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Volume 935 - Ignorance rewarded 

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Friday    Nov 22, 2002 


"Why should we ask our military to die for cheap oil
   when the rest of us aren't even being asked to get better mileage?"

 GOP goes ballistic on Hillary
  Blasts her 'score to settle' with Saddam comment

  Click  Here

 Republicans blasted Sen. Hillary Clinton yesterday for suggesting Bush
 wants regime change in Iraq to settle his father's old score with Saddam.

 I'll bet Poppy left Saddam intact so his evil empire could make another
 few hundred million dollars re-arming him, then kicking his ass a second time.

...certainly not the voters, you ignorant monkey!

 Reagan/Bush Criminals

 Lately, I bin asking if anybody had a list of Reagan/Bush felons?
 All praise to John Icarus for finding this great list.
 He found this on some obscure tequila/garbage/Vegas/political humor site called  bartcop.com

 You want to see what real crime looks like?

 Click  Here  to see this partial list of Reagan/Bush criminals

 Di Nasties

  Click  Here

"The Bushes, for their part, are no slouches in the petty-scandal department. But our tabloids
 are a lot tamer than the old country's. The United States has nothing like the Mirror or the Sun,
 which sells close to four million copies on a good day—the equivalent, proportionately, of an
 American daily with a circulation of eighteen million. By British standards, our Daily News and
 even the Post are church newsletters, so the Windsorian devilments of sundry Bushes—the trips
 to the clink for underage drinking, the drug busts, the parking-lot sex romps, the D.U.I. adventures,
 the business irregularities—don't provide the kind of lingering, sadistic, never-ending reading
 pleasure that the British public expects from the family of a Head of State."

 I wonder - in England, are they allowed to ask how many times the prince has been arrested?

Subject: Rush ratings

Rush comes in 8th place in eastern North Carolina.  This should be cinch market for him,
we're at least as cro-mag as Oklahoma.  We even have java peking and australopithicus thrown in.

I use a software program called "Market PC" that lets me dissect the ratings.
Country, oldies, rap, classic rock, hip hop, soft rock, and Top 40 all beat out Rush.

The kicker is that Rush isn't on some dinky AM station here, he's on a full
class C FM in sizzling nazi-stereo.  And isn't doing jack shit.

My old employer, WBT in Charlotte recently dumped Dr. Laura and is now considering dropping Rush.
The deal is that he needs to drop his ridiculous affiliation fees because his performance is sucking.
BT has been trying to stay on top of the ratings with some absolutley excellent local talk,
but Rush keeps pulling down the ratings.



"Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that can said 'The buck stops here.'
  George Bush has a sign on his desk that says 'Go ask the other guy.'"
    --former Clinton Communications Director, Ann Lewis

 I guess it's a sign of old age, but I can't see the date November 22
 without flashing back to that horrible Friday afternoon in Dallas.
 I had just turned ten, and I was going to spent the night at Michael's Phieffer's house.
(Mike's dad directed the Little Rascals school play in which I starred as "Spanky."
 Nancy Wrap played Darla, but we never had an off-screen relationship.)

 Maybe she was just looking forward to getting me out of the house, but Mom
 went ahead with the stayover plan even tho we'd lost our president that afternoon.
 It was weird to experience America's first national tragedy with some other family.

 ...and we still don't know who was involved.

 Remember, the Zapruder film measured the timing of the 3 shots, and the FBI's best sniper
 couldn't get three shots off as fast as Oswald, and the FBI guy wasn't taking the time to aim.

 ...and it's always the Democrat who gets it.

 Today, NPR is broadcasting a never-before heard tape from the JFK murder 39 years ago.
 Dean Rush and Pierre Salinger were over the Pacific on their way to Japan when they were
 told via radio that JFK had been shot in the head.

 It will be on All Things Considered, not sure about the time.
 Catch it if you can.

 Total(itarianism) Information Awareness
  Homeland Security makes Molly use the f-word

  Click  Here

 Damned if GeeDubya Bush didn't pop up the other day to announce that we must
 fight a war "for the sake of peace." That's not vaguely Orwellian, it's a direct steal.


"...one of the standards to be admitted to NATO is that Bush had to know
  where your country was on a map, but they waived it this year because he
 couldn't find a single one there at the NATO meeting. He said, oh, I didn't
 know there were so many countries in the world."
    --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 11/20/02

 John Lennon's Dope Box to be Auctioned

  Click  Here

 An ornate box that John Lennon used to store his marijuana
 is expected to fetch up to $40,000 at auction in London Tuesday.

From: Jeff K

Subject: More on Reagan administration felons

Doonesbury strip on Reagan convictions
 Click  Here

Trudeau's on-line clarification
 Click  Here

Media Whores online adds some more info, including a Reagan vs Clinton
admin scoreboard and Bush II's hiring of Reagan's war criminals
 Click  Here

Iran/Contra Independent Counsel's report, detailing the 11 convictions and everything else
Note Weinberger was indicted on 5 points, but Bush I pardoned him
 Click  Here

More on Bush II's felon rehabilition program
 Click  Here


 "I view Rush Limbaugh as entertainment.
   I view him like I view a circus clown..." 
     -- John McCain, speaking for all smart Republicans

         ...doesn't read  bartcop.com

      ...reads  bartcop.com  every day

 Subject: guns guns guns

 When I was about 8 years old I was spending the night at my Aunt's house in
 Ozone Park, Queens.  It was just she and I.  At one point in the night the
 front door was nearly smashed in by someone trying to get in (only the chain
 prevented this). We ran out the back door to a neighbor (she was a cop) who
 "cleared" the house, gun drawn.

 My Aunt initially came running out of her bedroom "armed" with a tennis
 racket once the banging started.  It was only some years later that I fully
 realized how close we came to something terrible.  Anyone willing to
 blatantly smash in a front door most likely wouldn't be spooked away by my
 aunt with a tennis racket.  If someone can promise me that there are no more
 bad guys in the world, I promise to turn in by gun.

 John Malone

 I wonder - what to they do in countries like England or Japan when someone is kicking in their door?


"George W. Bush criticizing Bill Clinton on the economy?
  It's like James Carville criticizing Tucker Carlson's hair."
     --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 11/20/02

Meet the GOP mascot for the 2004 convention
Their slogan - "Vote GOP - you will, anyway"

 Bill Maher just signed to do a new talk show on HBO.
 This is where he belongs, on HBO, so he can speak the language most Americans use.
 And HBO won't cancel him if he says something the advertisers don't like.

 Unlike Dennis Miller and Chris Rock, Maher will do an hour show.
 It premiers February 21.

Marty always has good stuff!

 From: dave

 Subject: Please verify!!

 Senior Canadian reportedly calls Bush a "moron"

 OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada has declined to comment on reports that a senior
 Canadian official at the NATO summit in Prague referred to George Bush as "a moron".

 The incident didn't help the already rocky relationship between Bush and Prime Minister Chretien,
 who is clearly uncomfortable with the Republican's stance on many issues.

 The National Post newspaper on Thursday said one top Canadian official expressed frustration that
 Bush seemed more keen on building up moral support for a possible assault on Iraq rather than
 focusing on NATO expansion, the official focus of the summit.

 "What a moron," the Post quoted the official as saying during a discussion with
 Canadian reporters on Wednesday evening in Prague.

 This story has to be a fake.
 I mean, who could meet Dubya and come away thinking he's a f-ing moron?

Where did the Social Security surplus go?

To the richest of the richest!
And who did General Motors hire?

Nobody - they just pocketed the money.


"A favorite terror technique of the Soviet secret police during the great purges of the 1930's
  was to arrest a suspect at 3am, and drag him into an interrogation room at the dreaded
  Lubyanka prison. A blank piece of paper and pencil were put on front of the trembling prisoner.
 'Write down each and every one of your crimes, and names of all your fellow conspirators,'
  warned NKVD interrogators. 'We know everything you have done. If you omit even one crime
  in your confession, you and your entire family will be shot.' The Bush Administration - behind the
  fig-leaf of UN inspectors - is using the same old Soviet technique on Iraq: 'list all your hidden
  weapons of mass destruction (wmd's) and scientists who made them. Leave off even one site or
  name and we will immediately go to war against you.' "
   -- Eric S. Margolis, foreigncorrespondent.com


 You know, I really like this year's 24 show.
 But let's face it - they have 24 hours to fill with just one story
 so they're forced to stretch a scene that would only take a few seconds in real life.

 For example, if you saw the premier, you know Jack's having problems with Kimberly,
 his Maxim-model uber-moron daughter who's just slightly smarter than Dubya.
 It's my opinion the writers have padded the dialog to make it last longer.

 For instance, in the premier, you might have caught this telephone conversation:
 Jack just found out terrorists will explode a nuclear bomb in LA in the next few hours.
 So he calls his daughter to tell to get the "F" out of LA.
 It went something like this:

 (squiggly lines that Wayne's World used to do...)

 Jack: Kimmy, it's Dad.

 Kim: Daddy, I asked you not to call.

 Jack: But Honey, if I could just talk to you...

 Kim: Daddy, you know I'm not ready...

 Jack: But Darling, I just need a few minutes.

 Kim: Daddy, I'm busy on my job as a live-in nanny.

 Jack: I know, Pumpkins, but if you'd just let me explain...

 Kim: Daddy, I'm really busy with my new job.

 Jack: But Sugarpumps, this won't take very long...

 Kim: Daddy, I'm sorry but I'm just too busy to talk now.

 Jack: But if you'd just give me a chance to tell you...

 Kim: Daddy, we'll talk later, I'm just not ready for this yet.

 Jack: ...but Schnookums, I only need a few minutes of your time...

 ...this goes on faaaaaar longer than what I've portrayed here, but the internet is only so big, y'know?

 If that was me, I'd say,  "Kim, the men who raped and murdered Mom
 are coming to rape and kill you any minute - unless you leave LA right now."

 I'd bet that would do the trick, but nooooooooooooooooooooo.
 ...they have 24 hours to kill.

 It would be counter-productive to save time, so they, ...what's that word...
 Oh yeah, they fritter their time away with useless dialog that fails to move the story forward.

 I'm a busy guy.
 I have no time for fritter.

 It's a good show, if you can get past the fritter and Kim being kidnapped twice each hour.

 Why We Need Tort Reform Now
   October 15, 2002     by Christian Dewar

  Click  Here

 My concept for tort reform varies somewhat from Bush's concept of what this should entail. For republicans,
"tort reform" essentially means to severely limit penalties and liability for corporations and CEOs if they put a
 defective product on the market. In other words, if a company knowingly designs a car with a gas tank located
 where it will explode into a conflagration upon impact, Bush believes that the amount of penalties that the
 company is liable for should be capped at an amount that won't cut into their executive's stock options.

 Click to order

 From: unclgene

 Subject: Let's roll

 Please do not make fun of  "Let's roll."
 Those folk were better than you.

 Gene 6-Pack

 Gene, I'm betting you're a good guy who came to an incorrect conclusion.
 I think you got the wrong idea from my "Let's not roll" rant.

 First, lots of people think that Todd's bravery was all a sham and F-16's shot that plane down.
 I don't.

 Second, sure, those folks were better than me, that's almost always true, but if I was
 on a plane that was doomed, I'm agnostic enough to play the odds and go for Hadji's throat.

 Third, I have no problem with Beamer and his helpers - my problem is with Bush using
 "Let's roll," to sway votes when the super-rich need another tax-cut.

 Dude, me and you - I think - are on the same side.

 A man in Beamer's position was right to gamble with taking back the plane
 because he'd been told on the phone they were going to crash it into a monument.

 Me, you, Beamer - we're all on the same side.
 It was Bush who turned Beamer's last words into political fodder.


"I take liberties every day. And sometimes I cross the line and certainly fat boy,
  lard butt Limbaugh does when he compares Tom Daschle to Yasser Arafat."
     --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 11/20/02

 Beltway Rumors
   by Judy in Atlanta

 THEN, there is Fitzanyone's wedding!

 She had to sign a pre-nup, we hear that was because her groom found out about her "habits."
 AND the wedding was pure white trash, gaudy and tacky beyond comprehension!


 ha ha

 I love Beltway Rumors, especially when they're true!

 Judy, what can you tell us about Ann Coulter?

 Railing Against Rush
     by Howie the Whore Kurtz,  Washington Post Bush Lackey
  Click  Here

 Has Tom Daschle lost a couple of screws?
 Did the normally mild-mannered senator accuse Rush Limbaugh of inciting violence?
 He came pretty darn close. There were cameras there. You can watch the replay.

 Howie, aren't you supposed to cloak your idol-worship for the vulgar Pigboy?

 November ad special

 Ten ads for just $300

 You can have every Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

 Reach dozens with your message.

 Subject: Gore losing Tennessee

 May I offer to send you one the Tuesday "SOUND OFF" pages from our newspaper.
 People can call in and leave their opinions anonymously.  There is no lower form of scum
 than a Tennesseean, except maybe a Mississippian or Alabamian.  (Massabaman?)

 These people are beyond redemption, proud of their corruption and their ignorance,
 and utterly without principle or conviction - except to own guns and wave those stars and bars.

 I would have been disappointed in Gore if he had won his home state.

 Bob D

 Bob, you can't leave out the Okies.
 Cock-fighting and Jim Pissquik Inhofe.

Bush promised to get bin Laden.
He vowed "to bring him to justice or bring justice to him."
That's why his approval numbers went to the high eighties.

That was 425 days ago ...and counting

The good puppy press has forgotten,
the good puppy press has forgiven,
...but we won't.


 "You right wingers, you all hate poor people, you hate children,
   you hate Canadians, you hate Frenchmen. You hate everything.
   What the hell do you like other than rich people?"
        --James Carville, Crossfire, 11/21/02

 From: Ishmael

 We need bartcop radio! This country needs an antidote to Limbaugh.
 If the tech sector comes back, I'll up my tequila class of membership,
 and help to make bartcop radio a reality by hook or by crook
 ... hang in there 'till then...

 Yes, bartcop.com  is worth $10 a month

 No, bartcop.com  is not worth $10 a month, because 

  Help make  bartcop.com  a full-time thing
  Click  Here  to claim a hueueueueueuge tax loss.

 Subject: Vince Foster
  by  Phillip A. Schuman
  Click  Here

 Foster's death could have been exactly the suicide it has been officially ruled some 6 times, but not taken
 place at Ft. Marcy Park, but somewhere else where his presence would be embarrassing-- the White House
 itself, or exactly that little executive branch hideaway the financial newsletter claimed from an insider source.

 Beltway Rumors
   by Judy in Atlanta

 During impeachment a group of our fav conservatives got together for a " intervention" on Kellyanne Fitzanyone.
 She was screwing up the works, so to speak, by her lies, promiscuity and shopping bills.
 The meeting was at Grover's house, and it didn't help, she threw a phone at John Fund!

 ha ha
 Make Judy stop!
 I'd pay for a tape of John Fund (R-Woman-beater) dodging a hurled phone.

 I beat her, so she
 threw a phone at me...

 Bart, people have a right to their private lives but NOT if they go on TV and preach to us
 and then claim moral superiority!  That she, at this time, was going to speak to women's
 groups and Catholic girl schools is mind-boggling!!!

 They say they are conservative, but they aren't, they are sick!!!


Ho...                 ho...                  ho!

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