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Volume 912 - Dark Clouds 


 Wed-Thurs   Oct 23-24, 2002 


“The world applauded us when we had a paper agreement with North Korea.
  Where is it today?

  The world applauded us when Clinton made this famous deal with Ehud Barak and Arafat,
  and where are we today?

  In fact, the world applauded Oslo, another piece of paper.
  Oh, the world loved us then!

  The world loved us in Bosnia and Kosovo, too.
  The world loved us in all these places where Bill Clinton took us with paper and nothing else.”
     -- the vulgar Pigboy

 Hey, Rush - we had peace and prosperity under Clinton.
 You can credit him, or "some piece of paper," or the Sun god or the letter "L."
 but we had peace and prosperity when we had the leader we elected..

 Under the Unelected Simpleton, we have war, recession, despair, bankruptcy
 and the general feeling that America's best days are behind us.

  Iraqis now linked to Oklahoma bombing
  Click  Here

 The FBI is under pressure from the highest political levels in Washington
 to investigate suspected links between Iraq and the Oklahoma bombing.

 According to Bush, Saddam had MLK killed in Memphis, he also caused the San Fransisco
 earthquake in 1906 and provided the revolver Kristen used to shoot JR in Dallas.

I'm gonna get that oil!
Daddy and Unka Dick said so.
It's mine, alllll mine!
Nobody can stop me!

 U.S. Still Selling Oil to North Korea

  Click  Here

 The Bush administration allowed a previously scheduled delivery of heavy fuel oil to
 North Korea last week after the Pyongyang government admitted it was violating an arms
 control agreement by trying to build a nuclear bomb, administration officials said yesterday.

 Nothing will stop the crooked and greedy Oil Administration from earning.


  Click  Here

 The difference between Iraq's alleged desire to possess weapons of mass destruction
 and North Korea's admission that it is well on the way to having them is simple: should
 something go wrong with Iraq's weapons it could damage oil fields whereas North
 Korea's most likely would only harm Asians.

 Jim Inhofe = Lying bastard

 Oklahoma's premier embarrassment, Jimmy Pissquik, is running an ad
 that says he's doing his best to get the economy moving and "protect Social Security."

 He is a damned liar.

 His friend, the Unelected Usurper, is raiding Social Security.
 He's keeping half and giving half to his big oil contributors.

 Of course, the media whores would never call him on it,
 and whoever his Democratic opponent is is too damn "polite" to mention it.

 The sons of bitches are stealing from the elderly and nobody mentions it?

 I need a drink.


 “Most senior citizens didn't lose all their money in the stock market."
         -- Rush's morning update, explaining why Bush isn't as bad as we think

 If the Bush Adminsitration can't find bin Laden,
 If the Bush Adminsitration can't find the anthrax killer,
 If the Bush Adminsitration can't find mad bomber Eric Rudolph,
 If the Bush Adminsitration can't find the DC sniper,

 ...how the hell do they expect to find Saddam in a country the size of Texas?

 Or is the plan to steal the oil and then say "Saddam's probably dead - he doesn't concern me..."

 Consumer Consumption

 Momma, get my gun!

 Click  Here

 The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s 25th Annual Convention
 will be in San Diego at the Westin Horton Plaza,

 Nov. 22-24, 2002. Speakers will include Michael Newdow of the “under god” case,
 and Julia Sweeney from Saturday Night Live. Registration information is available Here:


I wish Bush was lying about sex

 Instead, he's lying about why we need to go to war.
 He's lying about what happened to the 5 trillion missing from Social Security.
 He's lying about tax cuts, and who's getting them.
 He's lying about what really happened on September 11th.
 He's lying about his motives for merging government and religion.
 He's lying about bin Laden.
 He's lying about Saddam.
 He's lying about the Enron boys killing the Japanese kids with that submarine.
 He's lying about Bill Clinton every day of his stolen presidency.
 He's lying about national security.
 He's lying about setting a "new tone" in Washington.
 He's lying about being qualified to do the job as president.
 He's lying about Kennyboy Lay and the whole Enron mess.
 He's lying about his 'Martha Stewart' stock fraud at Harken.
 He's lying about the billions his crime family is funneling thru Halliburton.
 He's lying about North Korea, holding back that information for political purposes.
 He's lying about not being poll-driven.
 He's lying about the stock market being "on the road to recovery."
 He's lying about being the decision maker in the White House.
 He's lying about being sober since he was 40 (You've seen that wedding video?)
 He's lying about "doing my best to avoid war with Iraq."
 He's lying about Karl Rove's role in the upcoming war.
 He's lying about "We only do what's good for the American people"
 He's lying about tax cuts being essential during good times and bad.

 I sure wish he was lying about sex, instead.

 Huck vs. 'The Torch': Talented and Gifted
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 That doesn't include SUV leases or $70,000 worth of furniture the
 Huckabees claimed until their benefactor decided to say it was a gift for
 the Governor's Mansion. It doesn't count airline tickets, nor Mrs. Petulant's
 frequent use of State Police aircraft for out of state expeditions with friends.
 It doesn't list the pizzas and panty hose allegedly paid for with Governor's
 Mansion funds. It doesn't tell how Huckabee lined his pockets by paying
 himself and Janet as "consultants" to his own campaign.

 Remember the "Rainbow man" who went to all the big sporting events?
 He carried a "John 3:16" sign and always seemed to get the seat behind home plate
 so you couldn't help but notice him and his sign.

 According to Paul Harvey (R-Horse Molester) he was in a hotel somewhere
 and took a maid hostage and now he's doing life in prison.

 Who's lying?

 This is from the current Talkers Magazine online:

"While Dr. Laura's nationwide numbers are not what they were four years ago,
  [ha ha - That's around the time she sold her soul and turned ditto-monkey)
   she continues (at press time) to command the second largest audience in the entire industry.
  (Rush Limbaugh is number one.)"

 But Hannity.com claims that's not true:

"Talkers Magazine has released its list of Top Talk Hosts in America, and have
  moved Sean Hannity up from 4th to 2nd place, right behind Rush Limbaugh."

 So - who's lying?


"One thing I can give George W. Bush, he is at least smarter than anyone who voted for him."
       --Rack Jite, rackjite.com

  This segment is rated either R or X
   It's a frank discussion of America's most popular TV show's last episode

  Click  Here

  ...and don't come whining later that it was "too frank."

  It's the most popular comedy on TV, OK?


"There needs to be a focused, coalition effort in the region against peace --
  ...I mean, against terror for peace."
    -- the stupidest man in Crawford, Texas

 My Bartfest report
    by Allyson

  Click  Here



"North Korea cannot be allowed to develop a nuclear bomb.
  We have to be very firm about it."
       - - Big Dog, "Meet the Whore," Nov. 7, 1993


“Hope I die before I turn into Pete Townshend...”
     -- Kurt Cobain


 Do I owe anyone anything?
 If you're waiting for me to do something, I need a reminder.

 I have the feeling some of the spinning plates have fallen...

Two things Bush can't handle - peace and pretzels

 Pataki Camp Gets Stoned
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The uplifting part of this story is Mr. Stone’s endgame strategy—a direct challenge to the
 Governor over his failure to reform the state’s draconian drug-sentencing statutes, as he has
 promised to do ever since his first inauguration in 1995. Year after year, Mr. Pataki has
 proclaimed his intention to reduce or eliminate prison sentences for nonviolent, minor narcotics
 offenders, and to offer treatment as an alternative. Every year, he has either done nothing or
 done the opposite, by cutting treatment funding and building more prison cells.

 Despite what Bush says to protect his image
 FBI Still Considers bin Laden a Top Ten Fugitive

  Click  Here

 Eric Rudolph (R-GA) is another right-winger Bush can't locate.


 From: Kenneth Rudd

 You wrote:

> Before he was installed, our biggest problem was how to spend the deficit.





 Hey, asshole, what's it like to be perfect?
 It's called a mistake - you've never made one?
 Where's your daily web page that I can scour for absolute perfection?

 This page gets put together at 60 miles per hour.
 It's the only way a new page can be published every day.
 Real writers like Joe Conason and Gene Lyons have seven days to create a column.
 And who knows - they might even have an editor look at their work before they publish.
 I could cut back to one column a week and do a much better job.

 ...and who taught you to send e-mail in all caps?
 Your Momma?

 I think you need to go have sex with yourself, Sparky.


 "‘Our Country, right or wrong...'
    Have you not perceived that that phrase is an insult to the nation?"
    - - Mark Twain

 Looks like we have another new subversive at  bartcop.com
 Attention - this is Field Marshall Ashcroft!
 I need a secret torture helicopter dispatched right away.
 Pick up this Twain fella and torture his genitals till he talks.

  The ‘great’ Republican record since
 Bush & Co. stole the White House
     by Jackson Thoreau

  Click  Here

 Here is the "great" job Republicans like you and U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and
 U.S. Rep. Dick Armey and Bush and Cheney and others have done since y’all – as we
 say in Texas - stole the White House in late 2000:

 *       Unemployment has risen from 4 percent to 6 percent, while under Democratic
 President Bill Clinton, unemployment went down from 7 percent to 4 percent.

 On Saturday October 26th, 2002 Radio Left will broadcast
 The Marches to Stop the War in Iraq Before It Starts live from Washington DC and San Francisco.

 Washington DC coverage will begin at 11:00 AM EST and San Francsico coverage will begin
 at approximately 2:00PM EST. For details go to www.RadioLeft.com

 Join Lou Posner in Washington, D. C., Jamie Murray in San Francisco, with Geoff Staples and
 David Taffet in the Radio Left studios for this important event. To listen, simply go to
 www.RadioLeft.com  and click the "On Air" icon at the top right of the Radiio Left homepage.

 These rallies are expected to attract more people than any peace demonstrations since Vietnam.

 Sniping for Bushonomics
    by Al Martin

  Click  Here

 When the sniper is caught, they'll claim that it's because of the use of this equipment,
 which will then garner further support for the overturning of Posse Comitatus,
 which will come at a time that the Bush Administration regains control of Congress.

 Zomar is a very bad man.

 Report: Saddam hurt and angry with George W Bush

  Click  Here

  Video proves 9-11 attack was no surprise
   by Jared Israel of emporers-clothes.com

  Click  Here

  According to the official account, Andrew Card whispered that a second plane had hit
  the World Trade Center and there was a national emergency.

 Here's how Bush described that moment at a California Town Hall meeting January 5th:

 "Andy Card came and said, 'America is under attack.'" (1)

 If his Chief of Staff tells the President the country is under attack, the President would discuss it.
 He would ask questions.  Demand more information. Leave the room. Meet with advisers.
 Do *something*. But Bush just sat there.

 The Chief of Staff is the President's *employee*. If he tells the President, "America is under attack"
 the President would *give him orders.* But Bush said nothing - not one word. And Andy Card
 didn't wait for instructions; he rushed away.

 Note: The link to this story is at work.
 I will upload it as soon as I get there.
 If that's not good enough, you'll have to
 fire off a pissy e-mail to me using ALL CAPS.

The Pieman


"Real wars are not metaphors _ they have a beginning and an end_
  But the war declared by the Bush administration will never end.
  That is one sign that it is not a war, but, rather, a mandate
  for expanding the use of American power."
    --Susan Sontag

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