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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bush, Blair, Nobel Peace Prize?
Otter's inquiry into Hutton
Kids hack Diebold machines 
America is not safer
Rush begs for mercy
Florida AG blocks Rush probe?
Female GIs report rapes
Bush's war stories don't fly 
Castro: Bush plotting to kill me


Quote of the Day

"I am not a politician, I am a leader.
  If you want a doctor, vote for a doctor. 
  If you want a lawyer, vote for a lawyer.
  If you want a leader, vote for me," 
      --Wes Clark, Attribution

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Volume 1245 -  Refusing to blink

  Superbowl  Weekend     Jan 31-Feb 1, 2004


"It is self-evident that George Bush, who should have been buried under a glacier of scandal
  and criminality within months of entering the White House, enjoys the full-time protection of
  the corporate press. Their institutional intention is to elect him again. Media apologists offer
  fictions about press vs. power, when in reality corporate media = corporate power, just as
  Bush = corporate power. The Democrats are not part of this equation."
     --The Black Commentator,  The Awesome Destructive Power of the Corp Power Media

 Bush, Blair to win Nobel Peace Prize?
  You can't get any sicker than that

  Click  Here

 Bush and Blair definitely still deserve it," said Jan Simonsen, a right-wing independent member
 of Norway's parliament who nominated the two for the 2004 prize shortly after Saddam was toppled.

"Even though they haven't found WMDs, they got rid of a dictator and made the world more safe,"
 he told Reuters with a straight face Friday. "They got rid of a madman."


"Listen, government has got plenty of money..."
    -- He was never elected   Attribution

 Otter's inquiry into Hutton 

  Click  Here

 As for absolving Blair and, by proxy, Bush of blame for lying; that is hardly what this Shrewsbury School
 former pupil has done. The Hutton report doesn't deny that the claims made to get us to invade Iraq were
 lies. Trying to follow his purposely Byzantine and misleading logic, it seems he found insufficient evidence
 to show that Tony Blair personally made up those lies.

 The obvious internal inconsistencies of the Hutton report are being ignored by the US press.
 They are instead regurgitating the sound bites provided by the Republican myth makers.


"Let me give you some statistics. I worked for Bill Clinton in 1992 and
  I looked this up on Nexis.  There were 13,641 stories about Bill Clinton 'dodging the draft'
  and there were 49 stories about Bush and the National Guard."
     --Paul Begala,    Attribution

 That's what happened when you don't have a free press.
 Yes, Clinton tried his best to avoid a war he didn't think America should be in, but Bush
 signed a contract with America and then left his post for a year to get drunk and do cocaine.

 ...and the military loves him for that.

 Subject: Coulter fails to slime Kerry

 Coulter writes: "Kerry's life experience consists of living off other
 men's money by marrying their wives and daughters".

 To begin with, that's pretty misleading. Like George Washington, Kerry is a war hero
 who married a rich widow with a taste for classy guys-- and not someone else's wife,
 the way Jeb Bush just did. (Apparently Coulter thinks that Theresa Heinz should have
 remained alone forever, the way Coulter probably will).

 But here's my main point: what's this shit about "marrying other men's daughters?"

 What other options are there?

 ha ha

 Saw it on Seeing the Forest

 High school kids hack Diebold voting machines
  If kids can do it, Bush's CIA can do it, right?

  Click  Here

 One guy picked the locks protecting the internal printers and memory cards. Another figured out
 how to vote more than once - and get away with it. Still another launched a dial-up attack, using his
 modem to slither through an electronic hole in the State Board of Elections software. Once inside,
 he could easily change vote totals that come in on Election Day.

 Subject: Skull and Bones

 Bart O'Cop -

 As you know, I've been very concerned about John Kerry being a Skull.
 Maybe everybody knows this but me but, according to Eric Blumrich,
 Kerry left the Skulls before going to Viet Nam.

 This actually makes me like him more, because - if true - it demonstrates a
 willingness on Kerry's part to see things as they are and to change, even when
 those changes require repudiating the "sacred" institutions of an earlier perspective.

 So I am no longer concerned about Kerry, though I still very strongly support
 Wes Clark for the nomination.


 Bob, as recently as last year, Kerry was still keeping their secrets.
 I saw the clip, they asked about Skull and Bones and he said,
"It's a secret organization, I can't talk about it."

 I get the felling you "leave" the Skulls like you leave the CIA and the mob.

 Kerry - an Unexpected Powerhouse

  Click  Here

"If Karl Rove thinks he can take down John Kerry the way his mentor,
 Lee Atwater, took down Michael Dukakis, he's got another thing coming."

 The Kerry who delivered that victory speech in Manchester on Tuesday night was the most effective
 Democratic politico since the fall of Bill Clinton. Within his first two minutes at the microphone, Kerry
 had delivered a stinging populist attack on the president and managed to identify himself with his
 Vietnam vet comrades who surrounded him onstage."

 TV Note

 If you're not into a 40-hour pre-game run up to the SuperBowl,
 NBC is hosting the best two hours of the World Poker Tour ever.

 Watch "Gatlin Gun" Gus Hansen win everything at the Bellagio.
 This is a repeat, I've seen it, and it doesn't get any better than this.

 If you want to see the best poker ever played,
 (even more skillful than the magic seen at Vegas Pokerfest 2004)
 watch this and see a man bet $300,000 with nothing in his hand.

 America is not safer

 Its interesting to listen to Bush claim that we are fighting a war on terror when he fails to mention Osama bin Laden.
 Today is 871 days since 9-11 and it would appear that he got away with it. He is free and America is not free.
 We no longer seem to be investigating the Anthrax attack either.

 The war on terror is a sham if we do not pursue those who actually did it. A victory over a fake enemy from a war
 that was a fraud does not make America safer or more secure. We are living a lie. I say its time to face reality as it really is.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

 Note: If you'd like to say who you're voting for and explain why, send it to  bartcop@bartcop.com

 A couple of rules:
Send plain text only - no html or crazy fonts or colors.
Make it short, 2-3 paragraphs, and write it yourself - don't copy and paste.

Marty's Entertainment Page


"We feel deceived -- by the CIA, which overestimated the threat, and by the White House,
  which probably stretched the bad estimates to build a case for war. If Bush had found other
  strategic or humanitarian reasons for the war, "he should have argued the case on that basis,"
     -- Editorial page, the Dallas Morning Whore  Attribution (same for all)

"While intelligence was faulty, the evidence also seems overwhelming that the Bush administration
  pushed existing evidence well beyond its breaking point, exaggerating threats and claiming specific
  knowledge of Iraqi WMD where in reality no such knowledge existed."
    -- Editorial page, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

 "Was the administration misled, or did it twist what it was told to justify taking down Hussein?
   A full accounting is due."
    -- Editorial page, The Detroit Free (sic) Press

"President Bush should acknowledge two harsh truths: that the intelligence was completely wrong
  and that administration hawks tried to politicize intelligence."
   -- The Boston Globe

"Kay's conclusion destroys the remaining credibility of this administration's argument
  for an immediate, pre-emptive war."
   -- The Philadelphia Inquirer

 Strange - why are they saying something against the wishes of their master?

 Meanwhile, Bush says there's no need for an investigation.

                           ...and neither do we!!!

 Rush begs for mercy

 Rush Limbaugh wants us to tell the Palm Beach Florida Attorneys' office what we think
 of his Oxycontin abuse. Drus laws suck, but laws are laws and the super-rich white Republicans
 should have to pay for their crimes just like poor blacl people.

 Pigboy has been screaming "Jail them and throw away the key" - until he got caught.
 Rush has provided a link to the works-for-Jeb DA's office.

 If Tommy Chong has do do time for possessing plastic piping, Rush should get the chair
 for buying up to 100,000 synthetic heroin pills from his slave/housekeeper

 Do you have an opinion the Florida DA's should know about?


 The State of the Union Address
   by Rev Neil Colton

  Click  Here

 President Bush Said...
"And one of those essential tools is the Patriot Act, which allows federal law
 enforcement to better share information, to track terrorists,.."

 The Truth...
 The Patriot Act is the most un-Constitutional law that has ever passed through our Congress.
 Based on the wording of The United States Constitution, The Patriot Act is not a law. You see,
 our Constitution was worded the way it was, to prevent laws like the Patriot Act and controlling
 Administrations, like the Bush Administration.  Anyone who has read our Constitution and can
 understand what they read knows that.  Anyone who is in the White House and Congress that
 doesn't understand that the Patriot Act is un-Constitutional, shouldn't be part of American
 Government. The men who wrote and the men who are trying to enforce the Patriot Act as law,
 are all guilty of  high crimes against America.


"Tony Blair has been sprayed with more whitewash than a Costa Brava timeshare"
    -- British conservative legislator Boris Johnson,  Half Britons say Hutton was "whitewash",

 In full voice against Bush
    by Sid Blumenthal

  Click  Here

"For the first time, the United States is hearing sustained criticism of its president and,
 though the Democratic presidential primaries have been going less than two weeks, the effect
 has been immediate. Bush was already rattled and preoccupied with his suddenly full-throated
 opposition even before the Iowa vote. He scheduled his state of the union address to follow it
 by a day, and it was the most poorly rated in modern times. By last weekend, his approval had
 fallen below 50% in a Newsweek poll and he was three points behind Senator John Kerry.

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 Florida AG blocking Rush probe?

  Click  Here

"State Attorney Barry Krischer on Thursday accused Attorney General Charlie Crist's office
 of trying to impede the Rush Limbaugh prescription fraud investigation for political reasons.

 Krischer expected Crist's office to file the state's response to Limbaugh's appeal of a decision
 to unseal his medical records in the prescription fraud case. Crist's office pulled out of the appeal
 one hour before a Jan. 12 deadline imposed by the appeals court, said Mike Edmondson,
 a spokesman for Krischer's office.

"We obviously think that was to put us into a position so we could not respond," Edmondson said.
 A prosecutor from Krischer's office was able to file the brief in time."

 Remember when Paula Jones had a no proof accusation against the leader of the free world?
 The GOP kept screaming, "No man is above the law," which didn't ecen apply. But when their God
 gets caught with heroin, he's above the drug laws of Florida, like Jeb's drug-addicted daughter.

 Where's the Apology? 
    by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

"George Bush promised to bring honor and integrity back to the White House.
 Instead, he got rid of accountability. Surely even supporters of the Iraq war must
 be dismayed by the administration's reaction to David Kay's recent statements.
 Iraq, he now admits, didn't have W.M.D., or even active programs to produce such weapons...

 So where are the apologies? Where are the resignations? Where is the investigation
 of this intelligence debacle? All we have is bluster from Dick Cheney, evasive
 W.M.D.-related-program-activity language from Mr. Bush - and a determined
 effort to prevent an independent inquiry."

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"Last  week, David Kay finally admitted, openly, publicly, what the sane world has long known:
  that Iraq had no WMDs before the war. Thus we come to this unavoidable conclusion: The Bush Regime
  launched a war of aggression on the basis of evidence that had to be, by its very nature, insubstantial,
  insufficient, false. That's the only kind of evidence they could have had. What does this mean? It means
  they have killed hundreds, perhaps thousands of children -- blown them to pieces, shot them, crushed them,
  terrorized them, rendered them into hunks of rotting meat -- in an act of moral insanity no different than that
  of a nutball in Lawrence, Kansas, shooting up a day-care center to "protect" himself from imaginary threats."
       --Chris Floyd,    Attribution

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 Bush's War Stories Simply Don't Fly
  by Smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Mr. Bush's claim that he "continued flying with my unit for the next several years"
 is an unabashed falsehood. Yet the spotty coverage of his military record in the
 mainstream press - aside from the Globe investigation and similar efforts in the
 Dallas Morning News and the Los Angeles Times - elided that lie. Compare his
 soft treatment with the media scourging of Bill Clinton, who was held accountable
 during the 1992 campaign for every word he uttered about his draft record.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

  Click  Here

 The WMD debacle

  Click  Here

"Bush, Cheney, etc. did not portray their convictions about Iraq's weapons
 as resting on intelligence reports that could not be viewed as completely reliable.

 They spoke of "corroborated evidence." The President, in his State of the Union address a year ago,
 cited 25,000 liters of anthrax, 38,000 liters of botulinum toxin and 500 tons of sarin, mustard and
 VX nerve agents. He said the weapons could kill millions of Americans.

 Colin Powell made similar claims in a speech at the U.N., but now admits Iraq may not have had
 such weapons. Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney warned of an Iraqi nuclear program.

 The President's position now has descended into tripe. In his State of the Union speech last week,
 his revised claim referred to "dozens of  weapons-of-mass-destruction-related program activities."

 The House Democrats should be drawing up impeachment papers.
 What the hell are they waiting for?

 Call me crazy, but I think 500 dead soldiers is more serious than a blow job from an intern.

 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 If you work for Dean, Kerry or Clark and want help punching up a speech, use that address.

 Returning female GIs report rapes, poor care

  Click  Here

 Female troops serving in the Iraq war are reporting an insidious enemy in
 their own camps:  fellow American soldiers who sexually assault them.

 At least 37 female service members have sought sexual-trauma counseling
 and other assistance from civilian rape-crisis organizations after returning from
 war duty in Iraq, Kuwait and other overseas stations. Some say they were
 threatened with punishment after reporting assaults.

 Maybe the GOP can rape enough women to get their precious "boys only" army.

Click  Here  to save America

 Castro Says Bush Plotting to Kill Him
  Woudln't Daddy be proud of Junior if he pulled this off?

  Click  Here

 Fidel Castro accused Bush on Friday of plotting with Miami exiles to kill him,
 and said he would die fighting if the United States ever invaded to oust him.

 "We know that Mr. Bush has committed himself to the mafia ... to assassinate me,"
  he said, using the term commonly employed here to describe anti-Castro Cuban Americans.
 "I said it once before and today I'll say it clearer: I accuse him!" .

 I'm concerned what absolute power has done to the corrupt Bush administration.
 They see themselves as omnipotent and invincible - and on a mission from Almighty God.
 Those closest to Bush say he really feels God is guiding him, which is always a recipe for disaster.
 I think Bush believes material wealth is God's way of telling George he's on the right path.

 Meanwhile, Cheney, Rummy et al are just along for the ride - and the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Click for details

 Musings from the Heartland
   by Richard L. Fricker

  Click  Here

 Whatever it is, something has frightened these guys, maybe it's just the early attacks
 on the administration caught them off guard. No matter, when these people are scared
 they are dangerous. Vigilance should be the watchword, these people will not give up
 power easily. It is time for the true patriots to arise and vote to retain the republic.


"US combat deaths in Iraq have risen sharply during January. As of Thursday, 33 American soldiers
  and one civilian had been killed by hostile fire during the month. That compares with 24 US combat deaths
  in December, and a total of 32 coalition combat deaths. The figures appear to show that the security situation
  in Iraq is not improving. Iraqi casualties also remain high.  Since May 1, when Bush declared major combat to
  be over in Iraq, 295 coalition troops have been killed by hostile fire."
      --Charles Clover, US deaths rise in wake of Saddam capture


It's not what you think

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 523 to die.

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx


"Howard Dean has already altered the national political debate of this presidential year. More importantly,
  Dean has redeemed his party from the debilitating squalor of its narcotic dependence on soft money by
  showing the nation a better and cleaner way to finance elections. Democrats who are understandably proud
  of the economic record and fiscal stewardship of Bill Clinton do not like to be reminded that Clinton assiduously
  courted, consorted with and made Democrats more reliant upon large corporate donors whose overriding
  interest was White House access. Howard Dean showed America how you could finance a national campaign
  without wealthy Rangers or Pioneers or Lincoln Bedroom sleepovers. For this alone, the nation is in his debt."
      --Mark Shields,  Democrats owe a debt to Dean

 I guess that's all true, but right now Dean is broke.
 He can't pay his people and he can't afford any TV ads, and there are 48 states to go in the primaries.


"Despite Kay's devastating indictment, Bush and the boys are refusing to blink. While no longer insisting,
  as they were until last week, that weapons would eventually be found, Bush, Cheney are now trying a new tack:
  that Bush had never characterized Saddam's danger as "imminent," only as "grave and growing."
  There is a difference? The last time the White House tried such hair-splitting was when Bill Clinton argued
  it was not "sex" that he had had with Monica Lewinsky. The difference in this case, of course, is that more
  than 500 Americans and nearly 15,000 Iraqi soldiers and civilians are dead."
       --Haroon Siddiqui, "Truth catching up to Bush",  Attribution

 Seriously, if Clinton told a bald-faced lie that killed 520 soldiers and made his family super-rich,
 the press would go even crazier than they did with Monica, ...but Bush gets a free ride.

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 Call the
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 Hollywood note

 Sean Penn and Tim Robbins won Golden Globes last week.
 They're great actors, sure, but were they being rewarded for their acting or
 their courage for standing up to the Disaster Monkey and his fake, bloody war?

Click to visit


"Every uncounted ballot in Florida did have a mark a mark of blood the blood of Medger Evers, Goodman,
  Cheney and Schwerner, Viola Liuzzo, and Martin Luther King. We want elections that honor democracy,"
     --David Bonior, at the UAW's Legislative Conference,  Attribution

 Was it blood?   ...or was it gravy?

 I believe the biggest reason we "lost" in 2000 is ...the GOP wanted it more than we did.
 I remember what happened in Florida after the election - do you?

 First, the GOP flew in easily-identified GOP staffers to pose as angry Floridians staging a phony riot.
 They were identified by number, the names are in the back issues. This gang of thugs pretended
 they were ordinary citizens and they wanted their "rightfully-elected" George W. Bush installed.
 They caused such a scene that they stopped the counting of the votes "for safety reasons."

 Meanwhile, Gore asked all Democrats to stay away, so the TV cameras showed nothing but
 angry crowd demanding that "sore Loserman" stop trying to "steal what wasn't his."

 But the gravy reference was about the Democrats who whined that they were going to miss
 eating turkey on Thanksgiving, so they stopped counting the ballots so they could go home and eat.

 They traded democracy in America for a single meal.

 Then the GOP formed more "angry mobs" to assemble outside Gore's residence and demanded he leave.
 The TV cameras caught all that, too, but the Democrats stayed home, played nice, played by the rules.
 When America turned on their TVs, all they saw were angry mobs demanding "justice."

 In my opinion, those delays and this phony, staged riot by the GOP gave Scalia and the whore court
 an excuse to step in and take to so things could be sorted out "fairly," which means in the GOP's favor.

 Bottom line?
 We didn't want it bad enough.
 Democrats soon lined up to call on Gore to concede - and he was willing.

 All the troubles we have today - 9-11, the war, the missing $12 trillion, the shredded Constitution, etc.
 all goes back to Florida and the lazy Democrats who wanted to eat their turkey on Thanksgiving - not later.

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