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Volume 899 - Wing Tips


 Tuesday   Sept 24, 2002
 VCR Alert
- You got enough Vegas Fever yet?    By special arrangement with The Travel Channel,
 tonight at 8 Eastern "The Venetian," followed at 9 by "The Bellagio," followed at 10 by "Caesars Palace."


"People say, how can I help on this war against terror?
  How can I fight evil? You can do so by mentoring a child;
  by going into a shut-in's house and say I love you."
      óGeorge W. Bush, D.C., Sept. 19, 2002

  He's so stupid, the Crawford cows win 2 out of 3 in Checkers.

 What he means is, "To help this war, go on with your lives.
 Don't watch what we're doing to the Treasury and don't ask us any questions.
 Your job is to be a good little Democrat and just roll over and play dead."

      "Yes, Sir!"

  The War on Iraq Is a Runaway Train

  Click  Here

 The Bush approach is a radical reversal of the basic tenets of U.S. foreign policy that
 have been in place since World War II. "For the first time since the dawn of the Cold War,
 a new grand strategy is taking shape in Washington," says Georgetown University professor
 G. John Ikenberry. In his article "America's Imperial Ambition" published in the current edition
 of Foreign Affairs, he argues that the Bush administration's foreign policy since Sept. 11
 is driven by the desire for global dominance rather than the threat of terrorism.

 Drop the Bomb: Why War Talk is So Cheap
              by Ted Rall

  Click  Here

 Why are so many Americans so willing to start a war against Iraq?  It certainly isn't because Saddam
 Hussein presents any clear and present danger--or any danger at all.  The best excuse Bush has come up
 with so far for blasting more Muslims into bits of protoplasm is what he calls a "growing danger posed by
 Iraq's efforts to develop or acquire weapons of mass destruction." Even if we take Bush at his word--which
 he asks us to do, refusing to share any evidence--the "danger" is hypothetical at best.  Saddam Hussein
 hasn't attacked the U.S. or its allies in the 11 years since we pounded, partitioned and economically
 hobbled his country.  But, Bush warns, Saddam might possess the Bomb someday.
 Perhaps he'll use it.  Possibly against us.  Perchance soon.  Or not at all.

  Noelle Bush case sparks legal test
   Judge to decide if patient privacy rules apply
   when laws may have been broken

   Click  Here

 First there was a frantic call to police claiming that the ''princess,'' Noelle Bush,
 had been caught at her drug rehabilitation center with crack cocaine, that she
 had been caught repeatedly and never punished ``because of who she is.''

 Then, as a police officer watched helplessly, the employee who found
 the drug on the governor's daughter shredded her sworn statement,
 protecting Bush from certain arrest and more humiliation.

 That's always been the pattern - protect the royal Bush Family.

 Subject: Bush abortion story

 I don't find the "Bush got a 15 year old girl pregnant and paid for a then-illegal abortion for her"
 nonsense at all credible.  Oh, I don't doubt that he may have gotten a girl pregnant and that she
 did have an abortion before it was legal to do so, but I don't buy the 15-year old part of it at all.
 Having come through the Clinton era, I know an exaggeration to make a story sound worse than it is when I see it.

 I am not the originator of this story.
 I can't prove it true or not true.
 The fact that you "don't buy" the statement doesn't make it false.
 You might also remember that Larry Flynt has never (to my knowledge) made a false claim.
 If he had, we can be sure the GOP hate machine would tell us about it every hour of every day.
 Gingrich, Livingston, Barr, Burton - every charge Flynt raised was true, but you doubt him on Bush?

 By the way, you know Larry Flynt has never made the claim that the young lady in question was that young.

 That's pretty much an impossible statement to make.
 Guaranteeing that another person "never" did or said something can be tough.

 Don't get me wrong, I do have an open mind on the subject.  So if someone can point me to any actual
 information that might tend to prove that she was that young, I would be happy to be proven wrong.  :-)
 As of right now, I don't see it.

 They say Robin doesn't weant to be a world-wide joke like Monica.
 If it was you, you're saying you'd come forward and have the entire GOP hate machine
 do to you what they did to Bill and Monica for the last five years?
 Or Jim Hatfield - he made a claim and it cost him his life.
 The B.F.E.E. plays hardball when they're stealing trillions.

 By the way, if you're doing it to get back at all the rightwingers who cheerfully spread every single
 allegation of "wrongdoing" supposedly committed by the Clintons, no problemo!  :-)
 Payback, as they say, is a bitch.

 Stay cool!

 Tina Kramer

 I'm not doing it to "get back" at anybody.
 For a snot-nosed rich kid who always had the world on a golden platter,
 getting a girl pregnant is hardly a "I can't believe he'd do that" kind of accusation.

 Bush was a drunk and cocaine user for decades, but you think sex wasn't on the menu?
 Or do you doubt that Daddy would clean this mess up like the others?


 ...from our old friend Lo Phat Ham


"There's no cave deep enough for America, or dark enough to hide."
    -- Monkey Boy, Oklahoma City, Aug. 29, 2002

 This, from the coward who fled to an underground complex
 in Nebraska when he started to have a tough day,
 leaving Guiliani in charge of America's morale.

 Longs vs. Shorts:
  Realpolitik, Economics and the War on Iraq
      by Al Martin

  Click  Here

 The bizarre spectacle of Hillary Clinton and Brent Scowcroft appearing together on television
 to debate the pros and cons of waging war on Iraq is more significant than most people imagine.
 Hillary Clinton argued that the United States should attack, while Brent Scowcroft called for "restraint."
 The reason why Scowcroft and others of the old crusty hard Bushonian right are now turning against
 a war in Iraq is because, through secret offshore trading accounts, they've gone short oil.

 What fun!

 The Rio put a $40,000 charge on my Visa card.

 This is just Party of the Year, not a Bush Coronation!

 The bus company called and said my credit card wouldn't take..

 ha ha

 My credit cards are good everywhere, except the Washington Square Hotel in New York.
 I called the bank and straightened them out, and all is cool, but the bank must've thought
 I got on a tequila bender and kept screaming "Let it ride! Double down!"

 If Bush had stayed in baseball, we wouldn't be going to war.


"I promise you I will listen to what has been said here,
  even though I wasn't here."
     -- Oil for Brains, Waco, Texas, Aug. 13, 2002

 Remember Mary Kay Letourneau?

 She's the teacher who had two children with her once 13-year old student.
 Turns out she was raised by a congressman from Orange County.

 Oh, and did I mention he was a far-right Republican?
 And her mother worked for Phyllis Schlafly?

 I just mention it since Rush says it's important to track down party affiliations of
 those who've been arrested, forgetting that Ted Bundy was a staunch Republican.

 CBIX will tell you all about it.

  Click  Here

 Why is Dennis Kucinich standing with America's generals on the war
 while the GOP has turned their backs?

 Because this isn't about America's interests.
 It's about President Greedy stealing more oil.

 UK allows nuclear material sale to Iran

 Click  Here

 The British government has allowed the export of key nuclear weapons-grade material to Iran
 despite the fact that the Islamic fundamentalist country is trying to develop its own atomic bomb.

 The BBC revealed today that the Department of Trade and Industry allowed a quantity of the
 metal beryllium - a key component for the manufacture of nuclear weapons - to be sold to the
 Tehran regime despite a ban on the sale of arms to the country.


 So after we lose a thousand soldiers in Iraq,
 we can lose another thousand men attacking Iran.

 After all, they might possess "weapons of terra."

Click for folding wooden bears!

  Subject: Isaac Peterson and Minneapolis

 Hey, Bart!

 Sad to say it, but Isaac is totally right on this.

 The Minneapolis Police Department, staffed largely by officers who live in lily-white suburbs
 (as opposed to the areas they actually police), has gone through several different leadership
 changes over the past few decades.

 But, as Isaac points out, the racism problem -- which has been aggravated by the firm belief
 among the cops that 1980's chief Tony Bouza was too soft on the black Chicago-based gangs
 that allegedly swarmed down on the defenseless Mill City, said "swarming" the cops use as a
 justification to crack open skulls -- has become worse, to the point where in black areas,
 there is little or no trust between the cops and the people.

 Former chief Tony Bouza is incredibly hated by the average Minneapolis cop.  He tried to stop
 "thumping", both of black people and people protesting Red-Ink Reagan (his wife was known
 for her presence at Honeywell antiwar protests), and he tried to reform the bloated cop
 bureaucracy by getting desk cops away from their cushy office jobs and back on the beat
 -- where they had to (gasp!) deal with _black people!_

 These moves brought him in direct conflict with the Police Federation, which makes life hell for
 the few blacks and women on the force, even as they strive to protect their cherished "thumpers"
 (their term for cops addicted to beating on people wearing handcuffs).  Anyway, they brought
 down Bouza, and have managed to hogtie every police chief since then.  That's why we need
 federal mediation so badly.

 Tamara Baker


"We're now 11-plus years after the last Gulf War and I get calls every day from veterans
  who can't work anymore because they're so ill, their families are falling apart, they're losing
  their homes and they can't get access to the VA. Is that what we want with this next generation?"
      --Steve Robinson, on why wars that make the B.F.E.E. richer are a bad idea

   as seen on  http://rackjite.com

Car Bomb Kills Interim President Kaffer of Iraq
CIA Says Hussein May be in Pakistan
Kurds Attack Shites Across Tigris
Powell Resigns

US Gas Prices Tops $4 a Gallon
Putin Invades Afghanistan
Egypt Discontinues Camp David Accords
Rush Limbaugh Replaces Jim Lehrer on PBS News Hour

Dow Jones Hits 5000
Still No Suspects on Sears Tower Bombing
Dirty Bomb Explodes on US Air Base in Southern Iraq
21 Million US Flags Sold in 9 Hours on Ebay

Clinton Caught with Janet Jackson Backstage at the Apollo
Fox's "Candidate" Chooses Brittany to Run against Bush
Israel Attacks Mecca on Ramadan
Kuwait Ousts American Embassy

Fox News Corp Buys CSPAN
German Minister Compares George Bush to Gandhi
Deepening Recession Blamed on OPEC
Interpol Finds Bomb on Eiffel Tower

Hussein's $100 Billion not Found in Swiss Bank
Osama bin Laden Calls for Pan Arab Conference in Medina
Adolph Hitler Found to be Registered Democrat
Iran Declares War on Iraq

Rohrabacker Hearings Claim 46 Islamic Terrorists in Congress
Microsoft Files Chapter 11
Christians Slaughtered Throughout Turkey
Switzerland Declares It Will Get in On This One

Erratic Voting Machines Cause Blacks to Riot in Tallahassee
Tony Blair Assassinated in Jordan
Bush Says "Fear is Itself Fear!"
World Recession Causes 2 Million Dead in Sudan

al Qeada Terrorist Cells found in 91 American Cities
Bush Sends 7th Fleet to Straights of Taiwan
Senior Bush Congratulates Junior on Almost Getting Saddam
All Flights On US Eastern Seaboard Canceled

Congress OKs Bush Use of Preemptive Nuclear Strikes
DNC Gives Up - Democratic Party Disbands
President Bush's Poll Ratings top 131%

 "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead"

 a former Rosie Magazine editor, as quoted in USA Today

Subject: Paterno vs. Bowden

My brother and I are both huge fans of the site and both loyal Florida State football fans and alums
(Classes of '92 and '98, respectively). We're also PA natives, and hated growing up around Penn State fans.

So give Bowden some props on the site and quit supporting Jo Pa.
Doing it now spares you the humiliation when Bowden passes Jo Pa
in wins while Paterno is still coaching. And it's GOING to happen, friend.
Go Noles.

I'm certain Bowden will pass Joe, and soon.
Let's hope Oklahoma doesn't kick your Noles too hard in the title bowl.


"There may be some tough times here in America.
  But this country has gone through tough times before,
  and we're going to do it again."
      -- The Chimp, Waco, Texas, Aug. 13, 2002

 Note: Bush's tough times will continue until January 20, 2005.


 From:  Joe Brs

 The DNC sent me a questionaire and request for money,
 but I knew it must have been mail fraud,
 as I'm skeptical of the existence of the party.

 I'll send you a little donation instead,
 and they'll get theirs when a spine appears.....

 Thanks for all your work, Bartcop!

 Joe, thanks for that.
 I wish the Democrats like fighting back.

  I finally saw episode two.
 Who is the biggest moron on The Sopranos?

 1. AJ walks up to his parents, who are screaming at each other while Mom's
     on the computer. He interrupts their fight to ask, "Are you online?"

 2. Meadow, who's more spoiled than George W, is so hung up on the bastard
     who treated her like crap then cheated on her and got himself killed.
     By the way, who dates a guy their Daddy likes?

 3. Meadow's therapist, who needs to be playing Gin with Big Pussy.

 4. Paulie, who's making some life-and-death wrong moves from jail.

 5. Silvio - can anyone explain his actions? He defied Tony's orders, guaranteeing
     the freight hijackers that Tony wanted the tile stolen - why?  What's his motivation?
     Why is he screwing Tony?  Or is he?  Tony and Silvio had a life-and-death talk.
     When it was over, Silvio handed Tony his cut - why?  And was it the right amount?
     Remember, that was no ordinary tile

 6. Ralph and Janice - If I was single, there's not enough money on the planet to get me to sleep
     with Janice, yet she floats from one "made man" to the next. What a nightmare she is. She's there to
     replace Nancy Marchand, but she doesn't have the chops to fill her shoes.

     Tony knows they're sleeping together, but why doesn't he notice their noses running when they
     come back from a coke party in his bathroom after dinner? Tony got to be boss without being
     able to recognize that his top earners are cocaine freaks like President Blow Monkey?

     Janice: My lovelife is none of your business, Tony!

     Tony:  I think it is, since I had to drag your last boyfriend out of this kitchen in a hefty bag.

 7. Adrian - Boy, is she in the middle of things! Adrian set a new record for stupidity when she bought
     Chris's innocent act when his hand was caught between the legs of the slutty-but-doable FBI agent.
     In one short scene, Adrian extended the yardstick for female stupidity, while Chris set new records
     in the "all men are dogs" catagory.  Maybe the coke's that good?

     Chris: I don't even like the bookyaak!

     Adrian: You said she had a nice ass.....

     Chris:  I was trying to say something positive.....she's your friend.

     When the FBI slut refused to let Chris paw her, it semi-blew her cover so they arrested Adrian.
     How the hell does a mob wife not know to shut the hell up when being questioned by cops?
     The cops said, "We have a warrant," but they weren't under oath when they say that.
     The funniest part of Episode Two was when Adrian did her Beetlejuice impression!

 8. Carmela - Does she win bad parent of the year? My cats are better behaved and better adjusted
     then either of Carmela's kids. And why is she so openly flirting with Furio? Furio's not stupid
     enough to make this list - he doesn't seem to notice Carm is warm for his form.

 9. Big Pussy - Being dead, he doesn't have a lot of chances to make stupid choices, but drinking
     Jose Cuervo just before you get rubbed out ranks right up there.

 10. Artie, Hesh, Bacala and Johnny Sack made no life-endangering moves this episode.

11. Christopher - the King of All Stupidity!
      What the hell is Tony's not thinking by making the idiot/coke fiend/hothead acting boss?
      What'sd the very first thing he did? What was his first decison as acting boss?
      He tells Silvio, "I gotta get wing tips, like Paulie Walnuts!"

      Great thinking, Chris!
      No need to worry about defense, or making money, or self-protection, or paying hommage
      to the older, smarter, more experienced bosses, nooooooooo, none of that.
      This goofy bastard things about dyeing his hair!

      Then he buys Adrian a $40,000 bracelet, another smart move.
      Then he shoots some heroin between his toes!
      He makes decisions like the Pinhead in Washington.

      Next week should be a handful.

      But please, somebody write and explain the Tony/Chris/Silvio power struggle.
      Did Silvio betray Tony? He lied to him, "The timeline got confused," so what's his game?

me some clues, man!

       Last thing: That scene between Tony and Meadow.  Wow!

       At last, some competition for West Wing!

Woo Hoo!


"Why did the Steelers change their name to the Pittsburgh Tampons?
   Because they're only good for one period and they have no second string."
    --The vulgar Pigboy, using God's talent to tell dirty tampon jokes

 Who said it?

  "If I staple this monkey's head to this tuna's ass, I'll make millions"

 -- Karl Rove
 -- P.T. Barnum
 -- Karen Hughes

 This is NOT acceptable
   by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 In what is indeed a dangerous and uncertain world, we need the cooperation of other nations
 as never before. Under this doctrine, we claim the right to first-strike use of nuclear weapons
 and "unannounced pre-emptive strikes." That means surprise attacks.

 Happy Pearl Harbor Day.
 We have just proclaimed ourselves Bully of the World.

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