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Before we name more schools & airports after Ronald Reagan, 
can we get a look at what Bush is hiding in Reagan's files?

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Volume 671 - Fool on the Hill

On a dark spring night, nine weeks behind schedule, the MNS Indestructible,
a Class C Submersible Deepswimmer, departs Sancrist Isle
with a crew of twenty and a callous disregard for the inevitable.
Armed with top secret devices, a band of intrepid gnome
explorers sets out on a legendary journey to... Read more

 December 21, 2001                                                                            Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)

Brought to you by Enron

We don't care.
We don't have to.
We're Enron.

El Pigbo's ear implant successful
  Doctors graft silk purse onto sow's ear

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 If You Don't Want American Flag Stamps, Watch Out!

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 This was sent as a true story, can't vouch for it, tho.
 But since out top cop is religiously insane, and he's doing things like
 going after dying pot smokers instead of looking for terrorists,
 can anybody say this did NOT happen?

 Have you been to theangryliberal.com?

 Hail George, Conqueror of Evildoers!
    by Michael Moore

   Click  Here

 Hey, and tell your top sheriff, Big John Ashcroft, that his refusal to let the FBI look at the files of gun background
 checks that the Justice Department keeps -- to see if any of the terrorists or suspected terrorists have purchased
 weapons in the past two years -- took some balls! Even though checking those files might turn up information that
 could protect us in possible future attacks, Ashcroft was more concerned with not upsetting the NRA than in
 helping his own FBI catch the bad guys. Now that's what I call getting your priorities straight. Big John may have
 lost his Senate seat last year to a dead guy, but he sure as heck ain't gonna lose me as a huge admirer!

 (He's being sarcastic.
  In my book, Moore's still not off the hook for helping Bush in 2000,
  but geez, right now we're in bed with Bob Barr and Dan Burton,
  so I have no problem accepting aid from Michael Moore.)

 If you call Weak & Stupid "President Bunnypants,"
 ...will the FBI come talk to you?

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"Israel is a shitty little country that threatens the world with a third world war."
  -- Daniel Bernard, French ambassador to the UK, London Daily Telegraph columnist.

  I saw this quote in yesterday's USA TODAY.
  Newspapers using the word "shitty?"

  Has this guy been reading  bartcop.com?

'War' is here to stay

  Click  Here

 For politicians who want to benefit from a long, vague war, what could be better than an enemy
 who won't be captured for decades? And just in case some foolish soldier makes the mistake of
 catching or killing bin Laden, the government has the war-extending fall-back position that
 al-Qaeda will thrive without him.

 The war on terrorism will never end because it wasn't designed to end.
 It's a power-grab put into effect during a time when few Americans felt committed to Patrick Henry's
 "Give me liberty or give me death" proposition. After Sept. 11, we didn't want to choose between
 two principled extremes. The enduring theme of America today is: "Here's my liberty; give me safety."

The Enron scandal
Why was no one minding the store?
     by Arianna Huffington

 Click  Here

 Here's what happened: Last year, then SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt proposed a
 long overdue ban on accounting firms performing additional services for companies
 they are auditing -- precisely the sort of dual relationship Arthur Andersen had with Enron.
 But his efforts were beaten back by a furious lobbying campaign mounted by the accounting
 industry's über-lobbyist, Harvey Pitt, a man who has made a career out of butting heads with the SEC.

 So when the Bush administration got around to naming its choice to head the watchdog agency
 this summer, whom do you think they picked? That's right, SEC nemesis Harvey Pitt.
 Which is a little like naming Osama bin Laden to run the Office of Homeland Security.

 Crazy Ann Coulter

     Ann gets free fries this way.

  Click  Here

 As pundits mull whether America's next target in the war on terrorism should be Iraq or a
 smaller quarry first - such as the Sudan or Somalia - it's time to consider another petri dish
 of ferocious anti-American hatred and terrorist activity. The Bush doctrine is: We are at war
 not only with the terrorists, but also with those who harbor them.

 We've got to attack France.

 Isn't this nutty bitch proof that you can never be too far right for the media pimps?

That whole Florida mess  of Nov/Dec 2000 was such a bottomless pit.
 But I was sent an article that really cuts thru the dungheap of GOP disinformation.


 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 Come to Vegas, BartCop...

Keeping an eye on the wild conspiracy theories...


Your mail is blocked, I can't get thru.
You need to undo that last thing you did.

 It's important.

From: DENNISC@iadb.org

Subject: BlackHawk Down Story a little twisted....

Turns out that the Army has tampered with the facts of the "BlackHawk Down" story.
Seems they covered up that one of their "heroes" is serving 30 years in Leavenworth as a child molester.

They covered up the facts to protect one of their own (until his ex-wife blew the whistle)
but they made sure to make the point that Clinton was such a bad guy.

 Click  Here

Ain't is just like a Republican?


 Happy Birthday to...

       Jane Fonda is 64                     Fabiana Udenio is 37

 Also, Samuel L. Jackson is 53, Keifer Sutherland is 35,
 and Frank Zappa would be 61 today if there was a God.

 Remember what The Onion said?


From: bassm@ecn.purdue.edu

Subject: Re: http://www.bartcop.com/1220scott.htm


I have a bone to pick with you over something you wrote. Specifically:

>bin laden and the Taliban both knew we would be coming - and they still did what they did.
>You can feel bad for the innocents who died, but I think you assign blame incorrectly."

My problem is that I don't see what the Taliban did that was morally or legally wrong vis-a-vis bin Laden.

After September 11, Bush declares a War on Terror and demands that the Taliban turn over the evil-doer bin Laden.
Bush says, "I have irrefutable (I'm paraphrasing -- we all know Smirk can't read the word "irrefutable" from a teleprompter.) proof that bin Laden is the head evil-doer. Turn him over to us, or suffer the consequences."

"Show us the proof, and we'll turn bin Laden over to the World Court," was the answer from the Taliban,
which sounds an awful lot like choosing the rule of law over a lynch mob.

Foreshadowing the USA PATRIOT act and being totally in line with his lack of character, Dubya shouts back,
"We don't have to show you nothing. The Law is for losers." Or something to that effect. And the rest is history.

So, what did the Taliban do that was morally or legally wrong?


Mark, we'd all love to see the proof, but you'd better not bet too much that bin Laden is innocent.
He was in on the 1993 WTC bombing, the USS Cole, the embassies in Africa, etc etc.

Do I have the proof in my hand?
No, but I don't know of any sane people who are saying bin Laden is innocent.
I guess the short answer is the Taliban got into bed with the wrong camel.

They also bet their lives that America wasn't really coming - an idiotic thing to do.
They knew their people would suffer if we attacked, and they wanted to protect bin Laden
more than they wanted to save their people, but I'm not sure all that is even the point.

If you're walking to your car late at night and a guy jumps out of the bushes
and puts a knife to your throat and says, "Your wallet or your life," it really doesn't matter
who's right and who's wrong, you'd better give up the damn wallet.

The Taliban refused to give up their wallet, and now their throat is slit.

 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 Come to Vegas, BartCop...

Chinaco Anejo Handblown Bottle

"This is the ultimate in handcrafted, low production tequila. The Chinaco Blanco and Añejo are,
   in our opinion, head and shoulders above any other tequila available today."
      --  The Insiders Wine Line Magazine, April-May 1996

 When Chinaco arrived in the United States in 1983, it was the first of the super premium positioned tequilas.
 It's smooth taste earned it placement on back bars alongside high-end cognacs and single malt whiskies.
 Like a lightening bolt, it electrified an entirely new class of upscale tequila consumer.
 Chinaco developed a cult following predominantly from California's music and film industry.

  3 for $194.74,
  6 for $368.98,
12 for $696.96

 From: http://store.yahoo.com/randalls/rws17401.html

 That's a horribly inflated price for Chinaco Anejo, ...but then again, it's still only about $2.50 a shot.

From:  EasilyAmused@aol.com

Subject:  You're mentioned in the Nation

 Click  Here

Some of the sources got wind of our request and seemed to view it as a contest for
the most "votes."  Bartcop, for example, urged its readers on with promises of
"a weekend in a suite at The Venetian in Las Vegas if we win," accompanied by lavish views
of the hotel.  (The vision of the 467 Bartcop voters crammed into the weekend suite delights.)

Read down a little and David Falchek gives you a pretty funny intro.
 (Can we start calling you Billy Bartcop now?)  ha ha

O.K., now...  You got a mention in the opener and in the body.  I think that means you won!  <grin>
Do we get to go to Vegas now?  (It'd better be a huuuuge suite!)


Thanks EA, and thanks to DAVID FALCHEK for the kind words.

 Lordy, today'shas a whole lotta stuff.
 A report on Black Hawk Down, the anti-Clinton movie,
 a Golden Globes report,
 a really beefy picture of Keifer Sutherland for you female types,
 Snarky Gossip from Britney Spears,
 news about Kid Rock,
 Paul McCartney,
 Russell Crowe,
 a really hot picture of Gwen from No Doubt,
 a story about Angelina Jolie (no pic, tho)
 J-Lo's nastiness causing trouble in Muslim countries,
 a Jerry Rivers dumpfest,
 a David Duchovny story
 ...and Brigette Neilsen coming out of her top!

 Damn, it's like a show business report over there.

From: chodge96@yahoo.com

Subject: The Forgotten Reagan legacy

Howdy BC,

Last night I watched "And the Band Played On," a made for TV movie about how the AIDS epidemic started.
One of the movie's central themes was the frustration of the Center for Disease Control about not being able to
get funding from the Reagan administration to study the virus in its infancy.  No doubt the reason being it's
incorrect perception as a gays only disease.

Towards the end of the movie they noted that 400,000 people had been infected before Reagan mentioned it an
a speech.  A lot has been written about the legacy Reagan leaves behind... how about this:  The man was
responsible for not aggressively providing funding for the fight against AIDS.  He killed many more people in
this country than Bin Laden ever will.

Charlie Hodge

Charlie, in Reagan's defense, he hated a lot more than just gays. Reagan refused to meet with
any gay groups, any Native American groups, poor groups, immigrant groups and on and on.

In Reagan's world, if you weren't white, male, straight, rich & Protestant,
you didn't get noticed or talked to from 1981 till 1989.

That was another reason Poppy Bush, (to Reagan's left) wanted to be "kinder and gentler,"
because he was much less a prick-bastard than Reagan was.

Whoever said, "Reagan made us feel comfortable with our prejudices," was right.

From: sascha@futurefunk.net

Subject: Somalia

<<<We owe those Somalian bastards>>>

Just stopped by your site again, jeez.... Are you an "intellectual baiter"?
I know one person from Somalia. She suffered female circumcision and
an attempted arranged marriage to someone 30 years older.
Would you like to bomb her family too?

Yeah, if someone has been tortured and mutilated by religio-crazies, I want their families bombed.

That's my position - exactly.
That's what Bartcop-ism is all about - murdering the tortured families.

Christ, that's probably the stupidest e-mail I've ever gotten, and that includes e-mails from Lanny.
If I wanted to hire a stooge to make doves look extra, extra, extra-stupid,  I couldn't use you
because nobody would ever believe a person could be  that  ignorant.

A shot of Cuervo for you, girl.

Thanks to the Wizard of Whimsy

 Christmas in Agave Wonderland

  Click  Here


"I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully"
    -- Governor Weak & Stupid,  September 9, 2000

  Sure, ...until the human being gets hungry.

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