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Volume 1105 - Bush kills 200+ soldiers with lies

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 Corn Holiday    July 4-5, 2003 


"Even for a man who has made some of the stupidest, most ill-advised, poorly thought out and badly
  constructed off the cuff comments ever uttered by a high ranking government official, this was way
  over the line. For George Bush to declare that "we have sufficient forces" in place to handle any
  armed threat from Iraqi insurrectionists so "bring them on" is so lacking in common sense, so devoid
  of compassion for those effected by the statement, so willful a display of ignorance of how such a
  comment will be interpreted by both foe and friend alike that it can be considered nothing but indisputable
  evidence that he is by temperament and intellect grotesquely unsuited for the office. For a man who has
  never heard a shot fired in anger to stand in a public forum and deliberately goad others to take violent
  action against the men and women he is directly responsible for is an abomination. How dare he be so callous?
  How dare he be so hypocritical? How dare he be so stupid?"
    --Mike Shannon    Mr President, how dare you?

  I appreciate Mr Shannon's comments, but how can he be surprised that
  the stupidest politician in American history would say something really stupid?

"I'm a decorated war hero, and I'm smart, ...not stupid, ...not like they say..."

 Voice Said to Be Saddam Airs on Arab TV 
  CIA does their usual, "might be him, might not be..."

  Click  Here

 A man claiming to be Saddam said in a tape aired on Al-Jazeera on Friday that he is
 in Iraq directing attacks on Americans and he urged Iraqis to help the resistance.

"They aim to destroy Iraq, and what they called the WMD was just a cover for their plans,"
 said the man claiming to be Saddam. "I ask the invaders, where are these WMDs?"

 This is really, really bad news for Bush.
 If Saddam was half the torturing, maiming monster Bush claimed that he was, the country will
 stay in shambles if there's a chance Saddam is coming back to continue his reign of terror.

 Remember, Poppy Bush asked them to rise up against Saddam, but Schwarztkopf the Idiot
 allowed Saddam the use of his helicopter gunships, which allowed him to murder crowds at will.

 Even though Bush can't seem to master this complicated phrase,
 I'll bet even the Iraqis know what "Fool me twice, shame on me," means.

  How can the B.F.E.E. steal Iraq's oil when...
 Palm Bay man has eye for detail

  Click  Here

 On May 25, while scanning the Air Force Defense Meteorological Satellite Program images
 pipelined into his desktop from 450 miles in orbit, Hank Brandli skidded at a nighttime photo
 of Iraq. It looked familiar. But not exactly.

 Brandli retrieved another DMSP image he'd archived from May 3. He compared the two.
 The most recent photo showed a blazing corridor of light running the length of Kuwait,
 south to north, all the way to the Iraqi border. The image wasn't there on May 3.

"It's going right up to Iraq's oil fields," says the retired Air Force colonel from his home in Palm Bay.
"I think we're in bed with Kuwait. I think we're pumping oil out of Iraq to pay for this war."

 Is this what it seems to be?
 Did Halliburton build a secret pipeline in record time so the B.F.E.E. could skim millions of barrels?

 Would evil men kill innocent women and children for uncountable billions of stolen oil dollars?

 Is this as hot as it seems at first glance?
 Has the BFEE been caught?

 Will the press turn their heads and help Bush
 steal this oil, ...if that's what this is?

 The newswires aren't running this story.
 They continue to protect the Oil Thief.

 Of War and Sausages;
 Censoring the Bush Family Wars
      by Christian Dewar

  Click  Here

 During World War 11, Americans had been blind-sided at Pearl Harbor and fascism threatened our way of life.
 We were united against our common foe. Correspondents like Ernie Pyle lived in the trenches and foxholes
 alongside our troops. Pyle was beloved by our nation because he risked his life and lived with the same deprivations
 in the field as the soldiers. Citizens relied on his reports to understand what life was like for their loved ones. It was said
 that he covered a "democracy at war". He was killed by a Japanese sniper in the South Pacific. Aging veterans still make
 the pilgrimage to his home to pay homage to the  man who told their stories.


 "ABC has permanently removed conservative talk-show host Michael Weiner-Savage from its New York
  flagship station WABC-AM after Savage failed to come to an agreement with KSFO, the ABC-owned
  talk-radio station in San Francisco. Mark Masters, CEO of Talk Radio Network, which syndicates Savage's
  radio show, accused "ABC senior management -- not WABC management" of attempting to use the New York
  outlet as leverage in the San Francisco negotiations. Savage abruptly halted the negotiations in the Bay Area by
  jumping to a rival station, KNEW, where he began broadcasting on Monday. The brouhaha has occurred while
  Savage is launching a new talk show on MSNBC, which airs on Saturdays, and fends off mounting attacks by
  black and gay-rights activists who have accused him of fostering hate crimes and who have demanded that the
  MSNBC show be canceled."
    --Movie/TV News,

 Y'know, this Weiner dude is such a piece of immoral shit, you have to wonder if Rush
 hired him to make it seem like the vulgar Pigboy wasn't the most vile bastard in all of radio.

 Saw it on the net

"But what is the fuss with bartcop anyways?
  Everyone seems to worship this site, and I do even link it from my own.
  But find something there?
  Not on your life.

  He may appeal to others, but I rarely go there.
  There is just too much  Garbage  there for me to invest my efforts.
  There are so many blogs that offer real content from line one.

  Why should I hunt around among a page that is 90% blank space?"

 Pat Robertson's Illegal Mining Operation in Liberia

   Click  Here

 Rev. Robertson is not troubled or concerned at all about doing business with President Taylor, a man
 widely known for "fueling the violence in Sierra Leone" and "actively supporting the RUF at all levels."
 Taylor is a known menace to his people as well as a danger to his neighbors in the West African sub-region.
 The heinous atrocities he inflicted upon the Liberian people are well documented, yet Pat Robertson claims
 to "have no knowledge of the activities in Liberia during its bitter civil war."

 This space left blank.


"The people who are regarded as moral luminaries
  are those who forego ordinary pleasures themselves
  and find compensation in interfering with the pleasures of others."
      --Bertrand Russell,   Attribution

"I told you, just a few times to get in to Skull and Bones, so stop asking..."

 Scott Peterson Blockbuster

 Nancy Grace, (part Rush, part Doctor Laura,) has given her personal guarantee for many months
 that Mark Geragos is certainly mentally unhinged because, "he's so desperate to free this obviously
 guilty madman and murderer, that he's crazily trying to use the Satanic cult defense."

 Nevermind that Colorado and Utah are both having cat-killer epidemics.
 Both states say they are finding dead cats that have had organs surgically removed.
 I don't know much about cats and cults, but if I was Nancy Grace, I'd dial back
 the personal guarantees until I had a shred of evidence on which to base them.

 So I'm watching Greta last night, the fairest star on FOX News,  and she said this Satanic cult
 business was in police notes that were handed over to Geragos when he took the case.
 This isn't Mark's theory - it's a police theory, and always has been.

 So, for months, Nancy the Unloved has been screaming "liar and fraud" at Geragos,
 when it turns out the facts (Nancy is unfamiliar with those) are that the cops came up
 with the Satanic cult theory, and handed it to Geragos, who then said, "...Satanic cults?"

 THAT has been Geragos's involvement in satanic cults.  Just like Rush, just like Laura the Hag,
 wild theories were fabricated and broadcast that haven't even the slimmest of basis in fact,
 but when did that ever stop a whore from making big money by fabricating baseless claims
 that the willing-to-be-lied-to public wants to hear?

 Second blockbuster:
 The cops are unable to come up with a cause of death for Laci.

 The idiot cops, who have already announced they want Scott Peterson put to death,
 because of the "mountain of evidence" they have proving his guilt, can't even come up
 with a cause of death, they have no murder weapon and they don't even have a crime scene.
 The poor bastards can't even come up with a motive, because Scott had no record of
 ever hitting or harassing Laci, as a murdering spouse almost always does.


 I've never done a murder trial, and I'm not even an attorney, but I think I could get
 Peterson off now that Mark has shined some light on these bungling Keystone cops.

 In the old days, you had to have a shred of evidence to convict a white man, and the
 Modesto cops are ready to inject Peterson for being a callous cheater that they have
 screwed this case long, deep, wide and repeatedly.

 Geragos has proven to my satisfaction (and maybe the judge's) that the cops illegally
 listened in on Scott's calls to his attorneys, which tells me they could've easily dismissed
 exclupatory evidence that could free him because, "...we all know he's guilty."

 Just ask Nancy Grace.

bin Laden
Islamic Jihad
plus the ones we missed because
Bush Sr. pardoned his partners
before they had a chance to
tell their stories in court

 Charlie's Angel's pilot

 The original pilot for Charlie's Angel was produced in 1976.

 The story for the pilot was a cheating second wife who schemed with the winemaster of her husband's
 winery to murder him and hide his body in the swamp on the back 40, always a smooth move.

 The hunk next store was played by Tommy Lee Jones

 The Angels get involved when the daughter from the first marriage was a week away from possibly inheriting
 ownership of the winery, and the burial place of her "missing" father. To trick them into moving the body
 and therefore incriminating themselves, Bosley the Eunuch dropped by and said he represented a crooked
 energy company called, "Exxo Oil," and they wanted to buy the land before the end of the week.

 Shortening a 2-hour pilot, they put a gun to Bosley's head and said to get lost, and Bosley told the kidnappers,
 "You don't know who you're dealing with - these Exxo guys. They're very powerful - they topple governments."

 Just to make it sweeter, they brought in a fourth buyer, some Iranian oil mobsters who worked closely with "Exxo."

 I thought I was gonna die!

a crooked oil company,
powerful mobsters,
toppling governments while secretly and illegally making deals with powerful Iranian mobsters.

...and it was directed by William L. Cheney!

 It wasn't as on-the-mark as this year's 24  but this was filmed four years before Bush toppled America's
 legal government by making a secret and illegal deal with Iranian mobsters and terrorists.

 Who said Charlie's Angels was all T & A?

 Weird Mail

 There are a lot of strange people out there.
 As you may remember,  I went to the doctor Thursday, and I ran into some unexpected pain that
 caused an unexpected physical reaction, so I wrote about it because it seemed like a good story.
 (Plus, I got to use my O'Reilly spin joke)

 It was not meant as my personal challenge to create the International Contest of Excruciating Pain.
 I'm getting the weirdest letters from the strangest people.

"So, Mr Smart Ass sees himself as the 'King of Pain?'  What you went through was nothing!
 Nothing, do you hear me?   You big pussy!   You went through nothing, you big baby!
 Back in college, my body started growing an extra head twice a week, and each time they cut
 the extra head off my shoulders, they did it without any sissy-ass pain shots and I had to hear
 the head scream each time they cut it off,, had voice, which creeped me out,
 so why don't you take your puny-ass, low-threshold for pain and take it straight to hell?"

 Remember, this is fan mail...

 I went back and reread the story, and Koresh as my witness, I couldn't find the line where I said I was the
 baddest mother-effer on the planet, and that nobody has ever or could ever be the man I was when I hit my
 pain high bar last Thursday, because I'm so much better than anyone in 60 countries who might be reading this..

 So we've set up a new hot line at 1-800-GIV-AFUK.

 If you have a medical horror story, that proves you're better than me, call 1-800-GIV-AFUK. and we'll
 compile the 25 ugliest "I'm better than Bart" entries and have a Pain Off on BartCop Radio.

 Could the WMD scandal lead to Impeachment?
   by Ted Rall

  Click  Here

 Bush lied about the weapons of mass destruction. He lied to us, the United Nations, and the soldiers
 he sent to die in Iraq.  Bush's apologists defend his attempts to sell this obscene war as mere spin,
 but claiming certain knowledge of something that doesn't exist is hardly a question of emphasis.
 It's time to stop wondering where the WMDs are. Even if nukes and gases and anthrax turn up in
 prodigious quantities, it won't matter. Proof of Bush's perfidy, unlike his accusations that Saddam
 had something to do with 9/11, is irrefutable.

 Before he ordered U.S. forces to kill and maim tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi soldiers and civilians,
 Bush and Co. repeatedly maintained that they had absolute proof that Saddam Hussein still possessed WMDs.
"There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction," Dick Cheney said in August.
 In January, Ari Fleisher said: "We know for a fact that there are weapons there." WMDs; not a "WMD program"
 as they now refer to it.WMDs--not just indications of possible, or probable, WMDs.

 Absolute proof.

 The Travel Channel pissed me off

 She loves the Travel Channel.
 That's how we started watching poker games - go figure.

 For the Fourth, the Travel Channel was doing Top Ten this & thats.
 For supper they ran their Top Ten American Patriotic Places.

 They had the usual, Mount Rushmore, The Liberty Bell, Arlington Cemetary, where the
 GOP once accused Clinton of  presiding over "the selling of the graves at Arlington, our most
 sacred hallowed ground,"  for massive campaign contributions, and like with everything, it was
 just another example of the right-wing media monopoly yanking their press strings.

 But the Number One Most Patriotic Place in America is now, ...Ground Zero in downtown New York,
 where the World Trade Centers once stood when the Unelected Idiot went on another month-long vacation.
 The CIA and FBI told Bush something BIG was coming, but the lazy bastard went on another vacation
 instead of doing the job he spent $400,000,000 to steal - and the press forgives him so people aren't reminded.

 They tried that shit on Clinton, too.
 Remember the bombing at the LA Airport?
 Remember the horrific bombings as the millenium turned?
 Remember the bombing of the tunnels in New York?

 No, you don't, because they didn't f-ing happen!
 Clinton did his job abd stopped terrorism on American soil, where he had power
 Clinton was smart and earned his job and worked 80 hour weeks at it.

 The most patriotic place in America is the wound we suffered when Stole-his-way-to-power let it happen?
 That makes me sick.

 If only there was an opposition party to the Republicans, we might find out why those 3,000 people died,
 but it's just not worth it to the Democrats to come to work.

 Preacher asks for sign from God, gets a big one

  Click  Here

 A member of the First Baptist Church said a guest evangelist was preaching
 repentance and seeking a sign from God when lightning struck the steeple.
 Ronnie Cheney called the incident "awesome, just awesome!"

 Cheney said the lightning traveled through the microphone, blew out the
 sound system and enveloped the preacher, who wasn't hurt.

 Subject: sexual harassment

 What are your views on sexual harassment, obstructing justice, and asking people to lie in court---
 Oh, I mean  other than when Clinton did it. Since you know that Clinton was not impeached for
 sexual harassment, dont you see your feeling about it as being nothing more than dishonest.

 Dude, if those are questions, ever consider using these? --> ?????
 Clinton wasn't sued for sexual harassment.
 He was sued because he was a wildly popular Democrat and the GOP hates to lose.

 Don't you know anything about The Arkansas Project?
 Or Ken Starr preparing Paula's affidavits?
 Or Ken Starr being David Hale's lawyer?
 Or Susan Carp McMillian refusing to let Paula settle?

 This was never about justice, or sexual assault or any of that.
 This was strictly politics - from start to finish.
 The entire reason Clinton was harrassed is so they could put him under oath
 and ask 100,000 questions about his penis, and hope to Christ something came up.

 You sure should, because how else would you take that vantage point. Your not dumb, right?
 So, you do know that, according to the law, Clinton commited crimes against Paula Jones--
 misuse of power, fraud, sexual harassment.

 No, the exact opposite is true.
 The courts ruled that Paula's suit was without merit - completely.

 Think for yourself and stop going to Carville.

 Yeah, that's right. Me and James are tighter than twin bothers.
 I call him when I get stuck and he tells me what to say.

 Your site is starting to look like you never went past eighth grade for god sakes!

 Damn, you're talking like a man who wants a piece of me in the debate room.
 Am I reading your false bravado right?

 I will at least tell you, your miscreant, retread followers surely wont ever bother--they will tune out.
 I predict that will start happening soon if you dont start being a hell of a lot more honest in your supposed proclamations.


 Dude, if I ever try to mislead anyone, I expect you to point that out.
 So far, you've got nothing.

Hey, everybody.  It's Steve, the resident BartCop sports geek.
Slow sports month?  Only if you're an isolationist.
 There's Wimbledon, soccer, and some bicycle race about to start in France.
Check out BartCopSports for analysis of the Tour de France.

Oh, and I used Wimbledon as an excuse to post pictures
of the Russian tennis babes.  I'm not above that.

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  A BuzzFlash Declaration of Independence for 2003

 Wrapping Ourselves in the Flag: Slideshow
  Thanks to Joe Citizen

  Click  Here

 After 9-11, Americans wouldn't use the flag to sell, ...detergent, ...would thay?

Thanks to the Supreme Court,
Paul Harvey can come out of the closet.

 Smirk Watch

 11:30 the morning of July 4th, I saw Bush give a speech in Ohio where he took
 credit for the Wright Brother's first flight and then blamed all plane crashes on Clinton.

 The camera puppets Rove set up behind Bush were squeeling with delight at every applause line.

 President Bloody: "All of the people of the world deserve to have freedom."

 Camera Puppets: "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  He's the best president America ever had!"

 Shania Named Sexiest Canadian
  Pam Anderson came in second, plus in a canoe

  Click  Here

 One more time:

 Clinton lied about sex, and the media created entire television networks to supply gasoline
 to keep that "important story" burning for years and years, finally leading to that fake impeachment.

 Bush lied, and 200 brave men lost their lives for no discernable reason, and the networks all agree
 that Bush is the "greatest president in history," and the elected Democrats agree and support him 100%.

 Africa's Saddams
 Bush's Iraq talking points center on human rights, but his
 African flyover shows his rhetoric has no meaning.
   By Arianna Huffington           July 2, 2003

 With Saddam's WMD as difficult to find as Saddam himself, Bush's Iraq talking points now center on the
 humanitarian upside of having ousted the Butcher of Baghdad. His speeches are liberally peppered with
 mentions of "mass graves" and "torture chambers" and encomiums to "freeing the people of Iraq." He has
 all but doused himself in the sweet-smelling scent of human rights and put on an Amnesty International T-shirt.

 If we buy his new argument that ending humanitarian crises through military force is good foreign policy, then how
 can he justify embarking on his first trip to sub-Saharan Africa next week without including on his itinerary Congo
 and Liberia? His five-day visit will include Senegal, Botswana, Uganda, Nigeria and South Africa -- but not the
 absurdly named Democratic Republic of Congo, site of what one African expert has labeled "the worst
 humanitarian situation on the entire face of the Earth."

 I would think that a president who was willing to send 200,000 U.S. troops to Iraq because of Hussein's
 mass graves might want to check out firsthand the 20 mass graves recently unearthed in Congo, freshly filled
 with close to 1,000 victims of genocidal massacres. There's your casus belli right there. That is, if there is any
 substance to this new Bush doctrine that evil dictators who abuse their own people must be deposed, by force
 if necessary, even if they pose no imminent threat to the U.S.

 If you're a Salon subscriber, there's more at   Click  Here.


"The only wish for the people now is the return of Saddam. The people
  here love Saddam because from the time we opened our eyes, he was
  doing good to us. He never harmed us like the Americans."
   -- Faik Madina, 50 miles north of Baghdad,     Attacks By Iraqis Growing Bolder

  Have you ever seen a fuckup like George W Bush in your whole life?.

 Bush and Lies and Drugs and Videos

  Click  Here

"After two months in Iraq, how many of these weapons have been found?  ...maybe Bush was and is lying.
 These people have been lying to the UN, lying to its partners in the international community, lying to the Russian Federation,
 lying to its institutions, lying to its people. These people have been lying through their teeth, because the regime knew that
 Saddam constituted a danger neither to the USA, nor to the UK, nor to their allies, nor to anyone else.

 This attack was ...a violation of the norms of decency...
 This attack was a set-up, a frame-up, right from the beginning."

...while Democrats hide


 BartCop Radio now works for me.
 The first couple were kinds lame, but they got better.

 I think you got the hang of it now.
 Keep it up.



Deficit mugs and shirts!
Give to your snotty GOP brother in law.
Show him what a  genius  Clinton was.

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 "This Fourth of July, 9.4 million unemployed Americans don't need to see
   any more political fireworks from the administration. They need to see real job creation."
    -- Charlie Rangel, (D-New York)   GOP warns against 'praying for failure'"

  Hey, GOP, ...warn this.

 Instant-load video exposing the Carlyle Group

  Click  Here

  Note: first 90 seconds in Dutch, the rest is in English

Marty's E! page
Michael 'Savage' Weiner has been dropped from WABC in NYC
The hot dog king didn't break a record this year
J. Lo wants a former employee to repay 5 years of wages plus 10%
Arnold bad-mouthing Gray Davis in Iraq
And, something new on Sunday. .


 Poland confesses quid pro quo

  Click  Here

 Poland, which has sent troops to support the US-led forces in Iraq,
 has acknowledged its "ultimate objective" is to acquire supplies of Iraqi oil.

 The Polish Foreign Minister, Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, said his country had
 never disguised the fact that it sought direct access to the oilfields.
 He was speaking as a group of Polish firms signed a deal with  Halliburton.

 So, that's how Bush got Poland on board the "Coalition of the bribed?"
 He guaranteed them - "Either sign with Halliburton or no fucking oil for you dumb pollocks!"

 We spent years chasing Clinton over a failed land deal,
 while the B.F.E.E. is raking in billions over the 9-11 attacks
 that wiped out 3,000 people,
 that wiped out our economy,
 that wiped out our life savings,
 that wiped out our rights?

"Me and Osama we're actually never all that close..."

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 "Our nation is still at war."
   -- Cowboy "President,"    Wright-Patterson AFB, July 4

   No, no, no, no, no...

 The Cowboy Monkey declared, "Mission Accomplished" on May 1.

 He's been lying to us and killing our men in uniform to boost his sagging polls.

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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