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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Time running out for 9-11 panel
Who I'm voting for and why... 
Clark's sweater helping vets
Clinton's triumph 
Timing of speech no accident
Is he Governor Done?
the Real State of the Union
Rare bonus page
Free advice for Gov Dean


Quote of the Day

"Everyone in the Democratic party  owes Howard 
  Dean a huge debt of gratitude, even if he doesn't 
  win the nomination. The reason is that Dr. Dean 
  has given the rest of the Democratic candidates, 
  and the party, a spine transplant." 
     --Hesiod,  Attribution

  Who could argue with that?

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Volume 1240 -  Happy bear

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  Wed-Thurs - Special Vegas Edition,   January 21-22, 2004


"Intelligence is not an audit, It's the best information you can get in circumstances of uncertainty,
  and you use it to make the best prudent judgment you can. Public officials tend to avoid hedging."
     --Richard Perle, the lying bastard   Attribution

 Excuse me, Mr Lying Bastard, but if your "intelligence" was just a wild guess,
 why did you rush into Baghdad against the wishes of the entire world community?

 You sons of bitches were so certain that 500 brave men and women should be snuffed out back then,
 and now you're telling us you were working on the hunches of people who would profit from this war?
 We have 500 dead because Cheney thought he saw a woodchuck?

 I wish I had stronger words than 'Fuck you, you dirty, back-stabbing, war-profiteering sons of whores."

 Time running out for 9-11 panel 

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 "Bush and Hastert have decided to oppose granting more time to the 9-11 "independent" commission
  virtually guaranteeing that the panel will have to complete its work by the end of May, officials said last week.

 A growing number of commission members had concluded that the panel needs more time to prepare a
 thorough and credible accounting of missteps leading to 9-11. But the White House and leading Republicans
 have informed the panel that they oppose any delay, which raises the possibility that Sept. 11-related
 controversies could emerge during the heat of the presidential campaign, sources said."

 In other words, they're doing everything they can to prevent us from knowing the truth.
 The press wants Bush to remain unscathed and the candy-ass, gelding Democrats are too afraid to speak up.

 WHY is it so important to cover up the truth?

 The GOP and the networks spent eight years and hundreds million dollars getting to "the truth"
 inside Clinton's zipper,  (and tied up personnel and resources that could've been looking for bin Laden)
 ...but investigating these 3,000 deaths are waste of time and money?

What Bush 9-11 truth must remain undiscovered?

 I'm gonna get away with it.
 I always get away with it.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Bart, in the end I will vote for the one who walks onto a stage in Mississippi
 with a US flag in one hand and a Confederate flag in the other. Then tells his
 audience they can chose one flag or the other, but they can't have both.

 I feel that that person is Dean but if Clark would do this I would support him 100%.

 Michael Hawk
 5th generation southern Democrat

 Note: I printed all of these in the order in which they came in.  You're going to see a strong bent for Clark,
 so I expect to be charged with cherry-picking the Clark letters but you have my word (for a blowhard
 using a fake name on the internet, that ain't much) that I printed them in order.

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 Clark's sweater has done more for American veterans in three days
 than that benefits-cutting son of a nitch Bush has done in three years

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 Hey, Maureen Dowd, suck on that.

 Note: If you'd like to say who you're voting for and explain why, send it to  bartcop@bartcop.com

 A couple of rules:
Send plain text only - no html or crazy fonts or colors.
I underlined for because I don't care which candidates you hate. (but Lieberman-bashing is OK :)
Make it short, 2-3 paragraphs, and write it yourself - don't copy and paste.
Last thing - please say something. Don't say, "He's the man" or "He's the perfect candidate,"
     If you're good, you might even change a fence-sitter's mind.


"Human beings are headed for the cosmos."
   --Bush the Merciless, wanting to change the subject from the hundreds dead in Iraq   Attribution

   ...and his good puppy press is willing to play along...


 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 I support Clark because he cares about veterans.  The Bush administration is trying to renege on all the
 promises that were made to us before we enlisted/got drafted.  You basically are required to have a service
 connection in order to be treated at a VA facility, unless you were one of the lucky ones who got on the
 roles earlier.  Our POWs from the first Iraqi war won a judgement against Iraqi funds being held by our
 government and Bush STOLE that money to support his war.  Our troops are buying their own Kevlar
 vests and radios because government issue is either sub-standard or just not available.  Clark can understand
 the needs of our military and would not send troops into combat if they were poorly equipped.

 Clark seems to be the one who is standing up and shouting the loudest about the unelected president.
 I think his presence on the ballot will draw the support of a lot of voters who are strong supporters of the military.
 I think the Democrats need to take the pro-military vote into account if they truly want to win.

 Lieberman is too much of a Bush-Lite to warrant comment.
 He should just shut up!

 Rick VB

 Rare repeat Quote

"If Karl Rove is watching today, Karl, I want you to hear me loud and clear:
  I am going to provide tax cuts to ease the burdens for 31 million American families
  -- and lift hundreds of thousands of children out of poverty -- by raising the taxes
  on 0.1 percent of families -- those who make more than $1,000,000 a year.
  You don't have to read my lips, I'm saying it.  And if that makes me an 'old-style'
  Democrat, then I accept that label with pride and I dare you to come after me for it."
       -- Wesley Clark, not afraid of Karl Rove    Attribution

 Calling Rove out by name tells me Clark is itching for a fight.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 I am leaning towards Dean, but he seems kind of wishy-washy.  I don't really trust Clark,
 even though he seems like a good candidate.  My ideal scenario would would be a Clark/Dean ticket,
 with Clark as the Presidential candidate.

 And yes I CANNOT STAND Leiberman.
 That dude's voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard and
 he raises the definition of wishy-washy to a new extreme.

 Keep hammerin Bart!

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 There is no question that General Clark is the only viable candidate in this race.
 He has all of things necessary to take back the White House.  He is a Democrat
 from the south, his strong military background will woo the uncommitted patriotic
 Americans (you know, those so called Reagan Democrats), good looks, very intelligent,
 and he is not spending his time bashing other Democrats.  He aims his aggression at GWB,
 and that is the real enemy here.  The Repubs fear a Clark nomination.

 Matt Garrett

Marty's Entertainment Page


 "This is like lobbing a snowball at a forest fire. This administration is
   dancing dangerously around the issue of homosexual marriage."
    --Sandy Rios, president of Concerned Women of America, one of the largest conservative
       Christian advocacy groups, on pressuring President Bush to champion a constitutional
       amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage in his State of the Union speech next week   Attribution

 Isn't it odd that these religiously-insane handjobs spend so much time,
 money and energy figuring out different ways to screw gay people?
 That is so not what Jesus would've done, but then again, Jesus was a liberal.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Post Iowa and Howard Dean is the one wearing crow. John Kerry is the one wearing a temporary crown.
 John Edwards is wearing a smile. Wesley Clark is wearing a shirt as he gave his sweater away.

 I know, General Clark wasn't in Iowa. Dean is wobbling and probably on his last legs.
 I liked Dean but, losers can't obtain the White House.
 Wesley Clark is probably best suited to beat the bejesus out of W.
 General Clark is a General.
 As a General, he can kick genuine ass.

 Don in Utah

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 Subject: Vegas comps

 hey Bart

 i am a geetar player here in vegas.
 i am playing the drifters coasters platters show nightly at the sahara hotel.

 if you want to come see the show let me know. i can comp you 4 tickets.
 the show runs nightly at 8 pm. its a good show.
 no nekkid women or flying pianos but the singing is pretty good.

 please send me some stickers and i'll put one on my axe.


 Dude, no nekkid women?
 Why would...  ...nevermind.
 Maybe we'll visit you Friday night as a gang :)

 Clark Vows to Protect Black Electorate
 Calls Bush appointee Pickering 'Anti-Voting Rights'

  Click  Here

 While most of his Democratic rivals awaited results in Iowa on Monday, Wesley K. Clark
 (The "K" stands for kick the shit outta Bush) flew to South Carolina, where he celebrated
 Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and appealed for black votes.

 At a rally, Clark aimed his sharpest remarks at Bush, assailing him for visiting King's grave last week,
 then having the "audacity" to appoint Charles W. Pickering (The "W" stands for White Power) to the
 U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, based in New Orleans. Pickering, Clark said, is
 "anti-civil rights, anti-voting rights, anti-justice."

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 Subject: on to New hampshire

 Dear Bart,

 It is close to midnight at the end of a long day. But I want to take a moment
 and say a special word of thanks before I get on the plane for New Hampshire.

 If you had told us one year ago that we were going to come in third in Iowa,
 we would have given anything for that. Despite the attacks from all sides,
 they could not defeat us. You worked hard. And now we're going to New Hampshire.

 We will not quit now -- or ever. We will take our country back.

 We need your help now more than ever. We must raise $1,000,000 by next
 Tuesday's primary. Your help now is absolutely critical. Please send your
 contribution in the next 48 hours:


 Your work has carried us to where we are. Together we will fight for healthcare
 for everyone -- and to restore America's moral leadership in the world. Once again
 we will give a voice to ordinary Americans. And together we will win.

 Thank you,
 Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

 It's my guess Dean is sending this to all contributors, and since I contributed to his campaign, I got one.
 I hate to kick a man when he's down, especially a good man, but this spin is very poor at best.

 If you had told us one year ago...

 Sir, a year ago you were a complete nobody.
 Of course you would've settled for third place - being a complete nobody.
 But for the second half of 2003 you were The Man.
 You had Iowa won a month ago, but then you made mistake after mistake.

 For reasons I can't fathom, you used your standing as The Man to move the party left, away from the
 voters who decide elections and it's my opinion that's what caused the disaster Tuesday night in Iowa.
 Jumping from channel to channel, they were all saying the deciding factor in Iowa was electability.

 Your lurch to the left satisfied the left-wing activists, but they can't deliver votes, which now you know.
 Saying we need to move away from Clinton, the only Democrat since FDR to win twice, was self-destructive.

 Your words in the last 30 days killed your campaign, and worse, it allowed the unprincipled whores such as
 FOX News and the snake/Nazis of talk radio to say you lost because, a month ago, we received Saddam
 from the Kurds and that's what killed your campaign - because this war is right and just.

 Your mega-meltdown has helped to legitimized Bush's fake war.
 How did you not see that coming?

 Whoever advised you to lurch left before the first votes were cast should be fired.
 If you overruled your advisors to lurch left, I'm sorry, but you cannot win in November.

 I know you have some of the best campaign managers in America, who are all smarter than Ol' Bart,
 but how is it that I can see the obvious and your campaign managers can't?

 Clinton's triumph 

  Click  Here

 "It won't happen in an election year, of course. But employing Bill Clinton on future "missions of persuasion"
  also might help reduce the enmity between our political parties in the foreign-policy sphere. The administration
  shouldn't be too proud to ask for the help it needs from Clinton - who clearly misses the buzz and wants to serve.
  After a weekend of complaining about all things American, that Middle Eastern audience rose to its feet with
  evangelical enthusiasm - after being told precisely what they did not want to hear by a Scripture-quoting former president.

  It was the famous Clinton magic.
  It failed us in the White House, but may have found its proper stage in the world beyond our shores."

  It failed us in the White House?
. You mean all that peace and prosperity were of no value?

                    Does this look like failure to you?

                Does this look like failure to you?

  They continue to lie about Clinton because they can't compare him to the never-elected troll.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 I support Wes Clark because he is the best candidate out of the bunch, and he has the best shot
 at sending monkeyboy back to Crawford to talk to the cows.

 Clark's resume is unsurpassed, he's one of the most highly honored and decorated Americans alive today.
 I encourage everyone to read about Clark trying to rescue that APC in Serbia (esquire.com).
 General Clark is a true American hero. Colin Powell compared him to Ike for Christsakes...

 When I hear Iowans talk about why they voted for Kerry and Edwards, they are saying things that are true
 of Clark but more so.  That's things like "he's a veteran, he's strong on National Security," or "he's from the
 south and charming and good looking." Clark has all the good qualities of Kerry and Edwards, but none
 of the bad.  He will win.

 Mark in Ohio

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Wes Clark has the education, experience and, most importantly, the accomplishment in international affairs to
 restore our place in the eyes of the world as an honorable, dignified, and humble nation that puts all peoples first.

 Wes Clark is one of the few people in this world who has the intellectual capacity, the rapacious curiosity and the
 courage to stand up to the powerful institutions in America to lead our diverse nation back to a place where
 everyone can have the opportunity that today is reserved only for a priveleged few.

 Len C


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 "The inability to find suspected weapons has to make it more difficult on some future occasion
  if the United States argues the intelligence warrants something controversial, like a preventive attack.
  The result is we've made the bar higher for ourselves and we have to expect greater skepticism in the future."
    --Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, on what could occur if the United States presses
        for action against alleged weapons programs in Iran and Syria,   Attribution

 Sure, Bush is the little boy who cried wolf.
 Nobody on Earth, except the American press and the candy-ass Democrats will ever trust Bush again.

 How did I end up in a party of ball-less wimps and bean-eating nancyboys?

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 I like Kerry.
 He is the only Senator to finance his reelection campaigns without soft money.
 Instead, his pro-environment record is so strong, entertainers of like mind put on
 concert/fundraisers for him. Entertainers like Don Henley, James Taylor and Carole King.

 He came back a decorated war hero from Vietnam, for saving American lives at extreme
 risk to his own. He then took a principled stand against the war, founding Vietnam Vetrans
 Against the War, silencing critics who called the opposition movement unpatriotic.

 A man of bravery, principle and concience, whose moral leadership stands in marked contrast
 to the corporate employee/dissolute scion/play pilot currently squating in the White House.

 Some call him a Massachusetts Liberal, like that's a Bad Thing.
 We still remember Camelot, don't we?


 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 If you work for Dean or Clark and want help punching up a speech, use that address.

From  www.bushorchimp.com

The one on the right can think.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 I have to love a guy who doesn't return MoDo-mouth's phone calls, but I think Gen. Clark is the
 best man of my generation.  I also think Clark may be the only Democrat who can repair our
 alliances abroad.  I really, really want to see Clark debate the unelected deserter on national security issues.

 The Lieberman campaign is weird.
 I would like to know who is backing him and what they hope to gain.

 We had best find out now if Kerry has a nannygate scandal in his closet.
 Or do you think Theresa Heinz does her own housework?

 Margaret C

That bastard,
installing a cross-burner on MLK's birthday.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Kris Kristofferson had it right.  He said, of Clark, "Don't listen to the lying liars.  Listen to him."
Wesley Clark is an amazing speaker saying all the right things most any Democrat would get behind and support.

 My number one issue right now is, how do we fix our standing in the world now that GWB has, in the eyes of the world,
 turned America into a very frightening place.  We need someone with the greatest diplomacy skills - and that someone is Wes Clark.

 We should embrace this godsend of Wes Clark who has a wonderful appeal to both Democrats and Republicans and just
 happens to be right about 99.9% of the time he opens his mouth.  He presents the Democratic view far more eloquently
 than anyone I've ever seen running for higher office.  Thank God for Wes Clark.

 It could be, if we play our cards right, that we follow possibly the most horrific President in our nation's history with
 the very best that this country has yet to produce, in General Clark.

 If he's nominated, and I'm fairly certain he will be, I can't wait til November.


 Timing of SotU speech no accident

  Click  Here

"The winner of the Iowa caucuses on Monday night will have an unexpected competitor
 waiting right around the corner, and he is not one of the Democrats running for president.

 The opponent is President Bush and his State of the Union address, which White House
 officials scheduled for Tuesday night, only 24 hours after Iowa, to draw attention from the
 Democratic victor, a Republican close to the Bush campaign said.

 "Was it planned?" the Republican said. 'Yes. The fact that the Iowa caucus was going to
 be held on a certain date was not unknown to people in the White House.'"

 Just remember the last SotU address was full of lies that killed 503 brave men and women.
 If America had a free press, the people would be reminded of those deadly lies.


"When you sit quietly under the moonlight sky, look up and find the North Star.
  I will be looking at it also, and imagine me next to you, even though we are far apart.
  You can always find me in the star."
     --Sgt. Jaror Puello-Coronado, in his last before dying for Bush's oil hardon  Attribution

 Puello calls her husband a hero, but that hasn't made his death any easier to bear.
 She said she was so angry one day that she went outside and chopped down all the trees in front of the house.

 Damn, that's some sad shit...

HOT! Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!

 Is he Governor Done?
  saw it on   berrysworld.blogspot.com

  Click  Here

 The talking heads are offering a lot of reasons why Dean finished a distant third in Iowa;
 the capture of Saddam, the endorsement of Gore, even his wife's failure to campaign.

 None of them are right.

 The single most important reason Dean was soundly knocked off the front-runner pedestal is 'electability'.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Clark is our best bet.  Think about it folks. Some candidates have energized the liberal base, it's true,
 but beating Bush is going to take someone who inspires more than just us. With a looming repeat of
 the 2000 elections (50/50) we cannot afford to take any chances. Our candidate has to be the one
 who has the best chance of beating Bush, and that is Clark.

 To use the word unelectable on any candidate is silly, yet we need to recognize that Clark is MOST electable.
 There are a hell of a lot of republicans and military families who are ready to dump Bush.
 It will be much easier for them to vote for Clark than Dean.

 Case in point  the anti-Dean commercial in Iowa. Already Dean is portrayed as a nipple piercing liberal
 (the list went for miles actually) who should stay in Vermont with the wackos. Sad thing is that those people
 (ma and pa Iowa) actually exist in large numbers. Those charges just won't stand up against Clark.

 I really really hate the fact that American elections is all show biz, but that's the sad truth, and our candidate
 has to have that show biz appeal to as many Americans as possible. I like all of the democratic candidates
 on the issues, and I think any of them would be a fine president. In the end, it comes down to who will be
 able to get into office in order to forward those issues?

 Bob Hollander

 State of the Union Picture Contest

 The Unelected Monkey used last year's SOTU speech to lie about Saddam's ability to launch.
 We knew he was going to lie, so dozens of people made "He is lying" signs for their TVs.

  Click  Here

 Make a sign that tells the truth about Bush - take a picture of that sign
 while Bush is lying and send the picture to   bartcop@bartcop.com

 Winner gets a free year of membership until the next SOTU address.
 Second place gets six months and three people get third place prizes of 90 days.
 If you're already a member, we'll think of something...

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was 502  ....this issue it's  times 503
From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 I'm voting for General Wes Clark (but NOT ruling out Edwards.)
 He's smart and Bush is not.  Clark can field questions on his own without a script and Bush can't.
 He is diplomatic and willing to consider other options if there is a better one than his own, which Bush is not.
 He has honorably served his country which Bush has not.  He made his way in life on his own which Bush did not.
 He has integrity and good moral character and Bush does not.  He can think for himself and Bush can not.
 He knows what it is like to serve and Bush does not.  I am voting for Clark because I know that he has what it
 takes to unseat the Boy King when it comes down to a one-on-one and toe-to-toe campaign against Bush.

 Dr Cole.

 (He also said a lot of nice things about Edwards.)

 Bush and the Real State of the Union

  Click  Here

 232: Number of American combat deaths in Iraq between May 2003 and January 2004
 501: Number of American servicemen to die in Iraq from the beginning of the war - so far
     0: Number of American combat deaths in Germany after the Nazi surrender to the Allies in May 1945

     0: Number of coffins of dead soldiers returning home from Iraq that Bush has allowed to be photographed
     0: Number of funerals or memorials that Bush has attended for soldiers killed in Iraq
 100: Number of fund-raisers attended by Bush or Cheney in 2003

 ...sons of bitches...

 Monday the 27th, boot insertion into Spiderboy.

 Reminder: Spiderboy - my boot is a size 11 - what size is your ass?

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 I am voting for any combination of Clark and Dean.
 I think the contrast of two people who have had to as a profession decide
 in different ways who lives and who dies, yet has done this with nobility;
 rather than the bloodthirstiness of the BFEE is one reason to support these
 two fellows in either order. I would call on them to set aside any differences
 and work for their country. I will and would call on them to do this.



 "I think there are a lot of people that don't want to endorse a lifestyle contrary to their personal values,
  but they want to be tolerant and quite frankly they don't like being put in a position where they look to
  be intolerant. The president hasn't been hesitant at all in saying he thinks marriage is between a man
  and a woman, period. Questioning whether you need a constitutional amendment is another matter."
     --Ed Goeas, a Republican pollster, helping Bush straddle the fence between religious insanity and getting elected

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your voice on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Dean for prez!!--Still!!!
 Ok, so Dr. Dean came in third in Iowa.  Big Deal.

 Hi there, Bart!!  Long time reader, first time writer, here.
 I want to tell you why I think that Dr. Dean should be the next prez.
 He's smart, he's smooth, and he's angry!!!  Yes, and I am angry too!!

 I'm angry that America has changed into "Amerika"; I'm angry that since 2000
 this has become a banana republic and a dictatorship.  This is no longer the country
 that my father--dead now for many years-- fought for during WWII.

 Personally, I'd rather support and vote for a man with "balls" and some fire in his belly,
 thaen some soft spoken wuss, who as you've pointed out time and again, in your excellent
 website-- (by the way, you'rs is the first "page" I go to, everyday--Sorry, I can't support you
 --but I'm out of work, and on top of that--they raised the gas prices here in CO, 75%!!!

 Have you tried living in a house that's 47 (and less) degrees, everyday?
 Believe me, you get awfully cold!!!  Thank you, Mr. Bush!!!)--Sorry, I got off track.

 Anyway, I'd rather support somebody who tells it like it really is, with no apologies,
 then some eunench who wears a tutu!!  (Thank God, Gephardt has dropped out.)
 Clark may be the man who ultimately wins the whole thing-- (Personally, I think if Kerry,
 et al, even come close, you can kiss this country good-bye--but that's just me--)
 still, I want a MAN, not a gelding!!    (God, I really miss Mr. Clinton!!!)


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"It's been like Christmas Eve all weekend. I just haven't been able to wait.
  I couldn't sleep last night. I got up at five o'clock this morning and couldn't go
  back to sleep because today is the Hawkeye Cauci. Oh!   I can't contain myself!"
   -- The vulgar junkie, repeating himself a hundred times per show

 Years ago, somebody told Rush the plural of caucus was cauci.
 He thought Hawkeye Cauci was the greatest play on words ever invented,
 so he's been saying it twice a minute for weeks.

 I've said many times, I can listen to almost anything Rush dishes out, but when he repeats
 the same goffy-ass "pun" again and again and again and again and again and again and again
 - twice a minute for three hours, I just can't take it and I have to turn the radio off.

 If I give him a few more days, he'll finally stop saying thast twice a minute,
 ...I hope,
 and then I can begin listening to him again.

 Rush is the most difficult Nazi to beatdown because he never says anything.
 You have to listen (and record) for hours before he actually says anything.
 He spends so much time verbally masturbating himself and it's difficult to
 grab a soundbite that actually has nouns and verbs.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Clark is the man. Clark will be the next president.
 He's got brains, balls and stature, like a democrat version of John Wayne.

 He has leader written all over him. He is not afraid of anybody.
 Dean, or Kerry by contrast are a little mealy mouth.
 I think Clark will kick anybody's ass.
 I can't wait for a Bush/Clark debate.

 Rick Illes

 Last night on Jon Stewart, he played a clip of Michael Moore who was very excited
 about the possibility of a Clark-Monkey debate. Moore kept saying, "I want to see that!"
 But dammit, Jon cut the tape off right before Moore said, "I want to see the deserter
 in a debate with the General."

 I would've enjoyed hearing that, and I would damn enjoy seeing that debate.

 We have a new address for advertisers - ads@bartcop.com

 Please send all  advertising  e-mails to ads@bartcop.com  and please,
 with every e-mail, send your name and URL and banner unless it's already been run..


"Dean is denying saying something in a magazine when he did.
  Steve Doocy asked him about it today and Dean accused him of making it up.
  It's right there in People magazine!"
    --the vulgar junkie, going on record saying if you see it in print - it's true, so if I publish
     the vulgar-junkie is a child-molesting pervert/scumbag, it must be true.

       Hey - it's right there on bartcop.com - how can you deny it, Rush?

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 I'm voting for the General because he knows precisely what is at stake.
 He took a look at the other clowns for President and figured they weren't man enough
 for what is turning out to be the most important mission any Democrat will ever undertake.
 He stepped in like a True Patriot without regard to personal welfare, just like when he stepped into Vietnam.

 Plus, he's Rhodes Scholar smart, from the South, and has a tangible sense of humor to boot.
 Why aren't you supporting this guy?

 This isn't the election to install any particular platform, program, or policy.
 This is about removing an insane bloodthirsty killer from the most powerful position in the world.
 The General has recognized this great danger and will be taking a lot of hits for Freedom and Democracy.

 It's the least we can do to back him up.

 John Paul

 John, I am a Clark supporter, but I'm trying to show respect for the opinions of others.

 I was couseled by everyone to not endorse a candidate until one gets the nomination,
 but there's no way I can provide nine, eight, seven candidates with a level playing field.
 For me not to endorse Clark publicly would be akin to lying.

 Besides promising to beat the shit out of Bush, he's called Karl Rove out.
 Clark is itching for this fight - and he's been in big fights, before.

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