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  In Today's Treehouse...
Wolfowitz not killed in Iraq
Why U.S. Intelligence Failed
Chimpy the Wonder Punk
Army Dissing Former POW?
Search for U.S. MIAs
Flashback: Bush the drunk 
Oklahoma loses Miranda
Black Hawk Down


Quote of the Day

"Being president is fun because I can work on
  things that matter, like teaching kids to read." 
   --The illegal, illiterate thief,    Attribution

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Volume 1186 - The Quest for Stolen Oil

 Weekend  October 25-26, 2003            Turn your clock back


"About a year-and-a-half ago, people in the intelligence community came and said-guys like Alamoudi
  and Sami al-Arian and other terrorists weren't being touched because they'd been ordered not to investigate
  the cases, not to prosecute them, because there were being funded by the Saudis and a political decision was
  being made at the highest levels, don't do anything that would embarrass the Saudi government....
  But, who was it that fixed the cases? How could these guys operate for more than a decade immune from prosecution?
  Grover Norquist. Newt Gingrich's guy, best friend to Karl Rove, and apparently Norquist was able to fix things.
     --former Justice Department official, John Loftus    Attribution

 I'm so old, I remember when treason was a crime, but that was before
 Clinton's zipper showed us what true crime is, so we have to take this, right?

 Wolfowitz Escapes Deadly Baghdad Strike 
  All Wolfie wanted to do was accept the Iraqi's love and gratitude

  Click  Here

 In a daring strike, anti-American forces unleashed a barrage of rockets Sunday against the Al Rasheed Hotel,
 a symbol of the U.S. presence, where visiting Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was staying.
 Wolfowitz escaped, but a U.S. soldier was killed and 15 people were wounded.

 The hotel's concrete face was left pockmarked with a holes and shattered windows in two dozen rooms.
 The attackers had boldly driven to the edge of a park just 500 yards southwest of the hotel, towing what
 looked like a portable, two-wheeled generator, Iraqi police said. They quickly fled, and rockets suddenly
 ignited within the trailer, apparently on a timer, flashing toward the nearby hotel.

 "Bring 'em on!! Bring 'em on!!"


"I am really looking forward to a debate between a general and a deserter.
  Plus, I really want to hear President Bush have to say, "Yes, General, No, General."
       --Michael Moore,    Attribution

 Broken record time:
 General Clark, if you get the nomination, please don't agree to debate rules where the
 FOX News moderator can save the deserter every time he gets in trouble.  I suggest:

No audience
No moderator
No limits on any goddamn thing
None of this "ten seconds to reply" bullshit.
     This isn't some Harvard debating class - this is the future of our country.
Demand a man-to-man debate without limits or safety nets or reinforcements for the pinhead
Turn the cameras on, introduce them and everything/everyone else get the hell out of the way.

     If Bush can't hold his own in a debate, then let the country find out.

 Subject: Avacor

 Hi Bart~

 Why would anyone use AVACOR anyway?


 "The Better Business Bureau has alerted the FTC about the unsubstantiated claims
  made in Avacor's ads. By the time the FTC, and possibly the FDA, cracks down on Avacor,
  consumers will have lost millions of dollars. The product will then disappear, probably showing
  up a year later with a different name. There are already copycat products on the market,
  also containing unknown quantities of minoxidil and herbs."


(Now with working link - sorry)

 Why U.S. Intelligence Failed
   by Robert Perry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 Some key officials in George W. Bush's administration - from Wolfowitz to Cheney - have long been
 part of this trend toward seeing intelligence as an ideological weapon, rather than a way to inform a full debate.
 Other figures in Bush's circle of advisers, including his father, the former president and CIA director, have
 played perhaps even more central roles in this transformation. [More on this below.]

 For his part, the younger George Bush has shown little but disdain for any information that puts his policies
 or "gut" judgments in a negative light. In that sense, Bush's thin skin toward contradiction can't be separated
 from the White House campaign, beginning in July, to discredit retired Ambassador Joseph Wilson for publicly
 debunking the Bush administration's claim that Iraq had tried to buy yellowcake uranium from Niger. That
 retaliation included the exposure of Wilson's wife as an undercover CIA officer, an act that is now under
 FBI investigation as a possible felony.

 Everything Perry writes is really good - you should read the whole article.

 Another first for Chimpy the Wonder Punk

 First time Australia's Parliament has been closed to the public in the history of the country.
 Financial Times notes that Smirk FINALLY ran into real free speech when two Green senators
 attacked him loudly over the Iraq war, one saying "Respect the opinion of the people of the world,
 and the world may respect you." There is also a photo of John Howard, arms spread, trying to stop
 the two from getting anywhere near the Unelected Punk after his speech.

 Written by my main man Pete on the bartcop forum

Chipshodt's 7-month-old grandson, Davis, expresses
shock and awe at discovering it's his generation that's gonna
have to pay for the B.F.E.E.'s looting of America's wealth.

Marty's Entertainment Page
Bill Clinton, Sophia Loren, Gorby & the Russian National Orchestra
Burt Reynolds hosting movies on ESPN
(Did you know he was once the biggest movie star in the world?)
Sheryl Crow & the Mizzou Homecoming
Miss Afghanistan
Ron Kovic
And baby turtles


"I hope my book will make a small contribution toward that day when we'll see one long perp walk
  of administration officials in handcuffs being led out of the White House and into a waiting paddy wagon.
  'Dude, Where's My Country?' is my attempt to violate the Patriot Act on every single page of the book."
       -- Michael Moore,   Attribution

 Family Says Army Shortchanging Former POW

  Click  Here

 The father of former prisoner of war Shoshana Johnson on Friday accused the Army of shortchanging
 his daughter of disability benefits after she was offered a smaller paycheck than fellow POW Jessica Lynch.

 Family members confirmed that Lynch is receiving an 80 percent disability.
 Johnson, a specialist who has been offered 30 percent, Claude Johnson said.

 Army spokesman Maj. Steve Stover said Shoshana Johnson's payment can be appealed.
 Stover said the two cases are different and race is not an issue.

 Military officials said Lynch was hurt after her Humvee utility vehicle was hit by a RPG and crashed.
 She suffered multiple broken bones and other injuries and it was four months before she could walk again.

 Shoshana Johnson was shot in both ankles and was held by Iraqi captors for 22 days. She still periodically
 uses a walking cast, has a hard time staying on her feet for any period of time and is not sleeping well, her father said.

 Racism or just two different medical conditions?
 It's my guess the military is trying to screw everybody, regardless of race.
 Thanks to Bush, America is bankrupt so we're all fighting for whatever scraps are left..


"Bush believes that the media are filtering the news from Iraq rather than reporting it.  He believes that they
  are being unfair and detrimental to the goal of a properly informed public.  He is not happy about it. As a result,
  the president has decided that news crews will no longer be allowed on military bases where they might take
  photographs of the coffins of American soldiers killed in action. It is an ill-advised step.  It is one which will likely
  hurt the president's image more than it will help his message about the progress being made in Iraq." "
      --Eric Burns, Fox News   Attribution

  2000 Flashback
 Bush deals with drunken driving arrest

  Click  Here

 Bush said he regretted the 1976 arrest and guilty plea for DWI, but insisted
 that the revelation would do little to change voters' minds about him,

"I have been very candid about my past. I've said I've made mistakes in the past.
 People know that. They've thought about that. They're making their minds up now.
 I do find it interesting that it's come out four or five days before the election, " Bush said.

 Hey Moron, if you had been candid about your past, nobody could ambush you with the truth.
 And if you're so candid, why don't we know how many felony convictions you have?
 Why don't we know the reason you had to do community service?
 Why did you have to bury your governor papers and your Daddy's presidential papers?
 What's in there that the voters won't like?


"The problem with the Americans in Iraq is that "they are like the mascara man
  who says he will make you look more beautiful and then pokes out your eyes."
     --Sheik Ghassi, leader of a mosque in a working-class district of Syria       Attribution

  Hey Ghassi, Bush has been making America "look more beautiful" for three years.

 Vietnam War Nations to Deepen Search for U.S. MIAs

  Click  Here

 The United States and three Southeast Asian countries pledged on Friday to work together
 to search for remains of more than 1,800 missing American servicemen from the Vietnam War.
 It was the first time senior officials from the United States, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos had met
 to share information in the hunt for remains of Vietnam MIAs since the war ended in 1975.

 Isn't that grand?

 Twenty nine years later, someone remembers to search for the remains of 1800 innocent, drafted men?
 (Do today's kids know what the word "drafted" meant in the sixties and early seventies?)

 Meanwhile, today it's stealing rifles off dead Iraqi's to have a weapon to defend yourself.
 Paying for your own hospital meals while recovering from losing a limb in service to your country.
 Year-long tours where going home to your wife and kids is repeatedly promised, then revoked.
 Having the generals and the President smiling on TV with a Nancy Grace guarantee that "morale is high.".

 Why do today's heroes turn their lives over to the US military knowing this is how they might be treated?

 I disagree with my good friend Joe Conason.

 In his last column, Joe wrote:

"In America, the sins of the fathers are not held against the children, nor should they be.
  Although the Bushes have too often lowered themselves into the gutter for political gain,
  that doesn't give license to libels against them."

 Out of respect for him, I didn't want to step on his column, but consider this:

 Didn't Bush the smarter ask the State Department to investigate Clinton's mom?
 The way I remember it (Danger, Will Robinson!) she went to Europe or somewhere and Bush had the State
 Department check her passport to see if she slipped some super-secret missle launch codes to her Russian comrades.
 Bill caught them, called them on it and shamed Bush down another 2-3 points in the polls.

 "The sins of the fathers are not held against the children, nor should they be," Joe said.

 Maybe not, but why has Ted Kennedy been made the goat by talk radio for more than a decade because
 of the sins of his father?  You can't turn on an AM radio and not hear Joe, Jack and Bobby Kennedy pounded
 again and again.  They use that shit against us, but we shouldn't fire back?

 That's where I disagree with Joe.
 Joe's maybe a better man than I, maybe a bigger man, as Clinton proved to be,
 but why should we silently endure the Kennedy attacks and say, "We're better than that?"

 In my opinion, that's the Mondale/Dukakis formula for certain failure.
 Clinton didn't take any crap in 1992 or 1996 and llok what happened.

 Add to that, John, Bobby, Teddy and Bill always worked for the little guy who had nothing.
 Civil rights, minimum wage, health care and raising money for battered women's shelters, stuff like that.

 Meanwhile, President Pinhead is working his heart out to give Bill Gates another tax cut, being sure GE gets
 another $5 billion dollar tax rebate, between f-ing rounds of golf and month-long vacations in Crawford, Texas.

 Whereas Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home, Bush's American soldier death list
 surpasses the number of men he had killed as governor of Texas.

 We're the honest, disadvantaged, aggrieved party and we can't afford to give the GOP any points on decency grounds
 since they'd never give us any, not even to little Chelsea Clinton who was f-ing twelve when Rush verbally assaulted her.

 Why should we give them ANY consideration for decency's sake when they're fighting for the super-rich,
  BIG tobacco, trillion dollar corporations, the BIG-ass polluters and the everybody-needs-more-guns NRA?

 If we take the high road and lose, we get more of what Bush has given us.  If we use the same tactics
 they use against us, maybe America will get lucky enough to trade President Murderer for another Clinton.

 Thousands on both coasts protest illegal war


 Oklahoma loses Miranda?

  Saw it Myself

 I just saw on the Friday night CBS local news that Miranda is no longer in effect.
 You know the phrase, "If you can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you?"

 Nuh - UH, not in Oklahoma.

 In Oklahoma, if you have $500 (cash, credit card? promissory note?) you get a lawyer.
 Asked to explain, the state spokesman said, "We just don't have the money."

 "These niggers - ha ha - think they'll get - ha ha - a free lawyer under your administration?"

 Subject: Groping Epidemic

 Fourth sexual assault in two weeks on one campus.

  Click  Here

 The student was attacked at 8:30 p.m. when a male grabbed her wrist and waist, spun her around,
 grabbed her breast and then attempted to remove her coat.  The victim struck the face of the suspect,
 who returned the blow and fled the area, the advisory said.

 How could anyone get the idea that it's OK to sneak up on women and grope them?

 Saul, it's a mystery...

Click to Enter


"A Republican dies and goes to Heaven..."
  St. Peter rolls about laughing, exclaiming,
"That's the best one I've ever heard! Oh, I love sight gags!"
     -- go3 on the bartcop Forum

 Subject: sticker sighting


 This is my wife, Mirna, "Mrs. Fauxnewschannel.com," and the statue that caused so many problems
 with Richmond, VA racists, because "Union and Confederate memorials shouldn't be in the same place."


 Mirna is a native Panamanian.
 We met in 1990 when I was stationed at Howard AFB.
 She loves your site.

 TSgt Phil


"What the EFF is up with Novak's teeth?
  I'm looking at him on XFire, and it looks like he got a new set of teeth.
  But they're about twice as big as the ones he used to have! "
    -- AS on the bartcop forum

 Hey, I saw it, too.  I said to Mrs. Bart, "What the EFF is up with Novak's teeth?
 It truly was cartoonish.  Howard Stern would've had the Prince of Darkness in tears.

 My good friend X:

"I'd like to see Novak holding a cardboard sign that says:


 I guess that's mean spirited tho..."

 ha ha

 No, that's comedy!

 Marlins win Series, fined for going off-script

  Click  Here

 It wasn't supposed to end this way - the Yankees lost the World Series to the Florida Marlins.
 Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig fined the Marlins $500,000 for not sticking to the script.
 "What fun is baseball if the Yankees don't win every World Series?" fumed an angry Selig.

 Yankees owner George Steinbrenner said he would go to court to overturn the victory.

 October sticker placement contest!


 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 bartcop.com  PO Box 54466  Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.
 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
 Click  Here   for the best October stickers

 9/11 Commission Could Subpoena Oval Office Files

  Click  Here

 The chairman of the federal commission investigating the 9-11 attacks says that the White House is
 continuing to withhold several highly classified intelligence documents from the panel and that he is
 prepared to subpoena the documents if they are not turned over within weeks.

 I doubt the truth will ever be known about 9-11.   The Crooked Whore Court will protect their boy
 George by bending or breaking the law just like they bent and broke the law to allow Paula Jones's
 ridiculous, no-foundation lawsuit to force our last elected president into a sham, partisan impeachment.

 We still don't know who shot JFK in 1963.
 We still don't know who shot RFK in 1968.
 We still don't know who shot MLK in 1968.
 Why should 9-11 be any different?
 Remember what Jack Ruby said on tape from 1964, as heard on BartCop radio:
 "The truth will never be known because the people behind this, and they are very high up
   in America's government, have too much to lose, they will never let the truth be known."


 The very idea that Clinton was impeached for telling white lies about sex, while the Unelected Murderer
 is untouchable as he presides over the biggest crime spree in history should make every American sick.

 How many tens of thousands will die for Bush's quest for stolen oil?

 My good friend MindPilot took a trip by rail
  I asked him to write about it

  Click  Here

"Mister Carville! Sir!  Please, I need to shake your hand." He was rushing to catch his train
 which was already in final boarding call, but he took a moment to shake hands and listen to me
 blubber about what a great fan I am.   Unfortunately I had already packed my camera away
 and there was no time for a picture anyway.

 I came away from DC having met Alan Dershowitz, gone drinking with Michael Newdow,
 hugged Helen Thomas, and shook hands with James Carville. My life is complete.


"On Boston Public tonight, Dennis Miller delivers his lines with his patented bloodcurdling smirk.
  A student does what so many of us comtemplate when faced with a Dennis Miller performance:
  She cuts her wrists."
    -- Ken Tucker, on the TV reviews for Friday shows in Entertainment Weekly

 ha ha

 It didn't hit me quite that hard, but I understand.

 Universal Health Care
   by Nick Dupree

  Click  Here

 Our health care system is in crisis. Americans who have critical medical needs that are not covered by their
 private health insurance, or the 41.2 million that do not have health insurance at all, must rely on the woefully
 inadequate coverage provided by the government - Medicaid and Medicare - a Swiss cheese safety net.

 In a speech last year, Senator Ted Kennedy said lack of health care is now the seventh leading cause of death
 in America. With the treatment people receive typically depending on what kind of things state Medicaids,
 insurance companies and HMOs will pay for within our profit-driven system, we, the wealthiest, most advanced
 nation on Earth, are only able to provide a third-world level of care for those who cannot pay, if that. This,
 unfortunately, is what has happened since life-saving services and procedures, and thus life itself, became
 another commodity to be bought and sold to those in need at whatever price the market will bear.

 Joan Report

 Last week, God told Joan to build a boat.
 It didn't work, but it brought her brother out of his wheelchair shell and that made the whole story

 Last Friday, God told Joan to have a Garage Sale.  God knows everything.  He knew that holding
 a Garage Sale would force Joan's family to address some paintings that Mom painted before she met Dad.
 The paintings were theraputic workings of Mom to "reconcile" the extra-violent rape she survived as a teenager.

 Having Joan hold the Garage Sale, God enabled Joan's Mom to get passed her blockage about her rape and
 pass on whatever necessary lessons to her just-starting-to-date daughter Joan needed to learn.
 It's a good show.

 Entertainment Weekly suggests you switch to CNN during the "Joan" commercials to see the horrors
 the rest of the world is facing while God's busy spending all that time helping a teenager and her family.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was  times 347  ....this issue it's  times 349
                                                                                                          They got three kills since last issue.
    I want that oil - no matter how many lives it costs!

 Soon, we'll be at 400.

 How long before we hit 600?

  ...and then 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggles said, "Bring 'em On":  142  144

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  1938  1947  we're about to break 2,000 wounded
 for Bush's nasty-ass quest for stolen oil and many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.
 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

 Black Hawk Down Near Tikrit

  Click  Here

 A  Black Hawk helicopter was shot down Saturday near Tikrit, a center of Iraq's anti-U.S. insurgency.
 The U.S. command in Baghdad said five soldiers were injured.

 It was the second time a U.S. helicopter has been downed by hostile fire since Bush declared an end
 to major combat in Iraq on May 1. The last copter to be shot down was in June.

 "A helicopter did go down," Capt. Jefferson Wolfe, a spokesman for the 4th Infantry Division, said.
 "We can confirm it. It was a Black Hawk. We are investigating."

 I wonder if Hollywood will make a big-budget movie about what an idiot Bush was to get 350
 brave men killed - no, wait - they only do that for Democratic President who lost 18 -  I forgot.


 If you have something important, something that can't wait, send it to Sam at  sam@bartcop.com
 She has my phone numbers and can reach me right away.

 (We're still getting mail to boxes like remindbart@yahoo.com that are no longer attended.)

 Can't get in the members section?

 Click  Here  to reach Sam at her new address.

 Have a good time today.  Our time here is very limited.


"As a player, I don't care if my opponent is on cocaine or pot (gasps from the others)
  because I know I'm going to beat that guy. But if he's doing steroids, he's bigger,
  he's faster and he's stronger and that's not fair to the others playing the game."
   -- Cris Collingsworth, HBO-NFL with Bob Costas

 Accusations Vs. Schwarzenegger Linger

  Click  Here

 Arnold calls the whole thing ``old news,'' but the sexual misconduct allegations leveled
 against him in the closing days of his campaign are not going away.

 His behavior has become a regular joke on late-night TV and in the comics pages,
 with ``Doonesbury'' this week depicting him as a giant groping hand.

 Letterman has entertained his ``Late Night'' audience with clips of old movies showing him
 grabbing one woman's buttocks and urging another to seductively lick a carrot stick.

 Dave has (rightfully) been relentless on Arnold lately.
 Remember those still pics we had of Arnold smoking a big doobie?
 Dave ran the movie clip of him doing that.
 Remember the grab-ass Playboy pictures from Rio?
 Dave ran the movie clip of that, too.

 But this carrot was probably the worst.
 Arnold put a small carrot stick in this girl's mouth, asked her to close her lips around it,
 then he moved the carrot in and out of her mouth in a possibly-suggestive manner - ha ha

 It was awful!
 Dave calls the skit, "Meet the Governor."


Something on your mind?
 Call the

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Subject: Republi-CAN

 The thing that makes me pig biting mad is that republicans are so hypocrittical.
 The examination of languages, the Bible Code and things like that make me want to look at the hidden meanings of words.

 I  see in the very name of Republican a hidden meaning. You just have to capitalize the last portion.
 They are republiCAN.
 I CAN and you cannot.

 Look at Rush, addicted, I CAN, and be forgiven when all the others cannot.
 Bush CAN lie about the reason for war in Iraq, but Clinton gets impeached for a non sexual relationship with an intern.
 I CAN but you cannot, Bill Clinton.


 Froedrick, if the press were honest, they couldn't get away with it.

 If the Democrats would fight back, they couldn't get away with it.

 We're stuck under a double whammy.

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