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Before we name more schools & airports after Ronald Reagan, 
can we get a look at what Bush is hiding in Reagan's files?

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Julie Hiatt

Volume 681 - Behind Closed Doors

 January 7, 2002                                                                                Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)


 Question: Mr. President, what is the status and your feeling on the amendment to prohibit flag desecration?

 Bush: I don't know what it is. I'm for it. And that's a good question.
            I just don't know exactly where it stands right now. I need to -- okay. Como esta?

 Chickens Come Home to Roost

 Remember in the summer of 2000, a Boston reporter surprised Weak & Stupid with a pop quiz,
 asking him if he could name the leaders of certain countries?  Governor Blow Monkey
 got all snippy with the guy and said, "No, I can't answer those questions  ...can you?"
 as tho it was that Boston reporter's job to keep up with global politics.

 One of the four questions that reporter asked Bush about was, "Who's the leader of Pakistan?"
 Bush admitted he didn't have a goddamn clue.
 "General ...I don't know," he stammered..

 That's when all the GOP machinery went into motion and declared there was "no need"
 for the president to have a clue about world politics as long as he had a good staff.

 Well, right now Pakistan and India, who each have nuclear bombs and the rockets to launch
 them at each other are sabre rattling - and our president doesn't know who's in charge over there,
 but probably someone on his staff does.

 Gee, aren't we lucky?

 The appointed Emperor has no brains and he has no inclination or curiosity to learn about anything
 and two countries he's not interested in are preparing to be at war!
 Pakistan wackos shot up India parliament and India shot a Pakistan drone out of the sky just yesterday

 ...and the moron that Scalia appointed doesn't know anything about it?

 Oh God, what did we do to deserve this?

Watch your mouth, Funnyboy
Don't you be blaspheming the Lord.
You criticize the president and you ridicule God.
Your time is coming, Funnyboy.

From: Laura81766@aol.com

Subject: Conspiracy theories on rense.com

That rense site you linked to with the outrageously nutty claim that the planes were remote controlled
and there were no hijackers, is an ultra right wingnut site.  They claim Israel is responsible which proves
how anti-semitic that site is.  Every conspiracy they come up with is linked to Israel being culpable.

Someone needs to ask whoever wrote that article if there were no hijackers how do you explain
family members of passengers receiving cell phone calls telling them they were being hijacked?
I'd be very interested in how that can be explained away.

I've been getting mail saying, "How DARE you print such anti-Semetic trash,"
but making fun of the right-wing loons is what this site is all about.

But you are right. One report said a stewardess had her throat slit.
I doubt they can do that by remote control.

Unemployment Rate Climbs to 5.8 Percent

The nation's unemployment rate climbed to a six-year high of 5.8 percent in December
as businesses slashed payrolls for a fifth straight month. It was the longest stretch of job
losses in a decade as the economy continued to falter in recession.

Since all GOP Presidents have recessions, why is this news?
If a Republican created jobs, instead of killing them, now that would be newsworthy.

From: grswld206@peoplepc.com

Subject: Media cover up Bush idiocy

At the town hall meeting on Saturday in CA, Bush said "Not over my dead body will they raise your taxes" (snort!),
yet ABC, CBS, Reuters, and the LA Times headlined it as "Over my dead body will they raise your taxes".

Why do they do this?! Only CNN, AP News, and, incredibly, Faux News headlined it accurately, although
Faux's was buried in some spin about how he "declared" it with a "shout" (read: tried not to look like a bunnypants).
And they wonder why the public distrusts them so much.


Mike, it's just more proof that the press will do ANYTHING to protect the unelected moron.
Remember, they did just the opposite with Clinton and Gore.

Gore never said he invented the Internet, but that's what the whores reported.
Gore never said he discovered Love Canal, but that's what the whores reported.
Clinton never said he blamed America for September 11th, but that's what the whores reported.

There is an organized effort to make Bush appear less moronic than he is and that same bunch
has been spewing lies about Clinton for just about ten years now.

I'm sick of the right-wing media telling lies.

 Chelsea Toast of Town
  Bill's daughter, 21, turns heads at city hot spots

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  Just like in Bush's America...
 Iran Dissidents to Be Tried Behind Closed Doors

   Full Story

  TEHRAN - Some 15 Iranian dissidents are to stand trial behind closed doors at the hard-line
  Revolutionary Court Tuesday, accused of plotting to topple the Islamic system, state radio reported Monday.
  The defendants, mainly writers and university professors from a liberal Islamist alliance, are among
  dozens of people rounded up in several police raids last year.

``This is another flagrant violation of the prisoners' basic rights. We are afraid they will be denied the
  benefit of a jury in a closed trial,'' the families said in an open letter to the U.N. High Commissioner for
  Human Rights last week.

 The religiously insane rule Iran and they hold secret trials.
 How is that different that what we have in America right now?

 What does  have in store for Greta?

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 "Everybody feels that we have reached the bottom.
   Market people are pretty optimistic."
     -- Lance Zipper, managing director of equity trading at Brean Murray & Co.

  Hmmmm... it doesn't say which branch of the Bush Family Evil Empire is paying him to say that.
  Maybe he's a former Enron director - happy with his retirement package of $65,000,000.

Keep it up, Funnyboy.
I'm keeping an eye on you.
We're gonna treat you reeeeeal special, Funnyboy.
You ever been to Cuba, Funnyboy?

From: asasuperfly@yahoo.com

Subject: Senator Tom Daschle is Right!

America is in serious Financial Trouble.


Osama uses a minimum of his resources against us while we spend spend spend in a war
that is not getting rid of Terrorism. This is no time for Tax Breaks for the Rich!


 Chocolate Contest #1

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"Given a choice between protecting American civilians and protecting the client regimes
  that sponsor and coddle those who murder them, the Bush Administration has taken the
  second option every time. This seems to me impeachable in the profoundest sense of the term"
     --Christopher Hitchens, who hates everybody. This time it's Smirk.

 Christopher, we don't want your help.
 Please stay on the fascist side where you've been for 8 years.

 I was going to run the latest Maureen Dowd column here,
 but it was so dreadfully boring and pitifully off-point, I canned the idea.
 One thing tho, this paragraph caught my attention

When I was little, I was a Grimms girl. Not a Hans Christian Andersen girl. I much preferred
the more grisly Grimms' fairy tales, where people got hands chopped off and hearts and tongues
cut out, to the sunnier ones by the Dane. The nuns made us climb under our desks for air-raid drills,
and cried and sent us home early the day J.F.K. was shot. We knew the world wasn't a big ice-skating rink.

So that's her problem - she's Catholic - she was reared by nuns.
No wonder she hates everyone and everything.

From: tjgarrett@attbi.com

Subject: My Big Political Prediction for the New Year...

I predict that by the end of the year, Dick Cheney will resign for health reasons.

This will be to cover up his connections with Enron, of course, but he ll just say
that his heart can t take it anymore, and that he will have served his purpose by
hiding out during the War on Terra.   You can take it to the bank

Jack in Dallas

Jack, I'll bet you're right.
Gramm resigned, Armey the foul-mouthed Dick resigned, so Cheney should be
right behind them, probably right after Halliburton is forced to file bankruptcy.

 Don't click here if you object to full frontal
 bin Laden gettin' jiggy with Saddam Hussein


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 That phony journalist poll where 89 percent went for Clinton?
  Turns out Robert Parry has already looked into it.

  Click  Here

 A likely reason for the absence of these prominent conservative journals was the fact that many
 are organized as non-profit corporations so they can accept tax-deductible donations from individuals
 and foundations. But non-profits have difficulty getting credentials from the Congressional Press Gallery.
 And it was from that credentialed list that the survey recipients were selected.

 So the Freedom Forum survery appears to have dramatically undercounted the scores of conservative
 journalists in Washington, despite their significant influence in setting the national agenda.

 So - no telling what a real, scientific poll might show, but it damn sure isn't 89 percent Liberal.
 If it was even one third of that, we might actually hear some pro-Democratic voices in the media.

 Supplement  by Terry Krepel

 Patriotism on the Cheap
    by Frank Rich

  Click  Here

 The department's motto seems to be: If it's broke, don't fix it. Never mind that even four months
 after the attacks, the state of passenger screening remains such that American Airlines let
 Richard Reid board one of its flights but turned away one of the president's Secret Service agents.
 Now we're asked to believe that high school dropouts are our best front line of defense against
 the cunning likes of Mohamed Atta, the recipient of two university degrees.

 Happy Birthday to...

Michelle Behennah is 24                Erin Gray turns 51             The perky, super-rich cheerleader is 44

Caroline Kennedy (1956) Kenny Loggins (1948) Nicolas Cage (1964) David Caruso (1956)

 From:  gstinson7176@hotmail.com

 Subject: Al Franken

 You wrote:

 > Remember what Al Franken said?
 > He said Clinton told him if Gore had won, the Nazi bastards would've impeached him.
 > I am 100 percent certain this would have happened.

 This is bullshit.  Absolute bullshit.
 Why on earth would they impeach Gore?

 Greg Stinson

 For the same reason they impeached Clinton.
 Clinton was impeached because he beat the GOP twice and was a living JFK to the party.

 Nixon ordered the Justice Department to arrest the FBI - was not impeached.
 Ford pardon Nixon after saying under oath that he wouldn't - was not impeached.
 Reagan looked America in the eye and said, "We did NOT trade arms for hostages,
 and there were no weapons on those two small planes to Iran," - was not impeached.
 Bush swore under otah he was "out of the loop" on Reagan's crimes, but his own handwritten
 notes said he was at every meeting when crimes were planned - and he was not impeached.

 Clinton had half sex with a bimbo and was impeached?

 ...and you want to know why?
 It's because the fascist dogs planned to impeach him before Monica's name was known.
 Check your recent history - Bob Barr looked into impeachment proceedures prior to 1998.
 We found out about Monica in January of 1998. They knew they were going to impeach him,
 but first they had to fabricate some "crimes," and the lapdog media went along for the ride.

 And all this time, Gingrich, Burton, Barr, Hyde and Livingston were hiding sex secrets,
 and you're asking why they would impeach Gore?

Does this mean the end is near?
 I agree with George Will and (choke) Laura the panty-dropping exhibitionist.
 Both of them said the AA pilot who kicked that armed and snippy Arab off his plane should get a medal.

 The funny part is the GOP can't decide which side to attack.
 They have all this hate built up and ready to ship, ...but to whom?

 American Airlines had been especially hard-hit.
 They lost two planes on the 11th, another one a month later, and then Shoe Boy
 make American his airline of choice coming from Paris.

 The pilot has to have the last say.
 If he says, "There's too much ice on the wings," then they don't take off.
 If he says, "The storm is too intense, we're not talking off," then they don't take off.
 If he says, "I don't trust the snooty Arab with the faulty paperwork and the gun," so be it.

 Single, young Arab men are going to have to ride this storm thru.

 Anyone disagree with that?
 I'd like to hear from you if you do.
 If you think a pilot should take off when he's got reasonable suspicions
 about a young Arab man with a gun, I'd sure like to hear your opinion.

bartcop.com  reader Kevin Alexander had a few hundred of these printed up and sent them to me.

They has an adhesive back, so they'll stick on stuff.
He suggested we have a contest to see who can think of the most imaginative places to stick it,
but the sticker is probably hell to remove, so I wouldn't want people putting them on windshields or
any place where it'd be considered vandalism, but if you, the reader, would like some of these,
mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope to  PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155
and I'll send you 5 or 10, whatever you need.

This isn't meant as a fund-raising gimmick, but if you want to send a pittance to help grow
the hammer higher with your self-addressed stamped envelope - that'd be acceptable.
You can get stickers without a donation.
After all, this is not the Catholic Church.

If you attach the sticker to a fun place and send me a picture I'll run it,
but don't do the vandalism thing, OK?

The sticker you see is actual size, so if you stuck it on the bumper of a local fascist monster,
it probably would not be considered vandalism, because it's so small, but you be the judge of that.

...and thanks to Kevin Alexander for the stickers.

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