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Volume 957 - Merry Xmas Baghdad 

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Friday  December 20, 2002 


"The Democrats claim the Republican party is the party of racism
   but I'm here to tell you that's just not true."
   --The Porcine Butcher of Truth on the E.I.B. network

 But Rush, what else would explain the fact that black people refuse to vote GOP?
 Are you saying, as a race, they're too stupid to know who their friends are?
 Is that what you're saying Rush?

 Lott folds like a cheap card table

 He promised he was going to stay and fight, but he lied.
 He promised he'd quit the senate if he had to step down as Nazi leader, but he lied.
 He promised he'd wear a giant sombrero from now on if he had to step down.
 That promise he kept.

 When Clinton had his troubles, he promised he'd stay and fight. He told the truth.
 Clinton took the most severe beating anyone's ever taken and all the while
 he was running the world and managing our super economy at the same time.
 ...and Clinton's beating lasted for years.

 Trent couldn't even last two weeks - what a wimp.

 Hundreds of Muslim Immigrants Rounded Up in Calif.
  Power mad Ashcroft (R-Racist) doesn't like "darkies"

  Click  Here

 Hundreds of Iranian and other Middle East citizens were in southern California jails
 on Wednesday after coming forward to comply with a new rule to register with immigration
 authorities only to wind up handcuffed and behind bars.

 Shocked and frustrated Islamic and immigrant groups estimate that more than 500 people
 have been arrested in Los Angeles, neighboring Orange County and San Diego in the past
 three days under a new nationwide anti-terrorism program. Some unconfirmed reports put
 the figure as high as 1,000.


 "I came to this country over 40 years ago and got drafted in the Army, and I thought
   if I die - it's for a good cause, defending freedom, democracy and the Constitution.
   Oppressed people come here because of that democracy, that freedom, that Constitution.

  Now Bush has apparently allowed the INS vigilantes to step outside the Constitution."
   --George Hassan, 64, who just figured it out

 Vietnam vet caught in a Crossfire

  Click  Here

 In a not-so-cryptic "message" eventually intended for all U.S. citizens -- but likely one very famous
 American in particular, three armed U.S. Secret Service agents and a local sheriff employed
 psychological intimidation to invade the privacy of retired U.S. Navy CPO Michael Moore, 49,
 of Goldston, North Carolina at his home on December 10, 2002...  In another warning sign of what
 lies ahead for all Americans regarding police-state abuse of power (thanks to the "Patriot Act")
 U.S. Intelligence intercepted North Carolinian Michael Moore's email -- likely believing it was
 written by independent film producer-icon ("Bowling for Columbine") and author ("Stupid White Men")
 Michael Moore. In other words, they got the wrong Michael Moore.

 Rebuttal from yesterday
  From: David Coyle

  It's not Monkey Mail, but it's an interesting battle.

  Click  Here


"The White House and congressional Republicans might be better off
   if Bill Frist replaced Trent Lott, but would anyone else?"
     -- Joe Conason

 You just have to go here...



"I think the public is finally waking up to the fact that
  the people in the White House know a lot about gaining power,
  but not much about what to do with it.
  -- Paul Krugman, New York Times, December 20, 2002

 SEC Launches Probe Into Halliburton

  Click  Here

 Halliburton said late Thursday the SEC had launched a formal investigation
 into its disclosure and accounting practices.

 Halliburton said the probe would look at "cost overruns" on certain construction jobs.

 Halliburton is just the most recent company subject to the new regulatory crackdown
 following the Enron and WorldCom scandals that rocked Wall Street.

 Oh really?
 The B.F.E.E. is going to investigate itself?


 I'm all pins and needles waiting for the "All clear, nothing wrong," signal to come from
 the lackeys, toadies and cabanaboys who owe their careers to the Illegal Usurper.

 Trent Lott isn't the only racist in the GOP
 White House confirms, then denies
 sending wreath to Confederate Monument

  Click  Here

  The crowd at the Confederate monument in Arlington Cemetery
  when the presidential wreath announcement was made.

  It shouldn't shock anyone that Drinky McHappycrack would honor the Confederates.

 Hell, remember Saint Reagan honoring the Nazi Butchers at Bitburg?

  Swear to Koresh - when they askied why Reagan would praise the Nazi bastards,
  the White House said, "It was a dark, cloudy day and we didn't notice the
  sign that said this was a Nazi cemetary,"

 ...and the good puppy GOP-run press bought it.

 That's why Lott was so shocked when HE got called for being a racist bastard.
 The Bush's and Reagan got away with openly praising slave owners and Nazis,
 and then the press turns on Lott for doing the exact same thing?


"You know, I'm not doing this for the money."
   -- Tim Russert, (R-Liar-whore) who's on the B.F.E.E. payroll for big money

 Let's not forget that Karl Rove played Tim the whore like a piccolo all thru 2000.
 Rove had Timmy's fax numbner, and Timmy reported whatever Rove told him.

 Tim Russert is a non-professional liar who couldn't be Ed Morrow's shoeshine boy
 if the networks had even a shred of responsilibity left in them.

 Christmas officially starts tonight on Letterman when Darlene Love sings
  Christmas Baby - Please Come Home to the troops via satellite hookup.
  If that doesn't put a lump in your throat, you're just no good.

  If we're lucky, Paul will do his Cher doing Oh, Holy Night, too.

 And something is going on, because last night Paul did "The Cape,"
 with some lady from wardrobe handling the cape.

 Hey, guys!
 Your show is in New York.
 You can't find any celebrities in New York?

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"I genuinely forgive Trent Lott. If anybody on the right had ever forgiven Clinton,
  it would have been a remarkable thing but that's not in their heart on the right."
     --Paul Begala

 From: Nathan

 Subject: Hedgecock race-baiting

 Roger Hedgecock, Rush's replacement is going on about how Democrats are the real racists
 and how there's a double standard in media coverage and hey, here's proof...

 Editorialist Derrick Z. Jackson writes, in reference to the Lott's successors circling above,
 "The four cannot decide whether to throw the drowning man a life preserver or a cinder block."

 After making sure to note that Jackson is black, Hedgecock, in a dazzling display of race-baiting
 and inability to understand simple metaphor, claims this is a reference to the Reginald Denny beating!
 You'd think with Rush gone standards at the EIB network would go up, guess not.

 Click  Here

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 We're getting closer and closer to BartCop Radio
 Also, if I can get Rude Rich's approval, we mighty even do some music on BartCop Radio.
 Not as a regular thing, but there are hundreds of little snippets that would be fun to hear.

 For instance, it just isn't Christmas without Zeppelin's version of  Tchaikovsky 's Nutcracker.
 On April 28, 1977, Zeppelin was in Cleveland. They had done a horrid concert the night before
 (which unfortunately was made into a bootleg CD) so they came back the next night and did one
 of the most exciting shows in their entire history. One of the highlights was The Nutcracker.

 They had never played it before, they probably worked up the arrangement on the jet.
 During the piano solo in No Quarter, John Paul Jones suddenly launches into The Nutcracker.
 John Bonham, the most powerful and precise drummer in rock, came crashing in, followed by Page.
 Jones was playing three parts. His left hand was playing the bass part, his right hand was playing
 the lead and his feet were pumping the pedals and Page was all over the place. They ran thru
 Tchaikovsky's version first, then did a second round as Emerson, Lake & Palmer's Nutrocker.

 They only played it one other time, about 6 weeks later at the Garden in New York.
 ...but I'm sure Rude Rich would say they were mere poseurs next to his beloved Jersey boys.

What does Marty's E! have today?
3 reviews of 'Lord Of The Rings'
Bono and The Clash to honor Nelson Mandela
Playboy loses its curves
People's Most Intriguing People.
Geraldo in knife fight
LA rounds up people of color
Golden Globes nominees



"If the Internet is a frontier, then the online self-publishing phenomenon called
  Web logging, or "blogging," is the virtual Wild West where any old varmint with
  a Web site can shoot his mouth off." As much as the blogosphere is full of brave
  and vital input, it's also full of the careless, mad and sometimes vengeful ravings
  of half-wits who will say anything, especially about established journalists and
  writers, just to attract more attention to their sites."
     --Norah Vincent, Putting the Brakes on Blowhard 'Bloggers', latimes.com

 ha ha

 Norah is pretending the LA Times doesn't print horseshit!
 Norah is pretending the LA Times checks its facts.
 Norah is pretending the LA Times hires only responsible and truthful writers.

 ha ha

 Norah can't stand the thought of someone else being heard.

 What's wrong, Norah, you afraid somebody might not praise the Unelected Moron?
 You afraid someone might have an independent thought, not cleared by Mr Rove?
 You afraid we might not handle freedom with enough responsibility?

 I got your "responsibility" right here, Norah...

 Why are the ditto-monkeys complaining to Roger Hedgehog (R-Racist) that Trent Lott got screwed?

 We didn't do anything (Well, Atrios did...)  It was the senate Republicans and President Racist
 that made Lott step down, so why are they complaining to hate radio?

 New Years

 My New Years resolution is to build  bartcop.com  and  BartCop Radio into
 giant internet juggernauts that will red-ass the Republicans.

 What's yours?

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"Anybody who doesn't recognize that what Trent Lott said was racist,
  needs to get their ass to Selma or Montgomery or Birmingham and
  learn about what the civil rights movement was all about. We are a
  better country because Harry Truman won that election and moved
  us on the path of civil rights.  And Strom Thurmond even thought so."
      --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 12/18/02

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 Yesterday, El Pigbo spent hours defending Trent Lott, but he did it this way:

"Can we talk about Sam Irvin? He was a racist.
  Can we talk about Al Gore's dad? He was a racist.
  Can we talk about George Wallace? He was a racist.
  Can we talk about Willaim Fulbright? He was a racist."

 Sure Rush, or we could talk about people who are still alive.

 I guess Rush doesn't know that America used to be all racists, but then in the sixties
 Johnson made practicing outright racism illegal, and minds slowly started to change.

 Every time Rush tries to defend the Party of Racism, he says, "Let's go back forty years."
 The reason he wants to look at 40 years ago is because today's racists are all GOP.

 And you don't have to remind me that Robert Byrd was once in the KKK (they say.)
 We didn't like Byrd long before it was cool to denounce racism.

 We have to give Byrd half a break today because he's one of the only Democrats who
 will stand up to the Pretzel President, but he's still a racist. I believe the reason he railed
 against Clinton during impeachment is because he knows Clinton has black friends and
 that doesn't sit too well with a racist like Byrd. By the way, apparently, last year on
 Fox News,  Byrd told Snow or Hume that there were "white niggers" in Virginia.
 That's a pretty goddamn ignorant thing to say.

 Also, Rush mentioned yesterday that Roger Clinton used the "N" word.
 Vic the racist tells me Dolly Kyle Browning has charged Clinton with using the "N" word,
 and even calling one guy a "GD N-word," but she has all the credibility of Tarik Azziz.

 And remember. many Republicans (like Lott and Saint Reagan) used to be Democrats,
 but they left us for the Republican party because they couldn't stand to be in a party
 full of "nigger lovers," so they went where "nigger hating" was accepted - the GOP.

 And guess what?
 Ann Slanders agrees with me:

 Full Story

 In 1948, Thurmond did not run as a "Dixiecan," he ran as a "Dixiecrat" -- his party was an
 offshoot of the Democratic Party. And when he lost, he went right back to being a Democrat.
 This whole brouhaha is about a former Democrat praising another former Democrat for what
 was once a Democrat policy.

 Yes, and when the Democrats embraced civil rights, Reagan, Lott and Thurmond turned GOP.
 It's as simple as the hood on Bush's head.

 Trent Lott (left) watches Dubya (in red)
 explain how blacks are evil creatures
 while John Ashcroft (right) looks on.

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