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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster

 I accidentally erased the piece that mentioned how Marc Perkel has agreed
 to pony up the dough to put BCR Show 23 on the main page for free.

 We can only do this for a few hours, so the free window will be up tonight.
 If you're interested, check in around 7 PM central.


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  In Today's Treehouse...
Robertson: God wants Bush
9-11: BFEE Complicity?
Dean: terror alert = vindication
A Soldier's Return
Let America Laugh
Joe Conason on mad cow
Gene Lyons on Dean
Rush on synthetic heroin
How to ruin the world faster


Quote of the Day

"What we're doing in Iran is we're showing the 
  Iranian people the American people care, that 
  we've got great compassion for human suffering. 
  It's right to take care of people when they hurt, 
  and we're doing that." 
   --W, isn't satisfied with Iraq's oil  Attribution

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Volume 1230 - R. I.

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  Thur-Sat,   Back from Texas,  January 1-3, 2004


"What if government had the balance of ballet? What if it had the grace?"
  What we have now is a very heavy-handed approach to government.
  ...like an elephant in a tutu, but this elephant is on a rampage."
   -- Dennis Kucinich, talking about Bush   Attribution

 Robertson's Divine Intervention on Bush

  Click  Here

 Pat Robertson said Friday he believes God has told him Bush will be re-elected in a "blowout" in November.

"I think George Bush is going to win in a walk," Robertson said on his whore TV show.
"I really believe I'm hearing from the Lord it's going to be like a blowout election in 2004. It's shaping up that way." .

 Well, since God knows what He's talking about, and can't be wrong, that means there's no need for the
 Republicans to bother voting on election day.  Plus, voting for Bush would be seen as a slap at God's credibility.
 it's probably a sin for a Republican to vote for Bush - so this is good news.

 If you want to anger God and risk an eternity in Hell, go ahead and vote for the murderer.


"If you look at the history of Bill Clinton, people who have been in his orb, who are still alive,
 (What an idiotic, whore comment. Rush is baiting the monkeys who buy his 'Clinton murders his friends' theory)
  if they say one thing about this guy that's negative, he washes his hands of them. Look at
  Stephanopoulos. Stephanopoulos used to be just as tight as anybody can be with the Clinton
  organization, but he's gone, and there's hardly any friendship. Old friend Lani Guinier, they
  hung her out to dry when she was nominated for that civil rights post at the justice department.
 (No, he withdrew her name after the GOP refused to confirm her.)  Now, there's one thing we know
  about Clinton, folks, and if you haven't learned it yet, learn it now, learn it, love it, and live it,
 (What kind of retarded speaking is that?) and that is that there is not one thing that Bill and Hillary,
 Bill or Hillary, (You already said that, Rush)  there's not one thing they do that isn't first and last about them."
   --Rush the vulgar junkie, implying that the B.F.E.E. tolerates disloyalty and back-stabbing.   Attribution

 I don't know that Guinier was tight with the Clintons, but Judas Maximus write a nasty, whore book
 about Clinton while he was still in office, something that was unprecedented in Washington . That earned
 him the name Judas Maximus and remember, Judas was the very first whore/pundit to mention impeachment,
 which gave the GOP the confidence that, if Judas thinks his president needs to be impeached, let's do it.

 It was 73 degrees in Tulsa yesterday.

 Is this January?

"Global warming needs decades more study."

 Subject: Bart, c'mon man

 Bart, you wrote:

> "Since McAuliffe is Clinton's hand-picked chairman, isn't this another slap at Clinton?"

 terry mcaullife isn't his own man?

 Sure, but he was appointed by Clinton.

 we can't make statements about anything related to clinton?

 Of course you can, but it's my opinion Dean knows what he's doing.
 He didn't say that off-hand, like I do.  His statement wasn't an accident.
 I believe those words were put together with a round table of advisers and
 the purpose of the statement was to put space between Dean and Clinton.
 If my assumption is correct, (I'm not always right) I wonder why Dean
 wants to put space between himself and our party's biggest living success.

 What I heard (which sometimes is different than what was said) was Dean saying
 we have to move away from the center and get back to the left, where we belong.

 you make tutu comments all the time how is that any different?

 I slap the Democrats in an effort to wake them the hell up.
 I'm not urging them to move away from the voters who are in the middle.

 let's not trash all over the candidates (except  lieberman of course).
 are you stating the DLC and it's herd ARE great dem leaders?

 No, I'm saying the winning votes are in the middle.
 If Dean abandons the center, Lieberman will gain power and momentum.

 where's the opposition?
 why have the dems lost so many congressional elections then?

 As always, the answer is - the Democrats refuse to fight back.
 They enjoy getting kicked in the teeth.
 They say, "Thank you, Mr. Rove. May I have another?"

 I can't explain it, I wish I could.



 When you're not listening to  BartCop Radio  you should be listening to Mike Malloy.

 Subject: re: donations


 [Instead of writing a thank you to each subscriber], why don't you
 just send out a mass e-mail to bartcop supporters?

 Personally I would rather you spent your energy on maintaining
 high integrity and quality reporting.


 Steve, I can see that day coming, but I've been trying to avoid it as long as possible.
 We are reorganzing a lot of things, and that might have to be included.

   September 11th and the Bush Administration:
  Compelling Evidence for Complicity
   by Walter E. Davis, PhD, Kent State University     October 29th 2003

  Click  Here

 Second, selected persons were told not to fly that day. Newsweek (September 24, 2001) reported that
 on September 10th, "a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans for the next morning,
 apparently because of security concerns" (p. 26). Yet this same information was not made available to the
 266 people who died aboard the four hijacked commercial aircraft. A significant number of other selected
 people were also warned about flying or reporting for work at the WTC. These people include San Francisco
 Mayor Willie Brown, who received a phone call eight hours before the hijacking warning him not to travel by air.
 Salman Rushdie is under a 24-hour protection of U.K. Scotland Yard; he was also prevented from flying that day.
 Ariel Sharon canceled his address to Israeli support groups in New York City just the day before his scheduled
 September 11th address. John Ashcroft stopped flying on public airplanes in July of 2001. These revelations
 are more indisputable evidence that people knew about the impending attacks.

 Lots of conspiracy theories here, but the facts seem to bear him out.

 Subject: Your prediction from 9/12/01


 I've been rereading your back issues from 9/11/01. It made me cry & got
 me all mad again. It gets easy to forget the craziness of that day and that week.
 But you were back on your game by Wednesday 9/12. You wrote this:

>  Bush claims, "We will pass this test."
>  Of course, he said that while in hiding and on the run.

> I have a feeling Bush is going to "promise to get them,"
> and go back to playing video games.

 Well, 2 years and a few months later and we still haven't been able to "get them."
 But the president did play a video game called "attack the wrong damn country."

 I get pissed all over again when I hear Wes Clark talking about the troops we
 took away from Afghanistan to start up an optional war against someone with
 roughly the  same skin color as bin Ladin.

 Maybe that's good enough for him. It's not good enough for me.

 Teachers for Clark

Marty's Entertainment Page

In North Carolina's 5th District...



  Click  Here

 Dean cites terror alert as vindication

  Click  Here

 Howard Dean on Friday cited the higher terror alert and the number of troops killed in Iraq
 in arguing that he was right to say Saddam's capture didn't make America safer.

"They got all excited, but here we are," Dean told a town-hall meeting. "We've lost 10 more
 troops and F-16s are escorting foreign passenger jets into our air space because we're now
 more worried than we were before.".

 This was always nothing more than Bush's good puppy press covering for him.

 Sure, if Officer Dooley catches a pick-pocket or a candy shoplifter,
 America is arguable "safer" with the petty theif behind bars for a few hours.

 Somehow, Bush has gotten the benefits of both doubts.  He always mentioned Saddam
 in the same breath as 9-11, but months after the fact admitted he never actually said Saddam
 was involved, but now he claims we're safer (presumably from another 9-11) because the
 Kurds captured the disheveled, old man with no WMDs and turned him over to us.

 Instead of reporting the news, the corporate media is shilling for Bush.
 They falsify history between the time it happens and when they go to press or get on the air.

  Just to make things worse (Democrats always do) the smaller seven are writing Bush's
 attack ads if Dean gets the nomination. Desperate Dick Gephardt keeps saying Dean
 isn't fit to be president, that's he crazy and unstable.

 Thanks, Dick.
 If you can't be the nominee, you're going to play Nader this time and give it to Bush?

 ...and by the way, how does Candy Crowley fit up Bush's ass?

 And why has CNN assigned her to report on Democrats who clearly disgust her?

 A Soldier's Return, to a Dark and Moody World

  Click  Here

 During the two months Jeremy Feldbusch spent recovering at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio,
 his parents lived at his bedside. Charlene Feldbusch remembers one day seeing a young female soldier
 crawling past her in the corridor with no legs and her 3-year-old son trailing behind.

 Ms. Feldbusch started to cry. But not for the woman.

"Do you know how many times I walked up and down those hallways and saw those people
 without arms or legs and thought, Why couldn't this be my son? Why his eyes?"

 As far as we know, we could be just beginning Rumsfeld's "long, hard slog."
 We could have young people losing arms, legs, eyes and memories for another decade in Iraq.

 How did we get into this never-ending war with religious fanatics?

 Subject: Well Bart, what say you now?

 I sent you the Iowa Electronic Market reports and you ignored them.

 Hi, my name's Bart.  Nice to meet you.
 You say you sent some IEM reports to me?

 I sent you the Moore Information Public Opinion Research file on Dean and you ignored that too.

 You sent some MIPOR files to me, and I haven't responded?

 I sent you the WaPo poll data showing Dean leading all Democratic candidates
 across the South by a wide margine. Again ignored.

 I am unfamiliar with reports showing Dean leading in the South.
 If he is, and I said he wasn't,  ...bartcop.com regrets the error.

 Now Drudge is reporting head to head poll numbers that show Dean
 faring best among all candidates against Bush.

 All praise to Howard Dean.
 He's the 'Roger Maris' candidate that just might win this contest.

(You watch, that Dean-Maris comment wiil make the wires but will they mention  bartcop.com?)

 Do you EVER admit you are wrong?

 ha ha
 I'm wrong lots of times, but the burden of proof is on you.
 When did I get it wrong?

 How are you at live chat-room debate?
 Can you debate as fast as you type?
 I can.

 No, seriously, ...we should debate.
 If I can't find a Republican to debate.
 I may have to go town-to-town paying people to debate.

 ha ha

 That was written on Oxycontin...
 (Is that how you spell it?)

 In some ways, Rush's heroin addiction is insightful.
 Rush proved you could work high, ...all praise to Bill Maher.

 Rush proved to all Republicans that a savage, Nazi bastard could to do 60 heroin pills a day
 and still carry the banner for the "tough on crime, tough on drugs" Republican two-faced phoneys.
 Rush the heroin-savaged fascist has lead the GOP down their path of hatred, divisiveness and religiious insanity.

 ...but covering for Rush's drug problem makes more money for the whore media than the truth.

 Yesterday, I was asked, by an 8x10 Republican, "What about your buddy, Rush Limbaugh?"

 ha ha

 I was at Mrs. Bart's folks, house, and there, my name is Mr. Detente.
 (Younger kids don't know the phrase.
 It means, "Let's not fight today, ...let's fight tomorrow.")

 As an agnostic, I fully support the, "Let's not murder each other until tomorrow," approach.

 Finally, I blurted out,

"He has hundreds of millions of dollars.
  That can buy an awful lot of justice,"

 Suddenly, it was time to eat!

 (And yes, you are wrong.
 Clark is a disaster in the making.
 You just don't know it yet.)

 A disaster?

 Is Clark the type of fool who would lie us into a never-ending meat grinder of a war?
 Is Clark the type of greedy sleezebag who would ruin the economy with tax cuts for the super-rich?
 Is Clark the type of monster who's sell pollution chips for a million dollars a mega-ton?
 Is Clark the type of moron who couldn't speak unless somebody wrote him a script?

 Boy, I'd hate to live in an America like that...



"Look also for an attempt to manufacture a scandal involving
  Karl Rove, in an effort to distract the White House...
   --Steven Hayward, laying more groundwork for the Karl Rove whitewash   Attribution

 Subject: tsk tsk

 Bart, you said:

> So, hang in there a few more days.
> Our next real show will be the best ever and we're getting gooder with each show.

 Getting better bart, getting better.

 You're a stickler for grammar and whenever some monkey mail has an error
 you use that as ammo. Avoid hypocrisy.



 Dude, there's always that chance I was trying to be funny.

 I read that line to Mrs, Bart, and she said, "Monkey, why did you say 'gooder?'
  and I told her it was a joke, ...she just shrugged with a very where's-the-humor-in-that? look,
 so it looks like you and she have that disconnect in common.

 As a rule, ...and you can't go by this,
 but when I use words with lots of consonants in them, I'm mostly serious.

 If I use "gooder," it just might be a gag, because those weapon-weilding nuns
 would beat us with belts if we used the wrong predicate nominative.

 ...has Amnesty International every done a study on American Catholic POW camps?

 Subject: the economy

 Bart O'Cop -

 I can't believe I haven't seen this on your site.
 The mixed news about the holiday economy was more clearly defined today.

 Overall, sales were slightly better than last year.
 But that was due to huge sales at high-end stores like Tiffany's and Neiman-Marcus.
 Sales at Wal-Mart and Target, etc., were way down.

 So we are to perceive "vast improvement" over last year, "an economic surge", because people
 who buy $50,000 diamond-encrusted soda straws are splurging?  And what does this say about
 Bush economic policies in general?  ABC even said outright, "These high-end sales are due
 principally to Bush tax-cuts, capital gains relief, etc., from which the wealthy alone benefitted".

 And, by the way, for many reasons I agree with you about Clark.  One of those reasons is that
 he "flagrantly" embraces the Clintons (in the face of the right-wing) and uses the word, "liberal",
 with pride and conviction - and well-informed intelligence.  Clark is the man for this election!


 Let America Laugh
  Dan Hoyle interviews David Cross

  Click  Here

  I read way more than I watch. I read the New York Times, and if I'm in a different city, I'll skim that paper.
 I go on the Internet a lot. I'll spend hours on, you know, Hamster, BuzzFlash, Bartcop, any of those guys.
 It's kind of addictive. My biggest problem is retaining the exact information. There's so much it gets jumbled.

 I will vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is. Nobody is going to be as bad for free thinking, right-minded
 individuals than George Bush. I don't want to see that motherf*cker in office when he doesn't have to do anything
 for political reasons. That's really scary. If this shit doesn't scare you now, when he's making concessions
 for political reasons, giving him another four years where he doesn't have to worry about being reelected,
 we are f*cked.  We're hugely f*cked. And you better get yourself a Bible..

  Delivered right to your door ...just like Sears did a 130 years ago.

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 BartCop Radio Shows on CD for just $25.

 Currently shipping shows 20, 22 and 23,  (There was no Show 21
 because the host can't count.) all professionally mixed by Tommy Mack.
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 Feistiness aids Dean
  More Truman than Dukakis   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Meanwhile, Bush was challenged by ABC's Diane Sawyer about whether Saddam ever had
 "weapons of mass destruction" capable of striking the U.S.

 "So what's the difference?" he all but sneered.

 Democrats, save that videotape.

 For Dean, it's a political double play.


"If John Ashcroft wanted any favors on this one,
  he went to the wrong guy. This guy is tough"
      - George Santangelo, a lawyer, on the appointment of Pat Fitzgerald as a federal special counsel
         as quoted in the NW Whore Times

 Whore, please!
 I'm more suspicious now than I was a minute ago.

 Crofty didn't pull this guy's name out of a hat.  He went to Karl Rove and said,
"Who's the best friend we have that the Democrats will accept for this position?"
 Then Rove had his crack staff scour the country for someone who owes Bush a favor.
 He's probably as "independent" as Kathleen Harris.

 As always, the fix is in.
 The B.F.E.E. doesn't get into anything that's not rigged up-front.

 Hawks tell Bush how to ruin the world faster

  Click  Here

 Bush was sent a public manifesto yesterday by Washington's hawks, demanding regime change
 in Syria and Iran and a Cuba-style military blockade of North Korea backed by planning for
 a pre-emptive strike on its nuclear sites.

 The manifesto, presented as a "manual for victory" in the war on terror, also calls for Saudi Arabia
 and France to be treated not as allies but as rivals and possibly enemies.

 Oh Christ, now they want to invade France?
 There were no French men on the planes that hit New York.
 Why are we going after France, because they're not as pro-murder as America has become?

 And we can "demand" regime change all we want, but we'll have to Saddamize Syria,
 Iran and North Korea to get regime change - and North Korea has working nukes.

 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com


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 Mad policies infect nation's body politic
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 So the government and the industry can scarcely claim that nobody told them about mad cow.
 Why did they not act?

 The underlying causes are depressingly familiar: Agribusiness executives seek to minimize the cost
 of insuring food safety, even after observing the devastating results of inadequate protection in other
 countries. They and their lobbyists give millions to politicians and political parties, obtaining undue
 influence over policy. Those politicians appoint regulators who regard their mission as pleasing
 rather than policing the corporate sector.

 Slaughterhouse Politics
 Ranchers Fought Rules That Might Have Prevented Mad Cow

  Click  Here

 What many people don't understand is how minimal meat inspection is.
 Here's a typical instance, described by an Iowa farmer: He buys cows or heifers at auction, where they have
 been certified as having met health requirements - not because of first-hand inspection but because of the seller's
 history as a "good guy." The farmer proceeds to feed the cattle corn, sometimes with a vegetable-based additive,
 and in two years sells them to a feed lot or maybe a local butcher. There is no check on the health of the animals.

 Approval for sale is again based on the history of the farm. What about sick cows? Say a cow falls down - he's
 called a "downer." According to this farmer, a vendor often is called; he'll send a truck to pick up the animal, kill it
 (if it is still alive), and sell the parts into the meat system. If the farmer spots a sick cow in his herd, he gets rid of it
 quick as he can. He doesn't go through the rigmarole of testing it through a veterinarian, which takes time and costs
 money. He just gets rid of the animal and keeps mum about what happened.

From www.bushorchimp.com

The one on the right looks more honest.

 Dear Almighty God,

 Today, my favorite football team, (whoever is playing Dallas) is playing the Dallas Cowboys.
 I hate the Cowboys, Lord, but as the omnipotent Master of the Universe, you already knew that.

 I mildly dislike Tiger Woods, but I hate Dallas like the GOP hates African-Americans.

 I know I haven't been your biggest supporter, but then again, I haven't asked for a lot.
 Could you please strike the Cowboys down with your fabulous, righteous and unbridled fury?
 Old Testament stuff won't be necessary - I don't want them murdered, just beaten on the field.

 How about - Bill Parcell goes trick-play crazy and each time he tries something,
 everything goes wrong and it results in a touchdown for whoever they are playing today.

 My buddy Sabutai could deliver games for me, so I'm hoping you can, too.

 Thank you.


"The Justice Department investigation into the leak of a CIA agent's identity could conclude
  that administration officials disclosed the woman's name and occupation to the media but still
  committed no crime because they did not know she was an undercover operative, legal experts say.
"It could be embarrassing but not illegal. The fact that she was undercover is a classified fact,
  so it would not be unusual for people to know that she was agency but not know she was undercover."
   --lawyer Victoria Toensing, laying the groundwork for the Karl Rove whitewash  Attribution

 Subject: bartcop radio

 enjoy watching you improve every show
 sorry nobody ever gives you feedback

 keep up the great work

 James, thanks.
 I should be clear:  I'm not looking for praise.
 I want to hear, "This wasn't my favorite, but I liked that.
 Show X was better than show Y because it had more Z."

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was 478  ....this issue it's  times 485

7more brave soldiers died for Bush's lies

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2702..... 2765  wounded for Bush's illegal oil grab.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html

 Subject: Howard Dean, ad naseum....


 I've been following the whole Wes Clark bandwagon thing  going on at the site.
 A few points.

 First, you say Howard Dean can't win. He can't if ALL of us dont support him.
 Lets say for a minute that when the primaries have picked a  winner around Febuary, if it turns out
 to be Howard Dean, will you then, in good  faith give up the "he cant win" stuff and get 4 square behind him?
 Anything else would be reminiscent of Dave's Clinton blowjob jokes you so abhor.


 Given that Dean is angry, and will take the time to slap Bush's ass red for all the shit we know he's done,
 I'd think you'd be dancing in the aisles we have a fighter. Wes Clark says things in a much more muted way.
 Yes Clark is a war hero, so was Eisenhower, and both parties got on their knees to blow him into accepting
 the nomination. Like Clark, Ike never expressed any affiliation prior to getting the Hoovering from the Repugs.

 I want to like Clark, I really really do, he's smart charismatic and he could hammer Bush the question is, would he and how hard?

 Well, he's promised to "kick the shit out of them" if they go McCain on him.
 He was also wounded in battle and went back for more.
 I'll bet Clark doesn't own even one pink tutu.

 Also, its late in the game really. Dean has massive grassroots support and is front runner for a reason, he said what we
 wanted to hear a long time before Clark wet his finger and tested the political wind. The bottom line is, Dean will most likely
 be the nominee and he deserves ALL our support. If Clark wants to be of survice to the cause swallow his pride and be VP.

 I agree.
 It's standard for everyone to say they're not interested in the VP spot.
 But the VP does all the attacking in the campaign - don't you think Dean is a better attacker? :).

 That would be of more use than his angry at the leaks persona.
 Finally as to Dean's remarks re: Ron Brown and Terry MacAuliff, I agree totally.
 Why dont the single digit folks fold up the tent and get out of the way and ALL of them
 stop clawing at Dean and tearing him up since we all know Rove intends to try it later.

 Terry McAullife should be point man saying COOL IT, its not a slap at Clinton, its just plain facts, Bart.
 We can unite and conquer or stay splintered and endure 4 more years of murder lies and deceit.

 Peace and happy N. Y.

 Mike, in my own little world, I pretend the Dean people read bartcop.com.
 If I can be Dean's "debate Bush" and play Devil's advocate, maybe the Dean people will be
 better prepared for the $200,000,000 worth of nasty-ass, "Willie Horton" ads that are coming.

 The 2004 campaign will be all about terrorism fear  with a dash of gay marriage.
 Bush and the networks and cable news handjobs and the wall-to-wall talk radio Nazis
 are going to suggest or say outright that Dean will surrender America to bin Laden.

 Then they'll show the Baghdad Turkey getting high fives from the troops and
 as the commercial closes, you'll see two linebackers toungue-kissing and the
 announcer will say, "Do we want to trust America's future to Howard Dean?"

 How will Dean answer those paid-for-with-stolen-Treasury-money lies?
 I'd sure like to know before we settle on a winner.

 December sticker placement contest!


 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 bartcop.com    PO Box 54466    Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.
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 Winner gets a book from the bottom of this page or a visit from Bart or a calender - your choice

 Send sticker pics to  bartcop@bartcop.com

 Subject: Terry Mac


 For a guy who has fought so hard and long for the Dems, I'm a little shocked at your defence of Terry Mac.
 He is the turd burglar who made the chaos of  the 2002 elections possible.

 That could be true, I don't know.
 From my mail, I know a lot of people blame him for 2002.
 I know whenever Terry Mac does a talk show, the right-wing joins forces with the media
 and they denounce every word he said, so that gave me the impression he was as fighter
 He scares Republicans and I like that.

 If we're going to be angry about the rape of 2002, let's be angry that every Democrat who
 lost to Diebold accepted the crooked vote and then they went home without even a wimper.
 We didn't lose any votes in 2002 because we were too centrist or too right.

 HE'S the one who calls the tune for the spineless wing of our party. You (rightly) bitch every day
 about the spineless pink tutu Democrats. Terry Mac is the true leader of that crowd.

 I don't understand how/why, but your passion tells me you're convinced.

 We've all got to stick together, so quit acting like a shift to the left is such a bad thing.
 After 4 years of pResident Junior, we could USE a hard left turn.

 Correct, but if we leave the center, we leave the voters.

 You're freakin' me out.

 Nader rules out another Green bid in 2004
  If Ego-Boy runs, it will be as an Independent

  Click  Here

 Nader, whom some most Democrats blame for pulling votes away from Gore,
 told Green Party officials Monday that he did not want their nomination.

 National Green party officials expressed disappointment over Nader's decision,
 saying he likely would have been nominated. But they scoffed at the notion that Nader
 could get his name on many state ballots without the support network of the Green Party,
 with 300,000 registered members. Nader was listed in almost every state in 2000,
 garnering 2.7 percent of the vote.

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 Paper: Rose Admits Betting on Baseball

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 The New York Whore Times, citing a source in major league baseball, reported
 that Rose admitted to betting on baseball at a meeting with commissioner Bud Selig.

 Rose's ban from baseball prevents him from being eligible for the Hall of Fame.
 Some observers believe he would have to confess to gambling on baseball as
 a condition for possible reinstatement.

 Why is this a "scandal."
 If Rose bet for his team to lose, and then pulled his punches as manager - that would be a scandal.

 Gambling built this country.
 You don't think it's a gamble to buy a baseball team?
 You don't think it's a gamble to buy stock in Microsoft?
 You don't think it's a gamble to buy beef from the Food Lion?

 There's nothing wrong with gambling unless you're a holier-than-thou, moralistic, preachy bastard
 who can only afford to gamble away $7,000,000 because of all the money you made screaming
 at other people to stop enjoying their vices.

 That's what makes you a whore.

 "I'm Bill Bennett,
  and I'm a whore."
  I can't sue Bart because
  he's telling the truth."

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