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Volume 902 - 'Overstated'


 Monday   Oct 7, 2002 


"We're closely monitoring it. This is a -- any strike's a tough situation, but this one
   happens to come at a -- or a lockout is a tough situation, or no work is a tough situation."
    -- Never worked a day in his life Pinhead, in D.C., Oct. 1, 2002

 Subject: Cross-Section of America


 Here is a picture of protesters in Oregon this weekend. Notice some of the older people
 in the protest (like the old lady in the  red hat and others in the picture).

 For reference, I am also including the link to the article where the picture came from.
 They said that "over 5,000 people protested in Portland, Oregon" Saturday (October 5).

 ps: I hope you are rested -- you have a lot to report on this week.

 Bob R.

 Poll: Bush Should Wait on Iraq

  Click  Here

 A solid majority of Americans believe Bush should give U.N. weapons inspectors
 time to act and should wait for support from allies before invading Iraq, a new poll says.

 The CBS-New York Times poll out Sunday also found a growing number of people
 want Bush to get congressional approval before going to war, with many saying Congress
 has not asked enough questions about Bush's policy toward Iraq.

That Iraqi oil belongs to me!

 Subject: Back Yet?

 OK, so it's the 6th.
 10 days since the page has been updated.

 Hope you had fun playing in Vegas while the resident was busy burning Rome.

 Michael T

 I apologize for taking a break.
 I'm ashamed of myself.

 No Retreat, No Surrender
  by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush is coming to Boston on October 4th to hobnob with Mitt Romney, and to stand
 for pictures with devotees of the GOP who were willing to cough up $5,000 for the privilege of a
 photo-op with The Great Man. The love-in would be happening at the Seaport Hotel, out on the
 piers along the harbor. Bring signs, bring flyers, bring your best shouting shoes, and meet on the bridge.
 We march on the hotel before noon. The purpose of the protest: To try and stop this coming war in Iraq.

 Did you know...?

 If you had  $117,000  in your IRA the day Scalia stole our votes,
 you only have about  $75,000  left, if your account is average

 That missing $42,000?

Bush f-ing stole that from you and he stole it from me.

 Bush stole roughly $40,000 from every family in the nation, and he's just getting started.
 Doesn't anybody else worry about that?

 Washington Press Shows Caste Superiority
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Now me, I had two reactions to Junior's remarks. First, anger.  There are laws
 against saying exactly what I actually thought, but suffice it to say I'd have loved
 to see somebody smack his smirking face with a banana cream pie. Second, grim satisfaction.
 Bush had finally let his arrogant condescension show in the plainest possible way.
 If Democrats had any sense, they'd make him pay.

 Mr. Lyons!   That's wrong!
 Mr Rove wouldn't like it if we fought back.


"This is a man who continues to murder his own people, a man who has gassed -- used gas
   on his own citizens, a man who has used chemical weapons on his neighbors, a man who has
   invaded two countries, a man which hates -- who hates America, a man who loves to link up
   with al Qaeda, a man who is a true threat to America, to Israel, to anybody in the neighborhood."
      -- Too stupid to be president, Arizona, Sep. 28, 2002

 What a quote!

 Here is a man who put to death hundreds of his own people (Texans).
 He used a needle instead of gas, but that distinction means little to the families of his victims.
 When he's done with Iraq, Bush will have invaded two countries.
 He governs like he hates Americans, stealing $40,000 from every American family.
 He and his father have both linked up with Al Qaeda, even arming them.
 He is the biggest threat to America in our lifetime.
 He's the biggest threat to every country on Earth.

 No wonder Bush opposes a World Court.

 Sports Round-Up

 The Rams lost again, that's bad.
 The Cardinals swept their playoff games, that's good.
 Oklahoma and Texas both won, setting up the clash of undefeateds this Saturday.
 In Oklahoma, all they want to do is beat Texas.
 They'd gladly lose every other game this year if it meant beating Texas.

 "When I see burnt orange, I just wanna puke."
     -- Brian Bosworth

 ...and the Cowboys lost, so it was a good weekend.

 Funny, while packing for the trip out west, I found a small envelope in my bag.
 (I haven't used the bag since we went to Washington in April.)

 Inside the envelope was a hundred dollar bill for Julie from Karen S.
 Don't worry, Karen, I'll get that to her.

 BTW, has anybody heard from Julie?
 Anyone have a current address for her?


"America must remember that tragic story, because it speaks volumes about
  the great spirit of the country. People flying across the plane, 40 passengers
  and I think four crew members, I believe it was."
     -- President Moron, Phoenix, Sep. 28, 2002

 "...flying across the plane?"

 Oh God, what did we do to make you so angry?

Protest in Houston

 I see where Bad Vlad Putin has pulled a page from Dim Bastard's book.
 Those pesky Chechnyan rebels have now become "miliant Islamic fundamentalists."

 That way, Putin can secretly wipe them out without having to explain himself.

 ...just like his soul-mate Pinhead!

 And you know Bush made Putin a deal - "I won't bother you about Chechnya
 if you back my takeover of the Iraqi oil fields."

 Media Co. Accuses Rep. Dick Armey
  Armey the foul-mouthed Dick does it again

  Click  Here

 The parent company of The Dallas Morning Whore accused Dick Armey of trying
 to retaliate against the newspaper for its coverage of his son's failed congressional bid.

 The newspaper said the foul-mouthed Dick tried to have language inserted into military
 appropriations bill to force Belo Corp. to divest itself of one of its three Dallas media properties.

 Weird Sex

 Janice Soprano is the queen of weird sex.

 The last time we saw her having sex, mob boss Richie Aprile was taking her from behind
 and he was "playfully" holding a gun to her head. Janice told Carmela about it, and when
 Carmela gasped in shock, Janice said, "Don't worry, he usually takes the clip out."

 Hey, Janice, guess what?  Revolvers don't have clips.
 OK, so Janice later murdered Richie for teasing her.

 Then last week, (not last night) we see Janice and her new boyfriend, mob boss Ralphie Pants in bed,
 and Janice is behind him this time - working a vibrator in and out of Ralphie while telling him what a disgusting
 slut and whore he is."How much money did you bring home for me, you cheap ho?"

 Ralphie was getting off on it, and then his phone rings - to the tune of "Rocky."

 It may have been the funniest moment in Soprano history

Flags in Nebraska are flying at half-staff

 While I was "playing in Las Vegas," I saw that numb-nutted shoe-bomber Richard Reid pled guilty.
 This follows John Walker Lindh pleading guilty.
 I predict Moussawi won't have a trial, either.

 Are these defense attorney's doing their jobs?
 Or are they working for Bush to keep these men from going to trial?

 If they went to trial, Bush might have to explain what he's been doing with the TRILLIONS
 that are missing from Social Security. Worse than that, what would the Illegal Usurper do
 if they went to trial and were found not guilty?

 The NY Whore Times says last week the stock market just had its worst dive since 1987.

 Who was president in 1987?   Von Reagan.

 The Dow is now where Clinton had it in 1995, at 7500.

 When they say "The stock market works in cycles," tell them
"Yes, it does, it goes up under Democrats and goes down under Republicans."

 It's a fact.

 Bush threatens veto over pension benefit
  AWOL bastard dumps on retired military heroes

 Alarmed by the cost of expanding military entitlement programs, Bush has threatened
 to veto the entire $355 billion defense authorization bill for the new fiscal year if House
 and Senate conferees do not eliminate new pension benefits for disabled military
 retirees that could cost $18.5 billion to $58 billion over the next decade.

 The Pentagon now spends more than $35 billion a year on military pension and health-care
 entitlements that are among the most generous in the country for public or private-sector employees.

 The pension provision at issue would for the first time allow military retirees to collect retirement
 benefits from the Pentagon and disability benefits from the Veterans Administration at the same time.
 Conferees could decide the issue this week.

 Remember - at every campaign stop, Bush promised veterans, "Help is on the way."
 But then, he promised he'd get bin Laden, too.
 He also took an oath, years ago, to serve his country - then went AWOL.
 Yet the military loves this rich little snot-nosed, back-stabbing, gone-AWOL liar.

 They would die for him, while he's busy emptying out the Treasury.

    "...and the eraserheads believed you!"

 Texas Hold 'Em With A Stacked Deck
   by Harley Sorensen

  Click  Here

 I'd like to play poker with George W. Bush.
 I'd get rich.

Any poker player worth his salt knows you always call when the other guy is bluffing.
 If he's bluffing, and you're holding any cards at all, you've got him beat. You can't lose.

 So how does George W. Bush respond to a bluff? He throws in his cards!
 Pretty dumb, eh? .

 Bartfest revisited

 The Rio wasn't my friend last weekend.

 Everyone I knew at The Rio was already in their rooms relaxing, but they couldn't get
 my room-with-a-view-of-the-Rio-garage ready until 4 PM, and it was 4:30 before we
 got our luggage delivered and we had a mass tequila tasting to host before 6 PM.

 Larry the Tooth offered to drive us to the Hard Rock, but we were so late he had to go
 without us to meet his friend, so we met up with Isaac Peterson, (MN) Rude^Boyee (MN)
 and The Colemeister (AR) and the five of us got a ride from a crusty cabbie.

 By the time we got to the Hard Rock, the Pink Taco was already full and there were
 Bartcoppers (we still need a better name for that group) scattered everywhere.

 One of the best things that happened all week was meeting the Forum's Pat-LV.
 At the last second, Christian couldn't come, and Pat-LV stepped up and ran with the ball.
 She brought name tags and pens and stuff so we could find and identify each other.
 (Before I forget, she was also a Koresh-send the next night, putting up signs and getting
 more name tags together and helping to check people and dollar amounts at the door.
 She really saved the weekend - thank you Pat!!)

 So we tanked up pretty good at the Pink Taco. Larry and I had the good sense to split
 a $30 shot of Herradura Selecion Suprema, which we both agreed wasn't as tasty as
 The Miracle at Canaan, and at the Pink Taco, Canaan only costs $6 a shot.
 You gotta love a place that sells luxury tequila that cheap.

 So after 90 minutes of appetizers and drinks, we boarded the bus.
 I knew something was wrong right away because we couldn't find Isaac.

 This must be an old picture of him, because he looked very different in Vegas.
 I'm sure he'll be embarrassed as hell when he reads this, but Isaac has this smooth,
 James Bond thing going. He was dressed to kill, and his voice was laid back and soothing.
 If I was gay, I would've been following him around all weekend. You ladies who missed
 meeting him should be kicking yourselves. He's one smooth dude.

 So - we can't find Isaac, and we couldn't leave without him, so I left the packed bus
 and headed back into the casino. I looked and looked and couldn't find him, so I headed
 back towards the bus and they told me Isaac had been found.

 Now, you want to know how smooth he is? He was the last guy to leave the long, slender
 table that held the most Bartcoppers, and the Pink Taco put the big bag on him.
 As he was leaving, they said, "Sir, you owe us $250 on your table's bill."

 Isaac quietly paid them.

 If that'd been me, I would've screamed and complained and set my hair on fire,
 but Isaac just quietly paid them and we had to drag the story out of him, later.

 If you were at the long, slender table and think you might've not paid your fair share,
 consider sending something to Isaac or to me and I'll forward it to him. Also, it's possible the
 waitress had the best night of her young career. She double-billed us an extra $70 at our small table.
 I pointed out to her that we'd already paid cash for that $30 Herradura shot and she billed us for it again,
 so I only lost $45 on her bill-padding, but Isaac got the full screwing from the Pink Taco.

 Someone suggested their might have been a misunderstanding - that people might've ordered
 fajitas and tequila, thinking they were part of the $58 weekend package of food and drink.

 I thought Isaac was a smooth dude before he took the $250 hit.
 Hats off to Isaac.

 The bus ride was fun, (especially with chat's "Palmer" handing me his flask of Gran Centenario Anejo.
 That's some tasty stuff. I'll have to A-B it with some Canaan to give it a real test.
 How can I do that, you ask?  That wacky Palmer gifted me with a bottle to take home!

 Woo Hoo!

 But the flaw in the plan was after everyone got loopy, nobody looked out the windows.
 There was such a multi-gaggle of conversation going on, we could've just stayed at
 the Pink Taco and applied that bus expense towards the bill.

 After the bus ride, we split up and prepared ourselves for the big party tomorrow.

 ...and nobody asked to see my shoes!

 More Tomorrow

Click for more

 Crazy Vic strikes again

 To welcome me back, he brought in another hueueueueeuge feast.  Mexican Chicken Casserole,
 which is too good for words, and some wacky salsa with tiny pinto beans, tomatoes, cilantro
 and whatever, which was to die for.

 Of course, this doesn't make up for him being a racist Republican pig,
 but if I have to share an office with a racist pig, it's nice that he cooks.

  Is The President Nuts?
 Diagnosing George W. Bush
  by Carole Wolman, MD

  Click  Here

 Many people, inside and especially outside this country, believe that the American president is nuts,
 and is taking the world on a suicidal path. As a board-certified psychiatrist, I feel it's my duty to
 share my understanding of his psychopathology.

Click for more

  The Turning of the Tide


 Does Molly Ivins read bartcop.com?

"The most commonly asked political question in America today is,
"Where the hell are the Democrats?" The answer is they're also corrupted
  by campaign financing, but since they are the only ones likely to do anything
  about this mess, I  suggest the gutless wonders that pass for an opposition party
  in Washington get up off their fat duffs and get to work."

 The Democrats are quieter than a mouse peeing on cotton.


"I've gained so much weight, I can't wear my wedding ring."
   -- Al Gore, making international news again

 Hey, Mr. President - have you considered having a jeweler re-size your ring?
 Fox News and the vulgar Pigboy had a field day with your brainless comment.


"These are folks that have hijacked a great religion and then take innocent life.
  And that's a huge difference between America."
      -- Dubya, Denver, Sep. 27, 2002

The Pieman


"We're allowing our forests to grow up like giant piles of kindling,
  and just hoping that something doesn't happen. We're -- backwards policy."
     --Dubya, Denver, Colorado Sep. 27, 2002

 Bush is right on this one.
 If he lets his contributors cut down all the trees, they won't ever catch fire.


"It's not a very glamorous war from the sense that the cables
  and all the air time can cover, but it's happening."
      --Dubya, Houston, Sept. 26, 2002

 4 US Officials Describe Iraqi Involvement in OKC Bombing

  Click  Here

 A Pentagon civilian official has provided a formal affidavit stating that the Pentagon official
 viewed a surveillance tape video showing a Ryder truck and its occupants moments before
 it was used to bomb the Murrah Federal Building in OKC on April 19, 1995. The official
 further states that the Pentagon official saw in the video a Middle Eastern man closely
 resembling the Iraqi and McVeigh accomplice, Al Hussaini, exiting the Ryder truck when
 it was parked in front of the Murrah Building.

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 Subject: Hey Man!

 You retire or something?


 I'm pedaling as fast as I can.

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