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 Did God tell them to steal the votes?
     by Faun Otter        Nov 14, 2002

 I have been digging about the web for sometime looking at the companies
 that make our vote casting and counting machines. These are not always the
 same thing but are equally as important.

 One question haunts me as I do this research and that is WHY? What could make
 such a huge vote rigging scheme palatable to a group of individuals? The money to be
 made is large but the illegality is enormous. Subverting the electoral process in the US
 is illegal in and of itself but could also constitute treason, a RICO offense, fraud and
 so on for several pages on a charge sheet. I personally believe that stealing votes is a
 breach of ethics and common decency. The answer I came up with was that perhaps
a group driven by a belief that they were doing God's work and that Democracy should
 be demolished would have the gall to carry out such a plot.

 Meet John Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute and a key player in the  Arkansas
 Project to 'get' Clinton by any means possible. He is a high ranking Christian Reconstructionist:

 "Whitehead shares with Rushdoony, along with many other far-right members of the Biblical America
 establishment, membership in the secretive Council for National Policy (CNP). As of 1996, both
 Whitehead and Rushdoony, along with others such as Pat Robertson, Howard Phillips of the U.S.
 Taxpayers Party, Oliver North, Jesse Helms and Lauch Faircloth, were members of the CNP."


"We note that John Whitehead and R.J. Rushdoony, along with Rutherford founding board member
 Howard Ahmanson, are members of the Council for National Policy, a secretive organization that has
 been called the "virtual who's who of the Hard Right." Two members of the CNP, Jesse Helms and
 Lauch Faircloth, were seen lunching with a member of the judicial panel that appointed independent
 counsel Ken Starr. We see that allegations of abuse by Starr and his staff - the kinds of abuses that
 one might expect from people who have demonized their opponents, resorting to any means necessary
to bring them down - are now surfacing."


"While Biblical America views the secular world as the harbinger of the totalitarian state, its faithful
minions have begun to act, not as a conspiracy but as a subculture, subverting democratic institutions
to eventually warp our government into something resembling a fascist theocratic state. It is their vision
 of a future totalitarian regime, in which only approved Christians would have full citizenship, the Bible
 the basis of all law, and many of us live as slaves, that drives them. "

 Notice Lauch Faircloth, a CNS leader, was recipient of a concerted pattern of campaign donations
 on the same day from the board members and senior staff of Diebold.

 Diebold make the touch screen voting machines that were used in Georgia and that produced election
 results incredibly at odds with all the tracking polls.

 Faircloth also had money funneled to him through a PAC from Howard Ahmanson, another founder
 of the Rutherford Institute. Check out the 1998 donations page for the horribly misnamed PAC,
 "Campaign for Working Families"

 Click  Here

 This donations page from the FEC reads like a check list of far right Reconstructionist candidates.
 Note for example, the money for Mike Fair, an extreme radical and openly Theocratic candidate
 even by South Carolina's standards. Fair was running in a primary against the fiscal conservative
 Republican Jim DeMint.

 How does Reconstructionist Ahmanson tie into the voting machine scam?
 Look at this item abstracted from data at

 Election Systems & Software (ES&S)

 Election Systems & Software operated under the name American Information Systems from its
 inception in the early 1980s until around 1998. It was founded by Todd and Bob Urosevich,
 originally under the name Data Mark. The Urosevich brothers obtained financing from the
 Ahmanson family, who took a 68 percent controlling interest. The investment group related to
 the Ahmansons sold their shares in 1987 to the McCarthy Group (35%) and the World-Herald
 Company, Inc. (45%)  Michael R. McCarthy, Chairman of the McCarthy Group is listed in FEC
 documents as Campaign finance principle for Chuck Hagel (R - Senator for Nebraska)

 Not only are the party political affiliations of the ES&S and Diebold senior staff and owners
 obviously all Republican BUT there is another common link: The Republicans who are supported
 by the owners and staff of these companies are not just standard issue conservative Republicans
 ... they are Christian Reconstructionists.

 You might want to learn more about the beliefs of the people who control the two companies
 that dominate American vote casting and counting:

 "Christian Reconstructionism is an extreme form of post-millenial, Calvinistic Protestantism which
 argues that it is the moral obligation of Christians to reclaim every "worldly" institution for Christ.
 Reconstructionism also holds that the entire Law of the Pentateuch continues as a standard of
 righteousness even today for Christians, and that Christians must exercise dominion through the
 power of God's Law over all the Earth before Christ shall come again. As part of their theology,
 reconstructionists hold that, under the coming "kingdom of God", which they are actively engaged in
 bringing about, that the Biblical penalty for homosexuality (death) will be enforced, though they will
 always demur that they do not advocate that the penalty be applied today, but only in some nebulous
 future time when they believe that God will have instituted a theocratic form of government."

 Summary -
* - The machines used to cast and count votes in American elections can be caused to give false results
      without leaving any paper trail as proof.

* - The two companies that produce most of the machines and write the software to drive them are
      both staffed by partisan Republicans and many are openly Christian Reconstructionists.

* - These companies refuse to allow any inspection of the code in the voting machines on the grounds
      that it is a "trade secret."

* - Ballot results from their machines do not tally with tracking or exit polls.

* - Vote tampering is illegal and unethical in a democratic society but the people behind these companies
      are opposed to democracy and believe their actions are the work of God.

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