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Volume 903 - Arnie's Putting


 Tuesday   Oct 8, 2002 


"Robert Torricelli, a powerful fund-raiser who helped raise more than $100 million
  for the Democratic party, took inappropriate gifts from a businessman, including
  an $8,000 gold Rolex watch, for which he was severely admonished by the Senate
  Ethics Committee in July. To recap: raising $100 million in contributions from
  gigantic corporations — ethical; taking a watch — unethical. That's the Senate
  Ethics Committee, an oxymoron since 1974."
    -- Jon Stewart

 More insiders argue wisdom of war on Iraq
   by Warren P. Strobel, Jonathan S. Landay and John Walcott

  Click  Here

 These officials contend that administration hawks have exaggerated evidence of the threat
 that Saddam poses - including distorting his links to the al Qaeda terrorist network - have
 overstated the amount of international support for attacking Iraq and have downplayed the
 potential repercussions of a new war in the Middle East..

 You mean Bush is just lying to get his hands on Iraqi oil?
 Bush is going to send our young men to die to make himself richer?

 I'm shocked!

I'm gonna be rich!

 Bush daughter's lawyers request private hearings
  The Bush family must be protected from the consequences of their crimes

  Click  Here

 Lawyers for Noelle Bush, Jeb's daughter, are asking a judge to close her future
 drug-court hearings to the public.

 Citing a judge's recent ruling that found a patient's privacy rights outweigh law-enforcement
 concerns, Noelle Bush's lawyers are seeking to shut the public and the media out of her
 regularly scheduled drug-court status hearings.

 I have a question:
 So, if I rent a building in the Miami Beach area
 and call it "Coke Rehab City,"
 and hire some kind of "doctor"
 who somehow passed the Florida medical bar,
 I would then own a piece of American real estate
 where it was statutorially illegal to make an arrest
 for cocaine possession and use.


 Isn't that the precedent the B.F.E.E. has established?

 You cannot be arrested for doing coke in a "treatment facility,"
 so let's get some cash together and start one of those.

 Legal cocaine - brought to us by Governor Blow Monkey.


 "If I'm in the White House and there's a plane coming my way,
   all I can say is I hope I read my Bible that day."
    -- Oil for Brains, joking on Air Force One during the unfolding crisis of September 11.

 Monkeyboy can't even be serious on the saddest day in American history?

 Report from the Central Park Rally
   by Alex Mnatsakanov

  Click  Here

 There were signs that read “No Blood for Oil”, “Don’t Get Bushed into a War”, “Not In Our Name”
 (the general theme of the rally).  My favorite sign was a bit long, but right on the mark.
 “What’s the difference between Saddam and Bush?
 Saddam wasn’t elected by his people,  but Bush…oh, never mind.
 Saddam does things without regard to the international community, but Bush….eehh, moving on.
 Saddam has no problem putting lives of his people in jeopardy, but Bush….oh, forget it!”

Subject: The real reason

When Bush was appointed president, the repugs controlled both houses, the
executive branch and had a majority on the Supreme court.

Did you here one of them call for a law against abortion??? NO

Not the President
Not Trent Lott
Not Dick Armey
Not one member of Congress
Not one member of the Senate
Not one conservative columnist
Not Fox news

No one called for a law on abortion. If there was ever a time for the
Republicans to show their morality, to stand on their convictions, to pass
their mandate, it was then. WHY DID THEY CHOOSE NOT TO DO IT??????

Answer, Because the real reason they call for it would go away.
Your vote.

 Subject: Bush Lied

Bush lied to the American people that a tax cut for the wealthy would help the economy.
Bush lied when he said he barely knew "Kenny Boy."
Bush lied when he said that he stayed away from the Whitehouse on Sept 11
    because there were threats that the Whitehouse was next on the list.
Bush lied when he said that there was no advance warning that Bin Laden was planning an
    attack on US soil and that no one could have predicted he would have used planes as weapons.
Bush lied when he quoted a non-existent International Atomic Energy Agency report that Iraq
    was "six months away from having a nuclear bomb."

   The American people need to stand up and tell our great leader,
   "Fool me 9 or 10 times, shame on you.  Fool me...fool me...I won't be fooled again!"


They protest in Los Angeles

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 Inspection as invasion

  Click  Here

 "For the past eight years the US, with Britain's help, appears to have been seeking to
  prevent a resolution of the crisis in Iraq. It is almost as if Iraq has been kept on ice,
  as a necessary enemy to be warmed up whenever the occasion demands. Today, as
  the economy slides and Bin Laden's latest mocking message suggests that the war on
  terrorism has so far failed, an enemy which can be located and bombed is more
  necessary than ever. A just war can be pursued only when all peaceful means
  have been exhausted. In this case, the peaceful means have been averted."


"An Iraqi regime faced with its own demise may attempt cruel and
  desperate measures.  If Saddam orders such measures, his generals
  would be well advised to refuse those orders. If they do not refuse
  they must understand that all war criminals will be pursued and punished."
      -- Bunnypants, Cincinnati, Ohio, 10/07/02

 Hey, George!
 Are you going to punish Saddam the way you punished Osama?

 My good friend Serdar has a new album out.

     click for details


"Dick Cheney, who is really the prime minister and CEO of the country, told a reporter
  that the U.S. will be the political, military and economic power in the world. They want full
  spectrum domination. Now think about the full spectrum dominated and think about where
  Sept. 11 came from. The only reason the United States wants to attack Iraq is to establish
  its dominance over oil-producing countries in the Middle East. The reasons given for
  attacking Iraq is because they're not following U.N. resolutions.
  By that logic, we should be at war with Israel.
       --Joseph Gerson, of the anti-war American Friends Service Committee

They protest in New York

 I'm in a bad mood today

 My stock account statement came in, and I've lost another $3100.
 That money was stolen by the greedy, lowlife crook in the White House.

 Clinton's 11,722 Dow has fallen to 7337.
 That thieving bastard did this with his tax cut for the super-rich and outright theft.
 Tens of millions of families have been financially wiped out.

 The lucky ones retired in mid-2000, everyone else has gotten the Bush f-ing.

 Come November, will people vote for more war, more depression, and no savings?
 Or will they vote for peace and prosperity?

 Bush, Ashcroft deserving of criticism

  Click  Here

 "...under the sadly misnamed Patriot Act, Ashcroft and his minions can pretty much decide
 what a possible terrorist threat is and get a secret court order to read our e-mail, see what
 we are checking out at the public library and buying at the book store or even question our
 priests, ministers and rabbis - and then bring criminal charges against anybody who tells us
 we're under surveillance. A chill among critics is one of the hazards of having a fanatic in
 charge of law enforcement, even in America."

 The Democrats did this to America.
 They sold us out, confirming Ashcroft as Attorney General.


''We must take the battle to the enemy. The single most important asset we have
   is the man or woman who steps forward and puts on the uniform of this great nation.''
      --Dick Cheney, who had "other priorities" when he was eligible to be an asset.

 Click to see Betty's tribute to Jesse Helms

 Top Ten Questions I would love to see
 DUHbya answer under Oath.
        by Larry C

  Click  Here

 Torch Song
   by Rude Rich

  Click  Here

 Douglas Forrester, the Repug, spent about 2 days ahead in the polls. As soon as Lautenberg
 accepted, he took an immediate 6 point lead in the polls. NJ voters are not going to be sending
 a Republican to Washington.  I even think Torricelli could have won if he just hung in there and
 denied the charges and pointed out that the man bringing them is in jail and looking for friends.

 Subject: Re: "4 US Officials Describe Iraqi Involvement in OKC Bombing"

 Why doesn't someone interrogate McVeigh and try to ferret some of the information?

 ....oh, right, yeah.  Never mind



"On Friday, Barbara Walters will interview Fidel Castro.
  My buddies and I are going to play a drinking game.
  Every time Barbara says 'Cast-wo' we’re going to take a drink."
       --Craig Kilborn

 Something that needs to be said

 The GOP (and their good puppy press) keep whining about Democrats not
 standing behind the Unelected Fraud as he murders his way to more wealth.

 Does anyone remember a little thing called impeachment?
 While Clinton (elected fairly - twice) was pounding that bastard Milosombitch, stopping his genocide,
 the GOP bastards were impeaching him, and then screwing their whores in hotel rooms at night.
 That scumbag David Schippers even brought his whore to the impeachment proceedings.

 The ONLY reason Dennis Hastert is Speaker is because he was the ONLY Republican
 they could find who wasn't cheating on his wife - they had no choice but to run him for Speaker.

 Gingrich, who ordered the trumped-up impeachment circus, had a whore, too.
 Barr, Burton, Livingston and Hyde were all scumbags, impeaching Clinton for
 doing what they had all done or were currently doing.

 ...eh?  What's that?
 Darn, I always make that mistake:
 Barr wasn't caught cheating - he financed the murder of his unborn daughter.

 So the next time you hear the GOP (and their good puppy press) whining about
 Democrats not standing behind Dim Son as he murders his way to more riches,
 remind then that Bush would be impeached if turnabout was fair play.

 America is a Nation Gone Mad
       by Marc Perkel

  Click  Here

 After having failed this summer to overthrow the government of Venezuela and install an oil man as president,
 Bush now turns to overthrowing Iraq without world support, to initiate a war where America is clearly the
 aggressor. We do not have the support of the United Nations and we are the object of ridicule and are now
 feared by our allies. Our friends don't trust us and we are an isolated rogue nation that has gone mad.

 They still haven't located the Maryland sniper

 And now for something completely different…
  by Christian Livemore

  Click  Here


 "Jennifer Aniston picked up a much-deserved Emmy after seven years of
   pretending she's in love with David Schwimmer then going home to Brad Pitt."
      -- Conan


"She's one of the most disgusting human beings in the entire world, is Christina Aguilera.
  She's despicable for so many reasons. She has an amazing voice, undeniably, but that
  doesn't change the fact she's one of the world's biggest c_nts.
  She looks like a fucking drag queen.
  I've seen drag queens who look better. If she said something to me,
  I wouldn't hesitate to tell her what I think of her."
        --Kelly Osbourne, to Melbourne, Australia's Herald Sun


"After the election we will stand down. The administration will argue and most parties
  will agree, that without our saber rattling the United Nations would never have acted
  so decisively and inspectors would not have been given free rein in Iraq. We will argue
  that we have actually strengthened the United Nations. Peace with honor. And Bush,
  besides laughing all the way to the polls, will have in hand a blank check from the
  Democratic Senate as well as the Republican House for using force against Saddam
  in the future. Which means if the President ever needs to again distract the country from
  debating the real problems that bedevil us, he can start rattling those sabers all over again. "
         --David Morris, Bush Is Not Going to War With Iraq, alternet.org

The Pieman


"We had a great president, namely President Clinton, who was hunted down, while he tried
  to help those left behind who were trickled down all too often under the Reagan and Bush Sr.
  administrations. The GOP could not stand for this. They could not let such a popular president
  have the accolades he deserved. So they  took us all on a witch hunt of an investigation that
  derailed this country, while spending the tax payer's money in doing so. Well, after he left office,
  the investigation was closed, and the results showed nothing was proven. Go figure. Yes, he did
  have an affair with an intern, yet kept his eye on the ball in regards to getting the people's
  business done... Folks, the GOP has indeed hijacked the country, and my greatest fear
  is the effects to it, when we all crash and burn. But how do we send out our S.O.S.? "
      --Mary MacElveen, S.O.S.: Our Country Has Been Hijacked by the GOP, legitgov.org


"The Iraqi Vice President has called for a duel with pistols between
  Bush and Saddam.  A duel with pistols? Bush is from Texas so I’m
  not worried – but a game of Scrabble, then we'd have to worry."
     -- Jay Leno

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