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Volume 1160 - Greedy bastard

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 Sat-Sun-Mon  Sept 20-22, 2003 


"White House staff members claimed that Bush remained with the children so as not to "upset" or "alarm" them.
  This is a truly bewildering excuse. If the country was under attack, Bush might be forgiven for upsetting a few
  schoolkids. If the President's life was in danger, then so was the life of every little child in that room. At the time,
  fighter jets had been dispatched to defend New York City. But according to one of the fighter pilots, it would have
  done no good to catch up to one of the hijacked planes before it landed in a murderous explosion at the next
  population center. The only person with the authority to order the plane to be shot down, noted the pilot, was
  the President, who was still reading to schoolchildren."
     --Eric Alterman, Attribution


 Stretched Thin, Lied to & Mistreated
  On the ground with US troops in Iraq

  Click  Here

 These guys are proud to be soldiers and don't want to come across as whiners, but they are furious about what
 they've been through. They hate having their lives disrupted and put at risk. They hate the military for its stupidity,
 its feckless lieutenants and blowhard brass living comfortably in Saddam's palaces. They hate Iraqis--or, as they say,
"hajis"--for trying to kill them. They hate the country for its dust, heat and sewage-clogged streets. They hate
 having killed people. Some even hate the politics of the war. And because most of them are, ultimately, just regular
 well-intentioned guys, one senses the distinct fear that someday a few may hate themselves for what they have been
 forced to do here.

 Added to such injury is insult: The military treats these soldiers like unwanted stepchildren. This unit's rifles are
 retooled hand-me-downs from Vietnam. They have inadequate radio gear, so they buy their own unencrypted
 Motorola walkie-talkies. The same goes for flashlights, knives and some components for night-vision sights.
 The low-performance Iraqi air-conditioners and fans, as well as the one satellite phone and payment cards
 shared by the whole company for calling home, were also purchased out of pocket from civilian suppliers.

 Dueling Quotes

"I cannot support a failed foreign policy...
  But before we get deeper embroiled into this Balkan quagmire, I think that an assessment has to
  be made of the Kosovo policy so far. President Clinton has never explained to the American people
  why he was involving the U.S. military in a civil war in a sovereign nation, other than to say it is for
  humanitarian reasons, a new military/foreign policy precedent."
   Tom Delay (R-Moron)  4/28/99

"I'm nuts about fake wars"

 Reminder - we lost no men in that war, not one, zero dead, zilch, nada, but Delay is a partisan bastard.
 He supports fake GOP wars for oil that kill over 300, but hates the Democratic wars that stop genocide
 when every soldier sent into battle comes back alive.

"There is a holiday in Kosovo today because Clinton is here," said local journalist Blerta Foniqi, 20,
  as she waited for him to arrive. "He's one of Kosovo¹s most loved people," said her colleague.

 The reception contrasted starkly with the maximum security visits to Iraq recently by Rumsfeld and Powell,
 both of whom had virtually no contact with ordinary local people.  [Reuters News Service]

 Don't Republicans ever get tired of being wrong about everything?

 Ricky Z

 "Clinton didn't know what he was doing..."

 There are two L's in Halliburton
  It started as a joke on Letterman.

  Click  Here

 The quip has found a second life in a new television ad campaign attacking the Bush administration's
 connections to the oil industry giant. The Democratic-leaning activist group American Family Voices
 uses the line in a spot accusing the administration of cronyism and Halliburton of profiteering.

"Billions of tax dollars going directly to Halliburton through sweetheart, no-bid government contracts,"
 the announcer in the ad says, after quoting the Letterman joke. "Meanwhile, our soldiers are being
 asked to sacrifice -- and here at home, budgets for education, health care, even veterans' benefits are being slashed."

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 Bush TV

 Hey, Bart,

 Did you see that new show "Threat Matrix" on ABC the other night?

 Scary Arab guy sneaking into the US so their sleeper agent can blow himself up at a G8 conferance in Chicago..
 As the "good guys" were trying  to stop the suicide bomber, hippie liberals protesting everything (with giant puppets)
 get in the way...the hero makes fun of them, of course....but still saves the day. (bad guy blows up but safely in a bomb van).

 It's nothing but Bush cheerleading in primetime...
 So, how did this get on TV and who the hell writes the story lines, Karl Rove???


 LuLu, ABC is owned by Disney and they want their billion dollar tax cuts to keep coming,
 even tho they haven't hired anybody with those extras billions Bush gave them

 Protest Bush at United Nations Monday Morning

 The Unelected Coward is going to the UN Monday and Tuesday to beg for help in Iraq.
 The move comes a year after Bush's last visit, where he took off his shoe and beat the podium
 while calling the UN a bunch of names because they didn't have a hardon for war or Iraq's oil,
 and now he's inviting the civilized countries to send their men to their deaths, too.

                                                            Click for details


"It is disturbing that Democrats have spewed more hateful rhetoric
  at President Bush then they ever did at Saddam Hussein."
    -- Tom Delay (R-Hateful Prick)

 Hey Prick, there are reasons for that.
 Saddam didn't steal $11 billion from our Treasury.
 Saddam didn't create the biggest deficits in history.
 Saddam didn't drop the stock market 40 percent with some goofy tax cut for the super-rich.
 Saddam didn't have a piece of 9-11, and he's not blocking that investigation.
 Saddam didn't steal the presidency of the United States.
 Saddam didn't cut unemployment benefits.
 Saddam didn't cut the salaries of our fighting men under fire.
 Saddam didn't fill the US government with convicted felons.
 Saddam didn't allow Enron to rape California and blame the Democrats
 Saddam didn't bankrupt 44 states with his recession.
 Saddam didn't create a shadow US government.
 Saddam didn't make himself the most hates man in Europe
 Saddam didn't illegally sell oil field equipment Saddam.
 Saddam didn't join our armed forces and then desert his post during wartime
 Saddam didn't tear up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

 Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

 If you drive an SUV or giant pickup -- and don't have a
 very good reason for doing so -- this quagmire is for you!

 The USA should take half of the $87 billion W is requesting for his quagmire,
 earmark it for Iraq, hand it to the UN and say "we are pulling out because we
 understand that the provocative presence of US troops is doing no one --
 particularly the Iraqi people and US troops -- any good." Such a sane move
 would immediately dampen the radical Islamic case.

 $43.5 billion would go a lot further towards rebuilding Iraq than
 the $87 billion that would mostly end up in Halliburton's vault.

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 The Church of Reality 

  Click  Here

 Fundamental Principles - Pursuit of Reality
 We are committed to pursuing an understanding of the real world. We actively seek out knowledge in order
 to learn and understand new things and to purge ourselves of information in our minds that we once believed
 was true and now know is not true. We are committed to changing our minds when we find out we are wrong.

 Bush negotiating with Saddam
 We he let him slip away like bin Laden?

  Click  Here

 Saddam is demanding safe passage to the former Soviet republic of Belarus. In exchange,
 he has vowed to provide info on WMDs and disclose bank accounts where he siphoned off
 tens of millions of dollars in plundered cash.

 Bush is being kept abreast by Condi Rice. She is co-ordinating negotiations in Baghdad
 which are led by Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the commander of American forces in Iraq.

 Bush has vowed never to negotiate with Saddam, but the White House hopes the
 clandestine talks will allow them to pinpoint the tyrant's exact location.


"For the first time since Herbert Hoover's presidency, a president's economic policies
  have cost us more jobs than our economy has the energy to create."
      --Wesley Clark, Attribution

 Big lie on Iraq comes full circle

  Click  Here

''War on terror'' is a metaphor. It is not an actual war, like the World War or the Vietnamese or Korean wars.
  It is rather a struggle against fanatical Islamic terrorists, exacerbated if not caused by the conflict in Palestine.
  When one turns a metaphor into a national policy, one not only misunderstands what is going on, one begins
  to slide toward the big lie. One invades Iraq because one needed a war."

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Tribute to Gregory Hines at the Apollo
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 O'Reilly Talking Point:  The Left Strikes Back

  Click  Here

 You said Bush would have zero credibility with you if no WMD showed up, and wouldn't trust them again,
 yet here you are shilling for them and whining that they're getting beat up on for their oil war that had no exit strategy,
 for no good reason according to you.  It's YOU who has no credibility (along with anyone who would employ you
 to spout your anti-left invective and right-wing propaganda).  Only a delusional idiot would think >

Transfer interrupted!

="#000099"> are going to show up at this stage.  I don't quite put you in that category.

'West Wing' to have more Nazis this season

  Click  Here

 When NBC's White House drama "The  West Wing" returns next week for its fifth year, the most
 obvious difference from last season will be that John Goodman,  not Martin Sheen, is calling the
 shots in the Oval Office as  the famously liberal show gets more bipartisan.

 Goodman plays a Republican House speaker who becomes acting commander-in-chief when
 President Bartlet (Sheen), a Democrat, temporarily relinquishes power in the midst of an international
 crisis involving his kidnapped daughter.

 Executive producer John Wells promises that Sheen will get  his old job back before long.
 But Wells said Goodman's guest-starring role is just one  way in which "West Wing," which some
 have criticized as being  too liberal, too Democratic, will become more politically  balanced this season.

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"The media talk about anti-Americanism, but what’s really noxious right now is an insufferable smugness,
  a pervasive air of schadenfreude, and I fear it’s a symptom of still worse to come from this Iraq adventure.
  Because the bitterest contradiction of all may be that this war was waged—first and foremost—to save face
  after the humiliation and suffering of September 11. It was meant to inspire awe in the Arab and Muslim world,
  as former CIA operative Marc Reuel Gerecht and others insisted it should be. And in that it truly has failed.
  Every day we look weaker. And the worst news of all it that it’s not because of what was done to us by our
  enemies but because of what we’ve done to ourselves."
        --Christopher Dickey,   Attribution

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 A Brooke Burke calendar or Joe Conason's new book.


 Subject: Most votes for a chimp

 On page 134 of the 2003 paperback edition of the Guinness Book of World Records is the following entry:

"Most votes for a chimpanzee.  In the 1988 mayoral election campaign in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
 the anti-establishment Brazilian Banana Party presented a chimp called Tiao as their candidate.
 The chimp came in third out of twelve candidates, receiving over 400,000 votes.
 The campaign slogan was 'Vote monkey - get monkey.'"

 Didn't Dubya break this record in 2000?

 Scott G.

 Yes, Chimp 2000 got almost half the votes in America.

 Blair plans exit to save Labour party
  I predict he'll join the Carlyle Group for enabling war

  Click  Here

 Tony Blair is secretly planning a dramatic Downing Street exit to save the Government from utter humiliation
 at the next General Election. The PM and an inner cabal of his closest advisers have drawn up a strategy to
 hand over power to a new leader next year if public trust in his premiership continues to plummet.

 Mr Blair would quit in the spring, and the new leader would be crowned at the autumn party conference
 where he would announce a snap November General Election.

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 They sent me a mug and a pen set and it's very cool.
 Both were engraved with not just ''
 but it was in the shape of  the  logo.
 The pen is made of real wood and it feels great in your hand.
 What a nice package, and I say it's very underpriced.
 I thought the pen and the wooden holder set would be $39.95
 but they sell it for less than half that price.

 From: Poker Queen

 Psalm 2003

 Bush is my shepherd, I shall be in want.
 He leadeth me beside the still factories,

 He maketh me to lie down on park benches,
 He restoreth my doubts about the Republican party,

 He guideth me onto the paths of unemployment for the party's sake.
 I do fear the evildoers, for thou talkst about them constantly.

 Thy tax cuts for the rich and thy deficit spending
 They do discomfort me.

 Thou anointeth me with never-ending debt,
 And my savings and assets shall soon be gone.

 Surely poverty and hard living shall follow me,
 And my jobless children shall dwell in my basement forever.

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 I just saw some internet advertising rates that were bragging "Avg Cost Per 1000 Viewers: $3.35"

 Holy ripoff, Batman! That's three views per penny.

 Ad rates at  are mega-tons cheaper than that.

 For $40, 20,000 people will see your ad.
 For $400, you can get twenty ads (400,000 views)

 At that rate, a penny gets ten views.
 When we advertised with, we paid 11 cents PER VIEW.
 Advertising with is 100 times better than Salon's deal, and you have to spend $1200 there.

 The Frog-killing Moron has put the economy in the toilet, so advertising might help your business.

 Don't let the bastard ruin your business.
 Advertise on

 Click  Here  for more details.

 Tulsa start-up paper wants a piece

  Click  Here

 In the stead, I have called forth the proprietor of to step from the shadows
 and into the light of free and open debate to defend the lunacy (and ain't THAT the pot
 calling the kettle black?) on his website.

 Ranked #26,000 in Alexa's top 100,000 ( is #3,000,000!), also
 hails from Tulsa (918.493.1500), and accuses the President of causing 9/11 DIRECTLY,
 and has used that site to undermine the morale and operations of our military in Iraq and worldwide. has counterprotested Saddam's sympathizers in the past, and is willing to step
 forward again to defend our troops from the enemy within. Is man enough to
 defend HIS beliefs in open forum or, like those that attack our troops in Iraq and around the
 world, going to hide anonymously in the shadows?

 These children are trying to launch a newspaper usuing
 According to that Alexa deal, we're thirty times bigger than,
 so the easiest way for them to grow is to attact a bigger fish.

 ha ha

 That paper doesn't have anybody who could get in the debate ring,
 but I'm going to invite them, anyway.  It might draw a crowd :)
 Would it be rude of me to give them the full Number 6 treatment?
 They'll grow if I tear them up in a chat room, but it's been so long...

  From: Podvin

  Click  Here

 There are so many people of all colors who are unjustly imprisoned because they lacked the resources
 to obtain a proper defense, yet you are whoring for one of America's wealthiest men who expelled a
 nineteen year old from his hotel room after doing SOMETHING that left her covered with bruises.

"Whoring," by definition, is taking money for doing something you wouldn't ordinarily do.
 Gee, your batting average is so bad you couldn't play for Shreveport.

 Green in the Face
    by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 Dick Cheney put on a fabulous performance last Sunday on Meet the Press, in which
 he insisted everything in Iraq is tickety-boo, right as rain and cheery-bye. I haven't heard
 anyone lie with such gravitas since Henry Kissinger was in office.

 But for the complete black-is-white, up-is-down, peace-is-war mode, you have to check out
 this administration on the environment. I am fascinated by its rank chutzpah.

 The latest episode was President Bush's Monday visit to the Detroit Edison power plant in Monroe, Mich.,
 which he actually touted as a "living example" of why his dandy Clear Skies (gag me) initiative is so good
 for us all. "You're good stewards of the quality of the air," Bush told the plant's pleased workers.

 The Monroe plant is one of the worst polluters in the country. In 2001, it sent 102,700 tons of sulfur dioxide
 -- the leading cause of acid rain -- into the atmosphere.

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 Half off for students, teachers, military

 Is membership  worth $5 a month when you're on a tight budget?

 Gays stay away

 A married gay couple abandoned their American vacation after being denied
 entry as a family and told to fill out individual customs forms.

Put in code x041971 for extra savings


"If you will recall just three short years ago, this country was a going operation. Eight years of peace, prosperity
  and the busy, busy Republican scandal machine trying to convince us it was all an illusion. Since then, we've started
  two wars, still don't have Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein and have spent millions on people who make us take
  off our shoes at the airport, and we are still as vulnerable to terrorist attack as ever. The Republican response on that
  is their favorite ploy, "Blame Bill Clinton," but the record shows that the Clinton administration was a lot more active
  in going after Al Qaeda than the Bush administration before Sept. 11. Perhaps you have noticed, the only terrorists
  we have actually rounded up have all been caught through police operations, often with the cooperation of the Pakistanis,
  the French, the Spanish, even the Saudis, sometimes. Bombing two countries doesn't seem to have done anything to
  Al Qaeda except reinforce and reinvigorate it. A connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda at last!"
      --Molly Ivins,   Attribution

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 TV Notes

 FOX needs to get some new cameras, because the ones they used at the Emmy's made everyone look ugly.
 Some of the prettist women in Hollywood looked very much less-than.

 The Daily Show won best writing for a comedy/variety show and best comedy/variety show.
 I think the world of Jon Stewart, but I didn't know he had twenty writers.
 Also, West Wing seemed as shocked as anybody when they won "Best Drama."

 And, ...did you see the vulgar Pigboy Sunday?
 It's funny, he's not with the others, he has his own little table.
 It reminded me of Thanksgiving when the relatives come over.
 The adults sit at the big table, and the kids get the little table.

 Monday night - the premier of Vegas.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 It now stands at  301 304

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?  Or 1000?

 Total deaths since President Frog-blaster said, "Bring 'em On":  100

 NOTE: These figures don't include the eight dead reported Thursday.

  Perhaps 1,200 wounded - missing arms, legs and eyes.
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?


Something on your mind?
 Call the

You have two minutes to speak your peace.


 I was startled when I saw his war-painted face and the horns on his head - just kidding.
 He appeared to be a real doctor, with a diploma and everything.

 He said he had a success rate of over 90 percent with tennis elbow, so that's good.
 He had a whole lot of seemed-odd suggestions, such as drink lots of water.
 He also said to cut back on caffein and alcohol - seriously.
 He gave me some pain pills that seem to work pretty good.

 Then he said not to type a single word for a week.
 I told him that wasn't possible, but he insisted.
 I told him again that wasn't possible, and he said the only way to expect success was following his orders,
 so we compromised to my not typing every other day for a week, so we'll have new issues Wednesdat and
 Friday this week.    It beats my arm falling off.

 If something big happens, that schedule will change, but I want to give this a chance to work.

 Have a good time today - that's just a suggestion...

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