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Volume 894 - Blowing Bubbles 

Wednesday   Sept 18, 2002


"I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him
  kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him."
       --  Mark Twain

 In Iraqi War Scenario, Oil Is Key Issue
 U.S. Drillers Eye Hueueueueuege Petroleum Pool
      by the dimmest nimrods at the Washington Whore Post

  Click  Here

 A U.S.-led ouster of  Saddam could open a bonanza for American oil companies
 long banished from Iraq, scuttling oil deals between Baghdad and Russia, France
 and other countries, and reshuffling world petroleum markets, according to industry
 officials and leaders of the Iraqi opposition.

 Duh!  ...you think?

 I guess nothing gets past the Washington Whore Post.
 Readers of  bartcop.com  knew Pinhead was oil crazy years ago.

 Probe: U.S. Knew of Jet Terror Plots

  Click  Here

 American intelligence agencies received far more reports of terrorist plotting
 to use planes as weapons before Sept. 11 than the U.S. government has
 previously acknowledged, congressional investigators said Wednesday.

  Duh!  ...you think?

 I guess nothing gets past the staff director for the House and
 Senate intelligence inquiry into the Sept. 11 attacks.
 Readers of  bartcop.com  knew this almost a year ago.

 Why do you think Bush/Cheney won't allow hearings on what they knew?

 California: Blackouts Weren't Necessary

  Click  Here

 Most of the blackouts that plagued California during its 2000-2001 energy crisis
 would have been avoided if power wholesalers had operated at capacity,
 according to a report released Tuesday by state power regulators.

 The analysis found that all four Southern California blackouts
 and four of the seven Northern California blackouts occurred
 because power-plant operators produced less than they could have.

  Duh!  ...you think?

 Why are we getting 2001  bartcop.com  news in September of 2002?
 All of this is old, old, news - what's wrong with you people?

 Christopher Reeve blames Usurper

 Christopher Reeve, mostly paralyzed from the neck down, says Bush has
 caved in to pressure from the Catholics and is hampering stem-cell research
 that could allow him to walk some day.

 "We could have been much further along with scientific reserach than we are,"
 Reeve told Britain's "The Guardian."

 Since we all know The Pinhead has no opinions on anything besides tax cuts
 a the need for his family to obtain more oil, he went to Karl Rove and asked
 which group, pro-or-con, would give him the most money. Rove told Smirky
 that the Catholics are the biggest vioting block in America and must be pleased.

 So Christopher Reeve can just rot away, as far as The Thief is concerned.


"At a restaurant in Ghazni, a soft-spoken man accused the international community
  of ignoring ordinary Afghans. He refused to give his name, whispering to his friend:
"Maybe I shouldn't have said anything. Maybe they will put me in that prison in America."
          --Disillusioned Afghans look to Taliban, cnn.com

"Find this heathen and bring him to me.
 I'll show him what torture is all about.
 Somebody call Cheney and find out when
 Halliburton will have my secret torture
 complex finished. I need it for this guy.
 In God's name, I'll make him talk."

 New web page by my good friend Morgan Pillsbury


"I already beat up Morgan Pillsbury - that was fun!
  She had me arrested but the Whore Street Journal
  used their money and Republican family-values contacts
  to spring me.  Now I want to beat up other women.
  Got any?"

 From: Dean

 Subject: Somalia

 I'm curious about the Somalia reference where you say Bush sent in the troops
 and they died in Oct 1993.  I may do a search for an article about the whole thing
 but I was wondering if there are any sites I might start with.

 I work with some very conservative folks and they love to bring up Somalia
 (aka Black Hawk Down) and I just want to get my facts straight,
 then back them up with an old news link.

 Dean, you should never get your facts from me, but here's what I remember:
 Bush lost the 1992 election, and his legacy was that of a one-term loser, so he
 tried to change it to "not such a bad guy, after all" by finally sending some food
 to the starving masses in Somalia.

 Without giving it much thought, Bush sent our soldiers into Somalia with food.
 The local warlords (Al Qaeda, they say) began stealing the food and sold it for more guns.

 Clinton took office, and was saddled with Bush's bungle.
 The military told Clinton it was senseless to send more food if it wasn't going to get
 to the starving, so they decided to engage the problem and take out the warlords.

 At some point, the Army requested armored personal carriers and more iron,
 but Colin Powell decided it would take months to send big ships loaded with
 heavy artillary half way around the work and told the Rangers to "make do."

 Somehow, (I didn't see the movie) we got our ass handed to us by a group of
 rag-tag religious fanatics so the monkey right decided it was all Clinton's fault.

 Nevermind that Bush sent them there without any protection,
 nevermind that Saint Powell denied them the tools after the fact,
 it was another way for the GOP-owned media to attack Clinton.

 Warning: When you surf for the facts, remember that the guys writing the strories
 would rather their men die under Bush than live under Clinton. This was a way
 they could blame Clinton for their mistakes, and they took it.

 Lastly, and everybody should remember this, when the monkey right squeels
 about Somalia, ask them to explain Reagan's bungle that killed 242 in Lebanont.

 You'll probably hear, "We never lost any men in Lebanon!"

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"When the Taliban regime fell, most people here were happy. But today we
  have nothing, no food, no money, no work for our young people. We thought
  the foreigners were going to help us, but they haven't."
     --Mohammed Anwar, disillusioned Afghan

 Mohammed, it's easy to get help.
 Just come up with a few million barrels of oil.
 Bush will take it off your hands ...and then kill you.

 Stop the US War with Iraq

 As an American citizen I want to urge the rest of the world to resist the efforts of our
 president to start an artificial war with Iraq. Yes - Saddam Hussein is a bad guy but Bush
 is creating this war as a distraction solely for the purpose of holding on to political power.

 If we really wanted Saddam gone we wouldn't have left him in power after the last war.
 I am deeply ashamed over what our country has become. In 2000 a coalition of ultra
 right wing christians, multi-national corporations, and our supreme court overthrew the
 elected president and took over the United States. We have become a predator nation
 and this same group is using terror and war as part of a plot for world domination.

 I therefore call on the people of the world to resist the efforts of our illegitimate
 government to expand it's power and influence around the world. Resist any effort to
 support our artificial wars. Stop buying American goods. Develop your own countries
 and your own culture. Our government which used to be the beacon of freedom and
 democracy is now the biggest threat to the free people of the world. I ask that the world
 understand that our government does not represent our people and that the good people
 of the rest of the world recognize that we citizens of America are also the victims of
 our government.

 The People of the United States still want world peace, freedom and equality for all the
 people of all the nations, and we ask that freedom loving people from all of the world
 join us in our efforts to resist our government efforts at world domination.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA - USA

 This November, Nevada has the chance to legalize up to 3 ounces of pot.
 The Bush administration is desparately trying to kill the wishes of the voters - again.

 They say it's bad for the children to grow up with pot, but isn't this the same thug
 who want to dump nuclear waste in Nevada?   How good is that for growing kids?

 Want to protest Oilman's lust for Iraq's oilfields?
  ...and the hundreds or thousands of lives it will cost us, not counting them?



 They're organizing in Austin for a Sept 28th (BartFest Day) protest.

 Can I say one thing?
 And don't take it the wrong way, OK?

 <<Leave your babies at home.>>

 You KNOW there's going to be trouble,
 you KNOW Austin police will gas the innocent people carrying signs,
 so don't take your baby to the protest and then scream "They gassed my baby." .

 They can't gas your baby unless you bring him to the gassing, OK?

 Instead of taking your baby, take a camera.
 Take lots of pictures, SHRINK them to a reasonable size, and send them to me.

 William Rivers Pitt, regular contributor to  bartcop.com
 has a book coming out about the stupid Iraq War.

 Click  Here  to see the ABC News write up.

 Former United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter will be featured in an
 "instant" book that strongly opposes going to war against Iraq.

 Context Books will publish "War on Iraq" next week. The book was written
 by William Rivers Pitt, a Boston-based author and political analyst.
 An interview with Ritter is included in the text.

 If you have dreams of being a big-time author, send your best to  bartcop.com
 Many people published here have books out besides William Rivers Pitt.
 Joe Conason, Gene Lyons, Mark Crispin Miller, Betty Bowers - the list goes on & on.

Subject: Guess who said it?

You asked who said:

"What has he accomplished?  That he's no longer an obnoxious drunk?"

This one I actually remember from the 2000 campaign!  It was of course one
president's son referring to another -- Ron Reagan Jr. on Smirk.  Before you
get too excited, though, I seem to recall that Ron Jr supported Nader...sigh.

Why is it that the children the Gipper had with Nancy turned out to be decent,
albeit flaky, human beings, while those he had with Jane Wyman grew up to be
frothing ditto-monkeys?  Maybe Nancy wasn't as bad as we thought at the time.
And she DID get rid of Donald Regan!


Chris, I figure it's the Vulcan blood from Jane Wyman.

 Check the new anti-Coulter blog at


 Every few minutes on talk radio, the monkey right says,
 "Clinton attacked Iraq in 1998,  so why are Daschle and others so opposed to it today?"

 The short, simple answer:

 Clinton didn't proclaim his intention to go door-to-door, house-to-house in Iraq with the goal of regime change.
 They looooooooooooove to talk about Somalia and how we got our ass kicked there, and yet they're extra-eager
 to put 100,000 ground troops in Baghdad, going thru basements and underground bunkers (which no doubt
 will be booby-trapped) looking for the real Saddam, not his look-alikes.

 This will cost hundreds of American lives if it works perfectly.

 All those lives lost so Bush can get his greedy little hands on more oil!


"Of the many criticisms of President Bush, no one can deny his patriotic fervor.
 Both he and Cheney made millions and could make more, but instead took
 positions in government paying salaries far less. Apply it to his nominees for
 high office: almost all from Wall Street, oil and steel, major logging, D.C. insiders
 (lobbyists) and wealthy farmers. All forfeited gigantic incomes to serve their country
 (maybe temporarily) and accepted puny recompense."
   --Cy Schleifer, Look at the sacrifice Bush has made, sun-sentinel.com

 It'd difficult to believe anyone could be this naive.
 Bush & Cheney sacrified pennies to rake in billion of dollars.

 They didn't steal the election because they wanted a cut in pay.,
 FIVE TRILLION dollars missing from Social Security, and this lady
 wants to praise Bush for giving up his Governor's salary?

 Cheney walked away from $25M from Halliburton in 2000.
 He did that because he knew the B.F.E.E. would take care of him.

 After Bush steals a second term, the B.F.E.E. can to buy whatever
 media outlets that haven't fallen in line with the Bush agenda so far.

 And who will stop them?
 Colin Powell's son?

With summer behind us, it's once again safe
to order the South's Finest Chocolate

Subject: Pigboy's racist rant

Hey Bart,

First hour Tuesday:  did you catch Pigboy going on and on and on and on and
on and on about Donna Brazile and Sheila Jackson Lee "inventing" the word "pacifically?"
(They meant "specifically.")

He never came right out and said it, but I'm sure his knuckledragging listeners understood
it was all about laughing at the "stupid niggers" who don't talk right.  (Of course, there was
no mention of the Pretzeldunce and his affection for words just as "Hispanically.")


You're exactly right - that's why Rush is worth $20M a year to them.

Pigboy spent years on Jocelyn Elders' speech patterns, and every racist ditto-monkey in America got the joke,
which was,  "The only thing more stupid than a nigger is a nigger with a uterus."

That's the Prime Directive for the Republican Party.
That's why they have no elected blacks - none.

Republicans hate, in this order:
religions other than theirs

They don't even want a strong national defense - that's just cover for the guns & butter argument.
"We can't afford to feed the poor, we have to buy more tanks!"

That's why Clinton was impeached - have you read Brock's book?
It was all white-power freaks being fed lies by Arkansas racists.

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 Dueling Quotes

"War is awful. Nothing, not the valor with which it is fought nor the nobility
  of the cause it serves, can glorify war. War is wretched beyond description
  and only a fool or a fraud could sentimentalize its cruel reality.
  Whatever is won in war, it is loss the veteran remembers."
     --John McCain

"What does that mean?"
    -- President Stupid

 Billie Carr, R.I.P.
     by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 Clinton made the mistake of inviting her to the White House in the middle of [Monica].
 Here it is, a big reception line, everyone duded up, all these important folks around,
 and Billie came though that line, looked the president of the United States in eye and
 said, low and hard, "You dumb son of a bitch."

 Which is, of course, what every Democrat in America wanted to say to Clinton at the time.
 Such a tragedy there was no one there to write down the rest of the ass-chewing, but we do
 know that Clinton started laughing and said, "Billie, I knew you were gonna do that."
 Which proves he wasn't all dumb.

 HBO is seen in only 1/3 the homes that get ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox
 and "The Sopranos" premier beat its competition on all those networks.

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