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Volume 930 - Pull the Pin

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 Friday    Nov 15, 2002 


"This election was a victory for The Frightened Rich...who feel that
   the experiment of Democracy has gone far enough, and now they
  are content to retreat behind walls of money."
          --Lewis Lapham, Editor, Harper's

  Our country is run by idiots!
 FBI: Al-Qaida may try 'spectacular attack'

  Click  Here

 U.S. Army fires 6 Arabic linguist specialists ...for being gay!

  Click  Here

 Look at this!
 We don't want to know what bin Laden is planning for us!
 We don't want to know when or where the attack will be!

We want to please the Invisible Cloud Being who hates gays!

 Bush would rather bow to the Christian right than catch bin Laden?

 ...I need a drink.

 Bill Clinton - please come back.
 We won't crucify you this time - please!

Where did the Social Security surplus go?

To the richest of the richest!
$7 billion to Gates and he hires temps ONLY!

 What about a help wanted/resume page?

 Tons of people need jobs.
 Tons of people have resumes - but where to send them?

 If someone is in a position to hire people,
 why non enable them to hire a non-Nazi who reads  bartcop.com?

 Who can handle a help wanted/resume page?
 Who knows html and has room to host it?

 I'll link to it if you can handle the rest.

 Contact Christian if you're interested.

 Subject: You are clueless about guns

 "...if someone comes to your house with the intention to kill you, and you don't know about it
 well before hand, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. The most likely outcome of you owning a gun
 is you shooting YOURSELF, not someone else. You are living a fantasy much like the one the
 Jehovah's Witness indulge in (Your gun will no more protect you than Jesus will come out of
 the sky with trumpets after Dubya pushes the button).

 But then everybody needs there fantasies to get them through life.
 The fundamentalists have their's, you have yours. Pleasant dreams.

 J. Mark

 Dude, that's crazy talk.
 Every letter I've gotten except one (judo expert handy with a knife) is somebody trying to pretend.

 Sure, there are scenarios where if, a guy can sneak up to my door and kick it open on the first try,
 (that's the difference between life & death for him) he might get lucky. But after that fist kick,
 I'm going to be ready for his soon-to-be-dead ass.

 Your certainty that I'll die proves you're an extremist on this issue.
 To say "Your gun will no more protect you than Jesus..." is severe hogwash.
 Both of my Glocks exist - Jesus does not.

 True, a gun won't help me in a killer bee attack or a grizzly bear attack, but anything that weighs
 betwen 50 and 400 pounds is NOT going to make it very far inside my front door.

 To suggest that a sophisticated handgun, used by an experienced person offers "no" protection
 tells me that logic is not part of your basic programming.

 What would Jesus drive?

  Click  Here

 Some scholars insist that Jesus drove a Honda but didn't like to talk about it.
 As proof, they cite a verse in St. John's gospel where Christ tells the crowd.
"For I did not speak of my own Accord..."

 Fox News still stuck in Clinton's zipper
  as seen at   http://hnn.us/articles/900.html#11140204

 If you ever wanted proof that Faux News still think about Clinton's pecadilloes, Click Here.
 It certainly confirms what I thought about the Clinton-obsessed folks over at Fox.

 The Fox prettyboy tried to say "curb job, rather than block party," and he mentally
 combined "curb job" and "block" and end up saying "blow job" with J-Lo on the screen.

 More Sopranos stuff
    by unknown

 I thought Tony looked very familiar , laden with the rug, chains and
 assorted crap with which to wrap up Ralphie's torso, and then I realized:
 he was the image of  Marley's Ghost in A Christmas Carol, bearing his
 chains of sin and wicked acts, wearing him down.

 He grabs the bowling ball case, only to later have
 the two mobsters hear the ...thump
 of the bowling ball falling down the stairs, momentarily shocking them upright,
 like the guilt ridden murderer in Poe's classic Tell Tale Heart

 Chip Glitch Hands Victory to Wrong Candidate

  Click  Here

 A defective computer chip in the county's optical scanner misread ballots Tuesday night and
 incorrectly tallied a landslide victory for Republicans. Democrats actually won by wide margins.

 I suspect this happened all over America, but the Democrats are willing to accept defeat
 and whine about why being for the little guy is the wrong message for a political party.

Marty always has good stuff!

 Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

 A lot of people say the Dems didn't have a message this fall but they did and here it is:
 We support the same things as the Republicans, it just takes us longer. We are bought
 by the same concerns as Republicans, just for less money. We are as silent about issues
 that matter to working families as Republicans, it's just that our silence represents betrayal
 of our purported core values whereas Republicans are merely remaining consistent.

 From: Yen Yen

 Subject: Questions

  Click  Here

Where did the Social Security surplus go?

To the richest of the richest!
$2 billion to GM, and how many jobs did they create?


“When going into the military, we did not swear alliance to protect the flag
  and the reputation of the President.  We swore to protect the Constitution.”
      --David Cline, Vietnam Vets Against The War,  New York City, 11/10/02

 Race Against Time

  Click  Here

 Isaac Peterson interviews john a. powell, University of Minnesota law professor
 and Institute On Race and Poverty Executive Director
 Powell insists on spelling his name in lower case. He says that in the 1960's
 when many African Americans were changing their names, using lower case,
 "...was a way of taking my name and making it my own".

 Subject: I got a live one

 Bart help,

 I've got a committment from a local rush radio wannabe to compare a list of
 Clinton administration officals convicted of crimes, with Reagon officals convicted of crimes.

 I know you had a comparison at least once on your web site.
 Where can I find it?

 Chris Ray

 Chris, is there money involved?   Can I get in for a piece?

 The truth is, there were ZERO Clinton felonies, so you can't lose.
 I think Mike Espy pled guilty to a misdemeanor for "illegally going to a Cowboys game,"
 and Web Hubbel was convicted of stealing from Hillary pre-1993, but Clinton's
 most ethical administration in history had zero felonies - so you can't lose.

 Reagan and Bush had over thirty felony convictions, but I don't have a handy list.

 And be sure to remind the wannabe that Bush had to pardon Reagan's cabinet for
 crimes committed during Iran-Contra, so the total would've been a whole lot higher.


“I think if we allow ourselves to get caught into are we new Democrats,
 old Democrats, blue dog Democrats, I think -- it is a losing thing.
 What I think this party needs to be is a party of ideas.
 The Republican Party has ideas. They all come from 1981.

 If God didn't want me to think, he would have made me a Republican, but he didn't.
 He made me a Democrat, so therefore I have different ideas about things."
   --James Carville, Crossfire, 11/10/02

Subject: Taxes on the Rich - poor babies

Geez, this whole tax argument has been framed by the rich.
I personally ask, why the hell should any of us weep for the tax burden of the rich?
I think the top 1% should be paying AT LEAST 50% of their income in taxes.

Oh, I know, the sad and burdened elitist will find it difficult but I think they can make it.
I mean, geez, if Rush makes $30 million per year, the poor guy will be forced to 'survive'
off of $15 million dollars in such a scenario.
Whaaaa.... poor baby.

Bill W.

Bill, a couple of things...
I share your compassion for the richest one percent of all Americans.
Remember the Beatles song, "Taxman?" "One for you, nineteen for me?"
That means Britain takes 95 percent, and gazzilonaires like Rush can't survive on 39 percent?


Plus, the gazzilonaires have a hundred accountants looking for loopholes.
NO WAY they're paying 39 percent on their taxes.
They can but tax-free muni-bonds or whatever and skate right past the taxman.

The super-rich - they have it soooo tough in America...

 Bush to be held accountable now
   by Eric Wood

  Click  Here   (will have link up tonight)

* when the U.S. invades Iraq and finds out that the cost, in both dollars
   and American lives, is much higher than he promised it would be


* when American women lose their right to have an abortion and start
   dying in droves in back alleys or in Mexico


 This poor bastard.
 Isn't there some state or federal agency that could
 step in and save him from his scalpal obsession?


 "I was switching back and forth from NBC and the Lakers game tonight –
  and for a split second I thought I saw a black person on 'Friends'."
          --Craig Kilborn

 November ad special

 Ten ads for just $300

 You can have every Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.
 ...and weekends are half-price!

 Don't wait, first come, first served.
 Reach dozens with your message.

 From: Maria

 Keep up the Votescam coverage!

 What could be more important in a democracy than how the votes are counted?
 And why is careful counting not automatic in America?

 Maria, it seems the Democrats don't care enough to fight.
 If they don't want to win, the B.F.E.E. will just take over.

 Please, Democrats!
 Can't a few of you stand up for democracy?

Bush promised to get bin Laden.
He vowed "to bring him to justice or bring justice to him."
That's why his approval numbers went to the high eighties.
That was 418 days ago ...and counting

 Subject: But Bart....

 There is no loyal opposition;
 There is no fourth estate;
 There is no check from the Supreme Court...

 The frustration of people powerless like never before in this country's history is rising,
 but only in those of us who know how to turn off the TV....

 I hear it in the voices of people I talk to....


 Down with Polls, Up with Democracy
  by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 I'm still trying to figure out who had a more wretched Election Night 2002,
 the Democratic Party or America's pollsters. While Democrats lost control
 of the Senate, they will live to fight another Election Day.

 Pollsters, on the other hand, in losing what scraps of credibility they had, may -- with a
 little help from the public -- find their entire profession obsolete, gone the way of chimney
 sweeps, organ pumpers, and those guys who used to make buggy whips.

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 bartcop.com  is not worth $5 a month, because ___________.

us with your ideas for how much Bartcop Radio could suck.
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 Two more GOPs get the magic 18181 votes
  As seen on Democraticunderground.com

 Click  Here

 Click  Here

 That makes five GOP candiadtes who got that exact amount of votes.

 Can you say, "Fix?"

Why is the media so pro-Bush?

Ho...                 ho...                  ho!

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