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Rush IS doing a show today
He's not saying anything - it's all football and McNabb.

Can he get away with 
"I don't want to talk about my illegal narcotics addiction?"

Sure he can - he's the vulgar Pigboy.
His easily-led sheep will forgive anything
as long as he says Hillary murdered Vince Foster.



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Volume 1168 - Talent on loan from Hillbilly heroin

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 Friday    October 3, 2003


"I have behaved badly sometimes. I have done things that were not right
  which I thought then was playful but now I recognize that I have offended people.
   -- The oversexed, muscleheaded Governor of Cali-fornia..

 Hey Arnold, I think your wife is somewhat attractive.
 Would it be "playful" if I ran my hands up her skirt?
 Would you mind if I put my hands on her breasts and her ass?

  ...I didn't think so.

 Nazi, please!

 You didn't know it was inappropriate to put your hands down a woman's blouse?
 You don't have the brains to be a public official - not even dead animal pickup specialist.

 Springtime for Musclehead 
  Who's having a worse week - Musclehead or the vulgar Pigboy?

  Click  Here

 Arnold Schwarzenegger was forced on Thursday to deny comments he made 25 years ago
 that he admired Adolf Hitler and wished he too could enjoy a stadium full of screaming fans.
 Asked about his heroes, the young Schwarzenegger was quoted as saying; "I admired Hitler,
 for instance, because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education,
 up to power.  I admire him for being such a good public speaker and for what he did with it."

 What he did with it?
 You mean killing 6,000,000 Jews?

 ha ha

 Cali-fornia, you want this man in charge of your future?

"I wish I was Mrs. Gray Davis"


  Hey Bart,

 I hope you watched the last half hour of the Today Show this morning.
 Michael Stipe the lead singer for the band REM was talking about their
 new single "Bad Day", he then proceeded to say.

 "Well it is a bad day for's a bad day for Schwarzenegger,'s a bad day for Rove and Bush."

 This was met by applause from the live audience.
 But Katie tried to get him away from the comments.
 I loved it, a singer not afraid to speak the truth.

 Keep on hammering
 Maria (not Shriver)

 "Does REM fly a small plane?"

 Rush Limbaugh's pill probe 

  Click  Here

 Cline told the Enquirer she wore a wire and gave the tapes to authorities.
 She also gave the Enquirer a ledger documenting how many pills she
 claimed to have bought for him - 4,350 in one 47-day period.

 In one missive, Limbaugh pushed Cline to get more "little blues" - code for
 OxyContin, the powerful narcotic nicknamed hillbilly heroin, she said.

 I guess we've been looking for wild parties in the wrong place.

 If you want illegal narcotics, invite the vulgar Pigboy.
 If you want to abuse some women, invite Arnold.
 If you want high stakes gambling, invite Bill Bennett.
 If you want a whore in her fifties, invite Dr. Laura.
 If you want to sell out America, invite Karl Rove.

 Judge: Student Can Wear Bush 'Terrorist' Shirt 

  Click  Here

 A high school student has the right to wear a T-shirt to school with the Bush's face
 and the words "International Terrorist" on the front, a federal judge ruled.

 Why is Rush Limbaugh going deaf?
  ABC News had him pegged two years ago.

  Click  Here

 Hearing specialists say this type of loss can be brought on by medications.
 Limbaugh claims he is taking medication, but will not disclose the specific type.


"In Watergate, Woodward and Bernstein were dogged political reporters who diligently
  sniffed out a huge political scandal despite all of the risks involved, and the opposition
  of the Preisdent of the United States. In Leak-gate, the reporters are the ones who are
  clamming up and not telling anyone who in the White House committed the crimes.
  A perfect metaphor for how far journalism has fallen."

 Subject: Bartcop Hits Quatrofecta

 You have hit the Quatrofecta, My Fine Friend!

 Rush on Drugs
 Swartznegger on Breasts
 Bush has a Traitorous Felon on his staff
 Rush's Racism on National TV!

 I can't get this Huuuuuuugggggggggeeeeee Grin off of my face.
 Your Years of Work is Paying Big Dividends this week.

 Ha ha (as you would say)

 You Rock, Bart!
 Bob in Oklahoma.

 ps: Howard Dean will be in Norman this Saturday.

 Bob, thanks.
 I was so excited Thursday, I ran Fr. Mushroom's Friday football column a day early.
 Thursday's events couldn't have happened to a more deserving Nazi.

318 dead - so far - and no end in sight
plus 1400 missing arms, eyes and legs - thanks, George.

Thanks to pipe

 Subject: Rush Limbaugh's drug problem

  Click  Here

 The newspaper says that Limbaugh has been implicated by his former housekeeper, Wilma Cline,
 who says she was his pill supplier for years. Cline stated that Limbaugh, who has railed against "welfare
 queens, feminazi's and chickenheads, played the theme from the television show "The Jefferson's" at the
 mention of Senator Carol Mosley Braun's name, says that all police sketches of wanted men resemble
 the Reverend Jesse Jackson" for years on his nationally syndicated daily radio program was hooked on
 the prescription drugs OxyContin, Lorcet and hydrocodone.

 Subject: What's next?

  Click  Here

 So, it turns out that Rush is a racist bigot junkie.   Somehow this is sort of anticlimactic,  I mean, it's not like
 Dr Laura giving up the practice of her religion, or that the good Dr. hadn't spoken with her mother for years,
 or high roller and morals blow hard Bill Bennett blowing $9,000,000.00 in the casinos of Atlantic City.
 I mean it was sort of a given that Rush was a bigot,  he had made many off color racially oriented remarks
 on his radio show over the years,  His "homeless updates" theme song,  referring to Jessie Jackson as
 REEVEERAAND  JAACKSOOON,  and calling Louis Farrakhan  "Calypso Lewie"  were but a few of
 the racist slurs  listeners of his radio program could expect on a regular basis.

 Which brings us to the Junkie part.

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 ESPN in no Rush to take heat

  Click  Here

 The only thing missing from this exercise in racial retro was Limbaugh delivering the speech in blackface.
 After all, how many years has it been since anyone has made an issue about a "black quarterback?"

 While Limbaugh was again showing he's a two-bit bigot, and displaying his lack of knowledge concerning
 the NFL, Mark Shapiro, ESPN executive VP and Limbaugh's personal spin doctor who rushed to
 Limbaugh's defense in USA Today, could've called on a band to play "Mammy."

 Hey, if you are selling race-baiting as a way to juice ratings, why not go all the way?

 Subject: Rush the moron

 Rush was whining in Philadelphia today that we "supposedly" have a 1st Amendment,
 but expressed dismay that we really can't say anything at any time.

 This is par for the course for Limbaugh.
 Know nothing.  Talk loud.

 The 1st Amendment, like all of the first ten amendments, are not absolute guaranties.
 Not only in their interpretation, but in their actual language.

 You can't shout "fire" in a crowded theatre.  You can't incite a riot.
 There are always reasonable restraints on any Constitutional right.

 Aside from that, getting your racist mouth canned by a private corporation does not
 implicate the Constitution, anyway.  The government didn't shut you up.  A private corporation did.
 I would think that would be something near and dear to Rush's heart.  The Bill of Rights is not a
 constraint against private actors.  It's a laundry list of prohibited government activities.

 Last time I checked, ESPN was not the federal government.

 Again, with such a keen understanding of our government, no wonder the ditto heads think
 Clinton should have been impeached.  No wonder they're so angry at the Federal government.

 They don't understand how the government works, so they think it doesn't.

 Ricky Z

ha ha

Rush illegally takes hydrocodone for stress, not weak-ass "Stresstabs."
He doesn't even support his advertisers.


"He has that main responsibility to see this through and see it through quickly, and that would
  include, if I was president, sitting down with my vice president and asking what he knows about it."
      --Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Diebold),  Attribution

 "Kill this Nagel guy!     Kill his kids!    Kill his    ...what?
  We need his crooked voting machines?"
  We can win without Nagel's help?

  Nevermind, then...  We can always kill him later..."

 VCR Alert Executive Producer Marc Perkel will be on the CBS Evening News tonight

 Apparently, he's a got a beef with MCI and CBS was intrested enough to fly a camera crew
 from Los Angeles to San Francisco to film a three minute segment with him.

 I assume they're going to talk about

 If you go to that page, he has recordings of calls he's made to MCI.  Marc Perkel has twenty times
 more patience than I do.  On these tapes, they bounce him from department to department,
 all the time giving him the Nancy Grace guarantee that he didn't have an account with them,
 even though he'd been paying them for three years.

 Click  Here  to listen to the CBS Perkel promo

FOX News, "the people's watchdog," playing footsie with Der Furhrer

 Bush: Hussein 'A Danger to the World'

  Click  Here

 President Bush said Friday that the fact there he can't find any WMD in Iraq is proof
 that Saddam had deceived the international community and was "a danger to the world."

 Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told reporters that "it was clear to me that there was no imminence
 of a threat for weapons of mass destruction," as the White House had claimed.

"Kill that lying bitch.
  Nobody calls me stupid..."


"This is purely dirty politics in my opinion. The disclosure that the ambassador's wife was a CIA
  operative was a cheap shot made because Wilson picked a hole in that pack of lies justifying the war."
    --Former CIA agent Philip Agee, whose actions in the 1970s inspired a law criminalizing the
       exposure of covert U.S. operatives,  Ex-CIA Agent Discusses Leak of Name

 A shout out to Philip Agee, who reads

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Marty's Entertainment Page
Robin Williams on Letterman tonight
The 'Groper' & the 'Doper' vs. the 'Leaker' & the 'Liar'
Fresh BAGnews
John Mellencamp & the Woody Guthrie Award
J. Garcia wines
'Macbeth' & the Pentagon
Kristi Yamaguchi's a mom
Xena & Hercules are suing Universal
Hemingway family feud settled
Hate Radio - parts 1 & 2
And, it rained frogs in Connecticut

 Why is the USA in a Quagmire?
  The Answer Lies in Domestic Politics, Cowboy Diplomacy and Greed

  Click  Here

 The President “elected” by a decision of the nation’s highest court rather than a mandate from the voters
 was relatively unpopular until the catastrophe of 11 September, when the terrorist attack on the WTCenter
 mobilized the American public to support its commander-in-chief. There was widespread US and international
 support for a military action against Afghanistan, where Al-Qaida, the force behind the 11 September attacks,
 was based. Bush’s domestic popularity ratings soared toward an unheard-of 90 per cent.

 So, a year later, Bush’s political advisors told him that the best way to sustain his popularity – which he used to
 push through massive cuts in taxes for his wealthy supporters, and to pass legislation seriously curtailing civil
 liberties – would be to fight and win another war. In victory, there is always a flush of political benefit. The image
 of a strong president, his advisors believed, would enable him to cruise to reelection in the 2004 presidential contest.

 Another problem is that Bush never wanted this job.
 All he wants out of life is to play golf, take naps and smile for the cameras.
 There's a great (and true) Bush quote from years ago that is often forgotten by his good puppy media.

"I could never run for higher office because I'm basically just a media creation."

 The little, smart-ass rich punk who can't handle his liquor once knew his limitations,
 but the B.F.E.E. needed another Reagan to front their worldwide takeover scheme,
 so a tyrant was born and we're stuck with him until the Diebold regime is overthrown.

 Subject: Hypocrite Day

 Hey Bartcop:

 I think today deserves a donation.
 I mean, I remember when your site was called Rush Limba, Lying Nazi Whore. :-)
 So, it's only appropriate.
 October 2nd should be a holiday on :-)

 thanks again,

 Don, thanks for the alms.
 I like that Oct 2 idea - unless Limba kills himself on the air today.
 Then Oct 3 will be the holiday :)

 Where can he go?
 What can he say?

 CBS News quoted Rush last night saying,
"All the druggies should move to London or Zurich so we can be rid of them,"
 and now he begs forgiveness from this super-straight, hypocritical Nazi worshippers?

 I expect the ditto-monkeys to forgive Rush with open arms, but not the homeless Vietnam Vet addicts,
 who can still feel shrapnel in their back and legs. They can rot in hell for all Rush's crowd cares.

 Yes, after a decade of screaming insults at the "long-haired, dope smoking, maggot-infested FM types,"
 we finally find out the vulgar Pigboy is infested with more maggots than Courney Love.

 Courtney Love Arrested, Hospitalized

  Click  Here

 Police and paramedics in Beverly Hills responded to an emergency call and took a woman
 to a hospital for treatment, according to a story in Friday's editions of the Los Angeles Times.

 Law enforcement sources told the newspaper that the woman was Courtney Love and that she had overdosed.
 It was not immediately known what her condition was.

Click to order and
for more information

 Poll Shows Increased Doubts About Iraq, Bush

  Click  Here

 Most Americans now believe the Iraq war was not worth it, according to a new poll.
 Confidence in Bush to handle foreign and economic policy issues died and went to hell.

 The poll found new lows for Bush's foreign policy performance - just 44 percent approval.
 50 percent lacked confidence in his ability to handle an international crisis and 53 percent
 said they now believed the Iraq war was not worth it.

 "Unka Dick, is it time to play 9-11 again?
  You want me to go to Florida and wait, like last time?"

 Top Republican Donors Reap Billions from Bush's Iraq War
  The mainstream media sloooooooooooooooooooooowly catches up to

  Click  Here

 September 30, 2003, Summary:  President George Bush and his staff must face the public
 over the shocking allegation that top Bush campaign donors are directly profiting from Bush's
 unilateral invasion and occupation of Iraq. We're not talking mere millions of dollars, but tens
 of BILLIONS of dollars of US taxpayer money ...

 Only if you get your news from Bush's good puppy networks.

    "Bush is a great war hero, and he's smart, and honest, too!"

 Rushie the Druggie - side FX

 The drugs Rush Limbaugh is accused of abusing are legal only with a doctor's prescription.
 All are habit-forming. The small print tells the story of Rush.


 Anti-cough agent and painkiller similar to morphine.
 Side effects include poor mental performance, emotional dependence and mood changes


 Prescribed for moderate to severe pain.
 Side effects include vomiting, decreased appetite, sweating and itching.


 Potent time-release medication for pain, known as hillbilly heroin
 Side effects include dizziness, muscle twitches and decreased sex drive.
 A large dose can be fatal. (We should be so lucky)

 Thanks to Roland

 Dubya's quagmire: U.S. general says Iraqi rebels getting stronger
  Saw it on

  Click  Here

 Three uniformed Americans were killed in attacks Wednesday.
 The general added that the resistance was showing signs of improved organization.
 Though most attacks against U.S. forces are being carried out by small, locally based groups
 apparently acting on their own, there are indications that the resistance is beginning to operate
 under a broader, more regional control, Sanchez said.

 Subject: We've already seen Bush's best


 It occurred to me today when I was listening to some commentators talking about Bush's re-election chances and
 his current standing in the polls, that he's already given us the "best" he has to offer.  Face it,  his high approval
 ratings were based on his "leadership" as a leader on the international scene.  Think about that for a moment...

 I think we've seen the best he has to offer and it certainly isn't on the national or local scene, it's on the international
 front and he's turning out to be a failure and fraud there also.  The only thing he can do to shore up his standing is to
 invade another country or to create another international crisis.  Be afraid.


 America is a strange place.
 The never-elected fraud went to sleep (after another month-long vacation) on the job and after we had taken
 our worst hit in 224 years, his popularity went to 90 because he failed to do his job before, during or after 9-11.

"I told 'em, ...ha ha, ...I told 'em, ...ha ha,  ...I told 'em
 the president's firstjob is to protect America, ...ha ha
 and I'll be goddamned if they didn't buy it, ...ha ha...
 ..just like Karl Rove said they would, ...ha ha.."

 October sticker placement contest!

 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.

 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
 (Please don't vandalize anything with these stickers)
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 We need a different calendar for October - any suggestions?


"A government that cannot catch bin Laden or Saddam is probably not
  going to catch the person who leaked the name of a CIA agent."
   --Richard Cohen,  Oozing Hypocrisy Over a Leak

 Sen Bond (R-Bastard)'s office mocks Sen. Carnahan's death 
  For all we know, Carnahan was murdered - now they mock him as a fucking joke?

  Click  Here

 The office of U.S. Sen. Christopher "Kit" Bond, R-Mo., said Thursday that Bond's chief spokesman,
 Ernie Blazar, was responsible for setting up the anti-Democrat website named N8354N, the number
 on the tail of the plane that crashed killing former Gov. Mel Carnahan, his son, Randy, and a campaign aid.

 Bond's office said Blazar was no longer on the staff as of Thursday, but would not describe the circumstances
 of his departure. Shana Stribling, who had worked for Blazar and was acting as Bond's spokeswoman,
 said a statement about the incident would be released later Thursday.

"There will be no place in my office, or in my campaign, for this type of attack.
 The person responsible will no longer be a member of my staff."

 Senator, what does it say about your judgment that you'd hire a staff like this?

 These sons of bitches don't know the meaning of "callous" or "going too far."
 They are dancing and pissing on Carnahan's grave, the heartless bastards.

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"Bush expressed support for Limbaugh in conversations with top staff on Thursday.
"Rush is a great American," the president said of the pill-popping Nazi liar.
  I am confident he can overcome any obstacles he faces right now." L
    --Matt Drudge    Attribution

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 Besides, you might get lucky and hit the top spot the day Rush is sentenced to prison

Did Larry Flynt save Clinton's presidency?

 Joe Conason's Journal

  Click  Here

 Now that Rush Limbaugh has walked (or been pushed off) the plank at ESPN, this review of his
 racial attitudes by his old antagonists at Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting is at least momentarily
 relevant again. Placed in that context, the nastiness of Limbaugh's "color" commentary is hardly shocking.
 What is surprising is that he couldn't restrain his bigotry toward black athletes for a little longer than four weeks.
 (I guess he didn't get the memo from the right-wing central office about the new sanctimonious "civility" campaign.)

 Tonight I will be signing books at the Borders on School Street in
 downtown Boston at 12:30 p.m.,  and then again at the Harvard Coop
 in Cambridge at 7 p.m. I am scheduled to appear on CNN's "Reliable Sources" on Sunday.


 Subject: 200 words max?  still quaking in your boots

 Click  Here

 What a loss of respect.  I saw your little "website" and "chatroom" challenge to people for debate,
 and actually thought there might be honesty behind it.  200 words max per letter?  And here I thought
 you were just being amusingly self-deprecating when you said you had an I.Q. of 68.

 Karash, you make a really bad first impression.

(I was in a bad mood when I wrote this - forgive the frank reply.)

  On Ebay, Man offers to shave head
 When Karl Rove is "frog-marched" from White House

  Click  Here

 When Karl Rove goes down, I'll go bald, and you can be witness to this momentous and historic occasion.
 You can see from the photos that I tend to be a hairy guy, so Karl Rove's amphibious arrest will no doubt
 generate copious quantities of coiffe on my kitchen floor.  I'll sweep it up and put it in a bag, and you're
 welcome to that as well if you want it shipped with the video tape.

 If the bidding goes over $500, in addition to my scalp and beard, I will also shave my eyebrows and
 part of my chest, perhaps in a relief of a Peace symbol or something like that.

 If the bidding goes over $1000, I will also shave the head of my buddy Little Ricky (shown in last photo),
 even if I have to chase him down and hog-tie him to do it.

 The more people who bid, the more likely Rove is to go down and go down hard, so do the patriotic thing:
 bid early and bid often.  It may be just the thing to finally get our economy kick started again!


"Seventy Million to investigate a stained dress, the meaning of "is" and a blowjob.
  How much will the 1600 Crew and Congress spend to find out who blew Valerie Plame's cover?
  Right now, not a plugged nickel apparently."
     --Jo Fish,   Attribution

 Also, no need to investigate 9-11,
 because Bush says knowing the truth would help bin Laden.

 Musings from the Heartland
    by  Richard L. Fricker

  Click  Here

 Where the President of the United States tells the CIA they can execute our citizens without warrant or
 trial if they "suspect" they associate with people the CIA "believes" to be associated with acts of terrorism,
 as long as the killing takes place outside the U.S. and not too many civilians are killed in the process.
 Where we flaunt the Constitution while inprisoning people indefinitely without access to lawyers or
 being charged with a crime solely because we want to.
 Where we establish our own gulag in a foreign country in order to avoid our own laws.
 Where the President lies to the American people, admits he lies and there is no hue and cry for his removal.

La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz

 He Who Lives By The Loudmouth ...

  Click  Here

 Am I delighted to see Rush Limbaugh attacked, ridiculed and forced out of his ESPN gig?
 Absolutely. Justice is being served.

  Hit refresh

 Limbaugh routinely insults those he disagrees with. He gives them nasty nicknames;
 he mocks them, besmirches them and makes fun of them far more adeptly than his current attackers.
 This is how he makes his millions. It is ludicrous for him, and for his defenders, to claim he is being
 treated unfairly. Others are simply doing unto him what he does unto others. That’s justice in my book.

 Limbaugh’s public shtick for years and years has had a constant hum of low-grade racism and race baiting.
 When he talks about black people on his radio show, he often uses "ax" instead of "ask," apparently to be funny.
 When the topic is Carol Moseley Braun, his producers play the theme song from "The Jeffersons."
 This is how he entertains his audience. This is how he makes his millions.

 This is exactly what Limbaugh does for a living – he humiliates those who he thinks don’t have their minds
 right and he takes stabs at their reputations. He calls opponents of the Iraq war unpatriotic, for one very mild example.
 This doesn’t deprive anyone of his or her free speech rights. Nor is Limbaugh being denied his rights now.

      Please visit our sponsors

 VCR Alert - Queer Eye for the Straight Guy marathon tonight.

 I mention it because Mrs. Bart will be taking over the living room to watch all eight hours.

Baseball, pro and college football, and Eldrick Woods!
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They include primarily Academically Elite Liberal Schools.
Some of the quarterbacks on these teams are Negroes.
WARNING: Contents not for Dittomonkeys...besides,
y'all don't need a hand OR a hand-out.
Sure, I'm 5-0 the last two weeks and I have six winners for Saturday; so what?
A Self-Sifficient, Self-Made Neo-Con would never take free picks from a liberal,
even if it meant they'd make money!
...and more

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 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was  316,  ....this issue it's  318 They got TWO of our boys, just since yesterday.

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?
 How long before we hit 1000?

 Total deaths since President Frog-blaster said, "Bring 'em On":  112 114

Over 1,400 wounded - with many missing arms, legs and eyes.
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?


Something on your mind?
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 There are times when she works 70-80 hours a week.  She works weekends, and sometimes she works
 until midnight and then comes home to try to get some sleep before her 8 AM shift starts.
 I tease her that this is good training if she ever wants to work in an ER or the White House.

 So, Sam Dent has agreed to take over the day-to-day duties of forwarding important mail,
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