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US: Ban UK Protests 
From Baghdad to Dover 
Letter from a Veteran
Bush Lays Wreath, Cuts Pay
Jessie's Nude Pictures
Bloated Rosie
Monkey Mail
Good Things Bush Has Done
Fricker in the Heartland


Quote of the Day

"Seeing the care that these troops get is 
  comforting for me and Laura. We should 
  and must provide the best care for anybody 
  who is willing to put their life in harm's way." 
    --Dubya, 01/17/03,  Attribution

 Mindless platitudes from a greed monkey who
 wants to cut the pay of for troops in his fake war.

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Volume 1200 -  So Far Away 

 Wednesday,  November 12, 2003


"While the nation's attention is focused on the slow-motion deterioration of Iraq, the White House for months
  has been at war on the home front -- clashing repeatedly with the CIA in a rare series of public disagreements.
  They've fought over intelligence that seemed to predict the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They've fought over whether
  Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. They've fought over a seemingly vindictive White House
  leak that identified an undercover CIA agent. According to Thomas Powers, a widely respected authority on
  the nation's spy business, that conflict has put the CIA -- and U.S. national security -- in peril....
  Powers wonders who will take the rap for 9/11 and the "horrific, calamitous" mistake in Iraq."
    --Mark Follman,  Attribution

 I can answer that - anybody but the guy responsible - Bush.

 US wants ban on protests during Bush visit 
  The whole world hates this bloodthirsty "president'

  Click  Here

 The Stop The War Coalition said yesterday that it had been told by the police that it would not
 be allowed to demonstrate in Parliament Square and Whitehall next Thursday - a ban it said it was
 determined to resist. The coalition says that it has also been told by British officials that American
 officials want a distance kept between Mr Bush and protesters, for security (political) reasons and to
 prevent their appearance in the same television shots.

 The Metropolitan Police banned the Parliament Square and Whitehall route by the use of Sessional Orders
 - which can be enforced for such a purpose when Parliament is in session.

 "War is great. The media loves me. I'm the man!
   This is my big chance!  I'm a big war hero!"

 From Baghdad to Dover - a group hug
   saw it on  smirkingchimp.com

  Click  Here

 President George W. Bush says HE is the one responsible for giving the hugs and for comforting
 those whose young loved ones have fallen -- broken and bloody -- in his mighty crusade to rid the
 entire world of evil and to bring every single evildoer to justice, one by one by one.

 Yes. He is responsible. We are not to worry our pretty little heads about it. We are to remain silent
 because our president says he is our national voice. He is our conscience. With each fallen son or
 daughter, he speaks for us -- although a bit glibly and far too rapidly. In his best John Wayne
 "I'm only gonna say this once" voice, Bush says our hearts-and-minds-and-souls- and-thoughts
 -and-prayers "go out" to grieving mothers, fathers, wives and children of these brave soldiers and marines.

 When asked why the "Chief Hugger and Comforter" refuses to address the daily loss of American life,
 why he attends no funerals, why he is AWOL from solemn duty at Deleware's Dover Air Force Base,
 his spokespersons say there's no need to repeat the heart-and-soul mantra every time an American
 is killed, because -- by golly -- this is going to be a long war.

 "I'm too busy to go to funerals.
  Now, ...watch this drive..."

  Letter from a Veteran

  Click  Here

 As a vet, I don't want to see my nephews and friends sucked into the military, when it was all unnecessary from the start.
 If they decide to go, I'll be proud and send them off with all my prayers. But I don't want to see them forced into it.
 Bush lied us into war, and I don't want anymore men & women coming home in boxes because of it. I don't want to
 hear them play taps as someone I love is lowered into the ground. We have to let people know that a vote for Bush
 is a vote to send your son, or brother into a war that was never needed for a president that was never elected.

 Bush Lays Wreath to 'Honor' Veterans
  Cruel joke not seen as funny by all military families

  Click  Here

 Mired in a complicated, unfinished mission in Iraq, Bush paused on Veterans Day to reflect
 on the sacrifices of 140,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and to honor soldiers of past wars.
 "This nation has always gone to war reluctantly," Bush lied.

"The loss is terrible. It is borne especially by the families left behind, but in their hurt and in their loneliness,
 I want these families to know: Your loved ones served in a good and just cause," he lied again.

 Excuse me, but stealing Iraq's oil is not a good and just cause.  Dying trying to take bin Laden into custody
 is a good and just cause, not raping Baghdad so the B.F.E.E. can steal more billions.  Of course, right after
 lying to the military families Bush went back to Al Gore's house and worked on ways to cut the salaries and
 benefits for the men and women who are currently being shot at under orders from the Commander in Thief.

 "Screw those whiners!
  They're overpaid, anyway."

 A flag for each soul lost

  Click  Here

 Every time a soldier dies in Afghanistan or Iraq, Gordon Hartke pushes another stick holding a flag into the ground of his front yard.
 The landscaping contractor started with a box of 300 of the 10-inch by 18-inch American flags, placing them one by one through the
 Afghanistan "War on Terror," the Iraq invasion and the tenuous cease-fire. He started hanging them from fishing line strung between
 his trees, but before long, the string was full and the box was empty. Now there are 353 flags and he has had to start sticking them into the ground.

 He has ordered another 60 from his Rhode Island-based supplier. Those should will include a British, Australian and a POW flag.
 With soldiers dying in ones, twos and threes every day, he's stopped putting them out one at a time, he said.

"I have to do them a dozen at a time," he said.

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Jerry Springer & the Opera
CNN admits planting a question in the dem debate
Newspapers & censorship in the UK
Kasparov playing 3D chess
Ray Charles donated $1 million to Dillard University
Brain Williams leaving CNBC
Christian Slater's visit to the Hard Rock in Vegas
The world's largest signed Picasso
Kangaroos living wild in France?
And, Nielsen's Top 20

 Subject: Reminds me of My Lai


 Is it just me, or does anyone else think "My Lai Massacre" when they read this story?
"Iraqis Warned Attacks on U.S. Must Stop" from Bartcop 1199.

 Roy Adams
 a Vietnam Vet

 Roy, it was either the Nazi's or the Klingons who said,
 "For every one of us that dies, we will kill ten (ir a hundred) villagers."

 It's terrible that Bush has gotten us in a war he can't win.


"Tensions between U.S. forces and Iraqis in the Shiite Muslim enclave, Sadr City, rose Monday after
  the head of the U.S.-appointed municipal council, Muhanad al-Kaadi, was shot and killed by an American
  soldier guarding municipal headquarters. The U.S. military said the shooting occurred Sunday when
  al-Kaadi got into an argument with a soldier guarding the council headquarters. The statement blamed
  the altercation on "his refusal to follow instructions of the onsite security officer who was enforcing"
  regulations "in accordance with the rules of engagement." An American medic administered first aid
  and rushed him to a military clinic where he was pronounced dead, a U.S. statement said. Al-Kaadi,
  who spoke fluent English, had been trying to improve relations between the Americans and residents
  of the impoverished community."
     --Associated Press Attribution

 Larry Flynt has nude photos of Jessica Lynch
  Says he won't publish them because Bush already screwed her

  Click  Here  and then  Click  Here

 The photos, which Flynt's publicist says shows her undressed (they mean topless) posing
 with male soldiers, were sold to Flynt last month, according to a statement from Flynt.

 The publicist, who would not give her name, said Flynt "has no plans to use the photos."

"Jessica Lynch is a good kid, she's not a hypocrite or out to fool anyone," Flynt's statement said.
"She's just a victim of the Bush administration, who is using her to justify the war in Iraq and force-feed us a Joan of Arc."

 FOX News: Larry Flynt said he's bought the photos of  Lynch to prevent them from ever being published.
 That Larry's a real sweetheart, isn't he?

 It seems that any woman who poses topless "with the guys" can't be too shocked if those photos
 get circulated, especially now that she's one of the most famous people in America.

 BTW, I saw Diane Peroxide on Regis and Kelly Tuesday morning. She talked about her interview with Jessica,
and told a cute story. She said once when Jessica called home, she asked her mom  if her story had made it into
the County newspaper. Her mom assured her that her story got a little more attention than that.


 Subject: Is America torturing prisoners?

 There have been many allegations that the Bush Administration is torturing prisoners of war
 being held indefinitely at Guantánamo Bay, which they deny. But who is telling the truth?

 Are they being tortured or aren't they? The question can be easily resolved if Bush would
 let in the media or the Red Cross - but he refuses to do so. Why? Who knows for sure -
 but when you have a president who is covering up - it makes you wonder if he has something to hide.

 Marc Perkel

"I remember this Perkel guy from Springfield.
 Maybe we should give him a private tour..."

 One of the funniest lines I've heard lately comes from King of the Hill.
 (I didn't see this particular episode, but I saw the previews.)

 Hank is a natural gas salesman, so they always use gas for their backyard cookouts.
 For some reason, his son Bobby brought some charcoal home - a BIG-time no-no.

 Hank finds out and blows up and asks his wife Peggy how this could have happened
 and she shrugs and says, "I thought they were drugs..."

 Bloated 'Rosie'

  From yesterday's NYPost - their site won't come up today

 The CFO of the former publisher of Rosie O'Donnell's magazine admitted yesterday that they
 reported bogus circulation figures to keep it afloat.  Lawrence Diamond, CFO of Gruner + Jahr USA,
 said company executives decided to "manage the financials" of Rosie magazine in order to keep publishing.

 There was a critical clause in the contract between O'Donnell and her publishing partner that if Rosie
 lost more than the threshold amount of $4.2 million in a fiscal year, either side could call it quits.

"I think it was obvious we did not want to shut down," Diamond testified.

 That has to be a crime, right?
 I never read her stupid magazine, but I assume they sold ads?
 If they lied about their circulation, they obtained money under false pretenses, right?
 But since they're white and rich, they won't even be charged.

 When I was in high school in Little Rock, I went over to a friends house one day.
 I think his name was David Wilson and his doctor father was super-rich.
 Their mansion had white pillars like the White House, and I remember him saying
 they were so rich, they had two subscriptions to TV Guide. That way, if two people
 wanted to read  TV Guide at the same time, nobody would have to wait.

 Well, I guess I'm super-rich now, because we get two issues of  TV Guide every week.
 For a dollar a year, they send an extra issue, which seems very unlikely, but I'm sure they
 do that so they can tell advertisers how much their circulation is growing. I guess nobody
 really gets hurt except the postman, who havs to carry double the weight.    Is that fair?


  Click  Here

 November 12, 1943

 The Germans launched division sized combined sea borne and airborne invasion of the British held
 island of Leros in the Aegean Sea. The British defenders were subjected to heavy air attacks from
 Stuka dive-bombers as the RAF was unable to provide support to the distant outpost. Heavy fighting ensued.

 Soviet forces continue their drive out of Kiev, entering Zhitomir. German resistance grows more serious
 as reinforcements arrive to begin patching up their shattered lines.

 The 52 surviving Japanese aircraft at Rabaul were withdrawn ending the biggest threat to the Marine
 operations on Bouganville. Many of Japans best pilots were lost in this forlorn campaign.

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"Last week the magazine Army Times ran a story with the headline "An Act of `Betrayal,' " and the subtitle
"In the midst of war, key family benefits face cuts." The article went on to assert that there has been 'a string
  of actions by the Bush administration to cut or hold down growth in pay and benefits, including basic pay,
  combat pay, health-care benefits and the death gratuity paid to survivors of troops who die on active duty
  ...one might have expected the administration to treat the military differently, if only as a matter of sheer
  political calculation. After all, the military needs some mollifying: the Iraq war has turned increasingly
  nightmarish, and deference toward the administration is visibly eroding. Even Pfc. Jessica Lynch has,
  to her credit, balked at playing her scripted role...Publications like Army Times are obviously going off
  the reservation. Retired military officers, like Gen. Anthony Zinni - formerly President Bush's envoy
  to the Middle East - have started to offer harsh, indeed unprintable, assessments of administration
  policies. If this disillusionment spreads to the rank and file, the politics of 2004 may be very different
  from what anyone expects."
    --Paul Krugman,   Attribution

 Message for asmith

 Twice you've written to say you can't get in the members section without a login and password.

 All e-mails to your address bounce back to us.
 We have no other way to contact you.

 Please write to Sam with a valid e-mail address.
 We want you to hear the radio shows.

 Subject: The death of irony???

 After September 11th, I remember all these people saying that "Irony is dead".
 I never got the connection between irony and a couple dozen homicidal lunatics
 crashing planes into buildings, but that's beside the point.

 Today, our AWOL un-elected "president" gave a speech honoring soldiers in
 the service of democracy at the freaking Heritage Foundation, a group dedicated to,
 among other things, establishing a Christian theocracy in America.

 Okay?  Get that?  A deserter honoring soldiers?
 A chimp-like buffoon who committed election fraud praising democracy?
 To a group who would like us to be ruled by religious edict?

 The death of irony???
 We are the United States of Irony.

 Ricky Z


Click to Enter

 What I Want To Hear President Bush Say 
     by Kathy Colton

  Click  Here

 "It has come to my attention that I have been severely duped. I have surrounded myself
 with people that have their own agenda that is not in the interest of America. I am shocked
 that I could have been this blind...

 I am guilty of following the advice of these so called 'protectors of freedom',  and I beg your
 forgiveness. They have been dismissed. Charges are pending, the ACLU is on the case.
 Charges will be brought against me, for the Buck Stops With the Commander in Chief, me.
 I can only try my best to right the wrongs I have committed in the time I have left.
 I am humble before you."

 Subject: Veterans Day

 Well, here's Veterans Day.

 Every vet should go to a bar, have a drink and charge it to the White House.
 Hell, they've got $87Billion, they can afford to buy a vet a drink.


 Ten Commandments Judge Heads to 'Trial'

  Click  Here

 In a recent interview with WAFF-TV News, Moore said, "The very purpose of [the First Amendment]
 was to acknowledge God and to allow the freedom to worship God. The Constitution of Alabama says
 that our justice system, over which I'm the chief administrating officer, is established in evoking the favor
 and guidance in almighty God. So whether you're talking about your state constitution or your federal
 constitution, it acknowledges God.  "This judge simply said we cannot acknowledge God," Moore added.

 Why do people follow a man they know is lying?
 Nobody ever said this nut couldn't acknowledge God.
 They said he couldn't put a 5000 pound chunk of granite on property he didn't own.

 Every follower of his knows this, but they must reject the facts to build a case.

 Subject: North vs South

 I grew up in NW Okla (remember Miss America?) and when I was 24 moved to Oregon.

 Although never used in my home the "N" word for blacks was used so frequently that until I was
 about 14 years old I didn't even realize that it was a derogitory word. And this in a town where
 the nearest black person lived 125 miles away in Enid. They hated what they did not even know.

 Just last week my father, who still lives there, told me how he changed churches because they let
 the pig farmers come to his old church. I thought, "How Christian." He's always been so happy
 that OK is a right to work state. To me that means: right to work for free state.
 I'm just glad I escaped.


 Max, someday, far in the future, if we ever make a profit from subscribers, I'd like to get away, too.
 The good news?
 Living in a hellhole is dirt cheap.


 From:  Aaron Something

 Subject: tax cuts for the rish

 Looks like they worked, hey bartcrap?


 Keep up the lying.

 Aaron, you poor, delusional bastard.
 Are you under the impression the economy is back?

 The vulgar Pigboy's in rehab, trying to lose his heroin monkey,
 so you must've heard that crap from FOX News.

 Don't you have any idea what's going on?
 Bush lost 3 million jobs, and he's gotten 300,000 back.

 Which part of your monkey brain calls getting back 10 percent "a recovery?"

  THIS is why Aaron is so proud of President Pinhead?


"Your lives can be changed in a moment with the sudden call to duty. I want to thank you
  for your willingness to heed that important call, and I want to thank your families. I want
  to thank your sons, daughters, husbands and wives who share in your sacrifice, who are
  willing to sacrifice for our country and who stand behind you."
        --Dubya, to National Guard and Reserves, 10/09/03,  Attribution

"Less than 2 weeks after the President made these comments, "the Bush administration announced
  its formal opposition to a proposal to give National Guard and Reserve members access to the
  Pentagon's health-insurance system, jeopardizing the plan's future and angering supporters.
  A recent GAO report estimated that one of every five Guard members has no health insurance."
     --Gannett News Service, 10/23/03,   Attribution

 Jessica Lynch
  saw it on Buzzflash

 Click  Here

 The Bush Cartel Ministry of Truth heard that a young blonde female soldier was severely injured
 and they made up a heroic story about her, as part of their ongoing Iraq-war attempt to manipulate
 American public opinion.

 And what does Jessica Lynch do? She has the nerve to toss out the script the propagandists wrote for her.
 She has the audacity to speak for herself. She has the American heartland respect for the truth. She became
 a hero, in an entirely different role than the Bush Cartel wrote for her.

 Jessica Lynch, the young woman who joined the army after she was turned down for a position at Wal-Mart
 has something no one else in the Bush Cartel has -- or anyone in the fawning corporate media -- or anyone of
 the braying "amen choir" of millionaire GOP television and radio pundits:  Jessica Lynch has integrity.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 Last issue it was times 394  ....this issue it's  times 396

         Please vote for me.    I'm a military jenius.

 We're almost at 400.

 How long before we hit 600?

  ...and then 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggle and Kill said, "Bring 'em On":  189  191

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2230  2279  wounded for Bush's oil grab.
 Many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

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"As the war in Iraq continues to go badly, sending back news of a daily casualty count,
  Bush's common-touch artifice is beginning to wear thinner than the backside of his
  Crawford jeans. Showing through is the real Bush, his swaggering arrogance,
  unidimensional understanding of issues, congenital lack of sympathy and intense pique
  at challenging questions. When Bush was asked at a recent news conference whether
  he could promise that there will be fewer American troops in Iraq in a year, he refused
  to answer, calling it a "trick question." Bush has no oratorical powers to justify his
  policies and treats anyone who asks him to do so as his enemy."
    --Robyn E. Blumner, Attribution

"I'm a disaster."

 Good Things The Bush Administration Has Done For Me
    by Reverend Neil   as seen on  http://rev-neil.com

  Click  Here

 Why should I care what the politicians are doing ?
 The Bush Administration, That's Why !

 So I feel I owe a great deal of thanks to The Bush Administration for helping me
 to be a better American !    Their corrupt, shady, ruthless, underhanded, spineless,
 terroristic, evil, incompetent, actions...  Made me realize that American politics can't
 be left just in the hands of the politicians, if Americans want their Democracy to survive.


 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

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 Musings from the Heartland
     by Richard L. Fricker

  Click  Here

 It is curious, the Food and Drug Administration chose Tulsa, and RxDepot to
 hit with a lawsuit about filling prescriptions in Canada. Now they could have done
 that in Arkansas, but perhaps that would be too obvious.

 It is also curious that Wal Mart made it's last payment---oops!!
 Contribution to Sullivan about the same time as the FDA hammer fell on Rx.
 Equally curious is the fact that Sullivan made his speech about organized
 crime and Canadian prescriptions while Rx and the FDA were fighting it
 out in federal court in Tulsa.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your voice on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Joe Conason's Journal
 If they're smart, Democrats will reach out to more military communities
 -- Republican strongholds or not.

  Click  Here

 The U.S. military remains a Republican redoubt, and most service members are still likely to
 support a second term for George W. Bush next year. But the grave doubts about this
 administration that have long troubled top officers, both active and retired, are now heard
 among the enlisted and the noncommissioned as well. The troops are not thrilled about the war.

 Have a good time today.

 Sometimes the peach truck needs a new starter and you get a second chance.
 Don't waste a day - not one.
 And whatever you do, never quit!

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