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Volume 959 - The sun's zooming in 

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 Snowy Monday    December 23, 2002 


"Why do we keep making political calculations on issues of what's right and wrong in policy?
  Affirmative action is wrong. Saying it isn't quotas is semantics and newspeak at its worst.
  You're counting people up based on their race, gender or creed. That's a quota."
      -- Rush, explaining how an unqualified idiot like Clarence Thomas could get
          a lifetime appointment to an important position like a seat on the Supreme Court

 Right now in K-Drag, it's snowing cats and dogs,
 AND we're getting strong, rolling thunder and lightning.

 I don't think I've seen/heard that before.

Santa Claus reined in by U.S. border police

  Click  Here

 Not even Santa Claus can sneak past the heightened border security of the United States,
 as a red-suited -- and red-faced -- John Fulton found out yesterday to his peril.

 Gee, I wonder if they wanted to squeeze his breasts, too...

 Subject: Bitburg worse than you remember


 Reagan didn't claim to have not known it was a Nazi cemetery.  He was perfectly aware.
 He actually gave a speech there, and said that these Nazis were "victims of the war."

 Jim H.

 Jim, I'm with you on that, but I'm also very certain the White House used that
 "cloudy day" story afterwards to try and cover things up - and the press helped.

 From Kennedy to Wellstone
 Assassination researcher raises suspicion

 Click  Here


"The party of Lincoln has a serious civil rights problem needing prompt attention,
  and Bush is fooling himself if he thinks Lott's departure is going to make it go away."
         --N.Y. Times Editorial, Changing of the Guard

 Today the Tulsa AM-Nazi station is running the Friday Laura the Unloved show
 where she mentioned her mother's death at the end of the last hour.

 In the first hour, a lady called in (not knowing) and said she worried about having kids because
 her mother was such a piece of crap, she wondered if she would turn into her mother as she got older.
 Then she asked Laura if it was possible for a woman to turn out different from her mother.

 You could tell Unloved was choking on the conversation, but she finally barked
 "No, you don't have to turn out like your mother," and cut the caller loose.

 If she was human,
 if she wasn't taking millions to lie and slur the innocent
 if she wasn't such a horrendous whore for the GOP
 if she didn't mangle her braindead callers with such glee...

 I could feel sorry for her.

Ann Coulter has a buddy

 by Bruce Yurgil

 Lord of the Rings
 Or ...three hours of head-lopping

 She made me go see it.
 Oh sure, it's probably the most visually-stunning movie ever made,
 but it just goes and goes and goes. It's like watching 24 without the stupid blonde.

 Jesus, they say everything three times!
 This coulda been a taut 2:30 movie, but noooo.
 Saying everything three times drags to movie to almost eleven hours.

 After a long while, I got bored so I slipped out for a cigarette.
 Then I remembered I don't smoke.  That pissed me off.
 So I snuck into one of the other theaters and watched the new Star Trek movie.

 When it was over, I went back to LOTR, stayed for a while, then left again to check out
 "Gangs of New York," starring Leo and Pipe-stove Boy. When that ended, I caught
 "Maid in Manhattan," and the previews from "Terminator 3" and when that finished,
 I went back to meet Mrs. Bart and catch the last part of LOTR

 At least it was nearing the end...there was only two hours minutes left, so I stayed.

 Maybe I'm just getting old and losing my hearing, but I couldn't hardly understand anything that was
 said by the tree people or Gollum, the Evil One, who crept up and slipped away with her-errr, her-errr,
 but don't go by me. Dedicated "Ringers" say this was a really good Installment Two.


"The goals for this country are peace in the world. And the goals
  for this country are a compassionate American for every single citizen."
    -- Too stupid to be president, Washington, D.C., Dec. 19, 2002

 Mail Bag

 Bart- This is a well-researched piece on Dubya and "Big Brother"

 Go to:

 Then click on George W Bush and 1984: You decide.
 (Five easy steps for turning America into a totalitarian state.)

 It's long (17 minutes) but holds your attention.


 Odigo says workers were warned of 9-11 attack

  Click  Here

 Odigo, the instant messaging service, says that two of its workers received messages two hours
 before the Twin Towers attack on September 11 predicting the attack would happen, and the
 company has been cooperating with Israeli and American law enforcement, including the FBI,
 in trying to find the original sender of the message predicting the attack.


"It has been so cold in New York lately, hasn't it?
  Today it was so cold, Michael Jackson was dangling his kids indoors."
   -- Dave

 Lott Says He Fell Into Enemies' 'Trap'

  Click  Here

 Trent Lott (R-Racist), said Sunday that he had fallen into a "trap"
 set by his political enemies and had "only myself to blame."

 Boy, I wish I could get some of whatever Trent Lott is smoking.

 Bart On Music
 (Just to make Rude Rich's skin crawl...)

 I've never been Fleetwood Mac's Number One Fan, but besides all the big hits
 they've done that we all like, there's a little-known song they did called Rhiannon.

 I don't own much Mac, so I'm going out on a limb, here.
 But this Rhiannon song was, in my opinion, their White Album, ...they're Stairway.

 It's been about 18-20 years, but I have this video on F MAC doing Rhiannon live,
 and it's just about the most g-damn exciting live performance you've ever seen.
 (What's wrong with American groups? Why can't they perform like the Englishters?)

 Odds are you don't know the song, but towards the end, there's this "go nuts" part,
 where Stevie Nicks went nuts, and put her heart on the stage for somebody to stomp on.

 So Sunday night we're watching some cable channel and they're doing some live MAC,
 and I told Mrs. Bart "It's been 15-20 years since I heard me a good Rhiannon."

 Things is, I've only heard one live Rhiannon ever, and look what happened...

 They had a second live tape of Stevie Nicks moving thru Rhiannon.
 I'm old enough to be Indiana Jones, and this is the second time I've heard Rhiannon live.
 God's truth be known, I liked the first performance better, but overall, this was a better band
 performance, a better night for Stevie's voice, we got a better look at wacky Mick on drums,
 this was a better overall performance than the super performance I've been watching all these years.

 Rhiannon is the best Fleetwood Mac ever, and I'm so old I remember the original Fleetwood Mac
 with that Peter Best guy -what was his name?  The original leader of Fleetwood Mac left and the
 next album is when they hit - BIG-time.  Poor bastard has to live with that forever.

 Subject: reach around = considerate

 Hey, Bart.

 I guess you were going for a euphemism for "&*^%ing working families
 up the @$$",  but your use of "reach-around" was odd.

 The way I've heard it used is, "He'd give a reach-around,"  meaning he's an alright,
 considerate guy, or, "He wouldn't give a reach around," meaning he's a selfish prick.

 I guess because it's just basic courtesy to get your partner off.  (Why I, as a woman,
 know this term at all is beyond me.)  So while I get the implication of the ordinary people
 getting screwed, there's nothing even marginally courteous or considerate about what
 Enron and Bush did.  It was a no-reach-around screw.

 (please don't print my address)

 ha ha
 I hope you believe me when I confess that I know less about "reach-arounds" than you.

 I heard the term for the first time a month or three back.
 Some guy mention that X "didn't even get a reach-around."
 I didn't know what that meant, so I asked.
 The reply said, "While a guy's getting raped, the rapist gives him a helping hand."
 I'm still not sure what that means, but the term sounded funny.

 My euphasism was meant to confer that while Smirky Mc Warhardon is emptying the US Treasury,
 he at least is giving us the "reach-around" of cute little nicknames for the White House press corp,
 and he always has a smile and a mangled quote for NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and the harlots at FOX.

 A Tulsa company, Cunnigham Jewelers, has been advertising that
 if you buy diamonds from them in the month of December,
 your money is refunded in full if it rains or snows on Christmas Day.

 Local weathermen are guaranteeing a white Christmas, (6-12 inches) so it looks
 like Santa may be delivering nothing but coal to the Cunningham family this year.


"Engaging in an obsessive campaign of domestic spying, assassinating American citizens,
  provoking baseless wars and furiously unraveling civil protections and rights that we hold dear,
  George W. Bush's ersatz presidency is working hard to transform the United States from a
  law-abiding republic into a postmodern blend of late Soviet totalitarianism and Gold Rush-era
  company town...Years after Bush is gone, we'll be paying off the debts he ran up and the
  lawsuits brought by those whose rights he violated."
     -- Ted Rall

Subject: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

hey, bart

Although I know that snows brings Oklahoma to a virtual stop, I love it.
No sleet here, just rain turning to snow ... big puffy flakes of it ... just in time for xmas.

pretty cool.

hope you and your family have a peaceful holiday and a year full of laughter
and riches (at least enough to quit that day job).

thanks for everything. You and your site and the links you provide have enriched and
enlightened and amused me. We don't agree on everything, but how dull that would be if we did.

The key is to agree on the important things ... freedom of speech, the exposure of the BFEE
and their nefarious schemes, voicing our views to "our" elected reps (and holding them accountable
as much as we can), and keeping our civil liberties safe from theft by ashcroft and his cronies.

That and rooting for OSU in Houston and OU in Pasadena (near where I used to live).
I know I should have wanted OU to go to the national championship, but I think I'll like
this game more and I'm pretty sure the coaches and players won't mind south california too much. ;-)

have a safe holiday and keep hammering

Ducks at OU

Ducks, since you wrote that, the snow has doubled.
It can't snow at a more rapid rate than what we're getting right now.

Mrs. Bart saw it coming, so she bought $100 worth of groceries and I made
a trip to the spirits store. This would be the wrong time to be Chinaco-free :)

Tulas's biggest concentration of high dollar stores is a two-mile stretch from
Memorial to Garnett on 71st St.  That area's phone service is provided by GE telephone
and the city of Broken Arrow. Right now, all phones are dead there, which means
none of those hundreds of stores can call in credit card charges - wow!

Good thing, with the Smirk economy, not many people are shopping these last few days.

Have a great holiday.

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 Weekend Sports Update

 Dallas lost, that's all that matters.

 Visit the all-new 


"You and I as individuals can, by borrowing, live beyond our means,
  but for only a limited period of time. Why, then, should we think that
  collectively, as a nation, we are not bound by that same limitation?"
    -- Red-Ink Reagan, first inaugural address, 1981

 They say Red-Ink spent more money than every president from Washington thru Carter,
 but it's good to know he once recognized the dangers of spending money we don't have.

 Too bad The Chimp doesn't believe that.

VCR Alert - HBO is running a Sopranos marathon.
 I don't think they've ever done that before.

 Starting Thursday and running thru December 30, they're playing
 back-to-back episodes of the fourth season every night.

 The battle between Ralphie and Tony is the best fight ever filmed, plus the next show
 where Christopher gets his "intervention" were the highlights of this year's TV season.

 If you missed out - this is your chance.

 Letters to the Editor

  Lott troubles no surprise
  Let's put Senator Lott's comments in context: Remember, these are
  the guys who honestly believe that diveristy means having a presidential
  ticket with two white guys from two different oil companies.

  Too many guns, too little food.
  Growing up, I remember our teachers telling us that the reason the communist countries
  were so impoverished is that they spent so much money on guns and weaponry that there
  wasn't much left to buy food. Are we headed down that same road?

  Star Wars? Again?
  How can we be falling for this same trick?
  How practical is it to spend billions on a "space shield" when four terrorists
  with enough money to pay for flying lessons can bring a nation to its knees
  when the president is stupid and on vacation all the time?

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 CrimQuips by Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

 Last week's roundup of Middle Eastern men on the West Coast is one of Bush's "faith-based initiatives."
 The several hundred men subscribe to the wrong faith so W's people took the initiative to violate their
 human rights by imprisoning them without due process.

Marty's Monday E! page
Lady Bird Johnson
Paul McCartney
Jimmy Page
King Tut's tomb
Baron Dave Romm at the 2004 Marscon



"How in the world did this happen? Once upon a time, federal government deficits were
  denounced by St. Ronald as a focus of evil barely less threatening than communism itself.
  Now that concern is mocked by a Republican White House as the nonsensical "fixation"
  of a previous Democratic administration. In recent weeks the term "Rubinomics" has spread
  through the press like a rash—promoted by people who apparently believe that the best way to
  discredit anything is to associate it with Bill Clinton. They are not deterred by the inconvenient
  fact that the economy did rather well under Clinton and Rubin—better than under either of the
  Bushes or Reagan himself. Even more astonishing is that the Republican propaganda machine
  is trying to stamp "Clinton" all over one of the cornerstones of Reaganism."
     --Michael Kinsely, former liberal, on

 You gotta get this book!

 Maybe if you order two books you get 30% off?
 So consider buying two books, or buy Susan's book and Betty's book...

 New Years

  My New Years resolution is to build  and  BartCop Radio into
 giant internet juggernauts that will red-ass the Republicans.

 What's yours?

  Is  worth $5 a month?

  Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

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"I am personally tired of being embarrassed by people who don't get what
  the history of race in America is, what integration has meant, what segregation was.
  I'm tired of being embarrassed by Republicans who don't get it."
     -- Peggy Noonan to Chris the Screamer, 12/22/02

 Mark this day, December 23, 2002.
 It was the day when we read something written by Peggy Noonan that wasn't extra-stupid.

 The Clash's Joe Strummer Dies at 50

  Click  Here

 Joe Strummer, frontman with the Clash whose 1979 track "London Calling" exploded
 as one of punk's biggest anthems, has died at the age of 50, a spokesman said on Monday.
 The singer, guitarist and songwriter died on Sunday at his home in Somerset of unknown causes.

"We do not yet know the cause of death, but we believe it was not suspicious
 and that he passed away peacefully," the spokesman said.

 "The Clash are to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year and there was hope
  that there would be a reunion and a tour...this must be especially sad for their fans," said Pat Gilbert,
  editor of British music magazine Mojo.

"The Clash was the greatest rock band. They wrote the rule book for U2. It's such a shock " said Bono,
 who had been working with Strummer on an AIDS awareness song.

"The Clash will be endlessly influential. They will always be one of the deathless rock bands.
 If they can influence people especially in this age of manufactured pop music then God bless him,
 he's left something imperishable," said Bob Geldolf.

 From The Nation

 Strummer and The Clash created perhaps the most powerful, politically-charged pop music
 in the history of the recording industry, literally changing the lives of a generation inspired by
 the band's energy, honesty and recognition of the inherent contradictions of trying to be a
 dissident in modern capitalist society.

 More from The Nation

 In 1980, I was the good little finance manager, screwing ignorant Okie customers for whitey.
 Heaven forbid you fall behind in your payments, because it was my job to convince you to give us
 a second mortgage to use as collateral so we could consolidate your debts and I was good at my job.
 Of course, at 21 percent, with your home as collateral, it was a cash cow for my Republican overlords
 and if you got behind a second time, they'd simply take your home.

 When I got thru a day doing that, it was always a relief to get home, drink one, smoke one,
 and listen to The Clash rage against whitey's screwed up machine.

The Call Up

It's up to you not to heed the call-up
'N' you must not act the way you were brought up
Who knows the reasons why you have grown up?
Who knows the plans or why they were drawn up?

It's up to you not to heed the call-up
I don't wanna die!
It's up to you not to hear the call-up
I don't wanna kill!

For he who will die
Is he who will kill

Maybe I wanna see the wheatfields
Over Kiev and down to the sea

All the young people down the ages
They gladly marched off to die
Proud city fathers used to watch them
Tears in their eyes

There is a rose that I want to live for
Although, God knows, I may not have met her
There is a dance an' I should be with her
There is a town - unlike any other

It's up to you not to hear the call-up
'N' you must not act the way you were brought up
Who give you work an' why should you do it?
At fifty five minutes past eleven
There is a rose...

 We'll be locked in the house until the 26th.
 I think I'll drink one, smoke one and play some Clash and watch the snow fall.

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