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Volume 913 - Sniper Fini 


 Friday   Oct 25, 2002 


"For all the commentary about how much George W. Bush has grown in office,
  there is still reason to worry about how well he understands geopolitics and how
  clearly he thinks when he is momentarily untethered from the adults around him."
     --Robert Kuttner, A Time for Dissent, - daring to speak the truth

 Is Big Oil lubricating the war drive?
    by Jeremy Rifkin

  Click  Here

 In Europe, most people believe that the U.S. is planning to invade Iraq to secure its oil fields.

 So, while most Americans think that we are planning an attack on Iraq to save the world from
 a madman, most Europeans think that Bush is the madman, with the evil intention of grabbing a
 foothold in the oil-rich Middle East to extend the "American empire." And the media on both
 sides of the pond are pandering to the political sensibilities of their respective regions.

 Dueling Quotes

"They caused it themselves."
 --Dick Cheney, greedy oil man lying bastard, blaming California for the Enron-engineered,
   White House-blessed power crunch, back in March 2001, according to AP.

"I did it because I was trying to maximize profit for Enron."
 -- Enron's Timothy Belden, while pleading guilty to price gouging during the crunch

"Dick Cheney owes California an apology."
     --Editorial,  An apology is certainly due,

Subject:  proofreading

 You wrote:

>"Nothing will stop the crooked and greedy Oil Administration from earning."

 Surely you meant stealing.

 But seriously, I'm a newspaper copy editor. I usually work 4-midnight or 5-1 and get up around noon.
 I'd volunteer my services if you'd like an eye to read your copy before it's posted and it fits into our schedules.


 PD, sometimes a "mistake" is not a mistake.
 "Earning" is what the Sopranos call financially raping some little guy to death.
 It's what the B.F.E.E. does best.
 That's why they deal in life's necessities, like oil, gold, the military and fresh water rights.

 As far as a friend proofreading, it's just not possible.
 Sometimes I publish at midnight, sometimes at noon.
 I can't wait a few hours for a proofreader to wake up or come home.

 ...but thanks for the offer.


"If the U.S. government were held to the FBI's official definition of terrorism
 ("the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate
 or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance
 of political or social objectives"), their list of victims since WWII alone would include:
 Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama,
 Mexico, Chile, Granada, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Zaire,
 Namibia, Lebanon, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Bangladesh, Iran, South Africa, the Philippines,
 Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Iraq, Cambodia, Libya, Israel, Palestine, China, Afghanistan, Sudan,
 Indonesia, East Timor, Turkey, Angola, and Somalia."
    --Chris White, An ex-Marine Sergeant Speaks Out,

 True, but Iraq has more oil than any country on that list.

I'm gonna get that oil!
Daddy and Unka Dick said so.
It's mine, alllll mine!
Nobody can stop me!

 Subject: Oklahoma!

 Dear Sir:

 You make me proud to be an Oklahoma and a Democrat!  I live
 in Tulsa and now I know we have at least TWO Democrats in town!


 Steve, I know a guy named Eddy in Norman, so that makes three!

 Your children are not safe
    by Michael Moore

  Click  Here

 Your children are not safe because they saw us adults allow a man to steal the White House...
 They learned that lying and stealing are OK, but "one person, one vote" is a sham.

 Your children are not safe because one in six of them live in poverty, while Bush's friends
 and business partners make off with loot from the pension funds and the stock market.

 It's too bad Mike didn't see the light two years ago...

 Pot in Humboldt County Part II

   the Humboldt County  fan club meets

  Click  Here

"Humboldt County always continues to be a problem because the economy's going to the south.
 With lumber and fishing dwindling away there's no major industry in Humboldt County anymore,
 so part of the population grows pot because it pays up to $3,000 a pound." Officer Hanson said.

 We could balance the federal budget and double education funding with legal pot.
 All it takes is some science and logic, but the Invisible Cloud Being won't allow it.
 The religio-crazies and the "no fun - ever" crowd still rule this country.

 ...and I still need info on the Humboldt Harvest Fest!

  By request
 The  mirror pages

  hosted by

  hosted by Mr. Sleep

  Canadian hosted by Roger Miller

  Don't let the anti-truth, anti-freedom Nazi's win.

 ...and thanks to the mirror dudes.

 Unka Dick, when we invade Iraq, if things go
 wrong, can we blame that on Bill Clinton, too?


“There's a large conservative media today that did not exist 10, 15 or 20 years ago,
  and the conservative media is made up of truth and intellectual counter-arguments
  to all that pap that they've been saying for all these years.”
     -- the vulgar Pigboy,

 Hey, Rush - is that why your calls are the most tightly-screened in all of radio?
 If your side has "intellectual counter-arguments," why do you hide behind your screener?

 Hey Bart,

 While the Feds and the police "connect the dots" on the sniper shootings,
 do you think anyone will note the gun used is called a "Bushmaster"?

 How fitting is that?!?!


 Hey, anything that distracts voters from Bush's rape of the Treasury
 is great news for him, the Republican party and fascism around the globe.

We loves President Butch!

 I am a devoted reader.

 And I see that the Fickle Lady of Fate has hammered Bartcop badly.
 Do not be suprized.  The reason Vegas looks so cool is because it is
 a rip off place designed to fleece the innocent and the drunk.

 ha ha

 This place is fully evil in every way I can imagine.
 This place is America's black hole of nothingness.
 But if you like that, don't complain about being taken for a chump there.
 It is a place I avoid totally.


 Elaine, I'm not sure your argument is built on logic.

 What if I went to, ...Oh, say Albany, New York and got mugged?
 Would it prove Albany is "a place designed to fleece the innocent?"
 Would it prove Albany is "a black hole of nothingness?"
 Would it prove Albany is "fully evil?"


“When it comes to the Democrats' issues, there hasn't been anything new out of their
  mouths in 25 years. They've been predicting doom and gloom for Social Security for
  every four years for the last 50, actually, and despite their predictions, it hasn't happened."
       --Rush Limbaugh

 That's because the Clinton Miracle produced millions of jobs, turning the Reagan/Bush deficits
 into a hueueueuge surplus. Dim Son gave our surplus to BIG OIL and now we're back in the hole.

 OK, He's Got His War. Now What Does Bush Talk About?
      by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Among the big-foot Washington pundits, the Democrats' lack of a unified stance on
 attacking Saddam Hussein has been lampooned as a sign of weakness. Now that he's got
 his war resolution, however, what on earth will Bush talk about for the next three weeks?
 His glorious economic record? The past two years have seen the worst economic growth
 in fifty years. Two million jobs have been lost in the private sector since Junior's innauguration.
 Millions more have seen their retirement investments decimated.

 Preaching to the converted, GOP partisans blame Bill Clinton. But sooner or later, Junior has
 to accept responsibility for what's happened on his watch and tell us what he intends to do about it.
 And there's no sign this administration has an economic policy beyond more tax cuts for millionaires
 and "regulatory relief" for corporations. Fat lot of good that's done the rest of us.

 Dubya the Magnificent
   by Brad Radcliffe as seen on

  Click  Here

"Bush wants Americans to believe that his one month old call to arms against Saddam is based
 on newfound connections to terrorists and recently discovered confirmations of weapons of
 mass destruction.  We are told that the evidence, although never revealed to either the American
 public or the world community, compels, nay, demands that the United States intervene in a
 "pre-emptive strike" to protect itself from this huge and growing threat.

 If this is true, then Mr. Bush is indeed a prophet and visionary with spooky preternatural abilities.
 For two years ago, even before he had won the White House, he was laying out in some detail
 the need to overthrow the Iraqi dictator."


"Scott Ritter, the former weapons inspector in Iraq,
  has weighed in on the sniper.
  His pronouncement is that there is no sniper
  – just as he says there's no threat from Saddam."
      -- the vulgar Pigboy, lying again

  Rush, why do your sheep believe you when you lie?

Subject: Humboldt and Rio

Morning Bart

I hope you get that straight with Rio, 7 g`s is a lot of bread.

Whowee what a beautiful shot of that bounty growing under the lights.

Get another 401k statement Friday - getting fucked again.
Be Reading You

 I'm negotiating with The Rio.
 They're tough, but I think I can persuade them.

 But that 401K screwing?
 Sorry, but that's going to keep happeneing until January 20, 2005.


"In a marriage, when the picky person's not in charge,
  the picky person is never happy."
   -- Laura the Unloved, beating up a caller.

 You know Laura's the picky one in her second marriage.
 And you know she dominates poor Lew like Hitler dominated Poland, why is she never happy?

 Snipers caught

 Those NRA members who were caught in the white van?
 Police say they have recovered the rifle used in the shootings, and they found a
 "glory hole" cut out of the back of the car so these bastards could shoot people easier.

 With that gun being match, even Ol' Bart's courtroom skills couldn't save
 these pricks from life in prison or a different kind of prick.

 From: Withheld

 Subject: slight correction

 You said, "According to Bush, Saddam had MLK killed in Memphis, he also caused the
 San Fransisco earthquake in 1906 and provided the revolver Kristen used to shoot JR in Dallas."

 Although, at first, I tended to agree with your somewhat flippant remark, I wondered, perhaps,
 Bush might have a case here. After all, if the flying monkey right's hero, Mc Veigh, and other
 "terra-ists" worked together on OKC, isn't it JUST as likely they worked together on 9/11?

 Perhaps, to find out and protect the USA, we should use the full force of the Patriot Act
 against the flying monkey right and their pundits?

 Of COURSE, Bush never would. Bush LOVES terrorists, if they agree with his agenda...

 Sadly, all we know about McVeigh is what we were spoon fed by the whore media.
 They told us McVeigh financed the ammonium nitrate by stealing a gun collection in Kingman, AZ.
 Now why would an American soldier need foreign help to detonate a nitrate bomb?

 They told us any idiot with a few thousand dollars could assemble a bomb like McVeigh used,
 so why would he need Iraqi help?  ...and how does a Kansas farmboy contact Al Qaeda?

 Bush wants to steal that oil, so he's laying every crime ever committed at Saddam's door.

 And the big thing everyone needs to remember:
 If Saddam is the Hitler Bush says he is, why did Cheney do $23M in business with him?
 Poppy Bush and Cheney did more to build up Saddam than the Soviet Union,
 but that wasn't a crime because Clinton's zipper wasn't involved.


"It's funny how society places such strict standards upon young blond females.
 We're supposed to play the clean-cut view the public wants of us.
 But I am not your little cookie-cutter virgin."
      -- Christine Aguilera, making a Colonel Blake-class error in career timing.

 The time to be a nasty-ass skank was the period between "I'm not that innocent," and this:

 When the men start shouting, "Bitch, put your pants back on," to a beautiful young girl,
  you know the era of skanky hoes topping the music charts has ended.

 I can understand the young airhead making a hueueuge mistake, but where is her publicist?
 I have a publicist, the brilliant and innovative Christian Livemore, who has saved me several times,
 and she's not even getting paid!   There's no way she'd let me go on TV without my pants.

 America is ready to reward artists who can actually sing instead of brainless slut-wannabees.
 Too bad multi-millionaire Aquilera, who can sing, doesn't have as good a team as

 From: Ken C

 Subject: counterpoint

 If the Bush Administration can't find bin Laden,

        But Bart, they don't WANT to find Bin Laden. The boy did them a favor!

 If the Bush Administration can't find the anthrax killer,

        But Bart, the anthrax killer threatens mostly democrats and scares the
        general public into submission. Why would he want to find HIM?

 If the Bush Administration can't find mad bomber Eric Rudolph,

        And piss off their friends? You know that TERRORISTS and terrorist
        tactics populate the anti-choice movement like flies on poop in cow field...

 If the Bush Administration can't find the DC sniper,

        But Bart, the sniper scares the general public into submission, besides they may
        have just found a convenient Muslim to blame, who just happens to have fought
        in the LAST war with Iraq. (What's up with THAT, by the way?) the hell do they expect to find Saddam in a country the size of Texas?
   Or is the plan to steal the oil and then say "Saddam's probably dead - he doesn't concern me..."


 A well known celebrity, who is so close to God they share voice mail,
 wrote and said the kind folks at had mentioned this site.

 Click  Here  to read the kind words they said about us.

 So, thinking I might find a conservative willing to debate, I registered and sent this. welcomes polite debate

      It's one of the few sites on the www where the other side can be heard.
      I've been looking for a rightie site that prints letters where the host replies,
      but I've never found one. If one exists, could you point it out?

      I've been waiting years for somebody to show up and debate,
      but even the biggest blowhards are "too busy" to get in the ring.

      Clinton was the best president we ever had and Rush and Bush are idiots.

      Think I'm wrong? Let me hear from you. We have a live MIRC channel
      and we have a forum, plus the regular page which is at

      Send your best shot to
      Shorter letters have a better chance of making the main page.

      If you act like an adult and leave out references to Hillary's reproductive organs
      we can have a friendly debate and your message will be seen by dozens.

      the real BartCop - waiting for somebody to shut me up

 I had to sign up as "bartcopreal" because my stalkers go to every site on the web
 and register as "bartcop" in a cowardly attempt to slur my good name.

 Will we hear from any Coulter fans?
 Can they debate without mentioning Hillary's reproductive organs?
 There are over a hundred million people on the Internet, some of them are conservative.

 So why can't I find anyone willing to debate?

 I can't believe the Vegas haters haven't brought this up:

 Laura the Unloved is hosting Harpfest in the Desert at Paris in Las Vegas.

 I think she's asking $200 (they'll have a band so Laura can shake her bony ass for them)
 so it's probably a better deal than getting stiffed for $75 to go to some damn Bartfest.

 So, to the Vegas haters, that would make Laura and Bart "twins,"
 because we both chose the most exciting city in America to gather.'s an evil town, you understand.


"The Clinton administration was always bragging about their victories - from Korea
   to Northern Ireland, the Middle East, Haiti, Bosnia, the stock market, - everything
   that they claimed as a victory for Clinton has disintegrated in the last two years."
    -- Rush Limbaugh, October 24, who finally stumbled into the truth.

 Bush has reversed almost everything Clinton accomplished.

 None so far today.
 Maybe  will yield fruit.

 Tomorrow, Radio Left  will cover The Marches to Stop the War Before it Starts.

 DC coverage will begin at 11:00 AM EST and San Fransisco at 2:00PM EST.
 For details go to

 Join Radio Left for this important event. To listen, go to
 and click the "On Air" icon at the top right of the page.

Click for more Pieman


"Your personal story and spiritual growth inspired me to write to you.
  Sometimes, the Lord calls on individuals at various times to serve him
  and serve his people.  ...I believe as a Christian your help is a great service...
  You have a testimony that must be heard. . . . Our world is crying and you can help."
   -- Rita Cosby of Fox News, on her knees, begging the Son of Sam for an interview

  She prostitutes, you decide.

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