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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster

 Shocking shocker in Iowa
 Kerry beats Dean by 20 points, Edwards wins second place

 Dick Gephardt says he's pulling out tomorrow.
 Dean was on Larry King and Hardballs looking totally shell-shocked.

 What they said in the chat room:

 <JoeBacon> Well, I am really amazed at Edwards
 <tresec> That appearance the other day with the vietnam vet was incredibly moving...that may have put him over.
 <bart> Dean got hurt reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal bad tonight
 <tresec> Dean isn't dead.......but he is slowly bleeding.
 <Leila> I don't think Dean is really bleeding

 <Joeve> Gep deserves it, the gutless whiner
 <tresec> Lieberman is going to be bitchslapped rather badly.
 <Leila> You gotta admit Lieberman is a uniter...he unites democrats against him
 <bart> Maybe Iowa was saying, "We don't like your war" to Gephardt
 <Leila> Dole and Carville...possibly the two most sensible people on CNN tonight

 <Cornbread> Kerry is a shocker.  I gave him up for dead a coupla weeks ago
 <Joeve> southerners today won't vote for anyone who isn't their kind
 <tresec> God, I must be losing it;  even Joe Scarborough is making sense tonight.
 <JoeBacon> Damn, Clark sounds Great on Larry Thing
 <treehugger> Need to clean up the field

 <Pisces> Clark: "I am not a deserter. And I am not a divider."
 <Pisces> Why can't the Dem candidate say in the debate with Bush: "You sir, are a moron."
 <Leila> I'd love to see that, Pisces
 <Pisces> What is up with americans? "That other candidate is too intelligent, I'm gonna vote for Bush"
 <JoeBacon> I wonder if Gore's endorsement hurt Dean?

 <intoxicus> Clark is gonna slap ole' Dean around in NH
 <intoxicus> Where are Gephardt's supporters going to go? Thoughts?
 <tresec> I think Gephardt will probably throw his support behind Edwards.  But who knows.
 <Fud> screw gephart he didn't show up for 90% of the time for votes and gets paid well by taxpayers for doing shit

 To make room for the extra, some of this issue was put on the bonus-page

 Note: 5 days till the big Vegas Pokerfest

  Pokerfest Update - new location

from Bruce Yurgil - the King

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  In Today's Treehouse...
U.S. Seeks U.N. Help in Iraq
Moore Questions the Deserter 
Political Rallies End in Brawl
Smokin' Joe's Journal
Cheney & Scalia go way back
Clark's sweater on eBay
Martin Luther King Day
Ron Silver turns Uber-Nazi
CNN Poll: Bush is better


Quote of the Day

"Iraq likely maintains stockpiles of VX, mustard 
  and other chemical agents and has made several 
  attempts to buy high-strength aluminum tubes 
  used to enrich uranium for a nuclear weapon." 
    -- Dubya, lying at last year's SotU Speech Attribution

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  Mon-Tues,   January 19-20, 2004


"Again, I call on the Senate to stop playing politics with the American
  judicial system and to give my nominees the up-or-down votes they deserve."
    --Braindead, announcing his unconfirmed appointment of cross-burning Charles Pickering to the federal appeals bench,

  That's Pickering on the left and Scalia on the right.
  Bush wears red because of his economic policies.

"So I see that President Bush has installed Charles Pickering on the 5th Circuit Court via a recess appointment.
  Pickering, of course, has been filibustered by Democrats largely because of his lamentable record on civil rights.
  But why do it today? After all, Congress has been in recess for over a month. Let's see: last year Bush decided to
  celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday by announcing his opposition to affirmative action at Michigan University.
  This year he decided to appoint a judge universally reviled by civil rights groups. Quite a coincidence, isn't it?"
    --Posted by Kevin Drum, Attribution

 No, it's not a coincidence.
 Bush attacks blacks on MLK day to send a sigtnal to his white-power base.
 He knows the Democrats and the press will let him slide on this, so he does what he wants.

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 Political Rallies End in Brawl

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 Two political rallies turned into a brawl Saturday night in Des Moines.

 A Democratic rally at Drake's Olmstead Center, urged young Iowans to get out and vote.
 It was targeted toward high school and college students. A group known for not voting.
 The rally featured comedian Jeanane Garafalo and classic rock star Joan Jett, but it got a
 surprise visit from some unwanted guests.

  Subject: When Clark came to Oklahoma 11/29/03
    by a pillar named Eddy

  Click  Here

 There was another question or two, which Clark used to emphasize the Commander-in-Thief's penchant for
 using troops for his own purposes while failing to actually provide material support for them or their families.
 Then, a woman asked if Clark would support federal funding for stem cell research "so my brother could
 get out of his wheelchair".  Clark knocked that softball--which reminded attendees of the costs, to real people,
 of turning health decisions over to anti-abortion activists--out of the park with a quick "YES".

 After the applause died down, he clearly wanted to say more.  He paused a moment, as if searching for the
 right word, and then fairly blurted out, "This administration is ANTI-SCIENCE!"

 Note: If you'd like to say who you're voting for and explain why, send it to  bartcop@bartcop.com

 A couple of rules:
Send plain text only - no html or crazy fonts or colors.
I underlined for because I don't care which candidates you hate. (but Lieberman-bashing is OK :)
Make it short, 2-3 paragraphs, and write it yourself - don't copy and paste.
Last thing - please say something. Don't say, "He's the man" or "He's the perfect candidate,"
     If you're good, you might even change a fence-sitter's mind.

 I'm new to "sundogs," but Neil has some pictures on his page.


  See more at  http://internets-future.com/winter3.htm

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 "After rising in public support following the capture of Saddam, the President gives his State of the Union
  message tomorrow night with a decidedly less positive audience. His approval rating of 50% matches his
  lowest approval ratings ever, and the largest number ever - 45% - disapprove...Overall, most Americans
  say things in the country are worse now than they were five years ago. Fifty-seven percent say things are
  worse, while 21% say they're better."  --CBS News Poll, Attribution

 I wish that was true, but it's the opposite of what the CNN polls told us.
 Too bad there's no polling system or major media outlet we can trust to tell us the truth.

 We're going to have a candidate on March 2, after primaries
 in Texas, California, New York, Ohio and Massachusetts.

 A Newt Gingrich moment

  Click  Here

 When George W. Bush appointed segregationist Charles Pickering to a federal appeals court
 just one day after laying a wreath at the grave of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., he presented the
 Democratic Party with a golden opportunity to rectify the mistake that was so costly two years ago.
 The Democrats lost the 2002 congressional elections in large part because they neglected the
 concerns of black voters who are essential to the party's success. On June 30, 2002,
 MakeThemAccountable warned that, despite public opinion polls showing the Democrats
 were ahead, the fall campaign was shaping up to be a disaster:

 Who gets it? 
  by Paul Krugman, a non-whore at the NYWhore Times

  Click  Here

 ...some have said that the intense scrutiny of Mr. Dean's Vermont record is what every
 governor who runs for president faces. No, it isn't. I've looked at press coverage of questions
 surrounding Mr. Bush's tenure in Austin, like the investment of state university funds with
 Republican donors; he got a free pass during the 2000 campaign

 Bush has gotten a free pass since birth.
 He's never once been in anything that wasn't pre-fixed up-front.


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Groups See Conflict With Cheney, Scalia

  Click  Here

 Government watchdogs are raising concerns about a potential conflict of interest for
 Justice Antonin Scalia (R-Rapes Constitution) because he had dinner and went on a
 hunting trip with Dick Cheney while the Supreme Court was involved in a case about
 the vice president's energy task force.

 Scalia and Cheney, longtime friends, had dinner at a restaurant in Maryland in November,
 two months after Bush asked the justices to overrule a lower court's decision requiring
 White House to identify task force members.

 The men went duck hunting in Louisiana this month, not long after the court agreed to hear the case. .

 I first became suspicious when Scalia installed his good friend Dick in the White House
 after stopping the vote counting and peeing on the wishes of the majority of Florida voters.

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 Subject: O'Reilly beatdown

 Got the CD's yesterday and listened to you bitchslap the shit outa O'Reilly!!
 It was great!!

 Thanks, Bart!!


 Clark's sweater on eBay
 Bidding was at $12,000 Monday morning


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 Hey, Maureen Dowd, suck on that.

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 The Russians are slamming forward, the Brits and Americans are slamming
 their collective heads against the German Gustav lines in Italy, the Marines
 are slamming the Japanese, the RAF and USAAF are slamming German cities.
 Next installment we get Anzio.

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 O'Neill Tells All, And It's Not Pretty
  by Joe Conason

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 The White House believes that massive deficits don't matter.
 The White House serves the narrow interests of the wealthiest few.
 The White House diligently heeds oil men and coal operators.
 The White House willfully ignores scientists and environmentalists.
 The President and his advisers care about politics rather than policy.
 The President and his advisers prefer scripted consensus to candid debate.
 The President and his advisers jump at the command of corporate donors.
 The President won't read any document longer than three pages.
 The President can't discuss substantive policy issues.
 The Vice President is in charge.

 Few of those statements are likely to surprise Americans who have
 been paying attention to their government for the past three years.



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 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 If you work for Dean or Clark and want help punching up a speech, use that address.

From  www.bushorchimp.com

 Subject: Barry Crimmins rant

 Hi Bart, Just listening to show #24 and heard Barry Crimmin's rant. It was great.
 I tried to follow your advice to write him & comment, but, apparently
 spammers have gummed up his guestbook.

 Assuming you have some other way of contacting him,
 I'll ask you to please send him my admiring regards.

 Keep it up.

 Ralph, you can write to barry at  crimquips@barrycrimmins.com

  Martin Luther King Day
   by Rude Rich     01-18-03

  Click  Here

 McGovern endorses Clark
  General donates much-maligned sweater to veterans shelter

 Clark flipped a few pancakes at the event, wearing an apron
 bearing the slogan, "Wes Clark: Rhodes scholar, Supreme Allied
 Commander, Master of the Short Stack and 4-Star General.

  Click  Here

 "I am here to endorse with all my heart and strength - General Wes Clark,"
 the war hero from South Dakota told about 500 people gathered at a pancake breakfast.

 McGovern said it was "important" for Democrats to "recover" the White House from
 President Bush, a son of a biutch who enjoys killing things and people.


"[The latest] terrorist bombing in Baghdad ... is an outrage - another clear indication of the murderous and
  cynical intent of terrorists to undermine freedom, democracy and progress in Iraq. They will not succeed."
   -- Paul Bremer, B.F.E.E. puppet in charge of stealing Iraq  Attribution

 Paul, they've already succeeded.
 Bush is begging the UN to take over so we can pull out of completely-raped Iraq so he can campaign.

They murdered him for telling his people
they didn't have to be slaves anymore.

  A matter of decency
   by Gene Lyons  January 14, 2004

  Click  Here

 Well, Cal Thomas could. The conservative columnist recently questioned
 Dean's religious faith on the grounds that his wife, Dr. Judith Steinberg,
 is Jewish. Marrying her, Thomas opined, was "strange at best,
 considering the two faiths take a distinctly different view of Jesus."

 In a world where Slappy Thomas married a white girl and Mary Matalin
 married James Carville, why are they picking on Dean for marrying a Jew?

 When did Ron Silver turn Uber-Nazi?

 I guess he was just playing a role on West Wing when he asked why the Democrats
 have been reduced to cowering in the corner, begging, "Please don't hurt me."

 On Bill Maher's show Friday night, he was so pro-war he wanted to strangle Rev Al.
 He's so extra, extra, extra into this senseless and endless bloodbath in Iraq.

 Geez, he made Dennis Miller and James Woods seem reasonable.
 Darrel Issa was on, and Silver made him look reasonable, too.

    War is great
   and so is Bush.

 I'm so old, I remember when Hollywood was full of lefties, but Bush has convinced many of them
 that he's on a divine mission from God and that means fake wars, real murders and tax cuts for the stars.

 Return:  State of the Union Picture Contest

 The Unelected Monkey used last year's SOTU speech to lie about Saddam's ability to launch.
 We knew he was going to lie, so dozens of people made "He is lying" signs for their TVs.

  Click  Here

 Make a sign that tells the truth about Bush - take a picture of that sign
 while Bush is lying and send the picture to   bartcop@bartcop.com

 Winner gets a free year of membership until the next SOTU address.
 Second place gets six months and three people get third place prizes of 90 days.
 If you're already a member, we'll think of something...

 Hurry - the  speech  pack of lies is tomorrow night.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was 502  ....this issue it's  times 503
From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Another thought about the SotU speech...

 Count how many times the Democrats leap to their feet and applaud this fraud.

 Whenever Clinton spoke, the Nazi bastards sat there like frozen statues, but our side
 has this super-sickening desire to "play fair" and Karl Rove knows all about it.

 Rove will order the cameramen to sweep the Democrats when they're worshipping Bush
 to show the country that "even the Democrats know Bush is our greatest leader."

 If  bartcop.com  had more power, we'd punish the idiot Democrats who applaud this fraud.

 If the Democrats had any brains or any balls... (should I even bother to finish this sentence?)
 they would walk out en masse the first time Bush says we were right to kill 500 brave soldiers for
 his always-phoney hunt for weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist in Iraq - but we're afraid
 it might anger Mr. Rove, so our pink tutus will applaud this fraud instead of walking out during his speech.

 How did I get in the party of gutless geldings?

 Musings from the Heartland
   by  Richard L. Fricker

  Click  Here

 But remember, Starr, Sentelle, Thomas, Scalia and the rest of the neo-con fascist trash
 were appalled that Clinton lied about sex. One does wonder that these people would know
 about actual sex.  We know their wives have sex, sometimes, we just don't know with who,
 sorry is it whom? Neo-con women have been known to jump the fence for some mighty fine
 liberal naked naughty. Back in college the neo-con boys talked about getting U.S. out of the
 U.N. while their women worked toward getting U.N.

 As we know it's not nice to talk about the sexual predilections of others, right Mr. Starr?

 CNN poll

 Were you better off with Clinton's peace and prosperity
 or do you prefer Bush's war, death, terrorism and recession?

Bush's war, death, terrorism and recession  50 %

Clinton's peace and prosperity                     40 %

Can't figure out what "better off" means      10 %

 This is why we're in trouble come November.

 This country is going to do whatever the Bush media tells them to do.

 They will vote to give Bill Gates another tax break - even if they don't have a f-ing job.
 They will back this mental midget when he invades another country for no f-ing reason.
 They believe Bush is a Godly rancher who is smart and well-read - another Churchill.

 I need a drink.



 'Pippi Tupac' left last night

 4 guys called today looking for 'Special K' - gave them her dad's phone number.
 She's bought into the whole manufactured thug/rap thing & the small town wannabes were no longer cutting it.
 Tried to explain 'reality' vs. 'p.r.,' to no avail.

 It wasn't that she behaved like a common street walker.
 She'd walk down to the main drag of this part of the world & walk like a marionette with a string through her tits.
 When low-lives would respond in what she perceived to be a postive manner (i.e. horn-honking, cat-calls & lewd whistles),
 then pull over, she'd 'chat them up' - and if they seemed 'cool' to her, gave them my phone number and/or address.
 She prefers men with do-rags, tattoos & piercings.

 It wasn't her grammar was that of an inbred idiot - 'don't got none' would have been refreshing.
 She spent hours a day on the phone, mostly with her boyfriend back in PA - but also with her mom, her dad
 & pretty much anyone else she could remember the phone number of.  She initially claimed that she had a phone card.

 Guess what?
 Jeez.  I'm gonna have to find a paying job or cut way back on groceries for a while.
 The phrase 'thank you' never crossed her lips once.
 She never looked for a job, or into any schooling.

 Cripes, my dad would pay for anything closely resembling an education for his only granddaughter.
 But, she thinks there's a loophole just around the bend, so who needs to do anything but float like a turd?

 ha ha

 It's hardly a commendable lifestyle, but quite acceptable if your only hopes are to have indoor plumbing
 and an income that keeps you below the minimum to file a 1040 form.

 So far, my husband has taken it like a martyr.
 And that's not a good thing, coming from a Methodist.

 The first day she was here we went to collect my son from school.
 The kids made lots of comments the next day - mostly cruel, blunt & based in reality.
 But, talk about timing...
 That next day, my son's class had their 'DARE graduation.'

 That night, at dinner, Krista confessed her 2 cocaine (yes, crack) and heroin addled years - all while serving
 on the DARE committee at school.   From the land of where Bambi is called venison, considered good mighty
 good eating  (and a way to get back at 'the man'), she's too young to write off.

 But at the moment....

 Ernestine Borgnine

 Damn, that was funny.
 If you had a web page, I'd enjoy linking to it.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your voice on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Subject: Show #24 a total smash!!  Woot Woo!!


 I am soooo relieved to hear BartCop Radio "On the air," once again.
 Allelujia to the Almighty Koresh for Show #24 - Brother, you had the fire in your belly,
 and Tommy Mack was right on with his commentary in your discussion session.

 It's one serious red letter day!
 Bart, as a dedicated supporter, I can tell you that your quality has improved 1042% since show #1
 (heck, since show #12). Keep massaging that format - the audience likes consistency
 (I'm a marketing agent, after all), but sometimes, your fire trumps that marketing BS.

 Consider a Bart or Poker Fest in Memphis.
 I'll do my best to roll out the red carpet for you and ours.

 My Paypal loving will not stop until MY flow is cut off.  The hammer must swing.
 Your commitment to the truth is too valuable to me and dozens of others (over 2200 registered
 forum members at last count). I only wish I could do more   Maybe some day, brother Bart.

 Yours in Democracy,

  Subscribe today!


 Subject: bin

 Dear Bartcop,

 This is my first time actually writing to you, but I check your site several times a week and passionately adore it.
 I don't know if (and I doubt that) any of my friends have attempted contact as of yet, but I figure it's worth a shot
 that you'll actually open this piece of zeroes and ones and read it.

 My name's Paige. I'm fifteen years old. I live in Normal, IL, a town of passionate bible-thumpers and blatant Republicans.
 The lesson plans at my high school almost singularly consist of the teachers spewing out garbage from the Fox News dumpster
 and trying to connect it somehow to pronouns. My best friends Erik and Kiri readily and wholeheartedly welcome anyone into
 our "Masterpieces of Lit" class if they can look at and correctly pronounce the word "anguish" (or, even better, not singularly
 refer to Oedipus as "that O guy").

 Don't get me wrong. We (we being the seven "freakish" theatre/writing nerds who can correctly pronounce "anguish" and
 refer to Oedipus by his proper namesake) love Normal, or love hating it at the very least. The town's horrifically self-confident
 idiocy gives us much more incentive to watch the news everyday, to read the newspaper, to read as much as possible, period,
 and to look for what we can't find stacked on the shelves of a Wal-Mart Supercenter. That being said, I would deeply appreciate
 and be honored if you were to pay a visit to our website Pardon Your Stupidity (the name of which is a direct retaliation to the
 extremely right-wing site Pardon My English, in which we first began our now refined art of opinion-spamming people's "comments"
 buttons). It would really be wonderful if we could know our views were, for once, being heard and respected, even if it was by
 someone like us. We are not stupid teeny-boppers trying to rebel against whatever's popular that week, and we're getting really
 sick of a place that treats us like we are. Anyways, the website is www.pardonyourstupidity.blogspot.com (we're working on
 getting a real domain name; another disadvantage of adolescence is the general state of Poor).

 Thanks for the time, and keep on bartcoppin'.
 You talk and people listen; even if you don't reply or visit Pardon Your Stupidity,
 I'll still be tuned into Bartcop. Every week, rain or shine or Dubya B.
 Signed and sealed with love and squalor,
 Paige Osburn

 Paige, nice page.
 If I had your brains at 15, I'd own Oklahoma now.
 One suggestion: Color has sex appeal.
 I know you're too young to be into that yet, but color is your friend.
 Those gray links might be dificult for old people to see :)

 Joe Conason's Journal
 There's no doubt that Halliburton considers Mars to be a potential moneymaker
  -- it's profited from the space program from the very beginning.

  Click  Here

 In other words, NASA would pay Halliburton and other firms billions of dollars to perform research
 and development on Mars-bound technologies that they would use for profitable exploration on this planet.
 No doubt those scientific advances would be useful here long before anybody lands on Mars.

 We have a new address for advertisers - ads@bartcop.com

 Please send all  advertising  e-mails to ads@bartcop.com  and please,
 with every e-mail, send your name and URL and banner unless it's already been run..

 Subject: Show 24: great! Especially Mr. Blackwell!

 Bart, part 3 of Show 24 was terrific. Back on the old SCTV show, Dave Thomas
 (as the critic Bill Needle) supposedly called Mr. Blackwell and said, "Have you
 looked at the way you dress? You look like the head waiter at Stuckey's!"

 And your comparison with Maureen Dowd is perfect. Perhaps we should start
 calling her "Mrs. Blackwell." After all, just like her male counterpart, she's mostly
 interested in getting attention.

 So Tommy Mack and you are in different cities! The wonders of the Internet
 constantly astound me.   You're probably old enough to remember Chet Huntley
 (in New York) and David Brinkley (in Washington).

 "I'm proud to be an American...Please squat over the device!" should be the Bartcop slogan.
 (Give Barry Crimins a royalty for its use.) Put it on a T-shirt with Monkey Boy holding a gun
 on a lowly citizen, and a threatening-looking "device" "erect"-ed on the ground.

 Tom R

 For the non-subscribers, Barry Crimmins (D-Pro) sometimes sends us some comedy via the Bart-phone.
 He did a thing about Dick Clark's New Years Eve in Times Square where, he said,
"We heard the entire spectrum of patriotic songs ranging from Toby Keith to Lee Greenwood."

 And I knew that "Please squat over the device," would be a classic the first time I heard it.

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