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Volume 895 - War Queen 

Thursday   Sept 19, 2002


"There's an old saying in Tennessee,
  I know it's in Texas,
  probably in Tennessee,
  fool me once, shame on....
  shame on you...   fool me...
  ...you can't get fooled again."
    -- Way, way, waaaaaay too stupid to be president

 Follow up
 California Energy Crisis Was A Sham

 Click  Here

 CBS News obtained records showing federal regulators have power plant
 control room audio tapes that prove traders from Williams Energy called
 plant operators and told them to turn off the juice.

The government sealed the tapes in a secret
settlement and still refuses to release them.

 I'm shocked to learn this -  Shocked!

 Who would've thought Bush would assist in a scam like this?
 Who would've thought Bush would help Enron rape California?
 Who would've thought Bush was a crooked bastard on the oil company's payroll?

 Do you think they stole the White House so they could play fair?

 I'm shocked...  Shocked!

 Tony Soprano and George W. Bush

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"Two of the most powerful men in America, Tony Soprano and George W Bush (in order of importance),
 were making a lot of noise this week. Tony, the New Jersey mafia don, returned to prime time after a
 year-plus-long hiatus. George, the Texas warlord, was pounding the table and the pavement, trying to
 convince the world to follow him on his trek to Iraq. It's fitting that Tony and George are dominating the
 news at the same time because they have a lot in common.

 They both rose from a shady past to the top of their respective professions through a
 combination of family connections, obsessive secrecy and some well placed broken heads."

 Does Ted Koppel read  bartcop.com?
 The Big One That (Almost) Got Away
 Who Chased it -- and Who Didn't

  Click  Here

"ABC News Nightline opened last June 9 with words to make the heart stop.
"It is becoming increasingly clear," said a grave Ted Koppel, "that George Bush,
 operating largely behind the scenes throughout the 1980s, initiated and supported
 much of the financing, intelligence, and military help that built Saddam's Iraq into
 the aggressive power that the United States ultimately had to destroy."

 So when Cheney says Saddam is "another Hitler," why did Bush 41 back him?
 And why did Cheney sell $23M in oil field equipment to Saddam?
 Was Bush 41 just doing for Saddam what his daddy Prescott did for Hitler?
 And what's the relationship between Dim Son and Osama?

 Oh, that's right - it's treason to ask questions like that.
 Questions like that "help terra."

"Keep it up, Funny Boy.
 Just never you mind what
 Dubya and Osama have cookin'.

 When Halliburton finishes
 my secret torture complex,
 we'll tend to you and all your
 Democratic/Al Qaeda friends."

 Has Bush Got the Brains to Take Yes for an Answer?
    by Gene Lyons

   Click  Here

 War should be the last option, not the first. Congress should offer Junior exactly what he
 says he wants: unequivocal support for actions the U.N. Security Council deems necessary.
 Nothing more. Let's see if he has sufficient wisdom to accept what could be a major
 diplomatic triumph at the possible expense of a short-term political advantage.

 Napoleonic Neocons Mistake Bush for Churchill
   by Joe Conason

 Click  Here

 If Mr. Bush is paying attention to Andrew Sullivan, Fred Barnes and other such
 outspoken admirers, he may believe by now that he combines in his person the
 qualities of Churchill, Machiavelli and John Wayne. He could think that he has
 outsmarted a reluctant world community, and that his administrationís "strategy"
 for mounting a war in Iraq will soon prevail in the United Nationsóregardless
 of  Saddam Husseinís sudden capitulation on weapons inspections.

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"How did Rush Limbaugh determine that the members of the alleged al-Qaida cell in Buffalo
  are definitely guilty? He heard that they were all registered Democrats. That's no joke.

"Al-Qaeda Terrorists Urge: Vote Democrat!" was the headline on the radio reactionary's Web site.
 They are indicted, not convicted, but that doesn't faze "El Rushbo." He's a mindless inciter who
 cherishes the Constitution only insofar as it protects his own privileges. Though he was raised in a family
 of lawyers and judges, concepts like the presumption of innocence are meaningless to this entertainer.
      -- Smoking Joe Conason, one of the few who will dare take on the vulgar Pigboy


I watch C-Span a lot. As we all know if they didn't actively seek Bush supporters,
every call is anti-Bush. This is both Republicans and Democrats, oh and we others.

Recently though, they have gone from Yes and No callers to supporters of Bush and those who don't.
Most of these questions seem to be included in the Iraq topics. All tend to favor war in some way.
I think maybe it is time to campaign C-Span to change the lines. My idea is the lines for any Iraq
War-related segment, would those who WILL VOLUNTEER FOR COMBAT and those who will not.

I'm sick and tired of these " take him out " cowboys. Shitheads who have never fought for anything,
acting all macho, as if they have seen one too many Dirty Harry films.
Time for them to put up or shut up. I believe the tenor of most calls would then be very circumspect.

More bartcop.com,  Master?

  Bush Screws Working Families - I'm shocked!
 Study Says Middle Class to Lose
 Much of Bush Tax Cut's Benefit

  Click  Here

 The study showed that the burden of the minimum tax will shift from the richest Americans to the middle class.
 Today people making more than $1 million pay 20 cents on each dollar that the alternative tax raises, but in
 2010 that will fall to 5 cents. At the same time taxpayers earning $50,000 to $100,000 will see their share
 of the alternative tax triple to 18 cents of every dollar raised.

 Taxes for the super-rich drop by 75 percent.
 Taxes for working families will TRIPLE.

 Welcome to Bush's "Don't count the votes" America

  Click  Here

  Betty Bowers has a new section. It's the...
 People who are Going to Hell Museum

  Click  Here

Subject: It's Still The Economy Stupid

Yeah, I liked George W. Bush, and I voted for him, and also for his Dad two times.
I now am starting to reassess my priorities. Bush is "pro life," and I like that, he is
against gun control, and I like that, but he is against the small investor, and I hate that.

My husband and I have lost a lot of money in our 401K account since Bush took over.
With hindsight, I now can forgive Clinton for his marital sins, because he made a lot of
money for a lot of little people. Marital indiscretions aside, he was a wonderful president,
and I am now sorry that I never voted for him.

Bonnie McCartney

Subject: BartCop the racist

"Can I axe you a querstion ?
  And please be pacific in your answer." ... ha - ha !

Well no, we don't have the right, I guess, to demand a reasonable level of training in
the correct pronunciation of the language. We're racists. We shouldn't ask anyone to
speak clearly and correctly. We're racists. We can't wonder why there is a seemingly
unconquerable linguistic obstacle for a certain race of folks, who shall remain unnamed,
to adroitly articulating their tongues and lips so as to properly enunciate even so simple
a word of english as "specific", or "ask", no matter HOW highly educated they are.

Is it carelessness ? Laziness ? Stupidity ? Is it congenital ? Is it cultural ?
Maybe even intentional ? Don't ask....you're a racist.

Only a racist would even bring it up. And its only funny to a racist.
Nobody but a racist can even HEAR it!


Something tells me you're trying to make a point.
I wonder what it is?

Something else tells me you voted for the ignorant loser who said,
"I put food on my family,"  "Is our children learning?" and "Make the pie higher."
and you want to rag on the blacks for not pronouncing things clearly?

Bush is a moron who never worked a day in his life, but DOCTOR Elders isn't expected
to know the correct pronunciations of English blues guitar players' names, right?
She passed the medical exam, probably had to know a thousand Latin phrases,
whereas the illegal idiot in the White House can even talk like a decent Texan.

One more thing?  Rush says that when he gets home every day, Marta greets him with a list
of all the words he mis-pronounced on the air that day, proving that "everybody does it,"
but Rush isn't poking fun at "people" who don't speak clearly - just the blacks.

His audience LOVES it when he ridicules the blacks.
How do you think he got so rich.

America is a very, very, very racist country.
Hell, look at the man some call "Mr. President."

...and whatever racist, Republican point you tried to make, you proved mine.

  by Isaac Petersen  * - meet Isaac at Bartfest

  Click  Here

 ...it looks like the Attention Deficit Administration is just going to go get us a new playmate.
 And besides, midterm elections are right around the corner. We can't let the election be about
 anything like corporate corruption, or the sinking economy, or rising unemployment, so it's time
 to roll out Operation: Change The Subject.

  The Lincoln Bedroom: Is Nothing Sacred?

   Click  Here

 During the 2000 presidential campaign, George W. Bush sanctimoniously accused Clinton  of "virtually renting out
 the Lincoln bedroom to big campaign donors." He condemned the use of the "hallowed" chamber for political payoffs.
 Often, however, once a candidate wins the White House, he soon begins to savor the perks his predecessors enjoyed.

 Last month it was disclosed that Bush and his wife Laura have hosted about 160 guests at the White House so far.
 But a White House spokeswoman refused to say how many had tried the Lincoln bed in the hallowed room.

 I like Helen Thomas - she's one of the few who doesn't care what Rove thinks, but what the hell
 is sacred about The Lincoln Bedroom?  Lincoln wasn't shot there. It's just named after him.
 As far as I'm concerned, it's as sacred as a penny - should we bow our heads to pennies?

 The problem here is Bush lying about it, and the press protecting him - again.
 Bush regularly has BIG tobacco and the NRA in the Lincoln Bedroom.
 Tobacco and guns kill people.
 Hanks, Streisand and Spielberg never killed anybody.

 It's not the same.

Subject: Iraqi inspections circa 1998

Maybe I am wrong, and if so, I apologize. But I have heard in several places, including from Scott Ritter,
that in fact the UNSCOM inspectorate was not "thrown out four years ago". In fact, they were urged to
leave by Clinton so they wouldn't be hurt by his bombing. They duly left.

Hussein did refuse to let them return. In the interim he had learned that the US (and maybe others)
had used UNSCOM as cover to infiltrate spies (as you mention) whose objectives were not those of
inspection but of discovery of Hussein's hiding places and other non-WMD military intelligence.
Ritter has verified this. In other words, we were cheating (from his point of view.)
So he called the game off.

Dick Paddock

 Rolling Stone's new issue is out with their "Hot List"
  ...and I didn't make the cover. They gave that to Jennifer Love Hewitt's bedroom pictures.

 Remember a while back there was talk about "surprises" that were coming up?
 Surprise Number One, (chronologically, not size-wise) was an interview with Rolling Stone.

 I forget when it was, maybe last December or January, a free-lance writer contacted Christian
 about the interview. Being naturally suspicious, we checked before we said yes, and found out
 it was on the level, so I did a six hour telephone interview over three nights.  The interviewer
 told me we'd have a better chance if they could use my "real name" and picture.

 ha ha

 I told him I didn't want it that bad.

 But apparently we got past that hurdle. The interview was to be in their "What's Cool" issue last February.
 The magazine's art department contacted me and asked for my "art."  Hell, I didn't know what they wanted,
 so I sent them the bartcop logo that appears on the top of this page. Everything was set.

 But then...

 If you remember your Winter Olympics (who doesn't) there was some controversy about some skater
 cheating and cutting some other skater with his blades, so Rolling Stone took out 12 pages of "What's Cool,"
 to make room for the all-important ice-skating controversy. When they called to tell me the news, they
 said not to worry, I might be in their "What's Hot" issue later in the year.  Not sure if the "Hot List"
 is the same at "What's Hot," but  bartcop.com  failed to make the cut.   Sniff...

 Since then, they've had a "regime change" at the top levels at Rolling Stone.
 I guess the new, younger editor wasn't too impressed with bartcop.com

 So, ...how can I go on?
 How can I face living without being in Rolling Stone?
 I'm not hot.
 I'm not cool.


 Once again, I shouted "The sheriff is near," instead of waiting and shouting "The sheriff is here."

 bartcop.com  regrets the error.

 One thing?
 The writer put together a totally-monstrous "pitch" that sold the idea to Rolling Stone.
 Maybe, if he gives me permission, I'll print that.   It's a knee-slappin'  hoot.

  Hi Bartcop,

 Where did MoPaul manage to find a camera that could
 photograph Ann Coulterís soul? Iím frightened.


 Democrats Decision

 Democrats will face an important test in the next few days. Bush wants war with Iraq and it's an election year.
 The idea of going to war with Iraq is total insanity. It would lead to the complete destruction of all our freedoms
 and liberties as our unelected president turns America into a police state.
 Are the Democrats smart enough to see this? Or will they just look at poll numbers.

 In 1992 Bill Clinton ran on ideas and principles, and he won the election. Two years later the Democrats
 started looking at the polls and decided to distance themselves from Clinton and lost both houses of Congress.
 In 1996 the Democrats returned to principles and won with Clinton. In 1998, in the midst of scandal, the Democrats
 stuck with Clinton and won big. But in the 2000 election Gore started looking at the polls again and he failed to
 become president in a time of peace and prosperity.

 So what will the Democrats do this year? Are they going to stand by their principles and win?
 Or are they going to go by the polls and lose? I ask this of all Democrats running for office.
 Are you going to vote to join Bush's insane war because the polls say it will get you votes?
 Surely the Democrats can't be that stupid!

 Marc Perkel


 You're always spouting off about how no conservatives want to debate you.
 Well, I'm more than willing to accept a challenge from you (although I doubt
 beating you will be much of a challenge). If you're not afraid of having your
 liberal ass handed to you, let's set up a debate.

 Anxiously awaiting your reply,

 ha ha

 This is probably a gag, but I'll treat it like it's for real.
 How many times have we been down this road?

 OK, two things to get out of the way:
 1. You have to be willing to speak for George W and/or Rush.
      It won't be much of a debate if you agree with me that they're
      total liars doing nothing but conning the country.

 2. You have to know that Bush pardoned Reagan's gang in 1992.
     You don't have to agree with my assessment of why, I just don't
     want to hear you say, "What pardons?" when we get into it.

 So here's what you do:
 Download the software for MIRC chat
 - instructions at http://www.bartcop.com/mirc.htm

 Then send me an e-mail some morning saying,
 "How about 8 PM CST tomorrow?" or whatever.

 Once we're both there, we can get a private room where the whipping
 the debate can be copied for others to read later.

 Good luck!

 Dueling Quotes

"No sensible person wants to go to war if war can be avoided."
       --  Colin Powell

"We need war!"

Subject: Bartcop Readers Are Way Ahead of the Media

It took the media a whole year to catch up with Bartcop's readers.  I imagine it will take at least another
10 years before they start uncovering the crimes of Reagan and Bush the First and then another 10 to
uncover Cheney and W's treason and other crimes.  I actually predict that by the time the media catches up
with what we already know, all the main players will be dead and there will be nothing we can do about it.
It's just like Nixon and all the things that are coming out now about his VietNam treason (where he told
them not to negotiate for peace with Johnson) and all his other crimes and racist behavior.

The only hope we have is that your readers pass on the information you provide to everyone they know
and get everyone to vote in November to kick them out before it's too late for our country.
San Rafael

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