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Dr Laura does it again!
  This kind of story is my favorite kind of story to write.
  This stuff and Monkey Mail makes my day.

 Friday in K-Drag (maybe Thursday where you live) some idiot female called in
 to Laura the Unloved and said she used to be a big pothead, and how should she
 handle the subject when her kids ask about drinking and doing drugs.

 The Incredible Fraud handled it this way:

 "Go get a pen and a piece of paper, I need you to write this down."
  (The idiot does that)

 "Now I want you to write two words down on that piece of paper."
  (She got a pen and paper for two words?)

  "The two words are 'WEAK' and "ASHAMED," can you write those down?
    Now, when your kids ask about drugs and alcohol, you tell them,
   'Mommy was WEAK enough to succumb to the 
   peer pressure at the time, and now Mommy is ASHAMED 
   of the stupid things she did years ago,' that?"

  ha ha
 (I'll bet most of you know where this bit is going!)

 Uh, excuse me, Laura, but I have a question, is it OK if I ask it?

 In October of 1998 (I remember it so well, it was a Saturday about 2 PM) some
 photos appeared on the www and these photos were widely spread, ...sorry, bad phrasing,
 these photos were widely distributed around the world in a matter of mere minutes.

 Note: I deny that I snatched these vulgar photos and posted them on several worldwide newsgroups.
 I make no public claim concerning the massive spreading (sorry) of these photos.

 Click  Here  to a censored version of Laura Schlessinger's most vulgar picture.

 Now, Laura, I have a few questions, ...if it's OK for me to ask them...

 When those photos hit the Internet, they became an instant sensation.
 And what did you do, Laura, when those photos hit?
 Did you take your own advice and stand up and declare,

 'I was WEAK enough to succumb to the peer pressure at the time,
  and now I am ASHAMED of the stupid things I did years ago."

 Is that what you did, Laura?
 No, you issued a press release saying those pictures were NOT you.

 In other words, Laura Schlessinger lied.

 Then, a few days later, you sent your high-powered attorneys to court.
 You instructed your attorneys to tell the court you owned those pictures,
 and nobody should be allowed to distribute them without your permission.

 But Laura, if those pictures weren't of you, how did you find yourself in the position of being
 the legal owner of pictures showing a woman with her knees spread from Delaware to Colorado?
 I don't have a law degree, Laura, so I fail to catch the legal nuance, there.
 Could you explain it to me in, ...sorry, ...layman's terms?
 We're you just fudging with the truth a little, because it was about sex?
 It's OK to lie about sex, is that what you're saying?

 In other words, Laura Schlessinger lied.

 And then what happened?
 The judge ruled that, since the photos had been, ...widely spread alllllll over the internet, it wouldn't make
 much sense to declate them your private property, since every pre-pube boy who ever heard your name
 was now committing sins with the vulgar image of your nasty spread legs, Laura.

 Hey, Laura, what does that feel like, knowing that dozens of 14 year olds all over the globe 
 were masturbating to your nasty-ass spread-leg pictures?

 And then what happened?  Then you went on The O'Reilly Factor, and when O'Reilly asked,
 "Hey, Laura, what's the deal with those nasty-ass spead-legged pictures?" you replied,
 "I have no memory of every being in any of those positions."

  In other words, Laura Schlessinger lied.

 Laura, I have another question.
 Why didn''t you answer Mr. O'Reilly the way you told that mother to confess to her kids?
 Why didn't you say,  "I was WEAK enough to succumb to the peer pressure at the time,
  and now I am ASHAMED of the stupid things I did years ago."

 Can you answer that, Laura?
 Why was your advice good for that young mother, but not good for you?
 Why aren't you able to take your own advice, Laura?
 Can you explain yourself?

 Could the true answer be, Laura Schlessinger lied?

 I think I have that right, Laura, do you agree?
 Why can't you tell the truth, Laura?
 Is there something in your psychological makeup that prevents you from telling the truth?
 Aren't you the moral conscience of the nation, you and Bill Bennett?

 Why can't the moral conscience of the nation tell the damn truth?

 ha ha

 Laura, your nasty ass is soooo busted.
 You don't have the credibility of Arthur Anderson.
 Monica Lewinsky has more credibility than you, Laura.

 I'm calling you a liar, Laura, and I think my case is very tight, ...sorry.

 If this is libel or slander, why don't you sue me?
 Could it be that you're a liar and Ol' Bart is telling the truth?

 ha ha


 For the complete line of naked and vulgar Laura Schlessinger pictures, Click  Here
 (Adults only, kids might go blind seeing Laura's vulgar crotch shots)

 Laura, COULD you?

 Laura, ...what about the children?

 What do we tell the children, Laura?

 ha ha


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