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Volume 1038 - Chemical Ari

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 Weekend-Monday, April 5-7, 2003


"Thanks to the most crudely partisan decision in the history of the Supreme Court, the nation
  has been given a President of painfully limited wisdom and compassion and lacking any sense
  of the nation's true greatness. Appearing to enjoy his role as Commander in Chief of the armed
  forces above all other functions of his office, and unchecked by a seemingly timid Congress,
  a compliant Supreme Court, a largely subservient press and a corrupt corporate plutocracy,
  George W. Bush has set the nation on a course for one-man rule."
     --George McGovern, "The Reason Why",   Click  Here  for more

Now with working link!!

"That's not true, and I order that traitor shot!"

 Britain admits there may be no WMD's in Iraq 
   Bush just wanted that oil, no matter how many thousands had to die

  Click  Here  for the link I couldn't get to work

  Click  Here  to read the story as it was sent to me

 Critics of the war across the world have been accusing the US and the British of aiming for regime change in Baghdad
 under the guise of  “unearthing and dismantling weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”  There have been constant
 accusations that the US and the British are eyeing Iraq’s huge oil wealth, promoting Israeli interests, and that its
 campaign against WMD is only a convenient cover-up.

 Even countries like Germany, Russia and France had been less than impressed with the US-led war against Iraq
 saying all along that the task of unearthing weapons of mass destruction, if any, is better left to UN weapons' inspectors.
 In making the confession in an interview with BBC radio, the British Home Secretary however admitted that the
 non-discovery of any WMD would “lead to a very interesting debate” about the war.

 Not in America, it work.
 Russert and FOX News and the rest of Bush's press will say, "This was always abour freeing the Iraqi people,"
 even tho Cubans are imprisoned 90 miles from US shores - but Cuba has no oil, so screw those prisoners.

"Prophets Without Honor"

"Toe to Toe with the Empire"
 American Priests Spend Years in Prison

"Prophets Without Honor", non-fiction, by William Strabala, former reporter
 for The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News; co-author, Mike Palecek.

"A book to inspire us all, because it looks beyond the false gods of  our time,
 the ruthless political leaders, the timid intellectuals, the stars of People magazine
- and tells the story of the bravest people in America."
      - Howard Zinn

  Click  Here  for more

 From: stich01

 Subject: This time you've gone too far

 All the crap you wrote about Jessica Lynch is damaging.

 Hey, take a Pamprin and try to make some sense, would you?

 You sound like a frigging Freeper there waxing orgasmic over a white blond chick.

 Maybe you should take two Pamprin.

"She kicked Iraqi ass!" Really, how much more disgusting are you willing to get!

 Make it three Pamprin, and try to grasp the idea that we can't have a conversation
 until you take a breath and make some sense. (This e-mail came screaming in all caps.).

 That's what the Repukes said many joined the Army 'cause they wanted to kick "Iraqi ass."

 What the Repukes say and what's real is usually different.
 Who have you, personally, talked to that has joined the Army specifically to "kick Iraqi ass?"
 They would've had to have joined in the last six months - you know a lot of these guys?
 I don't believe you, and funny you'll believe the Freepers online before you'd believe me,
 but then, we've always been the stab-in-the-back party, haven't we?

 Another thing, when you're in the Army, on the battlefield, you don't do politics. You don't
 debate which orders you're willing to follow.  There's no time. I wrote about the information
 that was known at the time, so you can cram your Wabac machine up your ass.

 This country is a murderous rouge gone amok and there you are sweating with pride over
 some white blond young person, someone much, much too young for you to even consider.

 So, what angers you more - the "murderous rouge" (by the way, that's French for 'red.') or the fact that
 I'm 49 and found the pretty teenager attractive?  Christ, it's not like she's 6-year old Jon Benet.  I observe
 things and I wrote them down. If you don't think Pvt Lynch is attractive - fine. But I saw her beauty as a
 danger  in this case and I said so.  Why do you think the Iraqi's killed everyone but the pretty blonde?

 You got a problem with the facts in this case?  Blow it out your ass. I don't  really think a
 19-year old soldier would want to date an 49-year old, unemployed Okie with a rat-like voice.

 How very disgusting!!
 You managed to sound exactly like Rush!

 Since you have failed to state something coherent to which I can reply, I must assume you're
 one of those "the military is bad" types, so let me ask you a simple question:

Have you ever seen a tank from another country rolling up your street?

 No, you haven't, and our military is the reason why. You're free to hate me and the military all you want.
 You can call me "Rush" 1000 times but I'm still not going to march in your "the military is bad" parade.

 I'm against this war, and everyone but the extra-stupid readers know that, but I'm not going to be like
 Rush and love/hate them in four year election cycles. I've been pro-military since the day I flunked
 my induction physical, and that was a joke in case you can't figure it out.

 If you can't appreciate the beauty of a woman, and you can't respect incredible courage under fire,
 then I don't think you're living much of a life.

 I saw one of those FOX Weenies talking about the war.
 He said, "They're rioting in the streets of Basra, because they think America is there
 just to steal the oil and they're going to allow Saddam to stay in power and that's causing panic."

 Well, ...Duh!

 They know Bush is there just to steal their oil, but that's not their biggest problem.
 After six months of saying, "I'm gonna kill Saddam," Bush lately has been saying that
 catching or killing Saddam isn't important, just like he did with his old partner Osama.

 These people have already been screwed by a wimpy Bush, and many paid for it with their lives.
 Knowing that Bush's foreign policy always means "Do things half way, declare victory, then leave,"
 doesn't help these people one damn bit - and I certainly can't blame them for being scared.

 A whiff of fascism
    by Carla Binion

  Click  Here

 Our corporate controlled TV networks might as well be state controlled, because they promote
 the war and Bush policies fairly consistently and have virtually eliminated all dissenting voices.
 NBC fired Phil Donahue despite his good ratings, saying in an internal network memo they didn't
 want to air Donahue's anti-war views.  Peter Arnett was fired for giving an interview to Iraqi TV
 and merely stating the obvious on a number of issues.  For example, Arnett said media reports of
 civilian casualties had helped the "growing challenge to President Bush about the conduct of the war."

 According to William Shirer (THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH, Ballantine Books, 1950),
 the Reich Press Law of October 4, 1933, ordered editors not to publish (among other things) anything
 which "tends to weaken the strength of the German Reich or offends the honor and dignity of Germany."
 The Nazis forced dissenting journalists out of business and consolidated the press under party control.
 U.S. television news networks have been consolidated under the control of a handful of corporations.
 America doesn't need a "press law" prohibiting the airing of anything which might weaken the strength
 of Bush's war policies, because the corporate owners of today's television networks are in total
 agreement with the state.


“Michael Moore simultaneously represents everything I detest in a human being
  and everything I feel obligated to defend in an American. Quite simply, it is that
  stupid moron's right to be that utterly, completely wrong.”
      -- former comedian-turned Bush cabanaboy Dennis Miller

 Pentagon Defends Our Using Civilian Clothes

  Click  Here

"The Pentagon on Friday defended the use of some civilian clothes by U.S. special operations forces,
 a tactic used to help them blend in with the local population. Alleging war crimes, Bush administration
 officials complained bitterly last week that Iraqi paramilitary forces dressed as civilians, faked surrenders
 and used other battlefield ruses to kill American soldiers. Asked at a Pentagon press conference why it
 is OK for American commando troops to take off their uniforms, but a crime when the Iraqis did it,
 Defense Department spokeswoman Victoria Clarke said she thought American forces wear something
 that distinguishes them from civilians, but deferred the question for a later answer."

 Subject: National debt

 Hey, BC,

 According to http://www.publicdebt.treas.gov/opd/opdpenny.htm  the national debt is about
 6.5 trillion dollars.  In the last fiscal year, the federal government spent 1/3 trillion dollars on interest.

 The average interest on their borrowing is roughly like that on a 15-year fixed home mortgage.
 And the federal government spends about 1/5 of its money on interest payments.  If an individual
 spent 1/5 of his/her income on mortgage interest, I guess it would be OK.

 Yet, somehow it seems dangerous and wrong for the government to owe 6 1/2 trillion dollars.
 Maybe it's just unfamiliarity with such large numbers.

 In any case, I still hate rich people and feel that most of them are thieves.  Smirk's tax breaks
 for the rich make me nauseous.  Why don''t most people in the US want class warfare?
 Maybe I'm just envious or immature.  If I knew how to get rich, maybe I'd hate everybody who isn't.
 Still, I can't shake the feeling that there's something fundamentally corrupt in this system of things
 and that only saps like me play by the rules.

 Speaking to the "future leaders of Belarus" (Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus, 15/January/1994).
 Bill Clinton said "inflation hurts the people economies should reward the most, those who simply get up
 and go to work every day obeying the law."  And that  "there is no substitute for putting the people of the
 nation in the driver's seat. ... there is no way that one group of people, sitting atop a society, can make
 decisions which suffice to guarantee the best possible life for all of the people who live in that society."


 A Popular War

  Click  Here

Stop the War Chinaco mugs

click to order


“I think there was an expectation this would be a lightning fast war and this is a political war,  and if we win,
 which we will inevitably win because we’re the most powerful military in the world, but at what cost?
 The danger is that we can win the military victory and lose the peace. The measure of resistance that
 we’ve seen and the kind of fighting bodes ill for the occupation and I know we want to call it a liberation,
 but I think this looks more like a war of conquest than a war of liberation.”
     --Newsweek's Eleanor Clift

 Look what they've done to my rights
   by Dragon5

  Click  Here

 I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all threats - foreign or domestic.
 The gravest threat to our civil liberties comes from those claiming to defend our civil liberties and the so called
 American way of life.  Supporting a dubiously elected president and irrational policies weakens this country.
 Not supporting him may be only way to save it and the rest of the world from coming darkness.


 "Saddam never stole my vote."
   -- Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder on Bill Maher,
       explaining the differences between Bush & Saddam

  Click  Here  for a fiery one minute exchange from the angry McGruder
                       I believe he likes the Usurper less than I do, and that's not easy.

 Due to a glitch (we have so many of them here) I received a flood of sound files.
 Three of them were from a great-sounding lady with an English accent doing BCR promos.

 Who are you, and can you send more?

 Those were perfect and that's just what we need more of, to dangle a preposition.

 The View from Canada
   by Tim Gauthier

  Now with working link!!

  Click  Here

 Bush has cowed the mainstream media completely. Anyone who criticizes his
 administration gets frozen out, so no one dares cross him. Your cable news
 stations are battling to see who can be the most right wing and the most mindlessly
 pro-Bush. Your government has changed so that much more power is now
 concentrated in the executive, and you have set up the framework for a very
 effective police state with the Patriot Act. He has destroyed your public finances,
 yet all I hear from pundits is the horrible damage the Clinton years did to America.
 Are you guys living in Bizarro world, or what?

 Tim, yes.
 The Democrats are scared of the Witless Weenie.
 When Bush barks, they tremble like bunnies.

 The Democrats weren't even smart enough to figure out that by giving Bush
 unlimited, unilateral powers, they were giving away the presidency - possibly forever.

 Not that "the president" has this much power, they will never allow that power
 to get into the hands of am legally-elected Democrat. Power this great could
 only belong to a near saint, hand-picked by God to reverse the Clinton miracle.

 They will fix the 2004 elections, and I wouldn't be surprised to see another major
"terrorist" attack a month before the "election," to remind people that only Bush is
 fit to be president until "all evil" is eradicated from every country.

 While the Democrats are cowering,
 the Supreme Court is celebrating,
 and the GOP can't stop laughing
 because it was all so easy.

 Soon, each American will, by law, have to conform to "God's wishes."
 The B.F.E.E. has carried out bin Laden's plans perfectly.

 We now have the 

 Call  918-493-1500 - you have two minutes to say your piece.
 We'll then feed the fun calls into the computer for BartCop Radio.

 Well, I accidentally erased all of Friday's calls.
 One was a report from Denver on the Pearl Jam "treason."
 One was from Dallas talking about the A&M-SMU fight for the Moron's Lie-brary.
 One was from a lady who found a shot of Chicaco from weeks ago - she said the resin
 smelled like honey and flowers, but she'd never do that again - she'll drink it next time.
 One was from an anti-war marine who appreciated my yes-to-troops, no-to-war stance.
 There were others, but they're gone.

 The problem?
 It was my first file transfer with the newly-wired system and the signal was so strong
 that it sent every needle into the red big-time, which should be good news for future calls.

  Click  Here for a few minutes of this weekend's BartPhone:

 Call now!   918-493-1500

 We need your jokes, your impressions and your rants.
 Did anything piss you off today?  Let's hear about it!
 Some media whore needs slapping?  Get to it!

 Bush monkeys and ditto-wanks welcome, too.
 Step by step, we're getting closer to BartCop Radio.

 Subject: Iraq Minister of Information

 That Iraq Minister of Information is almost as good a liar as our own Ari Fleischer.
 There was that dude holding a press conference with fighting about 1/2 mile away
 and he's saying the US troops have been routed.  Reminds me of Ari telling us how
 the pResident's tax cuts are creating jobs and growth while across town the Labor Dept
 is releasing figures on another 350,000 jobs being lost.

 Paul M. N.

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 The Secrets of Drudge Inc.
  How to set up a round-the-clock news site on a shoestring,
  bring in $3,500 a day, and still have time to lounge on the beach.

  Click  Here

 Pound for pound, who's the biggest, richest media mogul on the Web?
 Terry Semel?  Nope.  Sumner Redstone?   Not exactly.   Try Matt Drudge.

 Years after his big "scoop" -- leaking that Newsweek was sitting on a story
 about the tryst between Clinton and Monica -- Drudge's website is bigger than ever.
 Run on a shoestring, the Drudge Report , a plain-Jane page of news links and
 occasional scoops, clears an estimated $800,000 a year.


"They say we're softening them up.
  We're not softening them up - we're killing them."
   -- quote of an unidentified Marine that FOX is playing every five minutes.

 Years ago, I think it was '92 or '93, I heard my first G. Gordon Liddy show.
 The first words I ever heard him speak were about WWII.

 I remember him saying something like, "When WWII started, Germany's tanks
 were far superior to anything we had, and Japans pilots were not only superior,
 their planes were better and they outnumbered us by ten-to-one."

 And I thought, "Wow, he sure is taking a risk - saying that in some ways the enemy
 was 'better' than us," but then I realized he was probably telling the truth (about that)
 and in these modern times, honesty would trump cheap-ass jingoism.

 But all that changed when we lost our right to vote in 2000.

 I wonder if Bill Maher, the Dixie Chicks and Peter Arnett would agree?

 My brother Marines are dying for nothing - AGAIN!

  Click  Here

  Now with working link!!

 One reader actually challenged me to a duel. I laughed at it. I'm not laughing now.
 Not after watching the bodies of my brother Marines being treated as they were in Vietnam.

 So, Mr. America, you hot dog eating, cheap beer swilling loser who probably never
 saw a day of military service, I am now ready to take you up on it. You and me stud.

 I specify sawed-off 12 gauge shotguns at 20 paces. I'll pay your way to Jakarta
 - duels are legal here - and may the best man win. I'll even pay for your cremation
 and the Buddhist monks to preside over the scattering of your ashes;

 Subject: Bill Maher

 What the hell is up with Bill Maher.  I'm watching his show, and he is acting more and mre like a Bush supporter.
 If he's just playing "devils advocate", he's doing a good job.  I think we're way past that however. He either doesn't
 see the attack on our civil liberties, or he is just acting blind to it.  Either way, who wants to see that?  Either show
 support against the greatest threat this country has ever seen, or join the rest of the media whores, Bill.
 He's starting to act more like Geraldo every show.  He is now FOR the oil war?  Please.


 Maher is often on the right side of things, but he seems to be one of those people who think,
"Now that troops are in the field, we all join hands with the president," which will only
 encourage the Unelected Idiot to put more troops in more fields.

Marty's E! page
Baron Dave Romm on Kid's Music
Dave Brubeck & his WWII buddies reunite
A new film about Daniel Inouye
Mt. Airy, NC, wants a statue of Andy Griffith
And, embedded journailsts may not be replaced
...and more!



"There will never be a liberal radio talk show. Liberals do not have
  time for listening to the radio as they are too busy reading."
     -- Zelda Morgan, allhatnocattle.com  correspondent


 Click  Here   for some great Monkey Mail Guidlines

 David Dover
 The man, the legend, the hair!

 Tulsa legend David Dover has agreed to be the house band for BartCop Radio.
 Like The Today Show, maybe he'll come in on Fridays a do a few tunes.

 Dover, a Tulsa fixture of dozens of years, has played with everyone from The Beach Boys
 to Humble Pie, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Robin Trower, Cheap Trick, Tesla, 38 Special and more.
 At one time he had the only authorized Creedence tribute band in America.

 I asked him if he knew Eric Clapton's 80s band that was from Tulsa, and he said,
"The first time I played with Peter Frampton, Jamie Oldaker (sp?) was my drummer.
  The next time I played with Frampton, Oldaker was his drummer."

 Dave's a little like Paul Schaffer, in that he knows thousands of songs and can play
 anything from rock to country to old people's music.  Once, back at the old Rock Island,
 I had a visit from the BMI-ASCAP people. They started playing hardball, saying that
 I had to write them a big check or they'd bust me for stealing songs, so Dover says,
"If the guys shows up tonight, I can play a three hour set without playing one
 song registered with BMI or ASCAP."  How many people could pull that off?

 So we're looking forward to having Dave coming in once a week.


 Wish us luck, and consider joining the team!
 ...and send BC Powder so my headache goes away.
 Help make BartCop Radio an April thing, rather than a May-June thing.

 Is  bartcop.com  worth $5 a month?

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 You say you can't afford to subscribe?
 What happens if Bush wins steals another four years?
 Can you afford that?

 They own the TV networks, the papers, the news magazines and talk radio.

 The Internet is all we have.

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Welcome back, Garry...

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 Entertaining violence

 Ihave to disagree with a recent dialogue between you and a reader regarding The Sopranos and NYPD Blue).
 The person basically asked how you can praise a show that glorifies violence. You replied that it's only a TV show and
 a damn good one at that. ("Get a life," in essence ;)   ). I can agree with the last part -- The Sopranos is a well-written
 and-acted series. However, since I hate violence and I especially hate bullies, I hate the Mafia.

 If I knew a real life Tony Soprano and knew that I could get away with it, I'd blow his goddamn brains out.
 (Yes I see the irony).

 Wait, you hate violence so much, you could personally blow a guy's brains out?'

 The first couple of times I watched, the bully-bastard had one of his cop-on-the-payroll pals beat the shit out of someone
 for dating his (Tony's) shrink. My hero! The next time I watched they were going to cut someone's penis off for not doing
 what they wanted him to do. Laughs all around! I'm so old, I remember when such folks were referred to as scum.

 If they politely asked people to change their behavior, there wouldn't be much of a show.

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