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Volume 891 - Welcome back, Tony 

With summer behind us, it's once again safe
to order the South's Finest Chocolate

Weekend   Sept 14-15, 2002
  VCR Alert - The Sopranos premiers Sunday tonight


"What's up with the wimpiness of the congressional Democrats on this [Iraq] resolution?
  It seems like they're all ready to bow before this patriotic fervor."
     --Steve, Grand Rapids, Michigan., Crossfire e-mail, 09/13/02

 This "pre-emptive strike" that we're planning against Iraq?

 ...isn't that what bin Laden did to us?

 Bush guaranteed the Taliban we were coming long before 9-11-01.
 He guaranteed them either a "carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs,"
 so bin Laden launched his "pre-emptive strike" against us.

 ...so that's why we're going after Saddam?
 Because bin Laden outsmarted Bush's team on 9-11 and every day since?

 W's Conflicts of Interest
     by Maureen Dowd - She hates everybody, lately it's been more Bush than Hillary


  Click  Here

 Mr. Bush gave a splendid speech at the U.N. He is right that Saddam is a scum with Scuds.

 But there was no compelling new evidence. Mr. Bush offered only an unusually comprehensive
 version of the usual laundry list. Saddam is violating the sanctions, he tried to assassinate Poppy,
 he's late on his mortgage payments, he tips 10 percent, he has an unjustifiable fondness for "My Way,"
 he gassed his own people, he doesn't turn down the front brim of his hat.


 "John Ashcroft is not half the woman Janet Reno is.
  Janet Reno, you did a great job for America. God bless you."
   --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 09/13/02

 Hmmmm, I'm not sure "great job" is entirely accurate.
 She gave Hardon Kenny permission to investigate the Monica "crimes."

 What the hell was she thinking?


"Why shouldn't war be a last resort instead of the
  first tool that President Bush grabs off the shelf?"
      -- Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Whore Times

 Because, "When the only tool you have is a hammer,
 you tend to look at every problem as a nail."
      -- Bob Wake

 Subject: the real racial ideology of this regime

 See this article from the 9/15 glasgow sunday herald

"advanced forms of biological warfare that can 'target' specific genotypes
 may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool"

i've a degree in biology, and i've long suspected the gov't researchers are way ahead of the curve
and just not telling us about it, for obvious reasons. but after all we've seen, all the BFEE has done,
we can hardly doubt anymore that they have a plan, and are following it closely.

perhaps this little part of the plan for the NWO will scare some folks who've been pulling
the wool over their eyes, and clung to the belief that 'it's not so bad,' or 'it can't get any worse.'

racially targeted biological weapons, as a political tool.

they really are the nazis come back, aren't they?



"ABC called wanting to advertise their new show with George Stephanopoulos on my show.
 This network, along with NBC and CBS, basically feels that this program is hosted by a
 partisan extremist to an audience of mind-numbed robots that are dumb and stupid,
 yet what door are they knocking on to advertise their new show?"
              --Rush Limbaugh

 I can answer this one:
 The ditto-monkey dollar is the easiest dollar to make in the whole country.

 You could write "Clinton-rapist" in cowshit and sell individual patties for $100 each.
 If you put "Clinton's cock" on the cover of a book, it's a sure best-seller.
 That's why the whores sell to ditto-monkeys - they'll buy anything.

 And who's the King of the ditto-monkey jungle?
 The vulgar Pigboy!

 Remember, ABC News isn't selling facts, truth, journalism or integrity.
 They're selling air time to BIG business, which craves that ditto-monkey dollar.

 Weekend Sports Update

 Oklahoma won, by 68, that's good.
 Texas won, that's good. We want them undefeated when Oklahoma stomps them.
 Notre Dame kicked Michigan, why does God hate Michigan?
 Penn State beat Nebraska by 58 - that's funny. Go Joe!
 Hey, who knew Oregon had a team?

 The Rams lost, that's bad.

 ...and the Cowboys won, which ruins everything.

 Subject: Re: Picture of the Bus

 That bus is WAY to small to fit everyone, Bart!

 Looks like it's only two or three inches long and half an inch wide!

 Josh, not to worry.
 Like Steve Martin used to say, we're going to get "real small,"
 before we board the Magic Bus, so I'm sure things will work out.

 By the way, alcohol is allowed on the bus, (it's Vegas!) but no glass,
 so bring your plastic flask o' Chinaco Anejo.


"During these Iraq hearings demanded by congressional Democrats,
  they ought to be called to account for their inaction, incompetence,
  malfeasance and monumental failure to protect us from terrorism."
       -- Rush Limbaugh

 But vulgar Pigboy,
 When Clinton was in charge, we had one smallish attack on the WTC and
 the guilty were identified, located, put on trial, found guilty and then imprisoned.

 When Skippy was taking his month-long vacations, we suffered worse than Pearl Harbor,
 and then the SOB went on more month-long vacations.

 Just once in your career, could you blame the guilty instead of the Democrats?

 Subject: Backbone

 Bush said Saturday that the United Nations should "show some backbone''
 and confront Saddam Hussein.

 The UN should show the same "backbone" that Bush showed during the Viet Nam war.


"This week Anna Nicole Smith said that she has a skinny model on the inside wanting out.
  I wondered what happened to Kate Moss! Havenít seen her in over a year."
     --Jay Leno

 Subject: LV=TOO HOT

 Yo Bartcop

 The cool Ocean breezes are now fanning So. Cal., and LV is 100*F ++,
 so alot of us will not drive the 285 miles when it's totally beautiful here.

 Also alot of us do not smoke or drink as you seem to take your pleasure in,
 nor will we send money for you to continue to do so on our dollar.


 Richard, I knew there was a good reason.
 The numbers say you speak for a lot of Californians.

 By the way, Yahoo Weather says the average high in Las Vegas in October,
 (we're there the last weekend of September) is a blazing 82 degrees.

 At night, you might need a jacket, but thanks for reading bartcop.com

 By the way, those of you brave enough to endure the stifling 82 degrees in Las Vegas,
 a couple of things it wouldn't hurt to know if it's your first time going there.
 Yes, it wouldn't hurt to have a jacket with you. The desert can get cold.

 Also, bring comfortable shoes because you'll be doing some walking.
 You can lose weight in Las Vegas, even with the fantastic buffets,
 because these properties hueueueuge.

 Also, if you rent a car, let the casino valet park it - valet is free, but it's nice to tip $2 or so.
 We resisted for a while, but resistance is futile. The major properties are so hueueuge,
 you may have a half-mile walk to the hotel from your parking spot, so let them do it.

 What else might a first-timer need to know?


"Today I saw one of those autumn in New York scenes. I saw four rats
   surround a squirrel and they made him hand over his nuts."

 Guess who said it

 "What right does Congress have to go around making laws just because they deem it necessary?"

 A. George W. Bush

 B. Marion Barry

 So, who said that?

 From: Roy

 Subject: Clinton on Dave

 Never mind Chimp, Son of Wimp; imagine conservanazi icon Ronald Reagan on Letterman.
 Even without his Alzheimer's, they man the press lovingly dubbed "The Great Communicator"
 couldn't have answered one of Letterman's questions without becoming confused and angry.

 Reagan would have snapped off something to the tune of "either you love America or you don't,
 to hell with all these pointy-headed questions, I leave that stuff to my staff" and left it at that.
 And the media would have cheered his "simple resolve" or whatever, just as they had laughed off
 his stupid treason brokering arms to "Death to America"-chanting zealots in exchange for hostages
 (and then lying about it!) and lovingly dubbed him "The Teflon President."

 Roy, good point.
 The whore media always raves about "Bush's plain-spoken talk," but the truth is Pres Pinhead
 couldn't string a simple sentence together to save his life, much less a stream of coherent thoughts.

 I'll say it again - Koresh knows what Clinton could've accomplished if he had Bush's good puppy press
 and didn't have to fight wacko allegations and impeachment all thru his administration.

From: EGK

Hi. I was watching the Food Channel the other night, and they did a show called 40 dollars a day.

This young woman does this challenge thing where she has to buy three meals a day for only 40 dollars.
She did Las Vegas on Thursday. Her selections for the best food value were Bahama Breeze, the Sunrise Café
at the Palms which is open 24 hours, a bakery that sells wedding cake by the slice, and Sam's Town Firelight Buffet.

The food looked good. Just thought that you would like to know
if you and the Bartcoppers are looking for good restaurants.

EGK, thanks for that.


"President Clinton finally got his own TV show right here at CBS ­ mine!"

Dude: Knock, knock.

Bush: Who's there?

Dude: Osama?

Bush: Osama who?

Dude: God, George, you're every bit as stupid as Bartcop says you are

From: ladyzahidah@hotmail.com

You stupid ass Democrats still can't get it right.

If the lazy Democratic polsters would get up early and stay late,
maybe the blacks would have a chance to vote against "B.F.E.E.".
Is this the way it's going to be now?

Everytime it looks like a loss is coming, the Democrats
are going to cry about the election procedure?

If the polls are closed in the black neighborhoods,
or the machines fails to offer then a choice of candidates,
you want them to smarten up and vote anyway?

Notice the voting machines in richer (GOP) areas worked fine.

Why do you think Jeb settled that 2000 lawsuit with the NAACP?
He settled to avoid a trial where the truth might leak out.

By settling, he admitted guilt, but to what?

Legendary author Kurt Vonnegut sporting a  bartcop.com  sticker

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                                                  Slaughterhouse Five           Welcome to the Monkey House

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 Subject: Iraq

 So, we rush into Iraq; we kill many citizens; we get many of our own killed
 and we discover NO weapons of mass destruction (oh, and no Sadam).

 Now what?

 Onward and outward to the next country that we KNOW has weapons of mass destruction?!!!!
 Adrienne in Florida

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Woo Hoo!

Hey, Bart,

Interesting, the West Coast person who didn't want to party with the middling left persons.
But as a PA person who's going, I have to wonder...
am I really going three thousand miles because I'm feeling middling?

Heck...I'm feeling like pushing my luck amongst the other gambles...
I'm making this tripa two-fer.  Bartfest--sure.  And I'm taking my sig-O with to get hitched.
I strongly suspect that I'm one of very few East Coasters who is taking advantage of the occasion..

...but there's me.


Woo Hoo!!
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