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Volume 940 - Thank  a  veteran 

Thanksgiving       Nov 28, 2002 


"I live in a bubble. That's what happens when you're president.
 That's just my life. It frustrates me not to be able to see this growing city.
 But that's just life in the bubble. That's what happens when you're president."
    -- the Unlected Moron in Europe last week

 Bush is such a clumsy liar, it's a good thing the press never calls him on anything.

  ...in the same USA Today article, it said,
"His predecessor was different. Bill Clinton plunged into crowds wherever
  he traveled and made spur-of-the-moment shopping and dining stops.'

 So, what's the difference?
 Clinton was loved by the whole world and half of America.
 Bush is hated by the whole world and half of America, and can't go anywhere unless
 the venue is packed with bussed-in supporters, hand-picked by Bush's babysitters.

 Bush is anything but moronic, according to author
  Dark overtones in his malapropisms President

  Click  Here

"Bush is not an imbecile. He's not a puppet. I think that Bush is a sociopathic personality.
 I think he's incapable of empathy. He has an inordinate sense of his own entitlement,
 and he's a very skilled manipulator. And in all the snickering about his alleged idiocy,
 this is what a lot of people miss," says Mark Crispin Miller (D-Good Friend)

 Miller's judgment, that the president might suffer from a bona fide personality disorder,
 almost makes one long for the less menacing notion currently making the rounds: that
 the White House's current occupant is, in fact, simply an idiot.

 Bush OKs geothermal drilling near 'sacred' lake
  "Screw the Indians," Bush said. "...they didn't vote for me, anyway."

  Click  Here

 Bush gave Calpine Corp. permission Tuesday to develop a 48-megawatt geothermal power plant
 beside Medicine Lake in California's volcanic far north, which angered American Indians who
 consider the area sacred, and reversed a Clinton decision in 2000 that blocked the project.

 American Indians and environmentalists said federal officials were selling out to big energy.
 The project, they said, would produce a meager amount of electricity while wounding a rugged
 landscape of conifers and sparkling hills of obsidian 30 miles east of Mount Shasta.

          Visit Medicine Lake - before Bush destroys it

Hey, screw that stupid lake!
My family has a right to earn.

 I wrote to Andrew Sullivan

 He was being real catty on his page with Joe Conason (who doesn't need my help)
 so I thought I'd see if I could get him to answer.

> Hey, I saw that swipe you took at Conason:

> "...and even, God help us, the tax cut which
>   Democrats want to take away from people?"

> The people got a tax cut? Are you sure?
> I got $600 and had to give it back.

> Did you get a tax cut, Andrew?

> Enron, Worldcom, GM, Exxon etc got hundreds of
> millions, if not billions, but we didn't get any.

> Also, did Enron, Worldcom, GM, Exxon etc hire anybody?
> Did they create new jobs with those billions?

> Please show me those new jobs, Andrew.

> bart
> bartcop.com

 I'm not going to get an answer.
 How's Sullivan going to answer that?

 "Yes, we all got a nide tax cut?"
 "No, but I want the rich to get richer?"
 "Yes, and those companies have been creating new jobs?"

 Those questioons can't be answered, which is why people like Rush
 and Hannity and Laura etc screen their calls - to keep the facts out.

Subject: h aha ah- Liar Slut Whore?!

that is the funniest shit i think i have ever read or seen in my life.........

I typed in "liar slut whore" in the browser of my computer.....being bored....my best freind
dicked me over so, now everytime i refer to her, i refer to her as Liar Slut Whore.

..well, I typed it in and this website popped up....I thought that was so damned funny
...very coincidental too, because my friend is the same way as Miss Laura.




"One would think that a convicted felon who escaped by a technicality hardly would be welcome
  in the Bush administration. Yet when asked about Poindexter's prior criminal conduct, Bush
  released a statement that he believed "Adm. Poindexter has served our nation very well."

  In some ways, Poindexter is the perfect Orwellian figure for the perfect Orwellian project.
  As a man convicted of falsifying and destroying information, he will now be put in charge of
  gathering information on every citizen. To add insult to injury, the citizens will fund the very
  system that will reduce their lives to a transparent fishbowl."
     --Jonathan Turley, Where is the outcry? charlotte.com

 Bush Proposes More Leeway for Logging

  Click  Here

 Bush is proposing to give managers of the nation's 155 national forests
 greater leeway to approve logging and commercial activities with less
 examination of potential environmental damages.

"Screw those trees...
  ...they didn't vote for me, either."

 So, the voters banned cock-fighting in this Koresh-forsaken dust bowl called Oklahoma,
 (even though local judges say cock-fighting can continue...)

 Meanwhile, they broke up a pit-bull fighting ring 12 miles from Tulsa.
 Police took 24 dogs and 4 men into custody...

 I accidentally caught some of Carson Daly's show last night.
 His first guest was that great actress from 24, Elisha Cuthbert.
 She must be a great actress, because only Dubya is that dumb in real life.

    Call me Elisha Strasberg.

 She said two things worth a mention:

 1. She showed the audience - she has a hole in her hand.
     On 24, coming up, she has a scene with "cats," but not house cats.
     She couldn't talk about it, but she went to play with the kitty between takes,
     and the cat went right thru her hand - all the way thru.  It was an ice-pick sized
     hole more than a "bite," but it also looked mostly healed - watch for that!

 2. She's from Canada. Her first trip to America was to Dallas, or Houston, ...doesn't matter.
     They picked her up from the airport, and driving into town, she noticed the shotguns in
     the back window of a pickup in traffic in front of her. She said, "What are those?"
     And her American friend said, "That's a shotgun and a rifle."

     So this Canadian says, "Guns? ...you mean real guns? ...that guy, ...that guy ...has real guns?"
     She said that was one of the biggest shocks of her life.

     No big kicker here, but after our recent gun discussions, it kinda offers some perspective that someone
     would react that way to some probably-drunk cowboy in Texas, driving around with with his guns

     I think if one has a firearm in the car, it should be unloaded and disassembled in the back floor
     and the driver should always be totally sober.  After all, drunk driving could kill the innocent.

 Rush’s Defenders Ignore His Venom
        by Joe Conason

  Click  Here


 No excerpt - this is my favorite Conason column of the year
 It gets the very rare "double hot."

  Idiots, imbeciles feeling left out
 Bush fails to meet moron criteria
 "He can't even get that right," critics say.

  Click  Here

 Morons say this is an outlandish slur. "We're nice people," explained one.
"We don't threaten other countries or use the courts  to steal elections.
 George W. Bush may be a dangerous lunatic. But he's no moron."

 Chrétien says there is nothing to worry about.
 Bush, he said, doesn't read Canadian newspapers.


"Political satire became obsolete when
  Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize."
     --Tom Lehrer

What does Marty E! have today?
The Simpson's are anti-Gypsy,
Michael Jackson hates pop music.
Edward Teller in a wheelchair in Darth Vader's boots
getting an award from Spencer Abraham.
Tupak's mom donated $15,000 to his former grade school.
The real recipe for 'Turducken'.
A spider web in British Columbia stretched 60 acres!
Chinese women redefine 'bovine'.



"You know why conservatives love the Saudi government?
  Because it stands for everything they do. It oppresses women,
  it forces religion down people's throats, and it loves money above
  everything else. Those are the three fundamentals of conservatism."
      --James Carville, Crossfire, 11/25/02

 Subject: Disclaimer for Wingnuts to Use on Their Talkshows

 The Faux 3 Twits in the Morning were just having a ball at President Gore's pointing out the
 dominance of wingnutism in the media, with emphasis on the Faux Propaganda Network.

 Ah, yes, their standard line is the same as what Howard Kurtz and Rush have been using,
 to the effect that "Nobody calls us in the morning to dictate what we're supposed to say this day."

 John G

 John, of course, they are lying.
 When Laura (R-Unloved) uses an odd phrase at 9:30, and Paul Harvey (R-horse molester) uses that
 same odd phrase at noon, and Rush (R-Pigboy) uses it at 1 PM, and Hannity (R-Nazi) uses it at 6 PM,
 and O'Reilly (R-Spinner) uses it at 7, it's just statistically impossible that they all thought of the same
 odd phrase to use on the same day.

 That's how they hammered Gore, with the same Rush/Russert fabrications which were then repeated
 so often by the hundreds of right-wing handjobs broadcasting that it eventually starts to sound true.

 When Rush says "I am show prep for the media," he's actually telling the truth. If Rush says it
 Monday, the entire GOP media conglomerate and the elected fascists will repeat it the rest of the week.
 The big problem with that is Rush is lying.

 Our side is too stupid to coordinate an effort like that,
 or maybe they just don't have the will to fight.

April 27th, 2002

 Stardom hasn't spoiled "The Osbournes"

  Click  Here

You know you're popular in Washington when Greta Van Susteren pretends
 to be your best friend and George W. Bush drops your name in an effort to
 come across as cool and culturally literate.

 In one short season, the Osbournes have gone from programming novelties to court
 favorites without manifesting too many of the secondary effects of celebrity. Although
 Season 2 kicked off on Tuesday night with the family reaping the fruits of its rampant
 cuteness -- success hasn't spoiled "The Osbournes."


"If there is any doubt at all that the terrorists have won - that they have managed with
  a single day's freakish hits to revamp the most open society on earth into an emerging
  police state where suspicion and secrecy are the twin watch-towers of government and
  cowering and conforming the prevailing instincts of an allegedly free press or an even
  more alleged political opposition - then last week's creation of the Department of Homeland
  Security should put all such doubts to rest.  It operates beyond congressional scrutiny and
  public accountability, and guarantees secrecy to its own machinations or to those of any
  private business with which it deals."  -
   -Pierre Tristam, news-journalonline.com

 What's wrong with suspicion and secrecy?
 Gosh, Bart, you're so negative!
 Dubya is a great president - and we trust him!

 Subject: Eichmann to Probe Holocaust

 After the recent announcement that Henry Kissinger will lead the commission on 9/11,
 George W. Bush announced today that an additional probe would soon be starting - one to
 determine whether or not there really was a Holocaust during World War II.

 Speaking from the Ronald Reagan Drool Reservoir in California, Bush told reporters,
 "Number one: The person captured and executed by Iseael decades ago was not really
 that old Reichmeister Adolph Eichmann... The real Eichmann has been working at the
 Pentagon under Admiral Poindexter both before and after the Iran-Contra so-called scandal.
 After Admiral Poindexter was cleared by my family, he of course is now working on the new
 "F the Fourth Amendment for Jesus Plan" which I will announce next month...

 Number two: There is plenty of evidence, mainly collected by my grandpappy,
 Trading-with-the-Enemy Walker Bush, that there never was a "Holocaust" as
 Lieberman and the other Zionists keeps saying. Therefore, today I have appointed
 Mr. Eichmann to thoroughly investigate and report to me and the Congress about this.

 Number three: We expect not only a full and thorough investigation, but when all is said
 and done, I am sure that Saddam Hussein is behind it all. After all, he attacked his own
 people with poison gas. Probably Zyklon..."

  -Joe Weber

 Joe, good point.
 Remember a few years ago, every right wing loon guaranteed his audience that Reno
 and Clinton torched that religiously-insane armored gang in Waco?

 Clinton appointed a sane, respected Republican, Senator Ralston Purina, to head a blue ribbon committee.
 He didn't appoint Barney Frank or Ted Kennedy, but I guess it's easier to appoint your opponents to
 investigate a serious matter you when you're completely innocent, like Reno and Clinton were.

 Even tho Danforth said "There is 100 percent certainly that the FBI did NOT start that fire,"
 lying sons of bitches like Rush, Harvey, Hannity and the whores at Fox News to this day will repeat
 the lie that Koresh was anything but the suicide that Danforth guaranteed us.

 Because they make more money telling lies - and that's what a greedy whore needs - more money.

by Bruce Yurgil

The Best of bartcop.com

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  KBG - a novel by Mike Palecek

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 "Isn't it interesting that the killing of
   the poor and anonymous is not illegal?"
       - Author Mike Palecek


"I'm not thankful that Bush continues to push his far-right agenda,
  acting like he actually won the presidency in 2000. I'm not thankful
  that 'compassionate conservative' is just another Orwellian phrase,
  along with 'total information agency' and 'waging war to keep the peace.'
  I'm not thankful that Iran-Contra crook John Poindexter is now in charge
  of spying on all of us, especially those of us like yours truly who actually
  publicly voice dissent against the Bush administration."
      --Jackson Thoreau, smirkingchimp.com

 Back from the dead it's...

 We need writers, so send me links, submissions, anything to my email address:
 stephen_l_baker@yahoo.com       You write it, I'll post it!

 Stephen Baker,   BartCop Sports editor


"How does  the government in Canada get in there? Is it like Saudi Arabia
   or just a royal family or like the United States where the Supreme Court
   appoints it or do they actually have election up there?"
         --James Carville, Crossfire, 11/25/02


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 If someone is in a position to hire people,
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 By God, Bush has lost 2 million jobs.
 We have nowhere to go but up.

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 Pink-tutu Chretien:
 His surrender "as predictable as it was spineless"

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 But Chrétien was neither willing nor able to mount a political defence of his aide, or expose the
 right-wing forces behind the Ducros furor. Instead the prime minister tried to appease them.
 He told a November 22 press conference that Ducros had made a mistake while trying to
 defend Bush in an argument, then added the US President “is a friend of mine.”
 Ducros had submitted her resignation, said Chrétien, but he had not accepted it.

 Sensing weakness, the right wing and the media amplified their attacks, recycling diatribes from the US ....

 Chrétien’s surrender was as predictable as it was spineless.
 On Tuesday he announced he had accepted Ducros’ resignation.

 So, another guy bows to kiss the ring of the Unelected Fraud.
 Ducros should be given a medal for being one of the very few who has told the truth.
 America's "president" is a greedy, oil-thirsty moron with blood all over his hands.
 He's making money for America's whore press, so ...they're on the team.

Ho...                 ho...                 ho!

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