Bogart would've been 102, Rod Serling would've been 77, Ricky Martin is 30

 Geraldo's the best comedy on TV

  Click  Here

"Hello, I'm gun-toting Geraldo Rivera, reporting live from My War in Afghanistan, where everything I say
 revolves around me and what I'm doing and what I'm feeling or thinking. In today's developments,
 I-I-I-me-me-me-I-I-me- me-I. Now back to Fox News and more saber rattling."

 What all of this means: If you're not watching Rivera's weird, bizarre reports on Fox News,
 you're missing some of television's best entertainment.

  TIME Magazine - Whore of the Year

 From the Dec 11th  bartcop.com   #662 - Operation Enduring Handjob

> If TIME makes bin Laden their Person of the Year, I will eat my words.
> I will say "TIME is a publication with intergrity, who put profit second to honor,"
> but that promise is as empty as the cavity where President Stupid's brain should be.

> Pigboy will fly before the American whore press lets a single nickle get away from them.

 Gee, was anybody shocked?

"The person who most affected the news or our lives, for good or for ill, this year,''
   is how Time founder Henry Luce said the annual decision should be made.

 Giuliani isn't being awarded for being the most influential person.
 Giuliani is being awarded for how he reacted to the most influential person.

 TIME Magazine is run by shameless whores.
 They took the money instead of doing what Henry Luce wanted.

 The only question is did TIME take 1/100th or 1/1000th of a second
 to choose than extra nickle over the integrity of their news reporting?

 Lordy, today'shas a whole lotta stuff.
 That funny as hell Harper's Update, Bono, Britney, Tina Fey, Liv Tyler and more.

 Ari Fleisher's Ten Commandments

   Click  Here

6. Thou Shalt Not Question Authority Unless The Authority In Question Is:
     1.A Gratuitously Smarty-Pants Academic
     2.A Meddling Liberal Journalist
     3.An Uppity Feminist
     4.Super-Powered, Suicidal Madmen Bent On World Domination

Burton Seeks Probe Into Convictions
 Has the Watermelon Man turned sane?

 Click  Here

 Dan Burton, known for investigating the Clinton White House, asked Wednesday for a congressional
 investigation into whether the Bush Justice Department had inflated its figures on convictions of terrorists.
 He cited reports that drunks and the mentally imbalanced had been labeled as terrorists.

 This is twice now that Burton has shown courage in questioning President Weak & Stupid.
 The scared bunny Democrats are afraid to even raise their voices.
 Why is this happening?

 Burton, Bob Barr and Jim Jeffords are the best guys on our team.
 What the fuck is up with that?

 The Democrats are so spineless, the GOP has to fight the Democrat's battles for them.

 Christmas in Agave Wonderland

  It turned out real nice.
  I hope to have the report done by tonight.

 From: jjtest@ismi.net

 Subject: Economist.com  Auditors

"This year, the SEC imposed a $7m fine on Andersen for signing the accounts of Waste Management,
 ANOTHER TEXAS FIRM (besides Enron), knowing that the accounting methods it had used were
 designed to mislead investors. In the spring, Andersen paid $110m to settle an accounting-fraud lawsuit
 over auditing work it did for Sunbeam, A FLORIDA CONSUMER-PRODUCTS COMPANY that
 filed for bankruptcy..."

 Must be just a coincidence that the largest and most corrupt corporations have sought out both Texas
 and Florida for their headquarters, eh? Having a Bush as Governor of your state seems to attract the
 more "unseemly" in the business elite... Bah. Probably just a coincidence.



From: edofarrell@worldnet.att.net

Subject: Michael Moore back on your site?!


Give me a break.  Posting Michael Moore's whining is just too much ... here is a wing nut
who helped ensure Bush would win and is now whining about Bush's policies.

Actions have consequences, Michael, you put Bush II in power.
Nothing Bush or his band have done was not entirely predictable.

Until Moore grows up and joins the real world, could we instead have
commentary from folks who are at least rational?

Ed, I said it was crazy when I printed it.
Look at who's doing our fighting for us Jim Jeffords, Bob Barr and Dan Burton.
You think we should refuse help from Michael Moore?
All things considered, Moore's an ally.

I am the Central Scrutinizer.
I enforce the laws that the President hasn't passed yet.
       It is my responsibility to warn every one of you that the
consequences of helping the terrorists, which includes mocking
the President, could lead to imprisonment or the death penalty.

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