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Volume 956 - Bush loves his Oreos

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Thursday  December 19, 2002 


"Clinton said he didn't go after terrorists because there was no legal
   way to do so. When Bush got in there, that wasn't a problem."
      --  Rush, explaining how it's easier to get things done when you don't follow the law.

 Minutes later, he AGAIN told those gullible sheep that Clinton and Reno were responsible
 for the Davidian deaths in Waco, even tho he's previously admitted it on his show.

  First few minutes of the first hour Wednesday...
 Rush admits apologizing to Hillary
 for calling Chelsea "the White House dog."

 Says he regrets "something that happened on his TV show years ago,"
 but, of course, he wasn't man enough to take responsibility for it, the pig.

 Just like Laura the Unloved and her spread-legged pictures, he's always denied all
 responsibility for making that horrible personal slur against an innocent 12-year old girl,
 choosing to instead blame an unknown "staffer" for putting up Chelsea's picture after
 Rush set the joke up with a story about a mythical dog that was living in the White House
 since Bill Clinton won (legally, unlike President Moron) the election in 1992.

 But Your Vulgarness
 - if you weren't planning the crude punchline,
 ...why did you set up the joke?

 Just like Laura, your lies and clumsy coverup continues to this day.
 Just like Trent Lott, you deny the very fabric of your being, that which makes you
 the most vulgar piece of crap to ever sit behind your little yellow microphone.

 It would be great to have a tape of his apology - the humbled Pigboy, fraud and charlatan,
 begging forgiveness from the most powerful woman on the planet.

 About.com  is doing one of their phoney "best political site" polls, which is just
 a way for them to pad their clicks so they can raise their ad rates.
 Oddly, they don't have  bartcop.com  listed under "comedy."
 It's listed under "Best place for partisan warfare," which the Freepers are winning.
 (Good for them - they need another rigged victory.)

 Just for grins I tried to vote for  bartcop.com  and both times there was a glitch in the software.
 The lefty site can't get a vote registered, and the right-wing loons are winning.
 What are the oods?

 I have no interest in competing in their click-jack, but funny how the votes don't count right.
 I wonder if  Diebold  is handling their software?

 Click  Here

  Bad week for the GOP - first Lott, and now this
 Ex-Klan Leader David Duke Pleads Guilty to Mail and Tax Fraud

  Click  Here

 Republican David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader pleaded guilty Wednesday
 to bilking his supporters and cheating on his taxes. Duke, 52, could get up to 15 months
 in prison and $10,000 in fines under a plea bargain reached with federal prosecutors.
 The plea disqualifies Duke from running for public office again. (the GOP loves that)


"A gentlemen never tells..."
   -- the vulgar Pigboy, using good manners as an excuse for not divulging
      details  to his easily-led flock of sheep about his apology to Hillary.

 Southern Partisans
  by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Lott's longtime affiliation with the Council of Conservative Citizens, a lineal descendant
 of the White Citizens Council, was given a thorough airing in the Washington Post in 1999.
 He was clearly lying then when he said he didn't know about its  stridently segregationist views.
 His uncle was one of the CCC's grand poobahs. Back then, however, the vigilant Washington
 press was too preoccupied with Bill Clinton's sexual adventures to bother with anything so trivial
 as the Senate majority leader's buddying up to a bunch of segregationist sheetheads.

 heh  heh

 ...he said "sheetheads..."

 My niece Ezmarelda in St Louis is moving to Las Vegas!

 That's gotta be good news...


"It's time to accept Trent Lott's apology and move on."
   --Mitch McConnell (R-hungry for Clinton's zipper)

 Hey, Mitch the Bitch!
 We rarely go here, but a solid "fuck you" to your idea that we move on.
 It that what you sons of bitches did with Clinton and Monica?
 "Accept his apology and move on?"

 Nooooooooooooo, you sucked on that teat for years trying to hurt him.
 You tried for years to get inside Clinton's zipper to see what you could find.
 You put the country on hold, you and your pack of horny jackals, directing
 over 200 FBI agents that could've been tracking terrorists like bin Laden.

 Remember - YOU said bin Laden's guilt was obvious and that Clinton failed to
 go after him, yet YOUR party directed over 200 FBI agents to comb thru
 Arkansas trailer parks asking if any trashy women wanted to be famous.

 Instead of protecting America, YOUR party put our law enforcement resources
 into combing thru Clinton's pubic hair for possible clues that would help your side
 solve this "important constitutional question" of Clinton's cock, you prick!

 Your zeal to screw Clinton HELPED bin Laden.
 While you and your friends were foaming at the mouth at the possibility of reversing the
 1996 elections, bin Laden's cockroaches were working with flight simulators and the FBI
 didn't notice because YOUR party gave them a job which distracted them from important work.

 So go to hell,  Mitch McConnell.
 Your boy Trent's getting rolled, and he's going to go down in history as a racist bastard
 who lost his important job because he slipped and spoke the truth a few too many times.

 Lott troubles

 The party line on the reason they have to dump Trent Lott is that he has disavowed many GOP
 staples such as their strong and never-wavering oppostion to all affirmative action quotas.

 So, let's talk about how Clarnce "Slappy" Thomas (R-White) got his job.

 Every job the unqualified Slapster ever got was due to affirmative action, the most glaring
 of which was his lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

 Just think of all the more qualified white judges that were passed over for this job because
 Bush Senior (R-Arms Sales to terrorists) wanted to appoint a black man who would vote
 against his own people on every single issue - guaranteed.

 With Slappy, they didn't scrape the bottom of the barrel, they scrpaed underneath the barrel
 until they found a Nazi in black skin so Bush could make the phony claim that race wasn't a
 factor when he went looking for a judge.

 So if the head of the GOP's political dynasty practiced affirmative action,
 why is Trent Lott being drummed out of the party for agreeing with him?

 The 9-11 lunacy continues

    Click  Here


"How can they jump on Lott when they're out there repressing, trying to run black voters
  away from the polls and running under the Confederate flag in Georgia and South Carolina.
  He just embarrassed them by saying in Washington what they do on the backroads every day."
    -- Big Dog, kicking the liars in the crotch like they deserve

From:  David Coyle

Subject: bin Laden comment


You wrote

>  I have no problem with the CIA killing terrorists.  I've said it before, I'll say it again: I'd do it myself.
>  If I was sure it was bin Laden, I'd have to trouble pumping a few into his head.
>  I'm sorry if that upsets you doves, but bin Laden needs to be made dead as soon as possible.

I can't make out how you think you are the least bit ahead of the republicans.
No thought of objective investigation? No thought of the well-known American due process?
You wail on about assassination on the basis of greed or suspicion and then endorse the same thing
- sorry to say it, but this is just the usual US hypocrisy. If the rest of the world adopted your standards
there would be WTCs by the dozen.

Grow up! If you are going to mock the demented cowboy,
you should try for something better yourself.

Tell you what: A $5, no even $10 donation (jeez do I have enough rice to last the month?) if you can
come up with even one way in which the world would not be better off if  the US were not one large,
uninhabited nature preserve.

I really like your stuff, but you were a whacko on this one

David, I'm not sure what you're upset about.

Are you saying bin Laden is innocent?
I've never heard anybody say that before, at least nobody sane or reliable.

Are you saying bin Laden and "a suspected terrorist" are the same thing?
That doesn't make sense.
I see a difference between "due process" for bin Laden and all other people.

If the entire planet agrees bin Laden did it, I say we smoke him.
He certainly doesn't have the protection of our Constitution.

Let me throw a question back at you -  If your only two choices were to murder
Hitler or do nothing and watch 6 million Jews die, what would you decide?

I'd decide that those 5,999,999 lives were worth it.
Get back to me on that question, would you?

I'm assuming your last paragraph was typed in frustration or after you had consumed many
liters of pure alcohol. You seem to be suggesting the US has never made a positive contribution
to the planet.   That is a wild, wild, wild, wild statement by someone without a memory.

I see you're from Canada.
I suggest to you that if the US was merely "a large, uninhabited nature preserve,"
that e-mail you wrote would've been written in German.

...I think you owe me $10.

 Subject: Are we all oil swallowers?

 Hi Bart,

 Seems I have found a good argument against the war... As you know, almost all of existing enignes
 are based on oil, so the war in Iraq and Iraqi oil access for US/lowering prices for oil that could result
 from this, corresponds to the interests of oil companies and GWB and Co; while development of
 alternative engines would be delayed by oil prices lowering. Under the latter I mean advanced
 non-oil engines that were and are being developed.

 Whether oil companies keep in mind alternative engines when doing what they do, or not, they de facto
 hinder the progress. If the war in Iraq is not stopped then we shall swallow oil during next 50 years,
 as sad as it may sound (unless a clever ruler and his government understand that Iraqi oil should be
 sold at the price not lower than today's low prices)... BTW, if Iran provides more support to Iraq
 then it will be harder to win this war, even with Turkey's support (today's NATO second-best army)
 since Iran showed it is able to fight not counting the losses, almost like Soviet Union in WW2.

 I am aware of a similar story that took place in the end of 19th century. Then, a scientist reportedly
 developed an effective non-oil engine, but soon his device disappeared and all patents were bought
 outright and frozen, supposedly because an intervention of oil companies. As you understand, they
 know much about oil, but not about all other things and the least about alternative engines, so, from
 their point of view, this was just a method to improve their business. But are we members of their
 corporations, or are we all oil swallowers?

 The Raven

We need to add Conseco - the 3rd largest bankruptcy in history.
Drinky McDumbass is bankrupting America faster than the cartoonists can draw.

 Mail Bag

 The attack on Lott may not be a victory for a left, but a looming defeat. First of all, it is yet
 another distraction from the B.F.E.E.'s plunder of the treasury and sponsorship of ludicrous,
 overpriced and incompetent programs, such as the "missile defense shield" (a concept that is
 so old that no one even supports it anymore except for the manufacturer), which was "approved"
 behind the screen of the screaming and yelling about Lott.

 Frankly, I could give a rat's arse whether Lott is a racist or not. I have no doubt that he is,
 but as long as he is front and center we can keep an eye on him. It is the movement behind
 the screen that we have to watch out for. Rove's administration is a master of deception: like
 You have to watch for what they are NOT doing to catch them in the act.

 John Cross

 Visit the all-new 

 Did  bartcop.com  cause Powell to speak out?
 Powell, pretending to be black, scolds Lott for the first time

  Click  Here

 Forced to make a statement by the bartcop.com website, Powell told reporters,
"There was nothing about the 1948 election or the Dixiecrat agenda that should have
 been acceptable in any way to any American at that time or any American now,"
 before retreating back into his master's big white house.

 If you voted for Bush...

 Click  Here

 Subject: reader inquiry

 great site!

 can you explain to me why black Dem. Congressman John Lewis is getting so cozy with Trent Lott?

 what kind of deal is in the cards?  any idea?

 and keep up the good work..

 Don C
 Stockholm, Sweden
 member, Foreign Press Association

 Don, the Republicans want him to step down as leader, but the Democrats
 want him to remain leader so they can continue to point out that the GOP
 is a racist organization and that's why people should vote for the Democrats.


"Blind conservative ideology is driving the Bush administration to pursue tax cuts
  for wealthy Americans while vetoing billions of dollars  for domestic defense.
  How they can prefer tax cuts for the most fortunate 1 percent of Americans over
  domestic defense for 100 percent of Americans is beyond me, but they do."
    -- John Edwards, running for president, at the Brookings Institution

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 and therefore tax deductible, or at least it's itemized on your Form 8643-FTD.

 If you send money to PO Box 54466  Tulsa, OK 74155, you'll make the pie higher,
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 Subject: I just finished McDougal's book

 Hi BC,

 Man, that book reads like a novel; what a page-turner. I read it in two sittings.
 What amazed me is the way she spoke of Starr, Ewing, and the rest of the goon squad.
 So calm and reserved; reflective. I didn't see the words 'hate' or 'despise' -- as applied
 to the OIC -- until almost the end of the book.

 The big surprise to me, though, was how much I was interested in McDougal's relationships
 and her descriptions of her fellow women prisoners. I've never met the woman but after reading
 her book, I like her a lot. She cares about people. She's what my Dad would call a Good Egg.


 Susan McDougal's book!

 You gotta get this book!

 Not sure why (I need a staff) but many people are getting 30% off.
 Maybe if you order two books you get 30% off?
 So consider buying two books, or buy the McDougal book and...

 On Dec. 15, in the apartment of Sally Minard, Hillary Clinton rose to address a crowd
 of about 50 supporters. Mrs. Clinton began with an anecdote about a meeting with her
 longtime nemesis, Rush Limbaugh.

 Mrs. Clinton said that she had been at a wedding where she was introduced to Mr. Limbaugh.
 Mr. Limbaugh informed her that he owed her an apology. Where, she wondered, would he begin?

 ha ha

 Mr. Limbaugh's apology, it turned out, was for talking about Chelsea, on his TV show.
 She accepted .

 from a story by Josh Benson, observer.com

Never Surrender

What does Marty's E! have today?
Jesse Ventura and Warren Zevon
Sorkin drug charges dismissed
Lott boosts BET ratings 84%
Senate TV airs porn
Spielberg buys Oscar
Film shows Taliban POW massacre
Arsenio hosts new Star Search
Pee-wee gets $2500 fine, loses career
Beyonce tarting for Pepsi
Disney buys Deuce Bigelow II



"There is something ludicrous about Fleischer having to say at his press
   briefing Tuesday, "The message that the White House is sending is,
  'No comment' means no comment." The hints and the feints and the
   background quotes are getting tiresome. Isn't Republican honor in
   danger of turning into dust? And, if the evasions continue until Jan. 6,
   won't the lusty exuberance of the president's remarkable Nov. 5
   election triumph be reduced to ashes?"
     --William Kristol, less Nazi than some

 New Years

 My New Years resolution is to build  bartcop.com  and  BartCop Radio
 into internet juggernauts that will give the red-ass to racist Republicans.

 What's yours?

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 Dueling Quotes

"When I talk about the idiots on the left, I don't mean
  to be perjorative, I'm just being descriptive."
    -- Laura the Unloved, first hour today

"When I talk about the vulgar gutter sluts on the right,
  I don't mean to be perjorative, I'm just being descriptive."
    -- BartCop

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