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Volume 970 - Chimp off the old block

 Thursday   January 9, 2003 


"Of course the wealthy will get most of the tax cut.
  The wealthy paid most of the taxes."
    -- the vulgar Pigboy

 But Rush, let's say we grant you that point. If it,s true, doesn;t that prove
 that Bush is lying when he says he's cutting taxes to stimulate the economy?

 When you give a half a million dollar tax cut to a super-rich couple,
 they're not going to open a factory and hire people.

 But if you follow The BartCop Tax Plan, a couple with two working teens gets $6,000.
 That would allow them to buy a refrigerator, a washer-dryer, a new computer, a thousand dollars
 worth of clothes, a thousand dollars worth of furniture, two thousand down on a second car and
 you still have $1600 dollars left.

 That will stimulate the economy.

 But giving the super-rich another unearned windfall?

 They already have a $4500 Sub Zero refrigerator in each end of the house.,
 They already have a $3000 computerized washer/dryer - and a maid.
 They already have the best computer available.
 They already have more clothes and shoes than Imelda Marcos could ever wear.
 They already have all the furniture they'll ever need.
 They already have a fleet of BMWs.

 They don't need that half million dollars from the Social Security fund.
 All they'll do is sock that into savings and stimulate nothing.

 How to Prevent All Future Hijackings

  Click  Here

 I designed a working system with today's technology that could prevent all
 future hijackings. To this date, not one member of Congress or the editor of that
 magazine has ever responded to what you are about to read. Ask yourself why.


"I think the American people — I hope the American —
  I don't think, ...let me — I hope the American people trust me."
     --Dubya, Washington, D.C., 12/18/02

 George, your own damn staff doesn't trust you.
 Unka Dick and Karl certainly don't trust your idiot mouth.
 Why do you think every word you speak is scripted?

 Press Briefing by Ari Fleischer 
 Convicted felons put to work in Bush's illegal administration

  Full Story

 Russell Mohbiker asks:

Mohbiker: Ari, other than Elliott Abrams, how many convicted criminals are on the White House staff?

Fork-Tongue:(Laughter) You tell me, Russell. You seem to keep count.

Mohbiker:Can you give me a list of convicted criminals on the White House staff, other than Elliott Abrams?

Fork-Tongue: I'll go right to the convicted criminals division and ask them to turn -- (Laughter)

Mohbiker: Why isn't being convicted of a criminal a disqualifier for being on the White House staff?

Fork-Tongue: Russell, this is an issue that you like to repeat every briefing. I refer you to the --

Mohbiker: But you don't answer --

Fork-Tongue: -- repeat I gave you the third time you asked it,
                            which matched the second, which corresponded to the first.

 Issue One - Why are convicted felons allows to run America against the wishes of the voters?

 Issue Two - Is it because the president is, himself, a convicted felon?
                     Is Mohbiker trying to determine if Bush is included on the list of felons?
                     No wonder Fork-Tongue won't answer - he can't!

 Issue Three - Why does the Bush's good puppy press titter when this question is asked?

 If they caught Clinton glancing at a woman's cleavage at some formal event, it was big news
 and the whores splashed the fabricated story all over Page One. But when the Unelected Fraud
 hires the goons his dad used to break laws in the eighties, the ones who needed pardons to cover
 their still-unknown crimes, the press just just sits there and giggles?

 We don't have a free press in this country.
 We have a press bought and paid for by Bush backers.

Blair Bends Over Backwards

 Click  Here


"Under cover of darkness last night, our president sneakily re-nominated all of
  the proposed federal judges who had been rejected by the Senate last year.
  The group includes some of the finest minds of the 12th century."
    --Paul Begala

 End taxes on Dividends?
    by HH

 Here's my argument against ending the Dividend tax:
 No numbers, no percentages, no history. Here it comes, don't miss it...  SWEAT.

 I sweat for my income. Let me explain that to the people who would enjoy this tax break,
 they may not know what that means. To make my income I show up to a place to work and I sweat.
 Then I get my pay with the taxes taken out.

 Some of my sweat-earned money goes to the Government. No problem, I enjoy my work
 and want my nation to use the money wisely. It's an honest, healthy living.

 So now the President wants to end tax on income that has nothing to do with sweat!
 The people collecting that income didn't sweat, the companies that produced the dividend were
 paid for their sweat already. So what makes people who don't sweat for thier dividend income
 think they shouldn't have to pay  taxes? Greed?



"It was so cold last night in New York,
  a tourist in Times Square couldn't get his hooker to turn over."
    -- Dave

 Fun Flashback ...from waaaaaaay back in Volume 242 - I Heard a Rumor

 The Dangers of Ignorance
   ...brought about by a lack of education.
      by  Houston Wade

  Click  Here

Subject: Time Magazine loses another one to Bartcop


 Just to let you know that we got our a renewal letter from TIME yesterday.
 We just called to tell them that we won't be renewing.

 You'll be getting a check from us very soon.

 Kip & Melissa

 Kip & Melissa,


“The Santa Anna Winds are hitting L.A. right now.
  It was so windy today, Christina Aguilera blew into some clothes."
    -- Craig Kilborn.

 Have a job opening?   Need a job?

  Now with 30 resumes, but since we're under illegal occupation, nobody is hiring?

  Visit the resume page

  Click  Here  to e-mail your resume to Ed.
  Send him whatever details you want published.


 "A priest in Las Vegas has pleaded guilty to lewdness with five teenage boys.
   What is considered "lewdness" in Las Vegas?
   Apparently the priest broke the cardinal rule - Never hit on 17."
      -- Leno

  From: Igor 5-0

 You know I support and you know I wanna support bartcop radio.
 I'm not sure what you want BCR to be.
 Do you want it to be a three hour program on air in cities across America?
 Or do you want it to be a verbal recreation of the site?

 Igor, you ask good questions!
 Let me try to string together what few clues I have:

 I want to start out on the Internet, not on commercial radio stations.
 (Not that they'd have me...)
 Chris Rock on HBO was a lot different from Bill Maher on ABC.
 Rock said what he wanted, Maher had to candy-coat everything for whitey.

 In Maher's case, he said something that was true and his weenie sponsors
 didn't like hearing the truth so his ass got fired and now he's going to HBO.

 Rumor has it I can own my network for around $1,000, plus monthly fees.
 I won't have any overlords or bosses who need to be held, soothed and coddled.

 You keep asking for support for BCR but what the hell is or what the hell would BCR be?

 My plan is to marry Crossfire and Animal House and see what happens.
 Of course, I have no idea what I'm doing, but that hasn't stopped me so far.

 Each day there are dozens of stories that can't be gotten to due to time, but I can speak a lot faster
 than I can type. The page will remain the page, but with audio, I can play snippets of stupid stuff
 said by El Dupe, or Rush or Hannity - whatever.  Answering those should be a lot of fun.

 Whatever I think it will become, it probably won't be that, but it has to be a riot.
 I plan to have a separate mailbox for SHORT bits to be read on the air.
 I will ask readers to send in their funny bits on MP3s.
 When Dim Son speaks, we'll stream him live with "insightful" commentary.

 If you remember the old RL-LNW newsletter, it was nothing but text on a white page.
 When Perkel threw me the car keys in 1998, we were able to get into cartoons, links, pictures etc.
 This is just another step in the evolution of whatever the hell's going to happen.
 I figure it'll be must-hear stuff.  Hell, my on-the-job training mistakes should be highly entertaining.

 What I'm getting at here is the question of how can BCR be more powerful than
 My answer is that I don't know.   To my mind BCR should be a hard simple message that finds
 radio stations that are starved for money and will do anything they can to get some bucks.
 The stations would probably love it.

 Igor 5-0

 I can see an eventual collaberation with whitey, but if we can create something that's fun,
 and get established doing what WE want, instead of what "the experts" tell us will work,
 they'll eventually have to come to us, instead of the other way around.

 We have set up Saturday, January 18 as techno-switch day. We will play with the toys for six weeks
 and try to get a clue what this will sound like. We have targeted March 1 as the date when we begin to
 lessen the hours that I'm tethered to my day job. I'm working with Bartfest attendee Tommy Mack on
 format and stuff, and between Perkel and my local tech guy, I think we can make it fly.

 I plan to open each show with a reminder that I have no idea what I'm doing and being Spazboy, it makes me
 the last guy in the world who belongs on the radio. Five years ago I couldn't even spell  h-t-m-l, and now we
 have the funnest Tequila Treehouse on the internet so it's possible good things are just around the corner.

 If there's a God, we'll be bigger than Hyman Roth.

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Space Brothers Tour
Henry Rollins on Bono
Bill Maher debuts Feb 21 with Ann Coulter
Arianna Huffington on suvs and terrorism
Anna Kournikova's new tattoo
Sex In The City's final season
Music industry loves cat-killer Frist
Siegfried & Roy's tiger cub contest
Bernie Mac in Charlie's Angels 2
women busted for having pot-smelling money



"I was reading and found this fantastic study that says that people who
  work with dumb people are more likely to have heart attacks. That's true,
  if you work with stupid people you're more likely to have a heart attack.
  When I read this all I could think about was - poor Dick Cheney."
   -- Dave

 How did America go broke?
 Bush gave Clinton's Social Security surplus to his biggest contributors.

 And how many people did GM hire?


 From:   Ray

 Subject: my $10.00 subscription

...for your worthy cause.  I am retired military, Vietnam Vet and a wide eyed liberal
 by today's standards.  I have always defended President Clinton with my morning bunch
 at "Ye Olde Farte" coffee shop, and am now extremely critical of Resident Lying Bastard.

 ha ha

 I quote many things you say and it makes them so red assed.  There's a lot of redneck gun nuts
 in small town Louisiana and I'm the only true liberal within sight of the burning cross on the hill.
 I've been in harm's way many times but I don't recall being as personally frightened as I am now.
 I don't like being frightened, "...cowards die a thousand deaths..." kinda stuff.

 Fuck those bastards and everybody who thinks like those fascist pricks.  I tired of being scared of them,
 so here's my contribution to the right side of  the fight, small as it is compared to your contribution
 (stay outta small planes and away from suspicious mail). I can hardly wait to hear the radio show.

 Gosh I  feel better, think I go get a cup of coffee and redden a few asses.
 Good luck, Dude.


 P.S.  I am an Associate Professor at a college and I put your site on
         my information sheet as a resource and encourage students to visit.

 Ray, thanks for the contribution and the letter.
 I think someday the country will wake up, and elected Democrats will start acting like they have a pair
 and we'll look like visionaries after we take the country back from the crooked, Nazi vote-stealers.

 He said it again.

 "Reagan gave us a twenty year economic boom with his massive tax cuts."
   -- Captain Gerbil, Wednesday on the EIB

 Have you ever heard the name "David Stockman?"

 He was the guy who "invented" trickle-down, supply-side economics.
 You youngsters wouldn't remember, but during the Reagan administration,
 he admitted trickle-down, supply-side economics was just a hoax.

 But the stupid people will believe anything if you repeat it enough, so some people think
 the country is better off with the rich getting richer and the poor just need to "get over"
 having to pay higher taxes and, in effect, subsidize those rich bastards.

 Should we give up?
 Or should we resist?

 If we had BartCop Radio, supported by 25 cents a day subscriptions, they couldn't shut us up.
 There's nothing they could do to make us stay quiet.

 We don't need no stinking license.
 We don't have to answer to some stinking mobbed-up FCC

 No better-then-thou Footloose preachers telling us we can't dance.
 No censorship, no politically correct "net nannies" barking "You can't say that."

  Is  worth $5 a month?

  Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

 Is the freedom to say anything we want worth five or ten dollars?

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to get BartCop Radio sooner rather than later

 This issue is so good, I can't think of any way to make it better.

   ...unless it had a 

 Click  Here  to make a good thing better

 Did Clinton really trash the White House?
  Bush aides proven to be liars, but the whore press can't make money with the truth.

  Click  Here

 Now it seems those closely detailed stories were largely bunk. Last week it was revealed that
 a formal review by the GAO, "had found no damage to the offices of the White House or EOB"
 and that Bush's own representatives reported "there is no record of damage that may have
 been deliberately caused by the employees of the Clinton administration."

 Boy, the press got a 60-day circle jerk out of that Rovian lie, didn't they?
 They loved that story, almsot as much as the phony "stripped Air Force One story, and the
 much-ado about normalcy with the dreaded "Marc Rich pardon," as if Clinton did that to
 keep his own traitorous ass out of prison by pardoning his co-conspirators like Bush 41 did.

 If they don't have a story, they make one up.

Master Rebater
Thanks to Jon Stewart


 I voted for margaret (judessa) carlson too.
 good choice!


 Get this book!

 Visit the all-new 

 Subject:  donation

 Hi bartcop: As a military retiree of the US air force I salute you on
 the patriotic work you do in helping to keep us informed on the BFEE.
 It dammed near made me cry what they did to Max Cleland. They have no shame.

 Anyway, I cannot bear to listen the Big Fat Idiot.
 Since you do, can you send me or better yet list on your site who sponsors his ass.
 I will email the companies and tell them i will not buy their products.


 Hector, thanks for that.
 A while back, someone said either Buzzflash or MWO had published a list
 of the unAmerican capitalist warmongers who support the vulgar Truth Molester.

 If anyone knows that link, send it and I'll run it.

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