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Volume 929 - Gitmo Working

 Thursday    Nov 14, 2002 


"I am all for unabashed liberal Nancy Pelosi taking over as minority leader.
  Even though it will surely cause more election losses, at least my head will be
  held high rather than face down on my desk suffering Democrats following Republicans."
   --  rackjite.com

 I disagree with the world "surely," but IF we're going to lose all future elections,
 I'd rather go down fighting that watching Democratic leaders go down on the Illegal Usurper

 Was the Press involved in the death of Clinton's mother? 

  Click  Here

 There is a long history of media involvement with Mrs. Kelley. Members of the press have been seen lurking
 around her ever since her son began seeking office. Many of these same reporters were also close to JFK,
 Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy in the months before they were assassinated, thus raising disturbing
 questions about the possibility of a link between these events.

 New questions are now being raised about the death of former Speaker of the House Thomas (Tip) O'Neil,
 who also died suddenly, just one day before the unexpected death of Virginia Kelley. As a mathematician from
 NASA might have stated, "The odds of these two people dying within hours of each other could be as high
 as a million to one." Odds like this could raise the question of a media assassination conspiracy.

 West Wing Shocker!
 Bartlet Loses to the idiot Florida governor!

  Just kidding - the Bush bastards had no way to fix that election.

 Documents Reveal Enron's Clout on Energy Agenda
  Enron memo gives orders to the White House on how to behave

  Click  Here

 The White House must link the Democrats to "blackouts, waste, Luddites, regulation,
 government ownership, stagnation" while positioning Bush as the agent of "abundan[ce],
 efficiency, new economy, innovation, open markets," the document said.

 When Enron barked, Cheny & Bush sat up and begged.

 But the B.F.E.E. knows how to return a favor - with YOUR MONEY

 1 in 3 Brits say Bush is the biggest threat

  Click  Here

 Bush is seen by a third of Britons as a bigger threat to world safety than Saddam,
 according to a new poll conducted by a senior US Republican.

 According to the New York Daily News, Halle Berry "stopped short" of confirming a report
 in Essence Magazine that her husband is being treated for "sex addiction," after a string of affairs.

 "The truth is...my private life faced a staggering crisis," said the shapely star.

 So, let me get this straight....

 This guy - Eric Benet - has Halle Berry in his bed at home...

  ...and he's out cruising the streets for a good-looking woman to have sex with?

 Vote Fraud in America

  Click  Here

"...the election process has changed in most venues to make it impossible for either citizen or candidate
 to monitor or check anything on election night and concern over how the votes are counted seems to
 have vanished altogether. The average American voting in 1996 is predisposed to believe the results
 announced on election night. Skeptics are asked, "Can you prove there was computer fraud?
 If you can't prove it nobody's going to listen. "

 First of all, whether a citizen can prove vote fraud is not the question The question is whether the Board
 of Elections officials can prove that they are running a verifiable election with a paper trail and checks
 and balances. After all, these administrators are supposed to be servants of the people. Instead most
 of them now act as if the business of elections is their specialty, if not their rightful monopoly.

 Where the hell are the Democrats?
 A few web sites can kick some dirt, but it seems like the Democrats don't WANT to win.

 Bart - stop it!
 Dubya would never cheat us!
 He's an honest man and he's
 our president in wartime!

 Ralphie the Headless on Dave last night

 Geez, America is still buzzing.  Yesterday, Robert Bianco of USA Today said,
"If you quit watching The Sopranos because it was beginning to get
  a little boring, catch the repeat tonight on HBO. You will not be bored."

 Ralphie (Joe Pantoliano) told Dave that David Chase has caught hell all season
 for not having enough excitement and mob violence in the show, so they give us
 a death scene and people bitch, "Why do you have to be so violent?"

 Trust me, the minute that show ends, the Soprano producers are logging on
 to  alt.tv.sopranos  to bet immediate feedback from their biggest fans.
 It's like a focus group
 If the show ends at 9:56, they have feedback by 10.

 Dave saw another opportunity for a Monica joke.
 He said, "Ralphie was killed and decapitated on Sunday's Sopranos,"
 and the crowd let loose a roar that was bigger than whatever you thought it was.

"Ralphie has the most famous head since the Clinton Administration."

 Hell, at least that was a joke.
 Sometimes, Dave sees the word "desk" in a news story and twists that into a Clinton joke.


 Al Gore on Dave Friday.

 Hey, don't laugh.
 Dave's better than Tim the Whore and people believe Dave when he speaks.
 Dave is highly paid, but he's nobody's whore.

 El Vulgaro, Laura, Harvey - they'll say any goddamn thing for $1000.
 Dave says what's on his mind - he's not reading from the Scaife fax.
 The stuff Dave did with 9-11, then Rudy, then Clinton, then Hillary...

 Tim the Whore and his grab-ass comrads at Fox News have some nasty agenda.
 I know I'm from Mars, but Dave and Jon Stewart are kinda leading the way, right?
 I'd trust either of them before I'd trust network news.

 Also - someone remind me to remind you about "Who's on cape?" for Paul Friday.
 Will  Al Gore  bring the cape out to comfort Paul?

 Shame in Oklahoma

 Geez, it never stops here in the 1800's Dust Bowl.
 For some reason, the voters rejected the gubernatorial candidacy of Steve Largent,
 who's a good and decent man, but he's severely and totally religiously-insane.

 But they rewarded that prick Jim Inhofe (R-Bastard) who is the most petty, bottom-feeding,
 no-account, religious-faking, swindling, crookedest scumbag we've ever sent to Washington.

 Post-election analsys says Brad Henry, the Democrat, beat Largent because
 Largent was brave enough to come out against cock-fighting!

 The Democrat won by 7,000 votes, which came from the southern part of the state,
 where the cock do most of their fighting.

 Oh, the shame - the horror!
 In Oklahoma, even the Democrats are pro-cock-fighting?


"They say people get the government they deserve,
   but I don't recall knife-raping any retarded nuns."
      -- someone saw it on  TheOnion.com

Marty always has good stuff!

 It's getting worser and worser

 I'm watching West Wing last night, and Josh's girl (she's smart!) warns him that
 he'd better do "X" and "Y," right away because he'd be in big trouble if he didn't.

 Josh says to her,
 "Angry House Democrats?
   I'm shivering! ...hold my hand?"

 That's what we gotta live with until some Democrat stand the hell up.

 How many times must the DNC hear, "...no-backbone, ...pink tutu, ...spineless wimps," before they act?

 Hey, maybe it's because I'm in Oklahoma, but here, you never even get to the third insult.
 Once you say, "You lying bastard..." there's blood on the ground.
 Maybe these Democrats are waiting for some friffle-shirted Frenchie to slap them with a glove?

 Boy, if I had a staff, we'd gather names and sign petitions that the first man or woman who stands up and says,
"No, Mr. Bush, we're not going to help you steal that oil," then we'd all vote for him or something

 ... I need a drink

 Subject:  Loyalty


 Why is it when a repug get caught with his pants down, the rest of the repugs
 circle the wagons, and say it is a liberal plot to discredit a noble man.

 When a Democrat gets caught with his pants down, the rest of the
 Democrats join with the repugs, and kick him in the balls?


 Dale, Democrats are scared little ninnies - afraid of their own shadow.
 They don't have the courage or the brains to help themselves.
 Sometimes it's tough being in a party of disloyal rabbits.

 For some reason, Rush has been on this "They say we want to starve
 the children and poison the water and the air," kick, and he can't get up.

 For the newer readers - a reminder.

 When Newt and his Merry Men got to Washington in January 1995, the VERY FIRST
 thing they did was decrease funding for the school lunch program. Liberals pointed out that
 some kids only get one hot meal a day, and that's at school. Cutting their only hot meal wouldn't
 exactly starve the children, not overnight, anyway. But it's interesting that out of the thousands
 of options the GOP had to cut back on government spending, they went after those children first.

 And when Bush stole the White House, what did he do first?
 No, I mean after they claimed Clinton trashed the place and stole all the furniture...

 The first thing Bush did was reverse the strict standards for clean drinking water.
 The second thing he did was ask BIG POLLUTION if they would help Karl Rove
 re-write the laws concerning dumping tons of toxic waste into our fresh air, ther bastards.

 So when Rush starts whing about "starving the kids and poisoning the air and water,"
 just remember that those charges are true.

      BartCop is lying!
     That never happened!
     I'm the Turnpig of Truth

 The Best of bartcop.com

 I got an e-mail from Toni asking what we had planned for upcoming Issue 1000.
 She suggested a "Best Of" issue with the bits from the past 925 issues, and she volunteered
 to receive, colate and compile the best stuff from waaay back when  bartcop.com  was funny.

 If you saw a good or funny piece send the name of it and the issue # it was in to Toni at


 If you want your name listed (or not) mention that to her, too.

 Laura the Unloved

 11:20 K-Drag time, Laura just destroyed a 19-year old twit of a girl.
 She had her sobbing for a while, then, after she was totally broken,
 Laura said, "Let me hear you say, 'I don't have a Dad, and I'm not going to find one.'"

 The poor, sobbing airhead couldn't get the words out - Laura kept hammering.
"Let me hear you - 'I don't have a Dad, and I'm not going to find one.'"

 She tried again - couldn't get the words to come out.
 Laura kept hammering,"C'mon - say it!! 'I don't have a Dad, and I'm not going to find one.'"

 After four tries, she got the first part out, "I...  ...I, ...don't  have ....a Dad..."

 Laura kept hammering, "Keep going, ...and...? ...and...?
 Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she spits out "...and I'm not going to find one."

 Having totally broken the poor airhead, the entertainment value gone, Laura dumps her.
"You see how hard that was? You need a lot of work, Honey.  Next up is ...Jim!"

 I imagine the LA cops will find her body floating in some river, but hey!
 As long as Laura entertains her audience, that's important, right?

 Did God tell them to steal the votes?
     by Faun Otter

  Click  Here

  Not only are the party political affiliations of the ES&S and Diebold senior staff and owners
  obviously all Republican BUT there is another common link: The Republicans who are supported
  by the owners and staff of these companies are not just standard issue conservative Republicans
  ... they are Christian Reconstructionists.

 Click  Here  for today's 

 Subject: Hackers hack horse races, why not the election?


 Just a quick rhetorical question: If a few thirty-somethings had the
 know-how to break into a secure computer system and change the
 results of a horse race recently, why would anyone think GOP operatives
 couldn't hack into touch screen voting machines and manipulate the outcome?

 Just wondering.
 Upstate New York

This is Field Marshall Ashcroft.
Send somebody to hack into BartCop's computer and get
the home and work address of this LLU fella. Then we need
a secret torture chopper in upstate New York as soon as possible.
This LLU fella needs a rodent in his rectum - some Roto-Rooter Ashcroft-style.

 Boycott the Media
   by Mark Sanders

  Click  Here

 The time is coming soon, I think, when the national news media will actually wear
 party hats and drink champagne as they gleefully announce Republican electoral victories.
 They're not far from it now, with their all-right pundit panels and smirking grins and constant
 repetition of Karl Rove's script. As Democrats, we should realize by now that the media is
 completely in control of wealthy conservatives whose only goal is to spread their neofascist agenda.

 November ad special

 Ten ads for just $300

 You can have every Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.
 ...and weekends are half-price!

 Don't wait, first come, first served.
 Reach dozens with your message.

 Touch Screens can be rigged to cheat and it's undetectable
  My Husband has a patent on popular voting machine

  Click  Here

 Are we smart to allow voting machines we can't verify?

 Would we be naive to trust voting machines we cannot audit?  Would we be naive and
 insane to trust them if their owner is a man who is as anti-democratic as the Mullah Omar?

 What would motivate a man who has made his life's work the replacement of current federal
 and state law with a narrow interpretation of Biblical law to own the lion's share of the nation's
 largest voting equipment company?

Bush promised to get bin Laden.
He vowed "to bring him to justice or bring justice to him."
That's why his approval numbers went to the high eighties.
That was 417 days ago ...and counting

Jesus, 5 billion in tax breaks?
All I got was a $300 loan.

 bartcop.com  is worth $5 a month

 bartcop.com  is not worth $5 a month, because ___________.

us with your ideas for how much Bartcop Radio could suck.
 You rich Hollywood gazzilionaires  Click  Here  to donate large.

  You Are a Suspect
   by William Safire (R-Liar, but willing to take on Bush)

  Click  Here

 If the Homeland Security Act is not amended before passage, here is what will happen to you:

 Every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you buy and medical prescription you fill,
 every Web site you visit and e-mail you send or receive, every academic grade you receive, every bank deposit
 you make, every trip you book and every event you attend all these transactions and communications will go
 into what the Defense Department describes as "a virtual, centralized grand database."

 This is not some far-out Orwellian scenario. It is what will happen to your personal freedom
 in the next few weeks if John Poindexter gets the unprecedented power he seeks.

 ...and Poindexter (R-Iran-Contra) is a convicted felon, but he's a friend of the B.F.E.E.,
 so he has this incredible power over all of us - until Bush says "there is no more terra."

Minnesota's Shame
   by Garrison Keillor

  Click  Here

 Thus the use of Iraq as an election ploy, openly, brazenly, from the president and Karl Rove
 all the way down to Norman Coleman, who came within an inch of accusing Wellstone of being
 an agent of al-Qaida. To do that one day and then, two days later, to feign grief and claim the
 dead Wellstone's mantle and carry on his "passion and commitment" is simply too much for a
 decent person to stomach. It goes beyond the ordinary roughhouse of politics. To accept it
 and grin and shake the son of a bitch's hand is to ignore what cannot be ignored if you want
 your grandchildren to grow up in a country like the one that nurtured and inspired you.

 Take away his Clinton-bashing and Keillor sounds a little like Ol' Bart

Ho...                 ho...                  ho!

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