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Volume 951 - GOP = Racist Dogs

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 Thursday       Dec 12, 2002 


"Washington is abuzz about Trent Lott's (racist) remarks, but it's bringing little more than a yawn
   in Lott's hometown. "It's been quiet," said Dan Davis, editor of The Mississippi Press in Pascagoula.
"We sent a reporter out to talk with people on the street, and a lot of people didn't want to comment
   on it, which is pretty interesting itself. He's still the favorite son here, and a lot of people like him."
      -Jerry Mitchell, clarionledger.com

 Well sure, Massabama is just as racist as Oklahoma.
 Massabamans knew they were electing a racist bastard - that's why they voted for him.
 Same for Oklahoma - they sent Inhofe to DC because he's a racist son of a bitch.

 Jesus, are people just now figuring this out?

  Joe Conason's Journal
  Trent Lott's past -- and how that should affect his future

  Click  Here

 As Gene Lyons and I reported in "The Hunting of the President," Lott deployed his old
 "seg" allies in the Republican assault on Bill Clinton in 1992. Among the unreconstructed
 racists who joined the GOP along with Thurmond was a former Arkansas Dixiecrat known
 as "Justice Jim" Johnson, who had led the violent resistance to the integration of Little Rock
 High School in 1957. As a young activist, Clinton had fought Johnson in more than one election
 during the '60s. When Clinton ran for president, Johnson called upon his old comrades to help ruin him.

 George W. Bush may find that pattern acceptable, despite the damage that Lott's prominence
 inflicts on this country both at home and abroad. Whether the president's party and the Senate
 will agree remains to be seen.

 Is it true?

 His Vulgarness said Wednesday that Gore beat up Alan Colmes (D-Pleasedonthurtme) Tuesday night.
 Too bad Fox News isn't a real network with transcripts of their shows, like CNN, but I guess it serves them
 best not to have transcripts with all that filthy hate and racism going on over there, Hannity being the worst.

 If that happened - if Gore beat up Colmes for being "Hannity's boy," like we all know that he is,
 then Gore is taking meaningful steps towards earning his rightful place in history in 2004.
 (If we can get the Supreme Whores to stay out this time.)

 Notice I said "taking steps toward," because he hasn't earned it yet, but we must remember
 Gore beat Bush in 2000, and if he's willing to continue the fight he's showing us lately, that's good.

 Marvel Comics Puts Homosexuality in the Saddle
 Hide the children - the gays are coming!

  Click  Here

 Randy Sharp is director of "special projects" for the American Family Association..

I'm Buffy the gay slayer.
Your sex is MY business.

 He says there is "no place" for an openly homosexual title character in comic books.

"It's imperative that parents learn what Marvel Comics is now trying to do
 -- and that is to infiltrate their children's lives with a message of homosexuality and
 to normalize it for the kids,"  Sharp says. "There should be a safe haven for children,
 and homosexuality should not be able to penetrate that safe haven."

 Can't you sick bastards find anything else to do than to go after gay Americans?
 Is that the premier lesson you got from Jesus Christ?
 Assault and attack your peaceful brothers?

 From: carrigan

 Subject: YOU

 Bartcop -

 I think I've figured out why you are so obsessively drawn to Michael Jackson,
 (aka "the freak") and that Shirley chick at the end of your rants.  All three of you
 are Democrats, Delusional, Directionless, Demoralized, Deceptive, and Dispicable.

 All three of you think you're something that you are not.  Popular with mainstream America.
 Don't you realize that like Shirleys and the freaks music, you are a has-been?

 Its time you accepted reality and let your bitterness go.
 Put on the tu tu and join the rest of America.
 Its great over here.


 Carrigan, when you try to think does anything happen?
 I'm not obsessivley drawn to Jacko - Rolling Stone said his goddamn nose fell off.
 This is a comedy page, and a billionaire who picks his nose until it falls off is one funny dude!

 As far as Shirley, if she does nothing for you, why do you scroll past "the end"
 and past all the advertisements to see which picture of her is up each day?
 Could it be you're a low self-esteem liar who can't face the facts?

 As far as your alliteration of "D" words, how long did that take you?
 Did you use the online dictionary or the one with Mickey on the cover?

 You're a wasted opportunity, Boy.
 If I had a chance to challenge someone on YOUR side, I wouldn't waste it
 name-calling like some punk-ass sissy sitting on a trash can outside a pool hall.
 And how could I be a has-been if I've never been anybody?
 I'm so unknown, the only direction I can go is up.

 As far as your invitation to join you in the pink tutu, I think I already
 know enough about you that I don't want to get any closer.

 ...but thanks for spinning that hit counter.

I don't even know who to thank for this.
In the Forum, it said "he" got this autograph.


"In late 1998 and early 1999, when I was writing column after column about Lott and calling for
 his resignation because of his connection to the Council of Conservative Citizens, there was no
 response from the media at large, with the noble exceptions of Frank Rich and Bob Herbert,
 both of The New York Times. That proved to me that all the talk about a liberal media bias
 was bunk - at least when it comes to race."
     --Stanley Crouch, nydailynews.com

 Subject:  The Rio

 You understand that these people knew very well that you host bartcop.com, don't you?
 They certainly have been reading your page for the last week.  They know that you are
 read by "literally dozens" of people every day.  While I am not any kind of anti-Vegas
 activist, you should acknowledge that you probably got some special treatment.


 Brad, if that was a compliment, I'll take it. I guess it's possible they've
 seen the page, but we're hardly in a position to be creating waves.
 I doubt Vegas shakes when they hear  bartcop.com  is coming for them.


"I agree condoms will break, but vows of abstinence break far more easily."
    -- Dr. Joycelyn Elders to a gathering of troglodytes in Washington involving
        more than 200 delegates from black United Methodist churches.

 Full Story

 Dr. Elders, these cavemen don't want to hear the truth from a medical doctor.
 (And they DAMN sure don't want to hear it from a (gasp) black woman!)

They want to get in a circle and lie to each other, so their children will grow up
 like Trent Lott and Tom Delay. Education is the enemy, ignorance is their friend.

 These knuckledraggers INSIST our coed armed forced can't control themselves,
 but they expect teens to control themselves - which is just more cricker-crocker.

 From: GOBLUE888

 Subject: The most offensive thing I've ever seen

 I just saw the most offensive thing I've ever seen in my life! The thought that any "sk8ter"
 would ever consider playing Justin is a joke. You can't even understand how fast a kid
 playing justin would get beat up if they ever played that on a boombox at a skatepark.

 Please stop posting your obvious bigotry against skaters or else
 i will be forced to create a site in protest of your site!

 Goblue, who would visit your anti-BartCop sk8ters page?
 The anti-BartCop, pro-sk8ter crowd?

 A few weeks ago I didn't know (I'm old) so I asked what a "sk8ter" was.
 Someone said it was a 14-year old with a sk8tboard who listens to Avril Levigne.

 Well who do you think is buying Timberlake's CD?
 Adults?   8-year olds?   Goths?   Country Kids?   Geezers my age?

 And if that was the "most offensive thing you've ever seen in your life?"
 you've got a whoooooole lot of major problems about to crash down on you.
 Life gets a lot worse than potentially mis-identifying Timberlake's fans.

 ...maybe you and Carrigan could join the bartcop stalkers web ring.


"I'm not surprised  by Lott's remarks since Lott once told the Sons of Confederate
 Veterans that "the spirit of Jefferson Davis lives in the 1984 Republican platform."
       --Rickey Cole, chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party

 Subject: You are LYING, sir


 As a long term reader (4 years, as long as I have had a computer) I  have had various
 complaints about the way you conduct yourself. I have sat by and said nothing while you
 continually berate the "good puppy press", apparently completely ignorant of the way
 the media works in this country.

 But this time you have really pissed me off Bart. Your recent misquoting of Strom Thurmond
 (inserting "nigger" when he said "negro")  is more than just your take on a topic.
 It is an outright lie.

 When you misquote someone and change their words to bias the reader against them,
 you are LYING.

 If you insist on attacking the media in this country, fine. That is your perrogative as a citizen
 of a country that believes in freedom of speech. But as member of said media, I must insist
 that you hold yourself to at least the same standard as we do here in the good puppy press.

 -J. Carter Vogelsberg
 University Southeast

 J Carter Vogelsberg, one of us will come out of this looking extra stupid.

 I can tell you're not a gambler, because a gambler NEVER walks up to someone and says,
"I can PROVE you have no evidence," unless you're willing to gamble on it.

 You have made several mistakes, let's start at the top.

 Mistake Number One
 I am NOT a responsible journalist.
 Sometimes I publish responsible stuff, but I don't jump back and forth over the line saying
"I'm just a comedian" and then 5 minutes later say "Dammit, I'm God's truth so listen to me!"

 I constantly tell people NOT to use  bartcop.com  as any kind of reference material.
 If I say it, and it's true, I'll usually provide a link.

 Mistake Number Two
 You must be young.
 I assume you are too young to remember when "nigger" was an acceptable word.
 I remember those days - born in 1953.

 Why in the world would you assume that a racist bastard from Carolina would use
 a proper and respectful term when talking about a race of people he very much despised?

 Why in the world would you think a white-power sonofabitch like Strom Thurmond would waste
 one second of his hundred years to bother to phrase his speech in a less-than-hateful way?
 You have come to the erroneous conclusion that Thurmond is/was a decent man?

 Mistake Number Three
 You, Sir, have stepped in the deepest of shit, but because this is your first attack, and because you
 used non-vulgar words that can be spoken on TV, I'm going to be nice when I stick it to you.

 And, to be fair - Koresh knows  bartcop.com  is nothing if not fair...  "responsible" reporters
 either made the same mistake you did, or they chose to err on the side of caution, but they all
 used the imprecise term "negroes" when quoting Thurmond, when the more-inflammatory
"niggers" is what Strom actually said.

 As always, the networks are covering up Republican racism and they shouldn't be.
 History should not be "fixed" to help the illegal party in power.

 Strom said what he said, and if his handlers want to apologize for his using the word "nigger"
 let them stand up like men instead of having the networks and talk radio play fucking "pretend" about it.

(Bart does a shot...)

 Look, I'm in a good mood after my luck with The Rio negotiations, so I'll let you off easy.
 But this should teach you a lesson - don't EVER go up to the other guy and say he can't back it up
 unless you're rock f-ing solid that you have him by the balls. You always want to be the guy proposing
 the bet - you never want to be the guy accepting the bet - you'll always lose that way.

 ...by the way, I should mention that I'm sure about what Strom said because I have the tape.

 Jon Stewart played it Wednesday night on his show - but you, J Carter Vogelsburg, thought the right
 thing to do would be to stand up, hail a crowd call me a liar because I heard the tape before you did?

 J. Carter Vogelsburg, I was once young, excitable and impetuous like you.
 You made a really big mistake, but I'm going to let you off easy.

 ...and don't let this extremely embarrassing situation diminish your spirit.
 Continue to ask questions, continue to question those who claim they know the truth.

 But next time you take a shot at the boss, come wearing armor.


"I told you there was some Harry Truman in this George Bush."
    -- Paul Harvey, senile horse molester bragging that the Unelected Moron is
        eager to nuke any country not willing to surrender their oil to his crime family

 Republicans can lie,
 Dems can't. Why?
   from Unknown in the NYDaily News

  Click  Here

"And what about Tom DeLay, that sanctimonious hypocrite? He and Hyde are in Congress, the very
 body that Abrams lied to. Not a peep, though. So it isn't just about truth. It's about ideology and politics.
 These guys will get on the radio with Oliver North or Gordon Liddy, but they only care about truth,
 honesty and the American way when a Democrat's involved. Republicans can lie, but Democrats can't.

 ...and the whore press continues to cover for the Illegal B.F.E.E.

 The bloodhounds get dilerious when it's a Democrat misdemeanor.
 But Republican felonies make them sleepy - and get covered up.

 Two years ago today.....

 The Supreme Court handed the presidency to the Unqualified Moron,
 and son of the crooked man who appointed them to the highest court in the land,
 reversing 222 years of counting the votes of the people.

 They ruled that "counting the votes would harm petitioner Bush,"
 thereby admitting he couldn't win without their interference.

 This abortion of democracy should never be forgotten or forgiven.

 Dear Bart,

 On Tavis Smiley's show tonight on NPR, Cornell West asked,
"Where are the dems? Why aren't they raising holy hell about this?
 Are they going to slough off this racist remark and conduct business as usual?"


 EB, the Democrats are too afraid to speak - Mr Rove wouldn't like that.
 How much longer are we willing to watch our "party leaders" wet their pants in fear?

 I'm getting real sick of being in a party of spineless wimps.

 Remember - during impeachment, which was about nothing but "getting Bill Clinton,"
 every day every Republican was red with outrage about some non-story that day.

 But when the Democrats have a real issue - the GOP's overt racism - they hide under
 each other's skirts like Bernie Shaw and cringe in fear that the GOP might not enjoy criticism.

 Yep,  I'm getting real sick of being in a party of pink tutu cowards.
 The Hammer is still much too small to make a difference.

 Maybe in the year 2052 we'll have enough clout to cause a ripple.

 Would somebody with some legal experience click on the link below
 and tell me, as Dave says,  "Is this anything?"


 If Bush's good puppy press are just refusing to report the facts,
 we'll spread this as far as the Internet will go, but so far, it's an unknown site
 with an unverified, unofficial claim and I'm a busy man.

 Like the Limbaugh gay prostitute arrest, I keep getting flooded with these "exposes,"
 but I'm not going to give any weight to a story unless I think it's true.

Great Christmas Gifts!


"If you're a comedian on a show called "Politically Incorrect," Mr. Bush will hold your feet
  to the fire if you say something outrageous. And if you're the Republican leader of the Senate
  and you've repeatedly made racist remarks, George W. Bush thinks you're his kind of guy."
       Paul Begala, Crossfire, 12/11/02, one of the few with the courage to speak

 Isn't it nice, ...how it's Christmas?


 Chestnuts roasting ...on an open fire
 Jack Frost nippin' ...at your nose
 Yuletide carols ...being sung by a choir
 And folks dressed up ...like eskimos

 Ah, the sounds of Christmas past, written by the one and only Mel Torme.

   Velvet Fog

 Sitting around the campfire with his daughter Marisa and the other Tormes,
 his beloved family gathered in Desert Palm Damn Hot Springs Desert, California
 on a hotter-than-Brooke Burke August broiler with a high of 135!!!

 Yes, it's true.

 That super-classic holiday song was written on the hottest day in history of Palm Springs.
 Ol' Mel knocked back a dozen Fuzzy Navels and chased them with Yeagermeister shooters,
 which just goes to prove, that show biz is the most honest medium in the world next to politics.
 The Christmas Song was written on a day when even the sand was dying from the heat.

What does Marty E! have today?
CBS cuffs 'Robbery Homicide' -
claims Fund-alike's arrest not a factor
Phil Hartman CD coming out
(That's still some sad shit - losing Phil)
Orlando Jones gets an FX talk show
Spock turns flashbulb
Paula Poundstone has her kids back.
(And the lying LA cops can kiss my ass)
Bono corrupting Franklin Graham
Santa Cruz deputized pot growers
(load up the truck, we're moving to Santa Cruz!)



"Bush won't criticize Trent Lott for making racist remarks. He wouldn't criticize
  the bigotry of his buddies at Bob Jones University, and he won't criticize the
  racist symbol on the Georgia flag. Now what happened to straight talk from
  the guy who said he was a uniter, not a divider?"
         --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 12/11/02

 That's easy - Bush was never a uniter. He's always been a racist drunk who never worked
 a day in his Richie Rich life of leisure. His good puppy press crew wet themselves with
 self-importance when Smirk gave them all cute lil' nicknames on the jet Ken Lay provided.

 Candy Crowley was particularly under this Dumbass's spell that summer.
 Her nickname was "Sugar."

 "Ohhhh, Mr. Pres, ...I mean Governor, ...say it again - pleeeease?"

Trent Lott's America
What we missed - not electing Thurmond


 Dear Bart:

 Sure as hell, we're going to have to fight the "Iraqi Militia" after this is all over.

 Scott in Phoenix

 Scott, good point.
 Bush will arm them, Bush will train them, then they'll turn on us
 so the B.F.E.E. can make more billions bringing them down.


"People are trying to act like he just said something out of line.
  This is not just an off-color remark. We're talking about somebody
  in power talking about he wished this was in power."
     --Reverend Al Sharpton,  Crossfire, 12/11/02

 What better Christmas gift could you give?

..$22.48 .............................Box Set $71.99

 Did Richard Pryor do more than any man since MLK to make America re-thing their racism?
 I say yes.

 Filmed in 1979, Richard Pryor - Live in Concert (the first one) is pure Chinaco.
 It doesn't get any better than this - this is where stand-up was reborn, where everything changed.

 Sure, his comedy albums had great moments, but this was the first time America got to see and hear
 the funniest man of our time at his best - at his peak.  Eddie Murphy copied this show and got hot.
 When Chris Rock is having his best moments, he's wishing this was his recording.

 Before this, comedy was "My wife's cooking is so bad..." and "My mother-in-law is so fat..."
 In this hour, Pryor rewrote the whole f-ing book of comedy. As Richard Belzer said in 1998,
 "Everybody stole from Richard - and if you didn't, you probably weren't very funny."

 If all you know about Richard Pryor is those lame movies he did late, late in his career,
 get this DVD and see why he became known as the funniest man in America.
 He did three of these - #2 and #3 were both good, but this 1979 concert was IT.

 Maybe not for Grandma or the kids, but anyone who's cool will love you for this.

 Send in your funny/damaging sound files.

 What we need is short, short stuff - 30 seconds maximum.
 We'll eventually be multi-capable, but for now, send MP3s only.

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 9-11 cover-up has already started
   by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 Kissinger's most notorious crime was the secret bombing of Cambodia and Laos during Vietnam.
 William Shawcross argued persuasively in his book "Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction
 of Cambodia" that the Cambodian bombing unleashed the Khmer Rouge on that country -- which,
 if true, certainly ups Kissinger's body count.

 He is also a notorious liar. He has lied repeatedly to Congress, the press and the public; he is a
 toady to power and a lackey of the Establishment, and for many years now the hireling of despotic
 regimes around the world. Old Cover-Up Kissinger, the man who double-crossed the Iraqi Kurds
 ... just the man to lead an independent inquiry into 9-11.


"Damn, I wish I had a staff."
     -- one pissed off Bart

 Everyone is talking about the fantastic column by Bob Hebert (or Herbert)
 of the NYWTimes that claims EVERY Republican is racist.

 THIS IS TRUE, but of course, I can't find the damn column.

 I've been every f-ing where - it's not on Drudge, not in my 300-so-far-today in-mails,
 not at the NYWTimes web site - and that really pisses me off.

 I would've given (past tense) $20 to find that before I hit "send" on today's issue.

 Visit the all-new 

 Pretty Lies
   by James Higdon

  Click  Here

 Strom Thurmond's fifty odd years of government service is never to be celebrated,
 but forever questioned.  That is not to say that Thurmond never performed a laudable
 task, but whatever positives there are must always be balanced against the destruction
 that he most certainly caused.  And even more certainly, the racism must never be
 excused nor minimized.


"Paul, what's wrong with your stupid party? You can't trumpet yourselves
  as the party of Civil Rights when your leaders in 2002 are so timid in
  responding to racist statements like Lott's. Lyndon Johnson, himself a
  Senate majority leader, would never have put up with such cowardice."
     --Brendon Watson, Crossfire e-mail, 12/11/02

 Brendon is right.
 The GOP is a party of racists who fight for their racist beliefs.
 The Democrats are a party of cowards who are afraid of their own shadow.

 African Americans stick with us election after election, but why the fuck should they?
 All we do is kick them in the teeth.

 I'm so incredibly ashamed to be a Democrat.
 The only thing that could be worse would to be a Republican.

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