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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster


GOP Christmas party

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Mad Cow on Bush's watch
Fingerprint Foreign Visitors?
2004 elections rigged?
Cops get lose Junkie's Records
Bush slashes vet's benefits
Rush's lack of spine
Rants by Crimmins & Fricker
Lenny Bruce gets a pardon 
Where's our damn list?


Quote of the Day

"The Congressional Budget Office has 
  never been right in any of their predictions." 
   --Tom DeLay, (R-Squirrel) on Meet the Whore 

 In a way, he's right.
 They always underestimated the Clinton Miracle
 and they overestimate the Bush recession.

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Volume 1226 - Pardon my backfire

 Christmas Eve, Christmas,  December 24-25, 2003


"It's a program of squeezing Libya that's gone on for more than a decade.
  The Clinton administration was very much involved with this.
   It shows that you don't need to use force to get your way in world affairs."
    --Wesley Clark, making Bush chew on it

 Mad Cow on Bush's watch
  Eight   Nine Countries Block Imports of U.S. Beef
  Add Mexico, and it's another Bush failure that Clinton would've handled up-front

  Click  Here

 Fears about a suspected U.S. case of mad cow disease spread quickly abroad Wednesday,
 with eight countries and Hong Kong blocking the import of American beef after a cow in
 Washington state tested positive for the illness.

 Japan, the world's top importer of U.S. beef, imposed an indefinite ban and planned to recall
 certain meat products already on the market, while South Korea (news - web sites) halted
 customs inspections of American beef and suspended sales for meat already on supermarket shelves.

 So once again, we're on the handjob merry-go-round with this story.
 Bush will blame Clinton, and the whore networks and talk radio will echo that lie.

This is what "less government regulation" gets you.
If the cow is too sick to stand up, they can still kill it and sell it.
That first cow?  It was cut up and sent to three different butchers.

 Are we trying to catch mad cow disease?
 We need some good old-fashioned liberals laws here, such as:

Enough meat inspectors to do the job
If a cow is too sick to stand, you can't sell the meat.
    That way if a cow is bad, you don't have to shut down the entire region.

 The never-elected thief will blame Clinton and skate responsibility once again.

 Airports to Fingerprint Foreign Visitors

  Click Here

 Foreigners entering U.S. airports and seaports - except those from white countries
  - will be fingerprinted and photographed in a plan to enhance border security.

 I was OK with the headline, but the white people get a pass?

 ha ha

 I gotta see these guidelines.

 So Spaniards get checked?  Do the Portugeuse?
 How about the Dutch - and how about the Irish?
 Don't they like to drink a lot and fight?
 How about the Germans?
 They have a history of aggression, but we're just going to check the darkies?

 Only Bush/Ashcroft could come up with a "white people are above suspicion" American defense.
 If you have blonde hair and blue eyes - you can't be guilty in Bush's AmeriKKKa.

 Will 2004 elections be electronically rigged?

  Click  Here

 Voters who cast their ballots using any of a number of electronic voting systems have no way to check
 that their votes have been properly recorded. A New York election commissioner, Douglas Kellner, said:
"Using electronic voting machines to count ballots is akin to taking all the paper ballots and handing them
 over to a couple of computer tech people to count them in a secret room, and then tell us how it came out.
 This is not an acceptable way of conducting elections in a democracy."

 The BFEE will rig elections until the Democrats say, "Stop doing that!"
 Will 2004 be the year the Democrats speak up?

 Or will they wait a few more election cycles, the wimpy pink tutus?

              Dubya is our president and we trust him!!!!!

 Judge: Prosecutors May Examine Limbaugh Records

      I'm a nasty-ass heroin junkie

  Click  Here

 Florida Judge Temporarily Reseals Limbaugh Records

    Rush is a national treasure, and he's safe
     as long as I'm on the B.F.E.E. payroll.

  Click  Here


Chickenhawk of the Day

Visit  www.chickenhawkcards.com  for your deck.

 Last night, watching Dave, they were playing video snippetts from soldiers in Iraq.

 Most said hi to Mom, Dad, their kids, brothers and sisters etc.
 One guy said something like "Eric, I love you," and I mentioned to Mrs Bart
 that it was sad that he only had one person to say hi to on national TV.

 Mrs Bart suggested that maybe "Eric" was sick or hurt and I thought,
 "She's right - I'll bet his brother is a soldier who lost a leg for Bush's oil snatch."
 That's some sad shit to think of on Christmas Eve.

 After the first of the year, we're going to unveil a little project for the troops.
 I hope it's a big success - they deserve it.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Bush Pays Lipservice to Vets, Slashes Their Health Care

  Click  Here

 Bush visited combat veterans at Walter Reed. He said "We have made a commitment to the troops,
 and we have made a commitment to their loved ones, and that commitment is that we will provide
 excellent health care - excellent care - to anybody who is injured on the battlefield."

 This year, Bush proposed to cut $1.5 billion (14%) out of funding for military family housing/medical facilities.
 This followed his 2002 budget which, according to major veterans groups, "fell $1.5 billion short" of adequately funding veterans care.

"...and they still vote for me!!"

 Pigboy blames Dems for his addiction

  Click  Here

 Where have we heard this before? "That authorities in Florida did not follow the law as
 established by the Florida legislature." We've heard this in the Gore-Bush recount, when
 the Florida Supreme Court decided to change election law in the middle of the process,
 in order to keep counting counties that had been counted over and over again.

 Why would any of us want such records made public, even if they prove our innocence?
 It's not up to me to prove my innocence by giving up my right to privacy. I have to give up
 my right to privacy now in order for the state who is, in effect, just casting a line out there,
 hoping to hook something. They've got to invade my privacy to do this.

 ha ha

 After ten years of rooting around inside Clinton zipper, Pigboy wants some privacy?

 Rush, know one thing:

 We will be doing jokes about your druggie hypocrisy until the day you assume room temperature.
 The first paragraph of your obituary will read, "The vulgar Pigboy, who was fired from his
 dream job doing football at ESPN for being a racist pig and then was exposed as a pitiful
 junkie died today when he angered God for the last time with another  tampon joke."

           Three Little Piggies by D Davis

 Rush and his lack of spine
   by Ricky Zee

  Click  Here

 Rush's attorney actually claimed that Rush was suffering from tremendous pain due to
 his "degenerative disc disease"???

 Obviously, Roy Black doesn't do much personal injury work.  If he did, he'd know that,
 if your client was in a traffic accident, and subsequent tests revealed "degenerative disc disease",
 your client could expect a big settlement from the insurance company in the range of three dollars.

"Degenerative disc disease" is doctor talk for the wear and tear on your spine that all people suffer
 from a lifetime of walking upright.

 EVERYBODY has it.  Everybody will have it.  It is not some rare, unfortunate disease that
 would drive any unfortunate soul to gobble thousands of pills.

 Musings From the Heartland
    by  Richard L. Fricker

  Click  Here

 As the thinking goes, sneaking into a village or a home and killing someone who is not actively engaged
 in combat at the time is supposed to win the hearts and minds of those surrounding the victim. It is also
 thought, so I'm told, that this will deter anyone else from engaging in political opposition or insurgency.

 Let's just drop by Ho Chi Minh City and see how well it worked out.


 Subject: Murdering for fun

 Bart, you wrote:

A very graphic CNN video

Click  Here

> We don't know the circumstances behind this. If this soon-to-be-dead man shot at
> (or killed) some of ours, I can appreciate their "team spirit" at getting the guy.

 I believe it's time for you to cut back on the tequila!

"Circumstances" are irrelevant!!!

 Am I to understand that you are now saying that it's 'ok' for troops in the field to mete out summary punishment?
 I am a 'Nam vet(Marine Corps), and as far as I am concerned, those men in the video are not Marines, they are a fucking MOB!!!
 The opposition treats your captured the way you treat theirs; on the ground that is a fact!
 When the opposition hears you are murdering prisoners, then there is no excuse to whine in the local press how "inhuman"
 the "enemy" is when they start to give out their version of nastiness to your troops! This is a two way street.

 The Marines in 'Nam were hated with a passion by the VC/NVA, so badly that at the prisoner release
 during the mid/late 70s there were only two Marines that I know of!

 Prisoners are valuable for information and as bargaining chips. When you have a herd issuing their version of "justice"
 because the other men will call an individual refusing to participate a woos, then they are no longer human beings.

 Bottom line, where the hell are the officers and (most important) the goddamned Sergeants???!!!
 Keep the hammer swinging, Bart!


 I've never been in combat, and I can only guess what it's like.

 If you and I were in a Humvee and that Iraqi guy suddenly shot you dead,
 I assume I would get satisfaction at killing the guy who killed you.

 This is war - it's what men do in war.  They kill each other.
 This is why you don't go to war unless you have to, because this kind of stuff happens.

 You said:  The opposition treats your captured the way you treat theirs; on the ground that is a fact!
 That's hard for me to believe, but again, I've never been in combat, so I can't say.

 I've always said every man has an ugly beast inside and in war, that beast gets let loose BIG-time.
 Some day, those 140,000 soldiers will come home, and they'll be bringing their beast.

 War is not a good thing.

 Subject: Jon Stewart on Newsweek cover

 In case your schedule has kept you from seeing it.
 A must-buy, no question about it.


 Faux, I'll have to check that out.
 Jon Stewart pretty much rules the world.

 Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

 Few people, including those in the Middle East, lament the demise of Saddam Hussein, but to the Arab culture,
 this war was not seen as an invasion of Saddam's Iraq - it was viewed as an attack upon the Islamic world.
 It won't soon be forgotten. These folks are still emotional about the Crusades. In Vietnam, people have put
 America's assault upon their country behind them as best they could. But 30 years from now, you won't find
 anyone in the Middle East burning incense for enemy souls lost in this war - embassies maybe, but incense, no.

 Note: Barry has a great bit in Radio Show 23.
 Barry, you rock!

Bush warns his Vegas audience to be on the look out
for subversive types like those who read Bartcop.com.

 Christmas shopping for the infamous
  as seen in the Betty Bowers newsletter

  Click  Here

 As the woman recently trampled unconscious at Wal-Mart quickly discovered,
 holiday shopping is an extreme sport. (Frankly, in Mrs. Bowers' book, anyone who
 shows up at a Wal-Mart at three in the morning after Thanksgiving is getting off lightly
 with anything short of running into a drunken Scott Peterson on the duct tape aisle.)

 ha ha

 Betty has gift ideas for the Bush family, Michael Jackson, Bill O'Reilly,
 the vulgar Junkie, Judge Roy Moore and Tom Cruise, who gets acting lessons :)

Great Christmas Gifts

 Lenny Bruce Receives Pataki Pardon
  a true but hateful story in the New York Whore Times

  Click  Here  for the original, before they change it

  Click  Here  for the forever version that they can't change
 (The Whore Times is famous for changing history, the sell-out bastards.
  If Karl Rove calls them, they retract and redact stories on his whim.
  Karl Rove makes all major editorial decisions for the New York Times)

 Fighting a four-month sentence to Rikers Island for a 1964 performance at the Cafe au Go Go,
 he fired his lawyers and botched the appeal. The New York conviction on the misdemeanor
 obscenity charge made it almost impossible for him to get work; he was declared bankrupt
 and died of a morphine overdose on Aug. 3, 1966. He was 40.

 Lenny Bruce was killed (for using words we hear on HBO today) by crooked Catholic bishops.
 As he went from city to city, Catholic bishops would call the local D.A. and insist that Bruce be arrested
 if he said anything "ungodlike," and the crooked cops followed their orders.  Plus, don't forget Lenny Bruce
 didn't rape any little boys - not one - but he was hounded into killing himself by the self-righteous bastards.

 John Kifner wrote this horribly insulting story.
 I'd enjoy breaking some caps in this prick's foul mouth.

 Why does the Whore Times always assign a writer who hates the person he's writing about?
 Could it be because they're slutty, for-sale, punk-ass whores?
 You don't hire Ann Coulter to review Hillary's book, but the NYW Times would.

 I'm so old, I remember when the New York Times was respected.
 No, seriously, it was once a great paper - really.

 Is Ronald Reagan a patriotic man?

 The reason I ask, CNN and FOX Whore News enjoy running that clumsy
 Clinton quote where he said, "It depends on what the meaning of  is is."

 Yes, Clinton phrased that poorly, and the networks think that's the best moment of Clinton's career,
 that and "I did not screw her," (they love that, too)

 But how often do they run the clip of Reagan saying,
"There were no weapons on those two, small planes" that went to Iran during the hostage crisis?.
 I don't think I've heard that in 5 years.

 How often to they run the clip of Bush the smarter saying,
"I was out of the loop on Iran-Contra - I didn't know a thing?"
 That was a dirty lie, told under oath, about crimes so serious that Bush pardoned his co-conspirators
 to enable them to bury the truth about the BFEE global crimes forever.

 But oh, they love their Clinton blow job quotes, because that seels papers and commercials.

 They American whore press is NOT here to be honest, to be accountable or to be a
 watchdog for the runaway, out of control government that wasn't even elected by the people.

 They're here to make big profits, so the story is tainted to whatever crowd they think
 has more money and that's where the truth gets trampled to f-ing death.

 ...by the way, how well did you answering the opening question?

 Got a snippy, ditto-monkey brother in law?
 Or maybe that Uber-Nazi you're forced to work with?
 Give them the last three (professionally mixed) BartCop Radio Shows on CD for just $25.

 Special Bonus: the The Bill O'Reilly beatdown.
 That's four shows on CDR - three of them are worth hearing!

 Subject: Bush is a loser


 Even if we have an economic recovery,which still is unlikely,
 Dumbya still loses every other issue.

 Deficits (getting worse)
 Enviornment (getting worse)
 Foreign Policy (no Saddam,Osama,or WMD's)
 Stupid Patriot Acts and Partial Birth Abortion bans
 Others too numerous to count


 Clark celebrates his birthday in Oklahoma City

  Click  Here

 Thanks to Alfalfa Bill

Christmas at the White House 2003

 Bush signs pro-spam bill

  Click  Here

 What makes this outrageous law even worse is the fact that it overrides more sensible and
 effective laws such as those in California and Virginia. Virginia outlaws many tactics used by
 spammers to hide the origin of their spam. California has banned spam altogether.

 Neither state will be able to enforce their laws because of the lobbying by the spamming industry.
 The Direct Marketing Association and other spammers saw to it that effective state laws would be overridden.
 They managed to squash all hope of amending the laws to allow enforcement of existing state laws.

 Like every bill he's ever signed, it was all about, "What's in it for the BFEE?"

 He asks Monsanto to write the pollution laws, then calls it "The Clear Skies" bill.
 He lets Weyerhauser write the logging bills, and calls it "the Helpful Forest" bill.
 He lets Kennyboy write energy laws that enriched the crooks and gave it some fancy name.
 Now he lets spammers write "the Spam Relief Act," but calls it the "Can Spam" Act.

 ...and, of course, the media play along, as always,
 and the Democrats are too scared to speak up, as always.


 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 Can't get in the members section?  Sam can help.


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"It's easier to find Osama bin Laden than it is to find Wesley Clark's foreign policy."
    --Tom DeLay, on Meet the Whore    Attribution

 Hey, you squirrelly little bastard.
 Why don't you say that to Clark's face?

"I'm nuts about getting my ass beat!"

 Radio Show 23 is up
  ...all praise to Tommy Mack

 I think he did an extra good job this time.
 I had a bout a three hour window where my studio worked,
 so I pumped out a show Tuesday morniong and Tommy made it sound great!.

 Here's the plan: You know on Thanksgiving when Katie Couric and some cornball
 NBC weatherman watch the big parade and comment on it and tell you what's going on?
 Well, I don't think either play poker, but Tommy (all praise) and Tally the Weather Vixen

 have been invited (it's not yet a sure thing) to do a Katie-and-Cornball story behind... .

 They'll be interviewing the poker players before and after the big tournament, (volunteers only).
 You can remain anonymous and use a screen name - whatever.  After all - it's not TV :)

 But they'll be doing that for the big  - live from Las Vegas.


 Letterman Visits U.S. Soldiers in Baghdad
  He's just as brave as Hillary and the never-elected pinhead

  Click  Here

 Joking with wounded soldiers and rattling off a `Top 10' list for the desert-weary,
 David Letterman dropped in Wednesday for a Christmas Eve visit with U.S. troops in Baghdad.

 Letterman - who brought along his Biff Henderson and Paul Schaffer - toured the hospital and
 stopped at the bed of Pfc. Jacob Dominique, 20, of Archbold, Ohio. "We took his appendix," a nurse said.
 Letterman's reply - "I saw it downstairs in the gift shop" - won a roomful of laughs.

 Koresh bless anyone who entertains the troops, but Dave took his stale-ass 1998 Clinton blow job jokes.
 I guess that's what they want to hear, that Clinton was  a sex-crazy loser and Bush is the hero America needs.

 Never mind that Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home, these brave men and women are
 ready to die so Bush can steal Iraq's oil. They'd rather die for Bush than live another 60 years under Clinton.

 How old will I have to be before I understand why?


"Gerrymandering is one of the most important factors influencing elections today. But amazingly
  this is drawing little public attention. Even NBC's Tim Russert spent 30 minutes with Tom DeLay
  on "Meet the Press" without asking about Texas's new and controversial redistricting plan.
     John Fund     Attribution

"I'm John Fund.
  I beat women - got any?"

 John, the reason Russert won't ask Delay any real questions is because
 he's a paid-for whore with his head up Bush's ass just like you.


 Amendments to the Constitution

[Article XII.]

 The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President,
 one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves;
 they shall name in their ballots the person voted for as President, and in distinct ballots the person voted for
 as Vice-President, and they shall make distinct lists of all persons voted for as President, and of all persons
 voted for as Vice-President, and of the number of votes for each,  and....yadda, yadda

 Friends, we need to talk.
 (ha ha  Did I remind you of Laura the Unloved?)

 This is a two-parter, so pay close attention.

 You see that phrase in bold?
 I think that proves we have an illegal administration in the White House.

 Bush and Cheney were both living in Texas and everybody knows it.
 Cheney lived and worked in Dallas, running the billions-stealing Halliburton shell game,
 while Bush the Lesser was eating pretzels and playing his Gameboy in the Governor's mansion.

 They were both from Texas, which is clearly illegal.

  It's in the Constitution - in black and white - you can't DO that...


 the on-the-payroll Supreme Court didn't have any problem with their boss's illegal administration,
 and certainly the Democrats were too polite to raise a ruckus over no big deal...


 We move on to do you see that phrase underlined and in bold?

 Where's our damn list?

 It's in the damn Constitution?
 I assume there's only one, and this is it, right?
 I mean, is there some King James version I don't know about?

  Where's our damn li st?

 It says  and they shall make distinct lists of all persons voted for as President

 Doesn't the Constitution mean anything to anyone?
 How can the (we'll call it ) the Diebold Act pass the constitutional smell test?

 This whore court invited this illegal administration  to take power,

 and then...

 they allow the BFEE to work some CIA-assisted magic with the Diebold machines?

  Where's our damn list?

 ...sorry, lost my head.

 The reason I brought this up was because on BCR Show 23, I was live and I said
 I thought this "two separate states" thing was the 23rd Amendment, but it's the 12th.

 ...bartcop radio regrets the error.

 Dueling Quotes

"Christmas Baby, please come home."
    -- wife of a lonely American soldier

"I can't leave my post.
  I don't want to be a deserter like Bush."
    --  a lonely American soldier with honor

  Laboratory Backlog Delayed Mad Cow Test
   Bush recession strikes again, ...but it's all Clinton's fault

             This meat brought to you by George W Bush

  Click  Here

 A tissue sample from a Washington state dairy cow sat in a federal laboratory for a week
 before it was tested and diagnosed as mad cow disease because of a backlog of samples,
 the U.S. Agriculture Department said on Wednesday.

 Head USDA veterinarian Ron DeHaven said all brain samples from "downer" cattle
 -- animals too sick or injured to walk -- are sent to its federal laboratory in Ames, Iowa.
 The lab tested 20,526 head of cattle for mad cow disease last year.

 So, they are backlogged because Bush killed the economy with tax cuts and the money that
 could've been used to hired more meat inspectors and lab technicians went to the super rich
 because America fell for that same old, ugly-ass, trickle-down lie that tax cuts make things better.

 That's evidence that Bush caused this, making the super-rich richer doesn't help America,
 but the illegal administration will blame Clinton, and the  for-sale media  will back them up.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was 464  ....this issue it's  times 469

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2657..... 2679  wounded for Bush's illegal oil grab.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html

 Talk, Saddam, Talk

  Click  Here

 George-the-unmasked-liar who deceived his nation into an illegal war, the US president who may
 have let 9/11 happen and terrorizes his population into silence, Guantanamo -George who jails his
 own citizens without cause nor proper legal representation, muddy-boots-George who happily
 tramples up and down his own Constitution, George- Commander-in-Chief who secretly flew to Iraq
 on the most revered of all US holidays to bring his bamboozled troops a fake, painted-for-TV, turkey,
 yes, Mr. Mission Accomplished himself together with his pseudo patriotic neoconery (known in international
 diplomatic circles as La Neoconnerie) and convicted Ahmed Bankfraud Chalabi, that George is poised to
 stage Nuremberg-on-the-Euphrate, O. J Simpson style, a hilarious mother of all judicial farces.

 This lady hates Bush just slightly more than she hates the Clintons.
 I wonder if she's related to Maureen Dowd?

 By the way, is Dowd still writing?
 I haven't seen her attack Hillary in the last 30 days - did she retire?

 Phun Phact

 If you're on cable modem or DSL, it only takes
 30 seconds to download a full hour of BartCop radio.

  Click  Here  to subscribe

  Tiger Woo  ?  Golfer of the Year?

 This isn't a crime, but it is a tragedy.
 How many major championships did the amazing Tiger Woo   win this year?


 How can he possibly be golfer of the year if he couldn't win even one?
 Somebody had to win them, so how did "Mr Perfect" steal another title?

 Vijay Singh won four major championsips this year, and beat Tiger in the money,
 but they  looooooooooooooove  their Tiger Woo  , and I'll tell you why:

 We live in a world where Britney Spears can win a Grammy.
 We live in a world where Courtney Love can win a nomination for acting
 We live in a world where Tom Cruise gets nominated for an acting award.
 We live in a world where Tom Cruise gets nominated for an acting award.
 ...and we live in a world where the Number One golfer wasn't Number One - not even once.

 Sadly, ...like most things, ...the PGA does not exist to promote golfing integrity.
 ...the PGA does not exist to insure the game is played fairly and honestly.
 ...the PGA does not exist to please golf purists who enjoy the spirit of the game.

 Sadly, just like the network news and talk radio, they exist to make a profit.
 So, Britney wins, Courtney wins, Cruise wins and Tiger wins.

 What's next - someone gives Rush an award for credibility?

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 Less pain in my knee and arm.
 A bunch of new subscribers so I can leave Hellhole, Oklahoma
 A steamy video starring Britney, Shania, Paris and Shirley.

  I got one new subscriber - thank you, Teresa!

 ...guess I was naughty this year.

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 Subject: feedback on Show 23


 Show #23 is probably the best thing you've ever done in your entire life!
 No shit, I mean it.


 Pipe, that means a lot to me.
 Tommy figured out how to assimilate two broken studios into one that works Monday night.
 He left for London Wednesday, so most of that show had to be done live Tuesday, with few re-takes.

 All praise to Tommy Mack,
 ...and Pipe,  ...your check's in the mail.

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 Hold your head up.

 One day, when a Democrat fights back,
 if we can ever get the GOP into a fair fight,
 we will kick their lying asses back to Houston.

 Well, we've almost made it thru another year under an  illegal administration  in the White House.
 Next year's going to be the toughest battle in political history - better be prepared for that.
 Remember that a good sense of humor can get you thru most anything.

 Today I thought about my old friend Sabutai, and how much I miss him.

 A friend talked to his sister and she told him they donated his porn collection to the troops in Iraq.
 She says they even got a tax deduction out of it :)
 Have a great Koreshmas.

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 If your GOP workplace doesn't want you to see the truth, use these mirrors.


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