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Vegas Report

Volume 1085 - Fate & the Silver Annie

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 Belmont Saturday   June 7, 2003


"The French booed Serena Williams when she lost, and these are the
   kind of people who we should not have bothered to save in World War II."
      -- Pat Buchanan on MSGOP - I heard it myself

 Pat, you're such a worthless slug.
 Have you ever watched a game in New York or Philly?
 They cheer when the opposing player breaks a bone!

 To suggest France should've been fed to the Nazis because some tennis fans
 (who says they were all French?) booed an American is exactly the kind of horseshit
 that permeates the American media these days.  Did you get a raise for that, Pat?

 Martha Stewart's Real Crime: Donating to Democrats
   by Tamara Baker, as seen on

  Click  Here

 How stinky are the circumstances surrounding Martha Stewart's indictments?
 Even AOL is asking its readers "Why Martha And Not Them?" -- and showing pix of Ken Lay and Bernie Ebbers

 In a bizarre development reminiscent of how Ken Starr went to court against Julie Hiatt Steele because she went on
 Larry King Live, of the reasons Martha Stewart is being indicted is precisely because she claims she is innocent.

"Have this Baker fella brought to me.
  I haven't killed anyone since Monday."


"People say that liberals don't understand the importance of prosperity. I not only
  understand the importance of prosperity, I miss it since Bill Clinton left office."
    --Barney Frank,  Patriot Act violates freedom-of-expression

 We Used To Impeach Liars
   by William Rivers Pitt

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  Click  Here

 The facts contained in [my] book were absolutely accurate, as has been proven in the aftermath of war,
 but Americans are funny. They fall for Hitler's maxim on lies over and over again: "The great masses of
 the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one." Over and over and over and over
 and over again, the American people were told that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction
 practically falling out of his ears. The American people were told that Hussein was giving away these
 weapons to Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda the way you and I might give away birthday presents.


Thanks, Melic.

 Subject: The Scott and Laci Peterson Saga

 Hey Bart, long time reader, one time contributor here.
 On your page today you asked about Laci Peterson's life insurance policy.

 Now, many people have alleged that Scott Peterson took out a $250,000 policy on her just
 a few months before she died.  Have you ever tried to take out a life insurance policy on someone
 else before, especially a large one?  Hell, I couldn't even get a $5000 guaranteed policy on my
 grandmother-in-law's life without her signature.  Any $250,000 policy is going to require the
 insured to undergo a physical and exam and sign the paperwork herself.  people like you and I
 just can't go and take out random $250,000 insurance policies on other people without their
 permission, even on our wives!

 So, I would say that it is B.S. to say that Scott Peterson took out a $250,000 policy on his wife.
 At the very least, it was likely a decision they made together, and it is possible that Laci did it
 completely on her own.  Who knows?  What we do know, is that it would have been practically
 impossible for Scott to just go and take out a $250,000 policy on her life without her permission
 and cooperation.  I don't see what's so sinister about that, do you?  Don't prudent people insure
 their spouses lives (especially when they are about to become parents)?

 Anyways, that's my two cents.


 Seems to me, if Laci had a life in\surance policy and the beneficiary was someone other
 than her husband, that would be damn suspicious and would send up red flags everywhere

 Also, the top dude on Celebrity Justice (can they be trusted?) ays Geragos has proof the DA
 committed crimes.  They listened to Scotts attorney phone calls every 30-40 seconds, when CA
 state law says they can only check in every two minutes, IF Geragos has proof the DA is
 cheating, that would make me think the DA believes he can't win this fight fair & square.

 The cable channels are not selling facts , truth or honesty.  They are selling wild-ass sensationalism.
 My best guess is that's why Geragos took the case. Nancy Grace and the others were fitting Scott for
 a noose and searching for a tree. Scott was broke and apparently stupid (selling her car) so Mark
 stepped in maybe just to shut up Lynch-mob Grace and her constant "guarantees."

 Subject: tax increase in AL

 Hi Bartcop!  How are ya?

 Prepare to be blown away:  Republican governor, Deep South, Conservative Christian.
 .....wants to raise taxes and raise the minimum taxable income level!!!!!!!

 It's alright....take deep breaths....sip of Chinaco...there.

 Right now a family of four in Alabama can earn a whopping $4600 a year before they have
 to pay state taxes.  Governor Bob Riley calls that "immoral" and thinks the minimum should
 be raised to around $17,000.   We would still have the lowest minimum taxable income in
 the nation, with Mississippi's being $19,600.  In three years, though, ours would be phased in
 to $20,000.  (Yay for #49!  Sukz to be Mississippi!)

 Can you believe this?  Whether you agree with the man or not, you have to admit he has guts.
 And yes, the attack ads have already begun.  They run in every single commercial break for
 the local news stations here in Huntsville.  Here's a writeup from the NY Times:

 Click  Here

 By the way, sorry to hear about your injury.
 Let me know if I can do anything.



 She's fine, but Friday, Mrs. Bart fell on the way to breakfast inside The Bellagio.
 I told her "Stay down, ...and can't move your legs."

 She said, "No, it was my own clumsiness that made me fall."
 I said, "Who are you?"
 I said, "It was The Bellagio's negligently-placed obstacle that caused your fall.
 I said, "We have them on depraved indifference for sure!"

 But she wouldn't go for it - she wouldn't even consider it.

 Striking Gold

 Thursday - cabbed it to the Hard Rock's Pink Taco to share some Chinaco with a fellow tequila conne,
 ...connis,  ...conna, a  reader who appreciates fine tequila, and first up I asked for a tequila list.

 I asked the waitress, (cute young and skinny), if they really had all the tequilas that were listed on teir menu.
 Cleverly, she replied, "If we don't, I'll tell you."
 This wasn't her first time waiting a table.

 I asked for a shot of Herradura Selecion Suprema, no lime and so salt.
 She checked - they were out
 I asked for a second, and third a selection - they were out.

 I said, "I thought you said you had these tequilas in stock," but she shot back:
"No, I said I'd tell you if we were out of a particular selection and we are."


 I told her I didn't want the Pink Taco to reflect poorly on my Tequila Treehouse Dot Com report.
 (That always improves service - go ahead and try that sometime. Another trick, have a tiny spiral notebook,
  and make a notation every time she comes to your table. They get REAL cooperative when they see that.)
 So we ended up with some Chinaco Anejo, some Casta Weber Azul and another called Rey Sol.
 Three fine tequilas, indeed.

 Soon, the "GM" dropped by to explain the "agave shortage," that I thought was disproven a while back,
 but then I figured if the Hard Rock Hotel can't get these fine tequilas, they must really be hard to find.
 He said they've have more in the coming weeks, so I told him we might be back.
 (I turn 50 in September)
 The big gold strike came Friday.
 We anticipated an uneventful lunch at The Rio's Bomboleo Mexican Restaurant.
 I asked for their tequila list, and saw that they had the fabulous Herradura Selecion Suprema.

 Since the Hard Rock said these tequilas can't even be found these days, I ordered a shot of HSS.
 When the bill came, I couldn't believe the price they had charged me -  $8.75
 They had it listed as "premium tequila," right next to the $6 and $9 shots - I wasn't going to tell them - ha ha
 That created a situation that altered the plans for the afternoon, but I couldn't have too much because
 what if Shirley shows up at The Pink Taco at 7 PM and I'm not there?  Can't have that.

 So, I only had a few, and I still made the Pink Taco at 7, but no Shirley.

 Oh well, maybe next time...

 Subject: Martha Stewart contributed big money to Dems

 Bart, the answer to your question about Martha Stewart lies in Marty's  section.
 Martha is a Democrat who contributed big bucks to Clinton and the Dems in the 1990's.
 Nothing more than more Smirk retribution for those who dare to support the opposing party.

 Probably he was pissed since 1992 when his dad was defeated.


 Got Radio?

 Click  Here  to see if you can hear 13 seconds of this Shirley song.

 This is an MP3.   You can  GO HERE  and download Winamp for free.
 All the kids have them - it's what they put sound and music on these days.

 If you can't hear Shirley vow to tear some guy's soul apart (don't piss her off)
 then Click  Here  to see the new and improved troubleshooting tech page.

 E-mail someone on that list and tell them what kind of system you have.

 Our first goal is to assist people who can't get BartCop radio satisfactorily.
 If YOU are having trouble, contact a tech and if the two of you work it out,
 have the tech contact us with the answer so we can post it.

 Beginning June 20/21, we will be posting radio shows in the "members" section.

 In the wee hours,
 of the day The Belmont would approve or deny a new Triple Crown Winner,
 ESPN Classic told the story of Secretariat, Affirmed and the great Seattle Slew.

 It's a helluva story.

 BTW, today's issue is a rare Saturday stand-alone issue.
 Had to get something up before the big race.

 My letter to Rich Lowry
   by William Andrews          Which is probably a response to this pile of rubbish

  Click  Here

 Cheney and Halliburton made a fortune rebuilding Iraq’s crippled petroleum industry after the first Gulf War,
 enabling Hussein to purchase even more of the materials he needed.   United Nations weapons inspectors were
 in the process of legitimizing Iraq’s stated removal of WMD when Bush decided such a statement would be
 detrimental to the profits of Exxon, Halliburton and their subsidiaries.  It was only then that the shower of
 bombs destroyed one of the most historic and progressive regions in the Middle East.

 No kids in Vegas

 It has only been 8 months sincebut Las Vegas (or The Rio) has changed.
 There's a saying I'm hearing a lot lately: "Sin is back is Las Vegas."

 While we were checking in, we heard some music start up and we turned around and saw a young,
 attractive girl, apparently without pants but instead wearing a tastefully-designed sport coat-type top, dancing.
 Yeah, they had a lil' mini-stage, a circle about 5 feet wide with floor lamps on her. It wasn't a slutty dance,
 but instead it was a kinda-acceptable public lap dance for nobody in particular, kinda like the opening
 sequence of a James Bond movie.

 I was with Mrs Bart, of course, so I could only afford a furtive glance, of course, but all the men stopped
 gambling or walking or doing what they were doing to watch her short display of God-given femininity.
 A while later, I saw a different gal who was dancing up high on the island above 2 rows of slots.
 It will take more research before I can officially give my opinion on this new (and disturbing!) trend.

 Later, a fully-clothed gentleman was seen dancing, too. This was truly disturbing,
 but at least he was fully clothed which mitigated the damage.

 I guess time will tell if this practice is a keeper or not.

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Shirts for Dad,
Chinaco mugs,
Baseball caps,
Beer steins for Dad,
BBQ apron for Dad,

I talked to your Dad.
He doesn't want this crap for Father's Day.
 He wants another tie.


"It is beyond belief that Bush and Blair, would lie to the world about this issue.
  Simply inconceivable."
       --Bill O'Reilly, Talking Points Handjob

 I have to agree with O'Reilly on this one.

 Never in history have evil men lied to acquire money and power.
 You see, men just don't do things like that.

 O'Reilly is right again.
 It's inconceivable that evil men would lie for money.

 FBI Issues Final Report on Tragic Matt Lauer Haircut

  Click  Here

 The Bureau received wide criticism for allowing this abomination to slip through its web.
 Conspiracy theorists have even charged it was a plot to "soften up" an unsuspecting
 audience and prepare them for the wave of shameless "reality" television programming
 which was to follow, in which contestants perform humiliating tasks in order to win.

 Scott Peterson
     by Jim J

  Click  Here

  A neighbor claims that he definitely saw the Petersen dog, and a woman who he is pretty sure
 was Laci, walking in the neighborhood after the time that it is known that Petersen had left for the bay.
 How many pregnant women that look like Laci do you figure walk around that one neighborhood?

Marty's E! page
Reader Review of the Dixie Chicks in Michigan
Six Flags NY barred Marilyn Manson when Ozzfest is there
NBC bought the 2010 & 2012 Olympics
(Great, so motormouth Bob Castas can tell us
every surpise a few seconds before it happens)
Kevin Costner's buffalo sculptures finally are on display
Volkswagen will make no more Beetles
'Bling bling' is now in the Oxford English Dictionary
Bob Sapp, Japan's new 'Hello Kitty'
And, music preferences are linked to personality


 Subject: Congratulations...



 Dear Mr O'Reilly,

 I recently witnessed your episode with Al Franken on C-SPAN.  It is nice to know that
 there are still a few media outlets that allow freedom of exchange - something that, you sir,
 do not allow on your own show.  It was interesting to watch your reaction when you tried
 to shout Mr Franken down and rudely tell him to "shut up".

 When he ignored you and told you it wasn't YOUR show, it was ike watching a child
 who couldn't have their candy and who throws a fit at not getting their own way.
"What goes around comes around" is the first addage that comes to mind - and then there
 is the "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"... but let me say, I truly enjoyed
 watching someone make you look as ridiculous as you try to do to others.  Welcome to the
 real world Mr O'Reilly - now go stand in the corner until you learn how to act and grow up.

 You are a true representation of your Republican cronies and it showed.
 Spin that


 Penn and Teller Live at The Rio
  I so wanted to write a positive review.

 After a dozen visits to Vegas, this would be out first show.  Show starts at 9, but they said
 get there at 8, and they warned us that they couldn't guarantee our ticket after 8:30.

 Excuse me?
 I purchase two tickets, and you might freeze me out if I get there 25 minutes before the show starts?
 Turns out that wasn't a problem, because even on Friday night, there was less than half a house.

 The show started strong, Penn was teasing the other acts on The Strip.

"Thanks for coming. We realize you could've gone to see some aging, former singer who can no longer
 hold a note, but you chose us, instead. Or, you could've seen our good friend but ultimately greasy
 wannabe Lance Burton do his little tricks with his stupid little birds, or you could've opted to see two
 albino Germans torture their pet cats, so we appreciate your being here with us tonight, instead."

 I liked that.  They seemed to be saying they were rejecting the lame-ass, lounge singer act, which is the
 reason we've never been to a show in this town (besides U2 in 1997, and Scandal back in the Eighties.)

 First big mistake - they oversold "The Boxes."
 From 8 until 9, their warm-up band invited the crowd onstage a dozen times to see "The Boxes."
"Come see the boxes, check them out, test them, take your picture with the "The Boxes."

 At 9, Penn & Teller arrive and Teller gets in side a box, which is put inside the other box and locked.
 Penn gives a loooong talk on the history of "Escaping the box," and when it's time for Teller to excape,
 he just pushes the box open and gets out. You see, when you inspect the box, it's open. When you lock
 the box, it fuses two pieces together that form a handle and Teller just stands up and the trick is over.
 It was maybe a 7 on the interesting scale, but after 100-minute bulld-up, I expected a spectacular climax.

 In the next hour, they did some decent stuff, but then we got to the fire-eating, which is centuries old.
 And Teller did some hand puppets, then Penn got inside a monkey suit and got inside a cage, and he
 finally pulled his gorilla mask off - gasp - it was Teller instead of Penn.  Who would've thought?

 It was a very tame show.

 I warned Mrs Bart as we were going in to prepare herself.
"If the rats start eating Teller's face, remember it's only a trick."

 I like Penn & Teller - always have.  I was looking forward to writing a glowing review while not giving away
 their secrets, but alas, there weren't many secrets to reveal from last night's show.  One cool thing they did - after
 the show they both stood outside and posed for pictures and signed autographs, but there was no magic and I
 like/respect them too much to have told them, "Frankly guys, I was a little disappointed."

 But as always, that's just one man's opinion.

 Call  918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.

 Did anything make you mad today?

Tell us about it!


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 Arf!  Arf!

 It's amazing the way Bush's good puppy media continues to blame "the intelligence community" for
 the Bush's boy's insatiable lust to murder world leaders who sit on oil rightfully-owned by the B.F.E.E..

 Before the war, there were many stories that the generals at the Pentagon didn't want this war, but Rummy
 and Cheney pushed with all their might, and without any Democratic opposition, invaded a helpless Iraq.
 The entire world begged Bush to forego his murder spree, but Bush wants what Bush wants.

 Newspapers in Italy, France, England, Japan, Germany, China and elsewhere are asking who can stop
 America's thug machine as they go from one country to the next, killing their leaders and stealing their oil.
 But in America, the state-owned press continues to blame those who tried to stop Bush.

 Up is down, evil is good, peace is weakness and war is God's chosen path.
 It's all Clinton's fault and and oral sex is more dangerous than an angry nuclear aircraft carrier.

 ...did I mention that Herradura Selecion Suprema was only $8.50 at the Bomboleo?

 Subject: Circumstantial facts about the Peterson case
  by RJH

  Click  Here

 ---- On the day the police found her body (and the baby's), Scott Peterson didn't even bother
to present himself at the police station to inquire of the details.

On the day the police found her body, the day after they found the baby's, they only suspected it was Laci
and the baby. The DNA tests that proved the bodies were of Laci and the baby were not released until
after Scott had been arrested, so it would be difficult for him to present himself at the police station.
He was also in the San Diego area, supposedly with his parents, quite a distance away Modesto, about 450 miles.

 I say we fight them with BartCop Radio.
 They can't shut us up if we are subscriber-supported.

 Building  into a powerhouse must be a worthy goal.
 Click  Here  to subscribe.

 Help build the anti-Bush network into something the media can't ignore and can't dismiss.

 Good News

 I failed to get that brace thing installed on my arm Wednesday as scheduled.
 Not knowing what I was getting into, I didn't want to spend this weekend with a device the size of
 Dim Rod's tax cut for the super rich attached on my arm, so we set that up for this Wednesday.

 But during the Penn and Teller show, I was so bored I started searching for the pressure point
 just under the injured elbow that the brace will attempt to supress, thus stopping the pain..

 I found it.

 It was quite an odd feeling. After about 20 days of ever-increasing, non-stop pain, I located that
 one tiny spot where, if I pressed down hard enough on that one spot where I could feel the tendon,
 the pain stopped almost entirely.  Tha pain went from maybe a 6 to a 1 in a matter of seconds.

 Woo Hoo!

 That tells me this brace thing is probably going to work.
 I think the difference was probably your prayers.

Religious insanity - when will people give it up?

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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