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Volume 976 - A Coup to a Kill

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 Friday    January 17, 2003 


“I view this as an opportunity to bind together nations in the neighborhood
  and around the world to make it clear to the North Koreans that we expect
  this issue to be resolved peacefully and we expect them to disarm — we
  expect them not to develop nuclear weapons.”
    --Dubya, listing the expectations of a foolish fool

 Two Front War

 The war in Iraq will be a two front war. One against Iraq - and one against the American People.
 This war is nothing but a cover up to distract attention from the fact that Bush and his corporate buddies
 are looting the American people. It is also a ploy to take away our freedoms and liberties and turn America
 into a Communist like country. Our allies fear us as well they should. We are a nation gone mad. We are
 now the bad guys. This war is so dishonest that it shocks the mind. I can not live this lie.

 The time has come for every freedom loving citizen who cares about America to rise up against this
 government and take back the liberty our founding fathers died for. Today I burn the American Flag
 to honor those who died for our freedom and to send a message to Washington that we will not support
 an artificial war and we will not participate in the madness. I burn the flag to express the shame I feel about
 what we are becoming. I burn the flag because I am a patriot, and because I love what America used to be,
 and because I care, and because it is the honest thing to do. The time for revolution is at hand. Iraq is our
 enemy - but Bush is our greater enemy.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA


"I used to like Oprah, but now she thinks she's a prophet.
  But Rosie O'Donnell is 100 times worse. She's the meanest bitch in show business."
    -- Jimmy Kimmel, Playboy interview

 VNS: What Went Wrong?
 Why Voter News Service had to be put to sleep

  Click  Here

"...early exit-polling data indicated that Erskine Bowles was leading
 Elizabeth Dole in the North Carolina senatorial race. As the day
 progressed and more exit-poll data was added, that margin grew.

 However, when the actual votes were tallied, Dole won the election
 by almost 200,000 votes, a convincing victory."

 This happened in race after race, all over the country.

"Don't go there, Bart.
  Dubya beat us fair & square.
  He's smarter than all of us."

 Boos for Bush silenced at AMA?

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 When Alabama received an award at the American Music Awards, the elder Bush’s
 face appeared on screen, [and] his image was met with a loud chorus of boos.
 One source says Randy Owen, the lead singer for the band, was “pretty shaken”
 by the crowd’s reaction.

 The boos from the crowd, however, were not audible in the broadcast,
 leading some to believe that they were deleted by censors.
“To be honest, I can’t tell you,” a spokesman for ABC told The Scoop,

 Trust me - that's a "Yes."
 It's no longer legal to boo a Bush.


"At their core, the Michigan policies amount to a quota system that
  unfairly rewards or penalizes prospective students based solely on their race."
    -- Dubya, who was handed the presidency because he was rich - what's the difference?

 Rush and his Nazi cohorts keep calling the UN inspectors in Iraq "useless,"
 and "bumbling," because they couldn't find any WMD anywhere in Baghdad or Iraq.

 This is false bullshit.

 The Illegal President (Saddam won his election) says he knows "for sure"
 that Saddam has the WMD, so why doesn't he just tell Hans Blix where they are?

 All he's gotta to is get the bills of lading from Halliburton and The Carlyle Group
 and see exactly where the WMD were delivered and have the inspectors go there next.

 You see?
 It's that easy.

 Pop Quiz for George Bush

 Reporter: Mr President, is Canada north or south of the United States?

 Pres Moron: President Zedillo is a good friend of mine.

 It was the worst West Wing ever

 Why in the wide, wide world of sports did Mr Sorkin think we wanted
 to spend an hour with CJ's extra-cranky Alzheimer's daddy?

 I don't care what show it is - I hate getting into the character's personal lives.
 That's why C.S.I. is the biggest show on television (plus other reasons),
 they don't intoduce us to the character's extra-cranky Alzheimer's parents.

 Oh, and before someone says, "But Bart, Alzheimers is a painful reality for many people.
 There must be thousands of people going thru what CJ's going thru."

 Well, sure, but there are also thousands of women having abortions and hemorrhoid-ectomies,
 but I don't want to watch CJ have to endure going thru either one of those, either.
 People turn on their TVs to escape, not to wallow in someone's misery.

 During the show, they ran a promo for Law & Order, "Wednesday's top-rated show."
 Gee, do you think that might be because we don't go home with Jack and Lenny?

 Mr. Sorkin, Mr. Wells, Mr. Schlamme - please go back to political intrigue.
 Give us face-to-face showdowns where Washington careers are made and destroyed.
 Give us arm-twisting, give us threats and blackmail and political double-crossing.

 You can even use more cast-offs from Sports Night, I take all that criticism back,
 but please spare us another wasted hour of the hell some character escaped from.

 Also, just for me - could you have Charlie kick that smart-ass Frenchie down some steps?
 Me and President Bartlet would really appreciate that.

 Massive peace protest in Los Angeles
  Largest Anti-War Rally in LA since Vietnam

 Click  Here  for more

 Kill them!  Kill them all right now!
 We don't need no damn protesting!
 People marching in the streets?
 I wanna kill!
 Protesting me is helping AlQaeda!
 I wanna kill!
 For the "safety of America"
 I wanna kill!

From:  charlie austin


ha ha

The right finally gets up the courage to debate and they sent this guy.


"If there is one basic element in our Constitution,
   it is civilian control of the military."
    --President Harry Truman

  ...and now, the military is controlled by BIG OIL,
 and they'll sacrifice our brave men for more drilling opportunities

 From:  mark crispin miller

 Subject: Bush's 'Re-Elect' numbers drop to 36%

 Bush's "approval" rating is down to 58% in the latest Gallup Poll, but that's not the
 number that matters to political professionals. The important number is his "re-elect",
 and that stands at a dismal 36%,  with 32% "definitely" voting for someone else,
 and 31% undecided. W's 36% puts him BELOW the 37% of the vote that Poppy
 got in losing to Bill Clinton in 1992 - the lowest re-election vote in 80 years.

 W's "re-elect" numbers are dismal, and if it was a Democrat they'd be saying he's "toast."
 Hey Charlie Cook, Stu Rothenberg, Bill Schneider, etc. - quit hiding Bush's dismal "re-elect" numbers!


"We have already lost enormous amounts of goodwill and esteem all over the world.
  We are the saber-rattlers here; we are the aggressors, and the world knows it.
  The indifference of this administration to the opinions of the rest of the world is astonishing.
  After 9-11, we threw away more goodwill and sympathy than you can imagine by switching
  from the hunt for Al Qaeda to this ancillary (if that) mission to get rid of Saddam Hussein."
    --Molly Ivins, Demand peace:

 The GOP is so misunderstood
  Bush's "reach out" is just a "reach around"

Bush's team knows black unemployment is always higher than for whites
Bush also understands that his kind refuse to hire black people.
Bush also wants to cut "worthless social programs," which means cutting
    job training programs, days care centers and battered women's shelters.
Bush is trying to keep black people out of the University of Michigan.

   So, Bush doesn't want them to have jobs,
   doesn't want them to have training
   and he doesn't want them to get an education.

   I guess, like with the poor and the gays, Bush wants blacks to "knock it off."

   On Thursday's vulgar Pigboy show, a guy called in and said applicants to UM
   get points for being an alumni, points for being rich contributors, points for being
   an athlete and, apparently, points for being a minority.

   Instead of suggesting they do away with the point system, Bush looks for the tiny slice
   that's helping black people get ahead and charges after it. Bush will order Ted Olson
   to order Scalia and the partisan gang of thugs to stop any black person wanting an education.

  George's right-wing base loves it when he sends them this message.

 "Won't no niggers get ahead while I'm president!"

 Has Bush been good for the Dow?

 Clinton's 12,000 has turned into Bush's 8,400.

 When Clinton was President, he raised taxes on the super-rich - and what happened?
 He created 22,000,000 jobs.

 When the Illegal Usurper stole his way into power vis his crooked crime family,
 he cut taxes on the super-rich and look what happened?

 The effects of that voodoo decision are rippling thru all fifty states and foreign markets, alike.

  Unka Dick, maybe I can help - I'm from Texas!
  ...this Bluebonnet Plague that's going around?

    ...look for a blue flower.
 It looks like Pickles's Sunday go-to-church hat.

 So, how'd I do?
 Did I help any?

 Wait, ...why are you crying Unka Dick?
 Did I say something sad?

Subject: Dr. Laura on Larry King last night

Picture from CNN's online biograhy     Picture from the Dr Laura Parody Page

Last week, Laura the Unloved exploited more publicity from her mother's murder.
She very tearfully told the story that of all her Hollywood friends, of all her friends in the GOP,
in the NRA, in BIG OIL, in BIG Religion and in BIG Cancer, was Larry King who called first!

And, Laura told her listeners, Larry was such a dear and close friend, all the time he talked to her
he did not ask her to come on his show and talk about what had just happened to her.

Larry - my hero.

So then, a couple of days later, she announced that she's going to be on Larry's show tonight.

Golly gee, maybe their agents put guns to their heads and MADE them do this show together?
Ya think?

And - you're not going to believe this - Hell, Laura has a new book coming out,
called  "Ten Stupid Things Hippocites to Profit from Tragedy."

I've seen less-clumsy hand jobs on HBO's Oz.


“You could make the argument that all cars consume gas, so even if you're
  driving a smaller car you're still supporting terrorism -- only less so. But I
  would say that we need more Americans to drive hybrid gas-electric cars
  because those only support terrorism when you're going up a hill.”
    --Jon Stewart, who keeps getting better


 Wednesday, we inadvertantly mis-identified the producer of

 It's by Symbolman
 All props to Symbolman  regrets the error

Bush in the Texas Air Guard

 Fortunate Boy
   by The Observer

  Click  Here

 Dueling Quotes

"The previous administration I give great credit to for freezing that
   plutonium site.  Lots of nuclear weapons were not made because of
   the Agreed Framework and the work of President Clinton and his team."
     -- Colin Powell

"Everything bad, including North Korea, is all Bill Clinton's fault."
    -- The Bush people following Mr. Rove's orders

 Subject:  Re: Whining again?

 I thought I was rid of you....

 ha ha

 ...go away...bother someone who cares.

 Michael DelGiorno,
 used to dealing with ditto-monkeys and yes-men employees
 Rush wannabe station manager afternoon drive for Tulsa's lesser
 Nazi AM station, where the news is always "fair and balanced."

  "I'm so pretty"

 Oklahoma elected a Democrat as governor.
 He took office Monday, and Del Giorno is blaming
 everything on the guy who's been in office four days.

 His good friend Frank Keating bankrupted Oklahoma,
 so Mikey blames the guy who took the oath 110 hours ago.

 Worse, he's giving out phone numbers of high-ranking Democrats,
 and asking his Okie ditto-monkey robots call them and demand that they
 "Stop lying to us!"

 ...but he sure is good in a debate (snicker...)

 Click  Here  to listen to Mikey read a fax of mine from the Clinton era.

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  Over 30 resumes, but since we're under illegal occupation, nobody is hiring.

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"A new study found that 67 percent of senior citizens are not happy with
  the way TV shows portray elderly people as feeble-minded and confused.
  The other 30 percent of the people in the survey did not respond because
  they were too busy trying to change the channel on their microwave.
    -- Conan

Check Marty's E! page
Clooney doing Ocean's 12?
Stevie Wonder, Target & a Grammy?
Warrant out for Bobby Brown
(If there was not a warrant out, that would be news)
Michael Jackson dangling his kids off Florida balconies,
searching for a new home so he can be near OJ
Trevor Berbick (beat Ali in 81) deported & wanted in Jamaica.
Dr. Phil renewed for 2 years
...and the ultimate Rolling Stone fan



 Subject: Clue for You

 You and your allies are total jerks.  Read history, Lenin, Stalin, Mao...etc...
 Then tell us all where you wish to live.
 You couldn't imagine enough fantasies to make us "Want" to live in one of your pinko communities.
 But since you obviously fancy yourself "smarter", you think we ARE that stupid.

 Yes.  is now a valid address.
 That's what I need - another mailbox to check!
 Please send all BCR stuff to that address.

 The Chris the Screamer Drinking Game
  as seen on

  Click  Here


“Many investment bankers are salivating over the potential windfall they could
  collect from mergers. At the extreme, if all the rules under  the review were lifted,
  it would theoretically be possible for AOL TIME Warner, (AOL, Warner Bros, CNN,
  TIME Mag) to merge with NBC (General Electric) and radio giant Clear Channel
 (Rush, Laura, Harvey, Hannity) and the New York Whore Times.
   -- "FCC faces huge decision" USA Today, 1/16/03 page B1

 This would make Mr Rove's job a  lot easier.
 He could just make four phone calls instead of ten.

 Guess who'll make the decision?
 Mike Powell, son of The Colin.

 Bush has stacked the non-shadow government with loyalists to the BFEE.
 Koresh knows the shadow government will do anything for the Bush Reich

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 The president opposes affirmative action
  So how does he defend how he got into Yale?
   by smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Bush's SAT score of 1206, above average but nowhere near the level needed
 for acceptance at an Ivy League school. (According to Cecil Adams, who writes
 the Straight Dope column, Bush's score was almost 200 points lower than the
 average for Yale freshmen circa 1970.)   Bush's middling SAT score, incidentally,
 is roughly the same as that for most of the black students admitted to selective
 schools in a major Mellon Foundation study that began in 1976.


"History will record that the greatest tragedy of this period
  of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people,
  but the appalling silence of the good people."
    -- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Time Magazine

  But Dr. King, they're all too scared to say anything...

 Should we give up?
 Or should we resist?

 I say we fight back!

 If we had BartCop Radio, supported by pennies-per-day subscriptions, they couldn't shut us up.
 Let's take the fight to them.  Pardon my French, but fuck a bunch of defense.
 Let's go on offense and make their heads spin until they're too dizzy to lie to us again.

 Somewhere, a rich liberal telling himself,
"This BartCop Radio thing just might be a hoot.
  I should send him a check for $50K just to see what happens."

 We're ready  Mr Sorkin, Mr Sheen, Mr Baldwin, Mr Williams, Ms Streisand!
 Of course, you'd have no editorial control, but I think you'll really like the results.

 Is  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

 Is the freedom to say anything we want worth five or ten dollars?

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

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 Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

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