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Volume 972 - Racism Gusher

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 Weekend    January 11-12, 2003 


"Our country has made great progress in restoring investor
  confidence and putting the recession behind us."
    -- The lying president

 Hey Dim!
 You gotta any evidence to support that horseshit?
 The stock market is calling you a big, fat liar!
 Where is this "great progress" you claim we've made?
 Give me an example the the "investor confidence" your leadership has restored.

 Just like your Daddy, George Herbert Herbert Bush, you used a war to skyrocket
 your approval numbers when there's no election coming up.

 One termer!

 Happy Imbeciles At War
 Massive U.S. military buildup, billions of dollars,
 a useless enemy, and no one seems to know why

  Click  Here

 You cannot have a war when there is nothing to fight against, when it's essentially
 going to be a huge U.S. military stomping/bombing exercise, when, just like Afghanistan,
 we stand to suffer zero U.S. casualties (except for those we seem to kill ourselves),
 and we just bomb and bomb and kill and kill and shrug.

"That Iraqi oil is gonna be mine.
  Unka Dick and Pop promised.
  Karl says it's part of my mandate"


"New York City will be the host of the 2004 Republican Convention.
  We lured the republicans the old fashioned way – with bribe money and hookers.
  The republicans want everything to go perfect, so they’re already auditioning people
  to play black republicans.
   --  Dave

 Tiger Woo    on Leno Friday night

 I assume he was on, I didn't watch.  It was a rerun.
 I like to watch Mr Perfect when he's live on TV with nothing but his putter in his hands.
 Then I double up on the ongoing Hex and make his balls land in the water.

 Hey, e-mail me on any Sunday morning if Tiger has a chance to win LIVE on TV that day.
 He's actually not a bad golfer, so the Hex sometimes needs a booster shot.

 Subject: Grey Davis info

 BC -

 Just wanted to give you a heads-up that Grey Davis will be trying something
 from the Clinton tax-playbook to save California's ENRON/GOP-raped ass.

 For his new tax plan - he is going to - increase taxes for the wealthy (hey! What a concept!)
 Add one cent to the sales tax and $1.10 tax per pack of cigarettes (which will finally help
 my weak pals who smoke save a TON of money by quiting.)

 Bad news for Phillip Morris.
 ha ha


 You know, the vulgar Pigboy and other media whores continue to spread the lie that the blackouts
 and high energy prices were the fault of Davis and the Democrats - and why shouldn't they?

 If Democrats refuse to defend themselves, the GOP should be expected to flood the airwaves
 with one stupid lie after another to save the horribly-bad reputation of the Oil President.

 There are waaaay too many doves in the Democratic party.
 This "turn the other cheek" crap is political suicide.
 Will our side wake up before the 2004 elections?

 Or will President Death get a free ride for eight years?

Subject: John Edwards

I met John Edwards today. A friend of mine works for him and he has been asking me to meet
him for awhile. So this morning I went to the home of a supporter. There were 15-16 people there,
almost all successful African-Americans. Edwards came in, chatted introduced himself to each
person individually. (He is very cordial and warm, not quite Clinton but in that direction.) Then he
made a very smart, passionate speech. He brought up tough subjects (like Bush's judicial nominees).

He talked about the URGENT need for Democrats to give people a real reason to vote against Bush
that they could understand and he contrasted himself with Bush. The audience ate it up (me included).
He seemed genuine and quite sincere. He understands with every fiber of his being what Bush will
NEVER EVER understand: the government can help people out in tough times. He spoke about
growing up the son of a mill worker (and postal clerk) and how if it weren't for the state university
system he would never had a college education (the first in his family to get one). When it was time
to answer questions, he was brilliant and there was no hedging or bullshit on any question.

He talked about southern politicians OWING the country something for past injustices (in terms of
LEADING on difficult issues like racial justice, woman's rights, etc). He's charismatic without being
slick and he can think on his feet. When I asked him if he would avail himself of the opportunity to
bail from the Judiciary Committee if the Democrats lose 2 seats (a probability I'm guessing)-- this
avoiding being in the middle of an ugly controversy as Bush sends one southern extremist judge
after another for the bench-- he was clear and unambiguous about how it was too important and
that he wouldn't give up the seat and he would fight Bush tooth and nail. (For someone promising
to deliver southern states, that's pretty courageous.)

Anyway, I want to see what the other candidates have to say but right now I'm leaning towards
Edwards and I'll probably do a fundraiser at my house for him in a month or two.

Howie the K

Howie, let us know when, where and how much tickets are.

 This Just In...

 Ralph Nader joins Crossfire on Monday as a special guest co-host on the left.
 He weighs in on the economy and the emerging 2004 presidential field.
 You won't want to miss the chance to see Ralph Nader
 switch seats and take his turn doing the questioning.

 Now we have a Clinton/Gore hater speaking for the Democrats?
 The man who says "Both sides are identical" is going to speak for our side?

 This is horseshit.

 Once again, the majority of voters are not represented.
 We have Bush's 47 percent and Nader's 2 percent represented,
 but what about the majority who won the last three popular votes?

 Why can't we see one of ours on the TV once in a while?

 I sent this e-mail to

 I watch every day because Carville and Begala represent
 the majority of voters in the last three presidential elections.

 Nader represents nobody and says, "Both sides are the same,"
 so how the fuck can he speak for the left?

 You've lost this viewer.


 I think Crossfire should be flooded with complaints.
 Nader doesn't speak for anyone but himself.

 Establishing the New Resistance
   by Bev Conover at

  Click  Here

 Resist them in every way possible. Lie if you have to when they seek information that is none
 of their business. Refuse their poisonous vaccines, medications that turn us into zombies and
 their Frankenfoods. Take to the streets whenever it is necessary and make such a clatter that
 the whole world hears it—they can't put us all in prisons or concentration camps.

 Bush and his minions have declared war on us. Let them know we are the New Resistance
 and we are fighting back; that we won't trade freedom for security; that we want no part of
 their New World Order and no part of them or anyone who supports or appeases them.

 Dubya and Faheem:
 Did tax cuts short a child's life?
   by Bruce S Ticker

  Click  Here

 They proclaimed their concern for the American people, yet their actual actions will only make
 life more miserable for the most vulnerable people in our society if their measures become a reality.
 As a preppie future Republican might put it, I would submit that we can draw a straight line between
 Bush-style policies and society's neglect of Faheem Williams and the two brothers who survived him.

 He lost the popular vote by over a half million votes and he thinks it's OK
 to lead America down a right-wing,  tax-cutting, supply-cide path of war
 and creating "buying opportunities" for his super-rich contributors?

 A plea from Robert Redford

  Click  Here

 Barely two weeks after the election, the Bush administration repaid big corporate campaign
 contributors with a massive new loophole in the Clean Air Act that will allow them to
 dramatically increase air pollution and harm the health of millions of Americans.

 Days later, it was the timber industry's turn to cash in. On Thanksgiving eve, the administration
 proposed new rules that would allow it to put all 155 national forests on the chopping block for
 logging and other commercial activities without having to take public input or study the
 devastating impacts on wildlife.

 But the worst is yet to come.

Visit the all-new 

 David Stockman and trickle-down

  Click  Here

 Supply-siders like to blame the debt on a Democratic Congress, but that is a lie. First of all,
 the Republican's controlled the Senate until 1986. Second, every budget Reagan proposed
 included MORE spending than Congress approved. If Reagan had passed his budgets --
 unaltered by Congress -- the deficits and the resulting debt would have been even larger.

 Even David Stockman, Reagan's budget architect, admitted the whole rosy scenario
 was a fraud (Triumph of Politics, 1987) -- an intentional fraud.

 Of course it was - why is this never mentioned by anybody?
 To mis-quote the stupidest politician of all time, "Fool us twice - we don't get fool again!"

 Why don't the Democrats have the brains to mention that even Happy Crack's daddy
 called this horseshit"voodoo economins" because it just doesn't add up.

 Why doesn't our side want to win?

"Activist Lorelei Laird holds a sign referring to Tim McVeigh
during a protest at INS offices in LA Friday, Jan. 10, 2003"

 Have a job opening?   Need a job?

  Now with 30 resumes, but since we're under illegal occupation, nobody is hiring?

  Visit the resume page

  Click  Here  to e-mail your resume to Ed.
  Send him whatever details you want published.


"Throughout the economic downturn, the president has been AWOL.
  So it is outrageous that he's trying to pass off another tax cut for the rich
  as a boost to the economy."
    --  John Sweeney, AFL-CIO president, who briefly dated Bush

Check Marty's E! page
Fender remembers Joe Strummer
A reader review of LOTR: The Two Towers
The LA protest on Saturday
Green Day and Iggy Pop
                      U2 exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall O' Fame
The Osbournes host American Music Awards
(The BartCop E - Osbournes repository is now on its 4th page)
The Yardbirds are back
Mariah Carey at the Daytona 500
Pete Townshend, pedophilia & credit cards


 More David Stockman

 Dear Bartcop--

 I first encountered the Stockman quote in James Carville's "We're Right, They're Wrong" (1996).

 Carville writes, "In one of the most embarrassing confessions of all time, David Stockman
 told The Atlantic Monthly, 'I mean, Kemp-Roth [Reagan's 1981 tax cut] was always a
 Trojan horse to bring down the top rate . . .It's kind of hard to sell 'trickle down.'
 So the supply-side formula was the only way to get a tax policy that was really 'trickle down.'
 Supply-side is 'trickle-down' theory.'   In other words, supply-side economics was just
 a fancy term for putting more money in the hands of the rich."

 Keep up the great work!

 Steve B.

 Again, our side knows all about this, we just don't want to win.
 Gore knew when he ran against that vote-trashing idiot two years ago.

 Gore could've said in the debate, "Governor, please explain to the voters
 the difference between your tax-cutting theory and the discredited
 Stockman theory that your father called "Voodoo economics."

 Bush wouldn't have a prayer answering that question.
 If he can't figure out the concept of "Fool me twice, shame on me,"
 he damn sure can't figure out anything about taxes besides "They need cuttin'"

 But Gore didn't want to mention that...

 Why has America gone bankrupt?
 Bush gave Clinton's Social Security surplus to the oil companies

 And how many people did El Paso Energy hire?


 Look at that again - Those El Paso bastards paid negative taxes.
 and Bush says BIG OIL needs a break so they can hire more people?

 Don't you wish you could pay negative taxes?

 You Want A Tax Cut With That War?
     as seen on

  Click  Here

 In 2001, George W. Bush handed Americans a massive tax cut which either
 1) had no effect on the economy or 2) made it worse. Unemployment is now
 several points higher than when Bush took office. Nearly two million jobs are gone.

 On second thought, since it helped drain the federal coffers, it definitely made it worse.

 So far I have not heard any Republicans try the only decent spin I can think of:
"Well, we would have lost four million jobs if it wasn't for the President's quick thinking!
 He really saved two million jobs!" Or maybe, "Four million jobs were really lost,
 but we made two million!"

 Eh. Roughly half of America still thinks GWB can do no wrong. Why bother?
 Instead, Bush & co have presented the bizarro idea of ANOTHER tax cut.

 Housekeeping - Advertising

 I've kinda lost track of the paid-for ads and banners.
 If you paid for ten rotations and got only eight, I'm not trying to cheat you,
 it's just hard to keep track of things when the train's moving so damn fast.

 I can dig thru the sent e-mails and add them all up, but who has the time?
 So if you've paid for ads that you haven't received, send me a note at the business address
 and tell me how many ads I owe you and I'll make a list and put it in my wallet.
    I need a staff.


"Are you watching this "Joe Millionaire” show?
  They say the guy, Joe, he’s worth about $19,000.
  After the Bush tax cut he’s worth $19,400."
    -- Dave

 Wrong, Dave.
 Bush is loaning Joe that $400 - it's not his.
 It's just a sham to make the rich richer.

 Sheriff Bart....

 From all of us on Ward 9.....Good Luck.  I'm feeling much better now.
 Dr. Zorba tells me that,  now that I've stopped insistng that Republicans
 are Evil Lectoids,  invading Earth by way of the 9th Dimension, full recovery
 maybe just around the corner.  That's good news because Mr. Churchill,
 Mr. Gandhi and myself plan to start a political action committee as soon as
 we get our street clothes back. So hang in there, keep your head up
(or is iit down?) is on the way.


 PS-  Mr. Gandhi thinks that this current crowd make the British Raj look like amateurs.
 He feels that his usually tactics will probablly prove ineffective, so he's decided we may
 have to resort to opening a can of extra strength "Whip Ass" to straighten these clowns out.
 I'm certainly not going to argue with him;  he's so excitable these days.  The staff is very
 careful not to mention "Chimpanzee" in his presence.  It turns into one of those
"Slowly I turned,  step by step....." routines.  They had to take away his walking stick last Tuesday.  is now a valid address.
 That's what I need - another mailbox to check!
 Please send all BCR stuff to that address.

  BCR update:

 I'm not sure what this means, but we have reached about
 60-70 percent of our goal to make the radio thing happen.

 If contributions/subscriptions increase, it'll happen faster,
 if contributions/subscriptions decrease, it'll take a little longer,
 but this is going to happen, it's just a matter of when.

 When I tell me boss I want to cut my hours back 50 percent, there's a chance he might say,
"Clean out your desk today, Finance Boy. We don't need you around here, anymore."
 in which case we'd have BCR much, much sooner than we think :)

 Koresh, that might even make BCR  more fun, because if it's not fun, I won't be able to eat.
 Back in college, I got $187 per month Social Security - that was it. So I went to Roger's Pool Hall in
 Fayettenam and if I didn't sink that 9-ball before the other guy, I didn't eat, so I got damn good at pool. :)

 But my boss is a nice guy, and he might even welcome the chance to cut payroll, so I think he'll understand.
 The target date for this surprise is March 1, but it could happen suddenly if any new company policies
 are announced, if you know what I mean.

 That would give us about 30 days to do anvil things into shape, which means BCR could
 start as soon as April 1, which would be prophetic, since I'll be a Fool doing his first radio show.

 Isn't it exciting?

 Subject:  Too Good Not to Support


 I backed out of a monthly commitment in November because I
 find you way too abrasive and angry and I'm such a peace-loving,
 liberal, yoga-doing, chanting hippie that your rants would upset me for days.

 But the fact is, I need you. I need you to be angry and I need you to fight where
 I can not or will not (just like the US military, oddly enough). But I find that I can't
 just hide in a corner for the next two years and pray that someone will ride in on a
 white horse in 2004 and save us all. I have to do something - so here it is.

 A small contribution towards BCR and to you to keep the fire going.

 Thank you for doing what I can not.

 Should we give up?
 Or should we resist?

 I say we fight back!

 If we had BartCop Radio, supported by pennies-per-day subscriptions, they couldn't shut us up.
 There's nothing they could do to make us stay quiet. (short of a CIA hit)

 We don't need no stinking license.
 We don't have to answer to some mobbed-up FCC on the BFEE payroll.

 No Bennett/Ashcroft/Unloved prosititutes barking "You can't say that."

 Let's take the fight to them.  Pardon my French, but fuck a bunch of defense.
 Let's go on offense and make their heads spin until they're too dizzy to lie to us again.

 Somewhere, a rich liberal telling themselves,
"This BartCop radio thing just might be a hoot.
  I should send him a check for $50K just to see what happens."

 We're ready  Mr Sorkin, Mr Sheen, Mr Baldwin, Mr Williams, Ms Streisand!
 Of course, you'd have no editorial control, but I think you'll really like the results.

 Is  worth $10 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $25 a month?

 Is the freedom to say anything we want worth five or ten dollars?

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

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