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Volume 898 - Forewarned


 Monday   Sept 23, 2002


"The precedent of our acting alone (on Iraq) might someday
  come back to haunt us in something somebody else does."
          -- Big Dog on Dave

  Saddam is warned:
 US Would Nuke Baghdad

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 John Major has said what nobody wanted to hear: That we will use nuclear bombs
 to murder tens of thousands of innocent people so Bush can steal that Iraqi oil.

 They say Major was given a seat in The Carlyle Group.
 I have no doubt Tony Blair will also be rewarded.
 Major and Blair will likely make hundreds of millions of dollars
 from the proceeds of the eventual B.F.E.E. world takeover.

 Gulf War General: Iraq Invasion 'Totally Unjustified'

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 The officer who commanded the British 7th Armored Brigade in the Gulf War
 has revealed that he is strongly opposed to a military invasion of Iraq.

 Maj Gen Patrick Cordingley, who commanded the renowned Desert Rats in 1991,
 believes that Iraq poses no imminent threat to Britain or its interests and that
 "the case for war has not yet been made by the politicians".

 Subject: What to do about the bully

 It occurred to me last night the message our fearless leader is sending to our children:
 You know who the bully at school is.  You know he's picked on other kids.
 You know he's mean.  You know he's gonna get some other kid, or maybe even you..

 .......therefore the answer is simple...shoot him.


 Yes, our children is learning that from Dimmest Son
 Same goes for your neighbor. If he buys a gun that could be used on you,
 better murder him first before he has a chance to kill one of your kids, right?


"War talk "has more to do with politics, because I think
  they were very, very anxious to change the subject away
  from the economy and the corporate ... scandals."
    -- former Clinton spokesman Joe Lockhart to CNN

 Earth to Nader: What planet are you on?
  How can he think a Gore presidency would be just like Bush's?

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 The latest: to run his misnamed Healthy Forests Initiative -- whose real purpose, naturally, is to
 cut down old-growth trees in  the national forests -- Bush has named a man who questions even
 the existence of ecosystems, as if that were a whimsical option, like believing in the Tooth Fairy or not.
 It would be amusing to hear why Nader thinks Gore would have done the same.

 And now the Washington Post, in an important piece of enterprise journalism, reports that the Bush
 administration is quietly purging the little-known but crucial advisory bodies that counsel federal
 scientific agencies. Experts in the various fields are being replaced by conservative ideologues
 or by industry representatives with a stake in the outcome.


 Williams attacks Bush 'cabal'
  In America, it's called the Bush Family Evil Empire

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 A dangerous cabal around George Bush, ignorant of world affairs and contemptuous
 of Europe, is threatening to destroy the world order, Lady Williams, the Liberal
 Democrat leader in the Lords, warned yesterday.

 Known as she is for her close connections with the US, her remarks underline the gap
 growing between the Bush administration and mainstream European politicians.

 Subject: Which is worse?

 Hey Bart,

 I have to admit hardly a week goes by here in Texas that a pro or college football player
 isn't arrested, indicted, or convicted of varying degrees of felonies and misdemeanors.

 But in Oklahoma they turn into republican politicians, ... so which is worse?

 Joe C

 Nothing's worse than an Oklahoma football player turned GOP whore.
 In Oklahoma, football even trumps racism.
 Uncle OJ Watts could've had the governor's daughter on the front lawn.
 Football means more than God here - more than anything.

 If you can throw or catch a pigskin, they reward you for life, letting you make
 decisions for others no matter how stupid or religiously insane you are.


"The point is that because they couldn’t win the argument fair and square, they had to cheat.
  The Bushes had to cheat. And I’m looking for George Bush, Junior, to try to cheat again.
  I think that’s what he’s doing now with his satellite pictures of the Iraqis trying to rebuild
  their nuclear weapons program."
        -- John MacArthur, the publisher of “Harper’s” magazine on 'Donahue'

 Subject: Some Nader Monkey Mail
 (His title, not mine)

 Which is worse - Fox News & Jack Welch prematurely calling the election for W. and suppressing
 the fact the Gore actually won the election or the Florida voters who voted for Ralph Nader?
 I'd vote for the corporate media conglomerates.

 I'll agree with that. The good puppy press did more damage than Nader.

 It seems to me that you're blaming Nader just as the Republicans
 try to blame Clinton for everything that goes wrong.

 I believe your analogy has the following flaw:
 If Clinton was guilty of everything they accused him of,
 if Clinton readily admitted every charge was true,
 if Clinton went from camera to camera laughing and PROMISING to repeat
 his behavior and give Bush another four unearned years in charge of Planet Earth,
 then I'd say the two situations were quite a bit alike.

 A lot of factors went into Gore's loss - his worse-than-bad campaign, the press bias,
 people like Russert, Scheiffer and Cokie Roberts telling hundreds of Gore lies,
 the unwillingness of the Democrats to fight, Toricelli and Daley and others calling for
 Gore to concede, but - Nader knew he had zero chance of winning, he knew that
 for a fact, and his actions pushed Bush into the White House.

 I've said before that I could make peace with the Greens if they would stop cackling
 like The Joker and stop promising to do in 2004 what they did in 2000.

Their Jihad against the Democrats only helps Bush.

 I'm not saying the Greens don't have valid issues, I'm saying so far, there's been
 no spokesman for the Greens that America would come close to trusting.

 How can you be proud of the Democrats who are terrified to speak out
 because they might suffer a right-wing attack and the same fate as Cynthia McKinney?

 I am not proud of the Democrats. I've been calling them scared bunnies and pink tutus for years.
 But they're the only party who can defeat the B.F.E.E. - if they're willing to fight.
 Nader will never, repeat never be president - no matter what, but he can tilt a close race
 to the Republicans, and he wants to do it again.

 Or are they afraid of losing some of their corporate sponsors?
 -Kent Bye.

 I cannot explain their fear - it makes no sense.
 The Democrats can't seem to remember we won the popular vote.

 PS - Have fun at BartFest.  I'll be in DC protesting the policies of the IMF & World Bank.

 Kent Bye is the extremely talented cameraman/director/editor of the JulieFest video.

Notice anything unusual?

 Monkeyboy is trying to read upside-down.
He only looks at pictures,
so it doesn't matter much...

From: DeSelms

Subject: Bush administration ordered FBI off bin Laden's trail

Shielding the Saudi royal family and their friends from bad press is a veritable presidential tradition,
as Greg Palast learned when he launched an investigation into why the FBI took its agents off the trail
of bin Laden family members residing in the United States.

Drawing on information he uncovered in classified FBI documents, Palast reported that bin Laden's brother,
Abdullah bin Laden, who lived in Washington, D.C., was a suspect in terrorist activities as long ago as 1996
but high-up intelligence officials pressured the FBI to discontinue its surveillance. "There were always constraints
on investigating the Saudis," an intelligence source told Palast, who broke the story just two months after Sept. 11.
Those restrictions were tightened considerably when George W. Bush took office.

Both the Bush and the bin Laden families have significant holdings in The Carlyle Group, the enormous private
investment firm that has grown bloated off government defense contracts. It seems the U.S. government is more
in the business of protecting the Saudis and its own oil interests than of finding the perpetrators of Sept. 11.
Change is in the wind, however; recent public opinion polls show that Americans are growing increasingly
disenchanted with Saudi policy -- and perhaps, by extension, Bush's financial ties to the royal family.

Sources: Greg Palast and David Pallister, The Guardian, Nov. 7, 2001;
Rashmee Z. Ahmed, Times of India, Nov. 8, 2001;
Amanda Luker, Pulse, Jan. 16, 2002.

People think since Bush is honest because he's the stupidest president in history
Thinking like that could cost us what's left of The Constitution.

 Subject: Can The Fragile American Economy Withstand This War?

 Can the fragile American economy withstand a sharp rise in oil prices, another decline in air travel,
 a bulging federal deficit, a drop in consumer confidence and other negative economic effects that
 can be expected from a major war in the Middle East? And what would an invasion mean for an
 even more fragile world economy and for those emerging markets that depend on selling their
 exports to the United States and that are vulnerable to rising oil prices?


U.S. Top 10 most censored stories in of 2002:

No. 1: The corporate takeover of the airwaves
No. 2: GATS' for-profit model threatens to gobble up world's water
No. 3: U.S. policy funds human-rights abuses in Colombia
No. 4: Bush administration ordered FBI off bin Laden's trail
No. 5: The destruction of Iraq's water supply
No. 6: Renewed threat of nuclear war
No. 7: Public schools become guinea pigs for HMO model
No. 8: NAFTA impoverishes small family farmers
No. 9: Housing crisis in the United States
No. 10: CIA spooks destabilize Macedonia

To read all about it   Click  Here

 Jay Mewes Has Been Missing for 10 Months
  Starred in Jay & Silent Bob movies

  Click  Here

 Where is Jason Mewes? His spokesman told this column ''we are naturally very worried
 about Jason and only hope he is alive and has found the help and treatment he needs.''
 Mewes is still a fugitive from justice and has not been spotted in nearly 10 months.
 Close friends suspect Mewes is either dead or hiding overseas--in a country
 without a U.S. extradition treaty agreement.


"A civilian gang of thieving lobbyists for the military industrial complex  is running the White House.
  If to be against them is considered unpatriotic -- Hell, then call me a traitor."
          -- Hunter S. Thompson, ABC Radio Network...

 I bought new shoes!

 I got me some bad-ass walking shoes to wear in Nevada.
 Trust me, they'll walk you to death in that town.

 When we meet, be sure and ask to see my shoes!

Subject: why the secrecy?


Remember before 9/11, we were trying to figure out what it was that Bush was trying to hide
by refusing to release  Reagan's papers, in addition to all the other secretive machinations that
the administration put into place almost as soon as he took office?

You've often said that they were trying to cover up Poppy's crimes.

But what if they weren't? What if they were merely trying to set a precedent? What if they were
establishing a record of secretiveness in an effort to substantially raise the bar on what would be
released and what wouldn't, all in preparation for an event that had not yet happened?

Because their actions in the first months of Bush's presidency certainly did set the precedent that is
being fully exercised today. They won't release this, they won't talk about that, the transcripts of the
Flight 93 black box are being kept secret for no apparent reason (except that the last 3 minutes are
missing), they won't say how detailed was their information prior to 9/11.

The precedent was set. The press got used it. And then...

Jeff Crook

Jeff, good point.
Maybe the crimes of the 80s pale in comparison to the crimes of 2000 plus.
Maybe they set that precendent so they could hide their 9-11 crimes.

Woo Hoo!


"There's the rule that we don't attack other countries. We're not the Japanese.
 We're not into surprising other countries...I think if you get into this situation of
 fighting other countries just 'cause they have the wrong weapon or you don't like their face,
 then you're going to have a world that is going to be warlike forever. That's what I think.
     --Chris Matthews, ...like anyone cares what he thinks

 Hey, Chris!
 Bush is your boy.
 You worked long and hard to get him where he is.
 You composed lie after lie about Al Gore in 2000, and laughed while you did it.
 You obsessed over Clinton's cock for half a decade, and laughed about that.
 You're not a news man any more, or even a pundit - you're a whore,
 making more for slamming Democrats than you could make reporting the facts.
 Since 1995 or so, you've been a Captain in the Pig Army.

Cap'n Matthews reporting, Sir!

 The Bush Family has been buttering your bread for seven years, Chris.
 Show your boy a little loyalty, you back-stabbing slug.


 Conan was a great host. Only Jon Stewart does it better.
 Best Drama: West Wing  With no Sopranos last year, their only competition was C.S.I.

 Best Comedy: Friends  Well deserved. They had a great year and Frasier went to hell.

 Best Variety/Comedy:  Dave  Well deserved. Daily Show may be better, but Dave's still great.

 Miniseries: Band of Brothers  Didn't see it - who has ten weeks of free time?

 Actor, Drama Series: Michael Chiklis "The Shield,"  Great character, a lot like Tony Soprano.
 Vic only murders when he has to, otherwise he's a pretty nice guy.

 Sidebar:  Sources tell me had he won, my good friend Martin Sheen was going to mention
 bartcop.com as the inspiration that keeps him going in these terrible Bush years.

 Actress, Drama Series: Allison Janney "The West Wing,"  Leo and Mrs Bartlet also won.

 Actress, Comedy Series: Jennifer Aniston, "Friends,"  It's about time.

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