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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster


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  In Today's Treehouse...
Orange Alert - a Bush lie?
Bush & Hitler not twins
Clark's tax plan vs. Bart's
Nutt Turns Down $25M
People scared, gold soars 
Stock funds Clintonesque
Bart's Laws 2 and 4
Pigboy's lawyer cries fowl (ch)
Britney too drunk to wed


Quote of the Day

"I thought it'd be kind of enjoyable. 
  War, Iraq -- this is going to be awesome. 
  Not really."  
   --Pfc. Peter May, who was once gung-ho 
   about Bush's useless, bloody war,  Attribution

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Volume 1232 - Australian Daybill

  Tues-Wed,   January 6-7, 2003


"If Karl Rove is watching today, Karl, I want you to hear me loud and clear:
  I am going to provide tax cuts to ease the burdens for 31 million American families
  -- and lift hundreds of thousands of children out of poverty -- by raising the taxes
  on 0.1 percent of families -- those who make more than $1,000,000 a year.
  You don't have to read my lips, I'm saying it.  And if that makes me an 'old-style'
  Democrat, then I accept that label with pride and I dare you to come after me for it."

  -- Wesley Clark, not afraid of Karl Rove    Attribution

 Orange Alert another Bush lie for Christmas?

  Click  Here

 Based on "credible" intelligence sources, presumed Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists
 were planning to hijack an Air France plane and "crash it on US soil in a suicide terror strike
 similar to those carried out on September 11, 2001."

 Air France Christmas flights out of Paris were grounded. F-16 fighters were patrolling the skies.

 Following the investigation by the French authorities, the Al Qaeda terrorists turned out to be
 a five year old boy, an elderly Chinese lady and a Welsh insurance salesman.
 A routine case of "mistaken identity" had contributed to breaking the Spirit of Christmas, across the Land.
 Based on erroneous intelligence, an entire Nation had been brought under Orange Code terror alert.

 Was it incompetence or was it deliberate?
 Either way, a public inquiry into the workings of the Homeland Security Department is long overdue.

 ...but the elected Democrats are too afraid to hold public inquiries.

 Mr. Rove has ordered them to stand down.

 British Diana's Death Inquest Sensations

  Click  Here

 As the long-awaited British probe opened, The New Tork Yimes whipped already-salivating Diana fans
 to a frenzy by reporting exclusively that she (Diana) not only believed her two-timing ex-husband,
 Prince Charles, was plotting to kill her by staging a fatal car accident in a specific Paris underpass
 on a Saturday night after dinner at the Fayed-family-owned Ritz Hotel.

 But also that unknown to Charles rabid Islamic Fundamentalists seeking the overthrow of Egypt's
 President Mubarak to replace him with the Fayeds were out and about in Paris at the time of her visit
 randomly luring French Mercedes limo drivers into seedy bars and naked-transvestite-dancing clubs and
 urging them to drink far more red wine and absinthe than was their usual staggering wont.

 My professional newshound nose tells me there's a story here...

 Subject: thoughts

 Hi Bart,

 I was just reading your "Viewer email and your reply" (from yesterday).
 I want to point something out to you...  Everyone has a different way of thinking about God.
 So instead of saying that you think God has a personal vendetta for you, it would be good to think of this......

 Negative energy breeds negative energy..... Positive energy breeds positive energy.
 Therefore...... Maybe just maybe all you need is a month of Sundays.

 Here's what I mean by that.... Negative energy is overpowering you, because you see so much bad you can't
 stop or change much.  We ALL have measurable electricity in our bodies.  So it's possible that your internal energy
 is causing some of your tech. problems.  You see... All it takes is a shock you can give a friend from scuffing your
 feet on a rug, to short out and trash a brand new mother board.  Several computer parts are that way.

 My Idea.... CHILL !
 Take a few days to smell the roses !
 Go enjoy some of the free parts of nature God has put there and try to regain equalization of your own internal
 positive and negative energies.  Yes, even if that mean not updating your websites for a whole week.
 You may think I'm wacked for telling you this.

 If so... Please keep this thought in mind....
 Don't knock it, if you haven't even tried it !

 Also please keep this in mind.....
 First.... If you look at the life of Jesus Christ, some could say it looked like God had a personal vendetta against him,
 with what he lived through. And.....

 Peace will not come until the anti-Christ has proclaim himself ruler of the world.  I saw one website that said though
 numerology, it was a 16 Trillion to 1 shot of ANYONE ever being as likely to be the anti-Christ as George Bush Jr..
 So if President is the anti-Christ, you would be one of God's hand full of chosen ones.

 Just another way to look at that issue..
 Rev. Neil

 Rev, I liked that part about Bush being the anti-Christ.
 I liked that "enjoying nature" stuff, too.
 As far as taking the time off, I'm afraid if I ever stop I won't start up again.
 Next month, we'll be starting out eighth year of gathering momentum and taking an extended break
 would give people a chance to check out the other, better web sites and we can't have that.


 Ark. Coach Nutt Turns Down $2M From Nebraska

  Click  Here

 Houston Nutt rejected Nebraska's $2 million coaching offer, saying strong family ties and a job left
 undone kept him at Arkansas.  Nebraska offered Nutt the job Friday, but Arkansas made a counteroffer.
 Details were not announced, but Nutt said the new deal was worth close to $1.5 million annually, almost doubling his salary.

 Arkansas athletic director Frank Broyles extended Nutt's contract by a year to 2010 two weeks ago
 to show potential recruits that he had faith in Nutt, who is 48-27 in six seasons at Arkansas.

"They don't know my heart," Nutt said. "They don't know what I see. They don't know my vision.
 They weren't born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. You only get so many opportunities and Nebraska will
 never call again," Nutt said. "Am I making the right decision? The outside world will tell you I'm probably not."

 The college football announcers said this job, with perks over a ten-year period would pay $25 million.
 Turning that down tells me Nutt's future is already secure, so good for him.

 ...and who knew Frank Broyles was still alive?
  He once gave me a ride to my dorm in 1971 and he was pretty old back then.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Gold Highest in 14 Years, Above $420

  Click  Here

 Gold started the first week of 2004 as it ended 2003 -- charging to its highest since
 February 1990 as the dollar crumbled against the euro and the yen and speculative
 funds maintained their appetite for precious metals.

 Spot gold was at $420.75 an ounce, well up from $416.25 at European opening
 and what had been a long-standing objective at $417.70.

 Analysts said gold could touch $450, the highest in 16 years, because of dollar weakness,
 fears of fresh attacks on the United States and persistent violence in Iraq

 Bottom line - people buy gold when they are scared.  Bush has so screwed up the economy,
 people don't want to get caught holding the worthless American dollar - they want something
 they can depend on - something Bush can't destroy the value of with tax cuts.

 But them again, Bush has a piece of Barick Mining, which owns 51% of the gold mining
 process, so even this puts money in the B.F.E.E.'s pockets.

 From the site of my good friend Greg Palast:

 They could well afford it. In the final days of the Bush (Senior) administration, the Interior Department made
 an extraordinary but little noticed change in procedures under the 1872 Mining Law, the gold rush-era act that
 permitted those whiskered small-time prospectors with their tin pans and mules to stake claims on their tiny plots.
 The department initiated an expedited procedure for mining companies that allowed Barrick to swiftly lay claim
 to the largest gold find in America. In the terminology of the law, Barrick could "perfect its patent" on the
 estimated $10 billion in ore - for which Barrick paid the U.S. Treasury a little under $ 10,000. Eureka!

 Barrick, of course, had to put up cash for the initial property rights and the cost of digging out the booty
 (and the cost of donations, in smaller amounts, to support Nevada's Democratic senator, Harry Reid).
 Still, the shift in rules paid off big time: According to experts at the Mineral Policy Center of Washington, DC,
 Barrick saved - and the U.S. taxpayer lost - a cool billion or so.   Attribution

 That's how the B.F.E.E. works - doling out billion dollar favors for their friends at taxpayers expense,
 which includes the lives of  500 brave American soldiers who died thinking their sacrifice had a purpose.

 ...and that's OK with the elected Democrats in Washington.

     ...we love our Dubya, we just can't tell you how much!!

 It's enough to drive make you to f-ing drink.

 Brit Mail

 Your reference to "George Costanza" was absolutely hilarious!
 When I first heard that Britney Spears had married Jason Alexander, I thought,
"You've got to be shitting me!  I thought he was happily married.  When the fuck did that go south?"

 When I heard it was a different Jason Alexander, my next thought was that somebody would use the
 name confusion for a joke.  You did a good job of it.  I wonder if Letterman and Leno will do something.
 That's too good to pass up  Unless they're afraid the actor will sue them.


 Eckhard, you wouldn't believe how many people wrote to say it was a different Jason Alexander.
 Why is humor the last possible explanation people consider for something seen on  bartcop.com?

 Don't forget, Britney's a Repug.
 Talk about  your good old fashioned straight laced Republican values, not the least of which
 is the noble institution of marriage between a MAN and a WOMAN!!!!! Indeed.

 Leave it to that girl-on-girl-Madonna-kissing Republican Bush Baby to show the proper respect!
 I'm sure Rush read her the riot act on his show.

 Britney did more harm to marriage last weekend than any gay couple ever has.
 ...and Rush is on his third wife!

 Stock funds best since 1999 Clinton years
  They're so afraid to use Clinton's name to refer to the best years Ameriva ever had

  Click  Here

 The average stock fund turned in its first winning year of the 21st century in 2003.
 Diversified U.S. funds soared an estimated 32.4% last year, according to preliminary data
 from Lipper, the mutual fund trackers. That's the best year since 1999.

 So, the monkey got back some of the Dow points he blew with his risky giveaways to the super-rich.
 If you remember what happened, Wall Street had faith in Clinton, and they were willing to bet on America
 as long as it was being run in a sane and sensible manner. But in 2000, when Clinton was a lame duck,
 Bush came on strong with his $200M in dirty, bloody oil money and scared Wall Street with all that
 horseshit about dragging America back into the era of massive deficits.

 Wall Street's sphincter tightened up and they haven't relaxed it yet, but to hear the media crow about
 the "great economic acheivements" of the never-elected monkey you'd think he had a brain.

 Subject: why I like Bart's tax plan better than Clark's

 Hey Bart,

 Well, I've been meaning to write over one of the great stories you post, and I finally got to it.

 I just read your comparison of the Bartcop Tax Plan, which you should immediately copyright
 because it's f-ing genius, to Wes Clark's.  Aside from the fact that your plan would put more
 money back into the economy, I like yours for one reason that no one ever reports on.

 Yours would give money to *taxpayers*, not "families with children," blah blah blah.
 That's important to couples like us, with no children.

 Know how much we've seen in "refunds" (i.e., loans) from Chimpy in the past two years?
 Zip. Zilch. Nada.
 But we've PAID over $1700 in taxes (*after* witholding) in that time.
 No refunds if you don't breed, you see.

 In that same time, my welfare-queen sister in law (she's 22 with 3 kids) gets back
 a few thousand a year for using her uterus.

 Your tax plan is FAIR -- thanks.

 Now slap a copyright on that sucker before some nincompoop steals it.


 AP Kills Limbaugh Painkillers Story
 Sat Jan 3, 5:06 PM ET

 WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Please kill the story Limbaugh-Painkillers, V9991.
 Rush Limbaugh has not been charged with doctor shopping.

 A kill is mandatory.

 Make certain the story is not used.

 Of course Rush won't be charged with doctor shopping.
 He's white, he's rich and he's friends with the governor of Florida.
 If you know Jeb, or you are related to him, you can do hard drugs legally in Florida.

 Also, it's interesting that Rush and Noelle Bush used the same excuse.


 ...and Bill Bennett, Michael Medved and Laura the Unloved all say that's OK.


"Should've bought a Mac...."

   --  dozens of people helping me with my computer torture...

 It's strange to see in my mail's in box,

"should've bought a Mac...."

"should've bought a Mac...."

"should've bought a Mac...."

"should've bought a Mac...."

"should've bought a Mac...."

"should've bought a Mac...."

 It's like falling from an airplane, and then some guy flys near you and says,
 "Shoulda brought a parachute."

 Thanks to y'all

 Bart's Law #4 -  Nothing is easy.

  Click  Here

 So I waited... and I waited...and I thought of Bart's Law #4.
 Eventually, a kid with a strange-for-Oklahoma haircut asked if he could help me.
 I said, "I want to buy a computer today - right now," and swear to Koresh, this kid says,
"I can't help you, but I can look for someone who can."

 He was a smallish kid, I think I could've knocked him out with one uppercut.
 Little bastard suggested I wait around for the next salesman.

 Subject: your radio show

 Get rid of that damn radio show and come back
 to the grassroots reality of your site.


 Mtn, if I asked you to quit your job and move to Tulsa to work for me for free,
 you might reply, "Dude, I gotta put food on my family."

 Rush Limbaugh's Lawyer Slams Drug Probe
  Kennedy rape lawyer says Rush didn't do what the evidence proves

  Click  Here

"Rush Limbaugh has been singled out for special prosecution because of who he is,"
 Roy Black said. "We believe the state attorney's office is applying a double standard."

 Investigators obtained Limbaugh's medical records after discovering he received more
 than 2,000 painkillers, prescribed by four doctors, at a pharmacy near his home. Limbaugh's
 former maid told investigators she had been supplying him prescription painkillers for years.

 Black says the seizure of the medical records violated their client's privacy and that the
 investigation was politically motivated. Doctor shopping, punishable by up to five years in prison,
 is duping at least two doctors into prescribing the same controlled substance in a 30-day period. .

 Black is saying he did it, but the evidence should be thrown out because Rush feels certain that
 the evil policemen are out to get him - which is another sign he's been doing too many drugs.

 Hey Pigboy, I hope they allow e-mail in prison so we can be e-mail buddies - ha ha
 I'll keep you informed about what's happending "on the outside" while you're getting butt-slammed.

 Order your CDs today!

 BartCop Radio Shows on CD for just $25.

 Currently shipping shows 20, 22 and 23,  (There was no Show 21
 because the host can't count.) professionally mixed by Tommy Mack.

 Remember, if you PayPal, mention your address.

 Republican admits threat to kill Hillary, Bill

  Click  Here

 A convicted bank robber who told a prison psychologist he wanted to "spice up" his life
 by shooting a famous person has admitted threatening to kill Hillary Clinton, officials said.

 Falvey wrote an April 2003 letter to a prison psychologist in which he said he wanted to
"shoot a very famous person. ... My life is dull and boring. I need to spice it up."
 He included a hit list, naming Hillary, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and federal judges.

 Why are Republicans so blood-thirsty?  Is it because they can't persuade anyone with their insane ideas?
 Is that why people like this Falvey nut, Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Paul Hill (now in Hell with Nixon and Atta)
 James Earl Ray, Sirhan, David Koresh and Tim McVeigh consider murder a legitimate political tool?

 Is that why they've lost the last three presidential elections?
 Because of their "every life is worthless" approach to living?

 Sunday liquor sales in Massachusetts
 Common sense about an intoxicant? Is this possible?

  Click  Here

 A Puritan-era policy of forbidding alcohol sales on the Sabbath ended statewide
 on Sunday as liquor stores in some cities and towns began non-holiday Sunday
 sales of wine, beer and spirits for the first time in centuries.

 The new policy did not go into effect in every community. Stores stayed closed
 in cities and towns that have not yet enacted the change locally, and municipalities
 can opt out completely to please the Invisible Cloud Being. In May, New York
 state also began allowing Sunday liquor sales.

 I believe this will cause fewer drinking accidents and spousal abuse complaints.
 If you know you can't get liquor on a Sunday, you might buy extra on Saturday
 and then drink it all in one night and have a real problem.

 When I bought my first bar, the Hard Rock Island, we had "liquor by the wink,"
 which means you pretend each customer brought their own bottle of liquor to
 the tavern and all the employees did was serve you your own liquids.

 That changed one year after the PGA had a big tourney in Tulsa.  The idiot cops
 staked out high-scale restaurants and when they saw rich Republicans order red
 wine with their fancy Italian food, they popped out and busted them in droves.
 Since it was the super-rich that got "caught," they decided to change the law.

 God, I wished I lived in a state that was run by people who weren't religiously insane.

 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

Saw this on Bruin Designs,
but never got the URL.

 Subject: Bush's terror Christmas

 Homeland Security cried wolf again over the holidays but can claim the system is working.

 Reminds me of the story about a guy who walked all around New York snapping his fingers constantly.
 When asked why he did that, he said, "It keeps the lions away."

 When told there were no lions loose in NYC, he said, "You see?  It's working."

 Keep hammering Bush on the way he has treated the old vets
 and the increase in the drug prices to us.
 Jack the Vet

 Jack, you have to understand - those poor billionaires need a tax cut.


Click to Enter

  Wesley Clark's Tax Plan
   Not quite as good as the BartCop Tax Plan

  Click  Here

 A married couple with two children making $50,000 would get a $1,583 tax break.
 Under the BCTP, they would get $3000.
 A married couple with three children earning the minimum wage, ($21K) would get $2,287.
 Under the BCTP, they would get $7500.

 Putting real money in the hands of people who don't already have everything would get
 this economy humming so fast Greenspan would probably raise interest rates in 30 days.

 ...but anything's better than Bush borrowing trillions to give to the super rich.

 Judge grants Britney annullment
  saw it on   thesmokinggun.com

  Click  Here

 JANUARY 5--After hours of marital bliss, (ha ha) Britney Spears moved today to legally annul
 her romantic Saturday morning nuptials at Las Vegas's Little White Wedding Chapel.  Spears, 22,
 filed the below annulment complaint yesterday with the Clark County District Court in a bid to wipe
 away her blessed, though brief, union to Jason Allen Alexander,

 One reason the judge OK'd the annullment so quickly was due to the fact that
 Jason and Britney had no children from their time together as man and wife.

 ...and poor Jason - if he was lucky enough to nail his wife, she was probably passed out.

From www.bushorchimp.com

The one on the right looks more stable.

 So who was the Biography of the Year?

 Of course, there's nothing about it on biography.com
 All is says is, "Be sure to watch on Dec 14th to find out."

 Don't you hate it when a big money web site is three weeks out of date?

 Subject: Wal-Mart?  Comp USA


 Knowing that you know what you know.........about the greed merchants that infest our world,
 and the vampiric corporations that would sell us by the pound if there were a market..
 .....how can you shop at Wal-Mart and CompUSA?

 Dude, you have to consider the pressure.
 There are dozens of people who expect to get something for their monthly subscription.

 You wrote:

> "We've already spent two hours at Wal-Mart spending $58 for a USB mouse and keyboard.
>  Plus the KVH whatever is missing a cable so we're back to Comp USA for the fourth time."

 Don't you believe in the concept of "voting with your dollars"?  Every time you give money to them,
 or any business, you're basically saying "I like what you're doing....keep up the good work".

 Perhaps more accurately, I'm saying
"You have something that I need right f-ing now - can I f-ing buy it?"

 Understand, the last thing I need is some net buzz that says, "Bart doesn't want to to the radio show.
 Each week he fabricates another reason why he can't webcast. he just pretends he's got tech
 troubles so he doesn't have to list all the crimes committed by the Monkey president."

 Do a little web research on either of those box stores....or Home Depot, or etc., and you'll see that they are,
 in many ways, as dreadful as President Whistleass and the rest.  They would sell their grandmother's teeth
 if they could get a dime for them.  And they treat their workers like poo, and so on and so on.

 Dude, life is a teeter-totter.
 Maybe I could deal with Democrats only and get back on the air in late March, but I gotta have it right now.

 Please....find an alternative......even buy on the web, if you must.
 But please find a way to vote with your dollars that doesn't feed the very beast you hammer so well.


 Steve, perhaps there is a bigger picture to consider.

 Maybe I end up giving the GOP bastards a few thousand dollars so BartCop Radio can grow a hammer.
 I'm gonna do a lot more than $3000 damage to the GOP this year.

They're back - and not in a small way.

Media Whores Online

 Subject: I'm a Deaniac

 I think those of us who are still angry about 2000, and about 9/11, and about the Iraq "war,"
 and about the steps these perverse so-called leaders have taken to turn this country into a
 military dictatorship and about all the lies and the deceptions and the secrecy, are finding a voice in Dean.

 Clark has made some swipes at Bush, but not nearly enough or loudly enough.  The rest of the field is pathetic
 -- can Lieberman just become a Republican and leave us Dems alone?  Dean alone is out there slamming Bush
 and the Republicans, and giving as good as he is getting.  And what does he get from the pink-tutu Dems?

 Criticism and more criticism, not to mention having his words twisted and his statements taken out of context!
 I am not too enthused with Clark, because he is one of the Washington insiders and may play by the same
 inner-circle rules as the Dems in the Senate.  And that is not what we need.

 Having said that, I will support whoever wins the Dem nomination with my time and with my money,
 because we need to defeat the Bush regime. Regime change begins at home!!

 Keep hammering the pink tutu bastards -- they make me sick.

 Suzanne, thanks.
 I'll support any Democrat (but Lieberman would be difficult.)
 You've proven we can disagree on primaries and work together in November for a Bush-free America.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was 485  ....this issue it's  times 486

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2765..... 2805  wounded for Bush's illegal oil grab.

David Hackworth says ten percent of the 130K have been med evac-d.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html

 Subject: radio show feedback

 Hi Bart,

 I bought radio shows.

 It was very enjoyable.  Especially, I like the beat downs.  The analogy of the economy
 being compared to digging a 100 foot hole and climbing out 2 feet is articulate and accurate.

 The O'Reilly beat down was long in coming.  He calls himself a moderate.
 Lying about one's political slant is spin of the highest order.  He spins like a loom.
 I suggest calling this moron the looney loom.

 I attached a picture of the Grateful Dead's Europe '72 back cover.
 This is entitled "Ice Cream Kid" by Stanley Mouse.


 I thought of it when you mentioned the National Lampoon photo of Ford.
 Life imitates art, my friend.

 Please beat down the weinerman, Michael Savage.
 He wants to close the border from anyone coming in but favors letting corporations leave.
 That sounds like a literal asshole to me.

 Thanks and keep up the good fight.

 VCR Alert

 New West Wing - can you believe NBC is actually running a first run episode of West Wing?

 Michael Moore is on Conan, I got a letter from somebody complaining about what a right-winger Moore is.

 and World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel, this time in Reno.
 These guys don't kid around.
 They're not there to crack jokes and ask what beats what.

 I saw Celebrity Poker last night, a Carrie Fisher didn't know the difference between a check and a bet.
 Fisher said she checks a lot because she likes making the check gesture.

 This is not poker, this is masturbating with 52 toys that don't vibrate.
 They had a good idea with Celebrity Poker but they've ruined it with idiot celebs who don't even play the game.

 Subject: Celeb poker 1-6

 Have you ever in your life seen such godawful poker?
 I told my daughter "Bartcop is really going to be pissed about this!"
 Who the hell does that whiny ass jerk from Creed think he is?
 Played horrible poker and then whined when he lost.
 Love your page, Bart, keep up the good work.

 Also, isn't it Sad About Dave?

I thought of a good slogan for a cap.

"I went to Vegas and all I got was
a weekend with Britney Spears."

 Bush is nothing like Hitler

  Click  Here

 Hitler was an egomaniac, a bully, a dictator, and a ruthless tyrant who believed in using domination,
 violence and killing to achieve his political aims.

 Bush the egomaniac told Woodward he "doesn't have to explain anything to anybody," continues to warn
 the world he'll attack sovereign nations with or without UN approval, has publicly proclaimed his desire for
 dictatorship, and is a ruthless tyrant who believes in using intimidation, media smear campaigns, assassinations,
 and the "new product," war, to achieve his political aims. Recently, his staffers revealed the identity of a CIA NOC
 agent tasked to contain the spread of WMDs simply to exact revenge against a truth-teller, Ambassador Joseph Wilson.

 He's right - they're not similar at all.

 December sticker placement contest!


 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 bartcop.com    PO Box 54466    Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.
 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.

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 Winner gets a book from the bottom of this page or a visit from Bart or a calender - your choice

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 Afghans agree on new constitution

  Click  Here

 Afghans approved a new constitution Sunday, embracing a deal shaped by three weeks of rancorous
 debate as a chance to cement a fragile peace and push ahead with reconstruction two years after a
 U.S.-led coalition ousted the Taliban regime.

 The charter, ratified after a last-minute deal to recognize minority languages, creates a strong presidential
 system that the country's U.S.-backed interim leader, Hamid Karzai, says is critical to uniting a country
 torn by two decades of war.

 Does their constitution give them the right to have their votes counted?
 Or is it set up like the new Amerikka under the unelected moron?

 Also, in the dead trees version of this story, they list some articles of their new constitution.
 (But not in the online version - God I hate that.)

 Article One:
 Afghanistan is an Islamic Republic, independent (ha!) unitary and indivisible state.

 So, Bush not only lied when he said he wouldn't be in the "nation building business,"
 but it turns out he's in the Islamic nation building business.

 ...and does anyone think Afghanistan is independent?

 They're as independent as a country can be that is currently occupied
 by the suprior armed forces of the world's only superpower.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
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 They say Britney was so drunk the night she got married,

 Everyone: ...how,  ...drunk, ...was she?

 ...they say she was so drunk, they had to carry her out of The Ghost Bar...


 ...to the waiting Palm's limo that whisked her and George Castanza to the Little White Wedding Chapel.

 It would be scary to have that much money and be that famous and still not have one friend
 who would step up and say, "Maybe you should do think about this when you're sober..."

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 Ray Davies Shot in New Orleans
 Kink's frontman shot in leg, will be OK:

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 Ray Davies was released from the hospital Monday after being shot in the leg while chasing a mugger.
 Davies, 59, was walking with a woman in the French Quarter Sunday evening when the shooting occurred.

"Two men approached and had taken the woman's purse. He ran after them and was wounded in the right thigh,"
 a police spokesman told Rueters.

 The House of Bush
  The evil crime family and their lust for more power
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 Still, what's so bad about a son succeeding his father as president?

 This type of dynasty is antithetical to the American political tradition. The presidency is now
 subject to inherited views, inherited staff, inherited wars, inherited money, inherited loyalties.
 I'm not talking about particular policies -- I'm talking about a unique evolution of a corrupting
 institutional process in American governance.

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 If your GOP workplace doesn't want you to see the truth, use these mirrors.

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