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Volume 952 - 100 Years of Hate

Never Surrender

 Friday-Saturday  December 13-14, 2002 


"You stand for the right principles and the right philosophy."
    - Trent Lott, (R-Racist) in 1992, speaking to the Council for Concerned Citizens,
      which has removed their official web site (To help Trent in his time of need?)
      I've been there, but it's not there now.

    Maybe you Memory Hole experts can locate some hidden pages?

 Also, if Trent Lott is allowed to keep his position as incoming Majority leader,
 how can we scold the right-wing Germans who still praise Adolph Hitler?

 Despite Denial, Enron Papers Show Big Profit on Price Bets

  Click  Here

 Even as Enron's top executives were insisting that the company did not engage in speculative trading,
 Enron was reaping the bulk of its profits during the California energy crisis by betting on the direction of gas
 and electricity prices, according to company records and interviews with former Enron traders and executives.

 Enron made the hugely profitable bets — including one that resulted in a $485 million gain on a single day
 in December 2000 — at a time when federal and state investigators say the company was conspiring
 with other energy trading companies to manipulate power and natural gas prices in the West.

 Oh, really?
 $450,000,000?   ...in one day?

 And you think Cheney gave up a $22M a year job to be VP to help America's poor?
 The B.F.E.E. didn't steal the 2000 election so they could help Lott's friends - the African Americans!

 $450,000,000?   ...in one day?
 They were just warming up.

 $450,000,000?   ...in one day?
 This is chump change for the B.F.E.E.

 Seems to me we have two options:

 We can wake up now,
 we can wake up about $20 trillion dollars from now.

 The B.F.E.E. is raping America to death.

 That column I coulnd't find yesterday?  It's better than advertised.
 Racism and the G.O.P.
    by Bob Herbert as seen in the New York Whore Times

  Click  Here

 But Mr. Lott is not the only culprit here.
 The Republican Party has become a haven for white racist attitudes and anti-black policies.
 The party of Lincoln is now a safe house for bigotry.  It's the party of the Southern strategies
 and the Willie Horton campaigns and Bob Jones University and the relentless and unconscionable
 efforts to disenfranchise black voters.  For those who now think the Democratic Party is not racist
 enough, the answer is the G.O.P.  And there are precious few voices anywhere in the G.O.P.
 willing to step up and say that this is wrong.

 Well - I'll be a son of a bitch.

 I have lived long enough to see the truth printed in The New York Whore Times.
 The paper of record for Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaugh has finally printed something true.

 ...and Koresh knows Mr Rove isn't going to like seeing this.

 Let the record reflect - on December 12, 2002, the NYW Times printed something true.

(Bart faints, falls on a discarded Chinaco bottle, a small gash appears above his eye...)

 ...I'm not sure what comes next...

 In this new universe, is water still wet?
 Does a compass still point north?

 Is gravity still a force in this universe where the NYWTimes tells the truth?

 Cardinal Law Resigns as Boston Archbishop
  Boston to get first draft pick next year - Law put on suicide watch

  Click  Here

 Cardinal Bernard Law resigned Friday as Boston archbishop, finally bowing to months
 of public outrage that he failed to protect children from molesters in the clergy.

 He is the highest-ranking church leader to fall as a result of the clerical sex abuse
 crisis that has plagued the Roman Catholic Church this year.

 Maybe he didn't mean to be the Catholic's worst modern-day monster but he became that
 as hundreds of lives were destroyed because of him.  Trent Lott - call your office.

 From: Margie

 Subject: Thurmond's words - "nigra" or "nigger"

 When I saw your quote this morning it was the first time from among the
 dozen or so repeats of his statement from 1948 that I saw the word "nigger"
 - all previous instances I had read used the less offensive term "nigra".

 So I thought old Bart was maybe trying to get a little extra mileage out of this thing.
 To check for myself I did a search on Google. About 80% of the dozens of mentions
 used the milder "nigra" form.  A very few used "negro" instead. But I finally came to
 a link that actually used "nigger". And fortunately this one included an audio link.

 I think your readers may like to step back in time to hear what America was like
 before the Repugs hired all those PR firms.

 This may seem like a small thing - but when you think about - it's huge and says much
 about our "liberal" media - who, even when condemning blatant racism, lies to us.

 Thanks Bart - for the truth.
 Margi McGee

 From:  Joe G

 Subject: important about Trent Lott

 Hi, so far as I know, NO ONE has mentioned about Lott's first work in Washington
 being for an arch-racist segregationist, a Mississippi congressman named William Colmer...
 I think he was head of the House Rules Committee for a looong time, and single-handedly
 tried to stymie NUMEROUS civil rights initiatives in the 50's and 60's.

 Of course, he was a Dem, but everyone knows how the Dems and Repubs switched
 on civil rights when Goldwater and such came along.

 This needs to be noted on websites, and someone needs to bring it up on the usenet groups...

 I still find it surprising that more people didn't know about Trent Lott's overt racism.
 We've talked about it for years here at  bartcop.com  (but our hammer is so, so small.)
 That whole Council for Concerned Citizens is just the KKK with better laundry service.
 The son of a bitch has been PROUD to stand against black progress.

 That's why Massabamans re-elect the racist pig year after year

 From: Ken H

 Subject: Thurmond actually said "nigger race"

 Gene Lyons talks about Lott's comment and like everyone else misquotes Thurmond's 1948 comments.
 He used the N word which, in my mind, makes the whole thing much worse.

 Thursday night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart played a tape of Thurmond saying that there
"weren't enough bayonets in Washington to get the nigger race in our pools..."

 I think its important that people are quoted correctly.
 Ken Hayes

 Ken, that's what makes the Internet great.
 Nobody is telling me what I can't write.
 Marc Perkel (my publisher) is a First Amendment NUT!
 ...and he works for the  EFF.org  and nobody tells them what to say.


"It's very offensive when stupid people lie to me."
  -- Max Headroom on Sci-Fi's "Taken" Wednesday night,
      reminding America that we hate a moron lying to us

  ...and yes, that girl looks a lot like Shirley Manson.


“Perhaps Sen. Lott should ask Alabama-born Condoleezza Rice - whose
  childhood friends were killed in a church bombing - if she believes her life
  would have been better if Strom Thurmond had become president.”
    - Robert George, (R-Tom) in an essay on the National Review Web site

 Something needs to be said, so I'm going to say it now.

 Clarence (Slappy) Thomas knows he's in a party of racist thugs, but he likes the money and power.
 Uncle OJ Watts knows he's leaving a party of racist thugs, but he liked the money and power.
 Armstrong Williams knows he's in a party of racist thugs, but he likes the money and power.
 Condi Rice knows he's in a party of racist thugs, but he likes the money and power.
 Colin Powell knows he's in a party of racist thugs, but he likes the money and power.
 Ward Connerly knows he's in a party of racist thugs, but he likes the money and power.
 Walter Wayne Williams knows he's in a party of racist thugs, but he likes the money and power.
 Whatshisname Golden, Pigboy's original "Mr Snerdly" knows he's in a party of racist thugs,
  but he wanted to get rich and famous, and Rush helped him for defensive purposes.

 ANY black Republican of whom you and I are aware knows he's in a party of racist thugs, but they like
 the money and power - so they don't mind helping Massa find a noose and a tree limb to hang a brother.

 Got a problem with that?

 That's how Clarence Thomas got his job.
 He was willing to fuck his blood for The Bush Family.

 And as long as we're into severe honesty, I need to say something positive about Bennett & Kemp.
 From what I know, Bill Bennett and Jack Kemp stood up BEFORE they saw how this would play out
 and condemned Trent Lott's racism.  I never disliked Kemp much - he played football with black men
 and learned to like or dislike them as individuals, not as member of "an inferior race."

 And you don't know how much it hurts me to say something positive about Bill Bennett,
 but I gotta give him props on this one issue this one time - he did the right thing.

 Yesterday we asked,  "Is this anything?"


 Someone has filed a rape complain in Texas against the Extra-stupid president.

 From: Embrace the Void

 Subject: Bush rape reports

 Rumor has it that the rape case is a Rove trick.
 When this is proven a " crazy" allegation, then they will
 apply this term to future allegations of the same sort.

 Kind of like pre-emptive damage control.
 Note the year is 2000, if it were earlier it may be credible.

 That's just what Rove did with the cocaine charges he fed Jim Hatfield.


 If this is a legitimate rape lawsuit - where is the woman? Where is her lawyer?
 Why is the GOP spending money to name Dim Son as a rapist?
 What the hell kind of strategery is this?

 Did they think  bartcop.com  would fall for such a clumsy trick?
 Or MWO or Buzzflash or the big guns of the Internet?

 ha ha

 They think we're stupid?
 That's a great advantage to have.
 Seriously, this could be a trick to get us to bite (the networks would NEVER
 report that a woman has filed sex charges against their candidate - George Bush)
 so this must be aimed at those pesky internet sites that keep telling the truth.
 It's their way of trying to bring us down - but it won't work.

 It's easy to outwit scumbag confederates - even with an IQ of 67.

 By the way, those missles that Never-Elected allowed to be shipped to Yemen?
 Yemen said they had to have those missles for defensive purposes.

 You see, they need weapons to protect their land because the sand and fly shortage
 is extra-severe this year in the Middle East, due to the drought and all the other nations
 are threatening to invade Yemen and take their all their sand and flies away to sell to Somalia.

 But don't worry - Bush is on it.


"When a politician gets in a big, stinking heap of trouble, nothing is more welcome
  than a friendly media person. That's why Trent Lott went on Sean Hannity. At a time
  when Lott is being kicked around by conservative commentators as well as liberals,
  Hannity provided a much-needed sanctuary."
      --Howie the Whore, washingtonpost.com

 He sure did!
 Nothing's more comforting to a racist than being on Hannity's show.

 The Other Face
  by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

"To win nationally, the leader of the party must pay tribute to the tolerance
 and open-mindedness of the nation at large. He must celebrate civil rights
 and sternly condemn the abuses of the past. And that's just what George
 W. Bush did yesterday, in rebuking Mr. Lott.

 Yet at the same time the party must convey to a select group of target voters
 the message - nudge nudge, wink wink - that it actually doesn't mean
 any of that nonsense, that it's really on their side. How can it do that?
 By having  men who manifestly don't share the open-mindedness of the nation
 at large in key, powerful positions. And that's why Mr. Bush's rebuke was not
 followed by a call for Mr. Lott to step down.

 True, true, true.
 Trent Lott is a racist pig from a party of racist pigs.
 This is how Rush Limbaugh got so rich - the nudge nudge, wink wink
 - that "niggers" are soulless animals that need to be mocked and ridiculed.
 Rush is a master, and America is buying what Rush is selling.

 The cable and broadcast networks saw the money Rush was making
 so they've joined, too. Well fuck 'em - we're not joining. We're staying
 on the side of truth, decency, justice and ...dare I say - Jesus Christ.

 Reminder: Al Gore on SNL this weekend

 From: "Char Mac

 Subject: Bush said he would lie to us

 Please help me.   I remember listening to one of the A-hole's speeches after 9/11
 where he said the administration would lie to us if necessary in the war on terror;
 I can't remember which speech it was.

 Am I remembering something that wasn't said?

 No, I remember it, too.
 He promised he'd lie to us in matters of "national security."

 Of course, for this Unelected Fraud, his DWI convictions are "national security,"
 so we should expect him to lie about everything - like he's done so far.

 But then again, if the Democrats never call him on anything, why should he bother to lie?

 Those of you working on the  bartcop.com  "True Hollywood Story," be sure you get this week.

We started with a table dance from The Rio
The Trent Lott beatdown was the first time the press turned on a Republican since I've been
    doing this newsletter/webpage, and I started in February of 1996!!
I was vindicated from fabricating the Strom "nigger race" quote
...and we have yet to hear from Mikey in Connecticut.

    Either way, that's gonna be more fun than a Clinton Inaugural

 You old people - remember waaay back to the very first year of Saturday Night Live?
 Lorraine Newman slid into Michael O'Donahue's ultra-lecherous lap  - and asked him why
 he was always so totally cruel to her all the time.  O' Donahue said,
 "Lorraine, sometimes, one has to be cruel to be kind."

 Lorraine asked him what he was going to do to her today - to be so cruel to her,  and
 O'Donahue replied that today, just to be totally cruel, he was going to make Lorraine sing
 the aria from Madame Butterfly.  Lorraine knew she had no choice but to perform for him.

 Well, it's my opinion that Mikey from Avon, CT would like to sing the aria from Madame Butterfly.
 And of course, I'm just playing a hunch, but sometimes my hunches turn out to be correct.

 And of course, this will hurt me more than it will hurt him (that's a lie) because Mikey is here to learn
 a valuable lesson about self-control. I have no doubt that this lessson, and lessons like it, will almost
 certainly someday play a roll in saving Mikey's ass from bigger trouble, so ...I do this only to be kind.

From: "Michael Davis" MDavis@FirstCallAssociates.com

Subject: you guys are retarded

I'm glad gore lost - otherwise, you liberals would be in Afghanistan sucking the Taliban's dicks
or in Washington butt slamming one another celebrating how well Gore avoided any controversy.

The military would be further shrinking, continuing Clinton the intern fucker's policies, to placate
the religious zealots of the middle east.  Meanwhile, Sadam and his demon sons and other belligerents
would be continuing their attacks on us in the U.S.

I think California should secede from the union and the U.S banish you  dumb asses to the left coast
where we won't have to worry about you sacrificing my country to the America- haters.

Eat shit and die slowly and painfully.

Michael Davis

Do you enjoy your First Call Associates job in Avon, CT?

I guess your family owns that company, because only a true retard
would send "dick-sucking, butt-slamming" hate mail from his office
to a web site that has over a hundred thousand readers a week.

You fucked up, Mikey.

Were you drunk when you wrote that?
Were you ready to quit, anyway?

It seems you have two choices:
You can send me a VERY sincere apology right away,
I can make you famous - what'll it be?

Have you ever wanted to be famous, Mike?

Let me know, and minutes count.
One other thing - you only get one chance at this apology,
so it better sing like the Gettysburg Address, my man.

tick tock,



Well, we have not heard from Mikey, so I guess he wants to hear from everybody he insulted.
Gee, I wonder how many phone lines First Call Associates has?


 Shortly after Senator Wellstone's plane crashed, I heard a news report that Ted Kennedy
 had been scheduled to be on the plane with Wellstone.  Then I never heard it again on any
 channel anywhere.  I know that Kennedy WAS in Minnesota at the time, so could you ask
 if anyone has information on this?

 I'm just curious to know if Kennedy was scheduled to be on the plane,
 and if so, how was the decision made to change those plans?


 I heard the exact same thing - just once.
 Today's repoorters do such a horribly lousy job.
 They are the laziest slugs who ever drew a paycheck (next to elected Democrats)

 If it doesn't involve Clinton zipper, news reporters haven't a clue what to do with a story.
 They never give the when, the who, the why, the how or the what.
 They stand in circles and wait for Drudge or the vulgar Pigboy to utter a lie
 and then they run to their computers are "make the news,"

 Does anyone have any facts about this?

Great Christmas Gifts!


"A Time story notes that Lott fought against admitting Blacks into his frat.
  A college-day George Wallace. Imagine, frat boy Trent Lott at the steps of
  his Sigma Nu frat, saying, "Segregation now! Segregation tomorrow!
  Segregation forever! And free beer!"

  Dear Lord, how the hell did this not get out earlier? Liberal media my ass."
       --the hamster

 More of Trent Lott's America
  as sent by Pilgrim

 Voted YES on loosening restrictions on cell phone wiretapping. (Oct 2001)
 Voted NO on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation. (Jun 2000)
 Voted NO on setting aside 10% of highway funds for minorities & women. (Mar 1998)
 Voted YES on ending special funding for minority & women-owned business. (Oct 1997)
 Voted YES on prohibiting same-sex marriage. (Sep 1996)
 Voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination by sexual orientation. (Sep 1996)
 Voted YES on Amendment to prohibit flag burning. (Dec 1995)
 Voted YES on banning affirmative action hiring with federal funds. (Jul 1995)
 Supports anti-flag desecration amendment. (Mar 2001)
 Supports the return of Amos ' n Andy to network television. (Dec 2002)

What does Marty E! have today?
A picture of the sperm thurmond
Kelly Clarkson is a manufactured fraud
                      'Bowling for Columbine' named best documentary
                      Guns N' Roses canceled by their corporate masters
Les Paul's museum in Wisconsin
David Brenner older than Bob Dole
Rocky 6
Nick Nolte got probation cause he's a man
Paula Poundstone lost her kids for less
LA Cops are crooked


 Dueling Quotes

"Any suggestion that the segregated past was acceptable or positive is
  offensive, and it is wrong.  Recent comments by Senator Lott do not
  reflect the spirit of our country. He has apologized, and rightly so."
        -- President Stupid, leader of the party of racists

"Mr. Bush hit Mr. Lott hard."
       -- Peggy Noonan, member of the party of racists

Trent Lott's America
Vote GOP in 2004

 By the way, thanks to everyone who sent that Bob Herbert column.

 I got plenty of them :)


"I got 98 percent of the black vote. I am proud of that."
     --Sen. Mary Landrieu, Democrat

 What better Christmas gift could you give?

..$22.48 .............................Box Set $71.99

 Did Richard Pryor do more than any man since MLK to make America re-thing their racism?
 I say yes.

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 President Monkey Brain has said so man damn stupid things this year,.
  it's certainly impossible to pick the MOST stupid thing he said, but this is one nomination.

  Letter-for-letter, dash-for-dash, this is reprinted exactly from Rolling Stone's year-end 2002 roundup.

 "And so, in my State of the - my State of the Union - or state - my speech
   to the nation, whatever you want to call it, speech to the nation - I asked
   Americans to give 4,000 years - 4,000 hours over the next - the rest of
   your life - of service to America."

 (Bart faints again, opens cut over other eye...)

 This is the monkey who's going to lead America into a nuclear war?

 We got robbed!

 We voted for the other guy, the one with the brain.


"You know you're in trouble when even your base is piling on.  "Plainly America would
  not have been well served by the triumph of the segregationist Dixiecrats at a moment
  when the civil rights movement was coming into its own," says the Whore Street Journal
  editorial page.

"Such a reading gives short shrift not only to the black struggle for equality, but also to the
  history of both Mr. Thurmond and the GOP. Mr. Lott played right into the hands of opponents
  who are eager to paint the GOP's Southern ascendancy as nothing more than old-fashioned bigotry."
   --  Howie the Post whore, quoting the WSJ caring about black people?

  The WSJ would just as soon every black person in America drop dead.
  Who are they trying to fool with this?

 Visit the all-new 

 Parents question release of student information to recruiter
 Military's access to school records authorized by law

  Click  Here

 At first, Norm Wilkinson was surprised when his daughter, a senior at California High School
 in Whittier, CA received a friendly phone call at home from a military recruiter this week.

 But his surprise quickly turned to anger once he found out how the recruiter got their home phone number:
 It was provided by the school, along with the names, addresses and phone numbers for all of its juniors and seniors.

"The recruiter who called, he was trying to be tactful. He just said he was touching base with her and he
 would contact her again next year,' Wilkinson said. "But what upset me is that my daughter's records
 are being given out and we had no say so in the matter.

"These are private records and other people shouldn't have access to them.'

 That was true in Bill Clinton's America, but Clinton didn't have an erection for Iraqi oil fields.
 because Bush bungled his taliban pipeline deal, and because the demcrats sold out the mojority
 of American who voted Democratic last election, the federal government now controls thr future
 of your daughter and her friends.

 I mean, what if Bush gets an erection for oil fields and doesn't have enough volunteers in the
 military to steal that oil? Then what? The Democrats have given Bush more power than any
 president in history - and the unqualified alcoholic never even won the damn election.

 Does Bush have buck fever?
  Wash Times recalls 'Deliverance' and stupid elephants

  Click  Here

 Please God, give this moron the courage to plunge us into war right now.
 We can't stand peace for another second - please God, bring us war!

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