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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster

by Bruce Yurgil

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Clark attacks Bush, not Kerry
3 Foreign Banks (BFEE) in Iraq
Bush withholding 9-11 notes 
Dean 'regrets' spending
Super Bowl Special Guest
Florida AG blocks Rush probe?
Prosecuted for politics
Clear Channel warmongers
Republicans 'Fail' Blacks


Quote of the Day

"Momma, I haven't killed anybody here 
  and I hope I never have to kill anybody." 
   -- Army Spec Joe Suell, 24-year-old father of three 
      who apparently took his own life, telling his mother 
      he wasn't cut out to fight the Iraq war, Attribution

 Joe Suell should be alive with his wife and kids. 
 There was never any reason to invade Iraq. 

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Volume 1246 -  Don't whisper

  Monday      Feb 2, 2004


"Two bombings in Iraq today killed 12 people, including three American soldiers,
  and wounded at least 44 others, according to the US military and news agency reports.
  The US deaths bring to 522  the number of US forces killed in Iraq.
  The number of weapons of mass destruction found: 0."
      --Maru,  Bring 'em on

 Clark attacks Bush, not Kerry

  Click  Here

"George W. Bush is going to run on his national security record," Clark said,
"I know more about national security than George W. Bush has ever thought about,
 and I can hold him accountable."

 "We've got a president in this country who really doesn't have a clue about where
 this country should be going," he said to loud cheers. "He redid his father's war against
 Saddam Hussein, he's redone Ronald Reagan's tax cuts for the wealthy, and now he
 wants to redo John Kennedy's space program."

 First they said Dean peaked too soon.
 Now they're saying Kerry is peaking too soon.

 Notice how Clark has his eyes on November...


"Look, my stance is I pick and choose my wars. This war here in Iraq, the math hasn't worked out for me on it.
  But I'm smart enough to know there's people smarter than me. Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, George Bush
  - this is their job, and I have to trust in them. I support the commander in chief and the troops. I was for
  Afghanistan, 100%. We got struck and the Taliban needed to be exterminated, but this war here, in Iraq,
  I didn't necessarily have it all worked out. It didn't work out for me. I know a tyrant is gone and all of that,
  but whether it was our duty to go do that, well, I haven't figured that out."
       --Toby Keith, former "Mr War," apparently having second thoughts    Attribution

 How sad that Keith thinks Bush is smarter than he is.

 3 Foreign Banks Allowed Back Into Iraq 

  Click  Here

 Iraq's central bank said on Saturday it had given licenses to the National Bank of Kuwait
 and Britain's Standard Chartered and HSBC, heralding the entry of foreign banks into the
 country for the first time in decades.

 Right now, Iraq doesn't have a "central bank." They don't have anything.
 It has B.F.E.E. cronies and they're settling in to control Iraq until the end of time.

 What a sham Bush is selling that the Iraqi people are going to run their country.
 For their "safety," the B.F.E.E.  is running evrrything from the bank to the companies
 handling the lucratoce cell phone contracts to the oil fields to the power plants.

 Anything named "Kuwait" is a front for the B.F.E.E.     Bush the Smarter put Kuwait at risk
 and then saved them, so they owe the B.F.E.E. everything and don't think Bush isn't collecting.

 The B.F.E.E. continues to make multiple millions every day from this "accidental" war.


"Why would he want to rape her? She doesn't look like a day at the beach."
    --Judge Gene Stephenson on a rape victim in his court,    Attribution

 This is what happens when Republicans are appointed to the bench.
 Their attitudes about women are still mired in the fifties.

 Subject: Bart got plugged

 Greetings Bart,

 I was listening to KFI am 640 here in Los Angeles and the show host mentioned your site several times.
 He was talking to the Iowa farmer who broke the Shrub's AWOL/deserter story.

 Thought you'd like to know...yer getting FREE advertising!!!

 Brannon, thanks for that.
 That could be my good friend Johhny Angel.

 Subject: war hero = fighter?

 Bart, you wrote:

> Why is Max Cleland [leaving the 9/11 panel]?
> Why is he accepting an appointment from The Murderer that will shut him up?
> Is it my imagination, or is Cleland playing ball with the B.F.E.E.?

 You're being too hard on Cleland...

 I don't mean to be - I just wish I had an answer.  As far as I know, Cleland didn't put up a fight when
 the numbers came in "funny."  I believe he was eight ahead and then lost by six. Nobody would blame
 him for saying, "What the fuck?"  If he had said that, loud and clear, and the other 6-7 "upsets" mentioned
 it that horrible night in 2002, it's possible the news lazies would've considered covering that.

 Remember at first there were three, then FIVE Repubs who got 18,313 votes that night (if that's the number)
 That sure looks like a computer glitch to me, but the Democrats didn't even bother to ask the questions.

 ...but point is, having a military record and being a war hero does not automatically make you a fighter.

 Good point, but I guess it depends on the meaning of the word, "having."
 If your daddy bought you a sold-out bunk in a champagne unit of the Guard and you spend your early
 twenties guarding Muncie against a sneak attack from Charlie, you don't have a military record.

 But if you volunteered to go to Vietnam and take bullets for your country, you probably know about tactics
 and position and bravery and overcoming obstacles and working as a team to accomplish a  goal without a
 lot of casualties, then sure, you can say you have a military record.

 Dean may still need to prove himself, but Clark has farther to go to prove himself than Dean does.

 Mark P
 Rochester, MN

 That's fair, and that's what a tough campaign is all about.
 IF it gets down to Clark and Kerry for the nomination, it not only would make a good fight,
 I think they might respect each other enough not to make it a name-calling, hair-twisting slapfest.

 May the best man win.



 Dean 'Regrets' Massive Campaign Spending, they say

  Click  Here

 Howard Dean told Tim the Whore Sunday that he regretted burning through most of the
 $41 million his campaign raised last year on losses in Iowa and New Hampshire.
"We took a gamble and it didn't pay off," Dean, the one-time front-runner.'

 Let me say something nice about my good friend Howard Dean.
 It costs money to set up campaign organizations all around the country. You have to rent offices and phone lines
 and hire people and pay taxes and film commercials and pay for those commercials to air. You have expenses
 moving hundreds of people around. Dean has a hueueueuge early lead (which is like having great starting cards
 in poker) and he went with the full court press and now, the poor bloke's broke.

 The way I understand it, Wesley Clark has taken the opposite approach.  He got in late, very late, skipped Iowa,
 which Dean might've spent $10M on and Clark is operating on a shoestring in the states in which he's chosen to fight.
 Fewer paid workers, fewer offices etc. but he's still got some money to play with.

 Russert and the whore press are trying to make Dean out a "big spender" to finish him off in case he somehow makes
 a comeback, but you have to play the cards you're dealt.  Dean had this across-the spectrum, grassroots todal wave,
 so we can't blame him for trying to harness that tiger with a big budget because it needed a big budget. In politics,
 sometimes the rabbit wins and sometimes the turtle wins. Dean's problem was after spending all that money, the dog
 didn't like the dog food, but he still had to take his shot while he had one.

 Super Bowl Special Guest

 Not sure why, but in the first half of the Superbowl, they teased we'd get a "special guest"
 that wasn't on the bill.  Turns out, the "special guest" was Janet Jackson's right breast.

 Seriously, at the end of her song with Justin Timberlake, he reached over and pulled off
 a velcro patch that covered Janet's right breast - and there it was - exposed for a billion people.

 The two of them just stood there and looked at the camera with her breast hanging out.
 It hung there for what seemed like 3-4 seconds, then the camera suddenly jerked away.

   Janet reacts after Justin ripped off half her top
   at the Super Bowl in Houston. Justin, with the torn
   piece in his hand, said "It was an accident - ...a mistake."

 ha ha

 Take that, Britney.
 Take that, Madonna.

  Man, look at that look on Janet's face.
  It's like, "You bastard!"

 CBS Statement: CBS deeply regrets the incident that occured during the Super Bowl halftime show. We attended all
 rehearsals throughout the week and there was no indication that any such thing would happen. The moment did not
 conform to CBS broadcast standards and we would like to apologize to anyone who was offended.

 CBS says they didn't know - Drudge says they OK'd the stunt.
 Timberlake says it was an accident, but Whitey, please!
 Funny - he knew just the right place to pull?

 Hey, I liked it, but the right-wing baboons will howl.
 You see, the sight of the female form makes them vomit.

 Note: If you'd like to say who you're voting for and explain why, send it to  bartcop@bartcop.com

 A couple of rules:
Send plain text only - no html or crazy fonts or colors.
Make it short, 2-3 paragraphs, and write it yourself - don't copy and paste.

Marty's Entertainment Page


"For over 30 years, Kerry's primary occupation has been stalking lonely heiresses.
  Not to get back to his combat experience, but Kerry sees a room full of wealthy widows
  as "a target-rich environment." This is a guy whose experience dealing with tax problems
  is based on spending his entire adult life being supported by rich women. What does a
  kept man know about taxes?"
     --Ann Coulter,  Attribution

 Question: Do whores pay any taxes at all?
 I don't think so...

 Prosecuted for politics, not security
  He was arrested for holding an 'illegal' sign

  Click  Here

 A Secret Service agent then told us we had to go to the free-speech zone. I offered to move again,
 and she said there was nowhere we could be but the free-speech zone. I told her that I was already
 in a free-speech zone - the United States of America - and she ordered a local cop to arrest me.
 The arresting officer told me the problem was the content of my sign.

"What was allowed in
  the old Amerika is
  not allowed in mine."

Click for all your Bush-bashing needs


"I look forward to that debate, when John Kerry, a war hero with a chest full of medals,
  is standing next to George Bush, a man who was AWOL in the National Guard. George Bush
  never served in our military in our country. He didn't show up when he should have showed up."
     -- Terry McAuliffe to Judas Maximus Sunday on This Whore   Attribution

  White House withholding notes taken by 9/11 panel
  Why can't this gang just tell the truth about 9-11 and be done with it?

  Click  Here

"The White House, already embroiled in a public fight over the deadline for an independent commission's investigation
 of 9-11, is refusing to give the panel notes on presidential briefing papers taken by some of its own members, including
 the controversial August 2001 memo that discusses the possibility of airline hijackings by al Qaeda terrorists.

 The standoff has prompted the 10-member commission to consider issuing subpoenas for the notes and has further
 soured relations between the Bush administration and the bipartisan panel, according to sources familiar with the issue.
 Lack of access to the materials would mean that the information they contain could not be included in a final report
 about the attacks, several officials said."

 Bush keep saying, "There was nothing we could do - no way we could've known," about 9-11.
 yet he won't allow the panel to see what warnings he was gioven prior to the attacks.

 Are they covering up Bush's laziness?
 Are they covering up the Bush administration's lack of competence?
 Or are they covering up Bush's prior knowledge of the attacks?

 Another thing:

 When it was Hillary's underwear, America had a right to know, remember?
 That sex-crazy bastard Ken Starr got a subpoena to have his goons rifle thru Hillary's underwear in her residence
 in the White House to see was "secret documents" she was hiding there, just to get a perverted sexual thrill.
(Not everybody knows, but there was fresh semen on Starr's copy of the impeachment referral.)

 ...but when Bush stonewalls the 9-11 panel, we should understand his concerns about privacy?

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 'Exhibit A' against media concentration 
  Bush's TV networks will only sell conservatives air time

  Click  Here

"Denying MoveOn's 30 second spot about the federal budget deficit seems a thinly veiled political decision,"
 explains Sanders. "I hope that Viacom's move is not in any way payback to the Bush Administration for its
 ongoing efforts to loosen federal rules to allow large companies like Viacom to own a larger and larger share
 of the media in this country. I hope it's not but the timing of CBS' censorship is troubling. Regardless, this seems
 to be the latest example of how concentrated power in the media system harms the public interest."...

 The networks will do anything to protect Bush. He is their boy. He's giving them our tax money.
 He's allowing corporate giants like Viacom to monopolize the airwaves and they're paying him back.

 'Exhibit B'  Remember when the Dixie Chicks dared to say murdering Iraq might not be a good idea?
 Mega-giant Clear Channel made an example of them, banning them from their 1200 radio stations.

 Reminder:Clear Channel shared Bush's hardon for invading Iraq, and now we know Bush
 did it for fraudulent reasons. Remember all those pro-war rallies that Clear Channel  organized?

 There's a dude named Sage Francis,
 I don't know anything about him, apparently he's a poet and hip-hop artist,
 but his next tour is called the Fuck Clear Channel tour, so he's gotta be cool, right?

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"Liberals are afraid. They believe that they can make friends with people like Osama.
  They think if they just show people like that that our military is not going to harm them,
  that we have no intention of going beyond our borders and we're not going to launch
  missiles at them, they'll leave us alone."
    --Rush Limbaugh,  Attribution

 As always, Rush is wrong and has everything backwards.
 George Herbert Herbert Bush recruited Osama to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.
 Osama is Bush's friend - he's not a friend to liberals.

 Also, Osama says he brought down the WTC because George Herbert Herbert Bush
 put troops in Saudi Arabia, so again, this is all on Bush and the BFEE, not the liberals.

 Rush lies constantly, he takes the names of the guilty, removes them, and replaces
 the guilty with the innocent and says, "God's talent lets me do this."

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 Bush earned our hate
  by Harley Sorensen     saw it on  smirkingchimp.com

  Click  Here

 ...during his election campaign, I started to dislike him when I realized he was campaigning with focus-group slogans
 rather than real ideas. He said he was "a compassionate conservative," a bit of nonsense that attempted to satisfy both
 liberals and conservatives. He said he was "a uniter, not a divider," which was clearly phony, as events have shown.
 Americans are about as divided now as they were during the Civil War, and most foreign countries are scared to death
 of Bush's quirky, violent decisions. And Bush said he was "a reformer with results," another nonsense slogan designed
 to charm people who don't listen too closely.

 Looking at the surplus Bill Clinton left behind, Bush said he'd give one-quarter of that windfall "to the people who pay
 the bills. I want everybody who pays taxes to have their tax rates cut."

 When that surplus vanished, Bush cut taxes anyway and sent "refund" checks out with borrowed money. And the big
 beneficiaries were people in Bush's circle: the rich and the very rich.

 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

  Click  Here

  All new!

 Each issue!

 Send yours in!   bartcop@bartcop.com

 Reminder: Dean was smiling when he did his Iowa growl.

 Bush's networks want you to think Dean was an out-of-control madman when he did his growl,
 but when you watch the tape (Russert the whore played it AGAIN on Subday) you see Dean smiling.

 Tim, what were you thinking when you played that tape again?



 Don't let Bill O'Reilly get away with his statement almost a year ago that he would apologize
 and never believe the Bush White House again if no WMD were found in Iraq.


What are you calling me?

 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

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 US officials knew in May Iraq possessed no WMD
  Blair under pressure as Americans admit it was widely known Saddam had no WMD

  Click  Here

 The claim is confirmed by other sources, as well as figures like David Albright, a former UN
 nuclear inspector with close contacts in both the world of weapons inspection and intelligence.

'It was known in May,' Albright said last week, 'that no one was going to find large stockpiles of
 chemical and biological weapons. The only people who did not know that fact was the public.'

 Hell, you could've read  bartcop.com  last May and learned the same thing.
 This was always about Bush stealing Iraq's oil, no matter how many lives it cost.
 The American press knew this, too, but they went along to protect the Illegal Moron.

Click  Here  to save America

 Republicans 'Fail' Blacks
  A shocking story I thought I'd never read...

  Click  Here

"If Republican lawmakers want to convince African-Americans that they care
 about Black issues, they will have to point to something other than their record.

 According to the NAACP's mid-term "Federal Legislative Report Card" for the 108th Congress,
 228 Republicans in the 435-member U.S. House of Representatives and all 52 in the Senate earned Fs.
 Only one, Rep. Mary S. Leach of Iowa, got as high as a D, voting in support of Black causes 65 percent of the time.

 By contrast, no Democrat received a grade as low as an F on the Civil Rights Report Card.
 The lowest grade for a Democrat was a D earned by Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, with 63 percent.

"There were no surprises," says Hilary Shelton, director of the Washington Bureau of the NAACP.

 GOP = Party of Racists

Click for details

 Impeachment, Not Investigation
  Democrats.com  says let's do this the right way

  Click  Here

 In 1998, Bill Clinton told one little white lie about one insignificant affair.
 Clinton was impeached for that little white lie.

 Bush lied to the American people for two full years. As a result of Bush's lies,
 526 American soldiers have died - and $166 billion of OUR tax money has been thrown away.

 Bush's defenders say the difference between Bush and Clinton is that Bush didn't know he was lying.
 Well, why the hell not?

 Bush is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. It is his job to decide
 when America's soldiers need to put their lives at risk to defend America.



"Well, believe me, I've gone in a hospital without insurance and they kind of take care of you."
   --Dennis Miller, explaining why health insurance isn't really necessary   Attribution

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 526 to die.

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx


"So the Americans lied to their people and to us and maybe to themselves.
  That's exactly what we already thought."
   --Dominique Moïsi, a political analyst in Paris, on the testimony by David Kay,  Attribution

 France was right, Germany was right, Russia was right, Japan was right, Italy was right,
 Bartcop.com was right, Buzzflash.com was right, mediawhoresonline.com was right.

 Bush had a hardon for war that was based on lies and deceit. He promised America
 he'd bring honor and integrity to the White House and people wanted to believe him.
 But you can't trust a Republican with power. They will abuse it every time.


"We've had it. It is such a slap in the face of the families of victims.
  They are dishonoring the dead with their irresponsible behavior."
   --Kristen Breitweizer, 9-11 widow  Bush to 9/11 families: 'enough already

Something on your mind?
 Call the
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You have two minutes to speak your piece.

  Breaking the Press
   by Alan Bisbort   saw it on apj.us

  Click  Here

 My wife still holds out a candle, if not a torch, for the Fourth Estate. She's an award-winning journalist with
 unimpeachable integrity and peerless talent, and she toils honorably for a daily newspaper that one could fairly
 describe as "mainstream." Though my wife can't wait to vote against Bush and Cheney, she will not broach any
 suggestion-which I am all too ready to make-that the American press has failed miserably, terribly, disgracefully
 in covering their administration. And yet it is demonstrably true: The American mainstream press (print, radio,
 television) has given these backroom criminals a free pass that was not offered Clinton and Gore. Or Nixon and
 Agnew, for that matter. The Fourth Estate is, as Bartcop has dubbed it, "the good puppy press."

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 From:  bigguy@antisocial.com

 Subject: fuck you


 You motherfucking horses pitoot lying sonofabitch.
 I don't want to see one more fucking letter telling you why they endorse one candidate or another.
 BORING motherfucking horseshit.
 Sycophant fagbucket bullshit only a anal retentive pussy like you would enjoy.
 I will quit reading your fairytale website for queer eye faggots and Gay boys.

 ha ha
 Is what what attaected you to this site in the first place?
 How many queer eye faggots and Gay boys sites can you cruise in one night?

 Maybe you didn't know - we have tracking cookies, and I know where you're been.
 Last time you were here, you left for a porn site and rented "No Holes Barred."

 ...and I doubt that you'll quit reading
 You're hooked on  bartcop.com  son, like the vulgar Pigboy is to his Hillbilly Heroin.

  Bart's right - once you're hooked, you can't stop yourself.

 You have no choice but to visit each day and make that hit counter spin so I can charge extra-high prices
 when I rent out my precious space so liberals can run banners that are changing America for the better.
 Thanks, Dude.

 And will you stop this phony oil for blood bullshit.
 Fucking Bush has not taken one barrel out of the ground for himself or BFEE.

 ha ha
 Right - he gave it all to charity and didn't keep any for himself.
 That's why they stole power, to help charities, right?

 Yeah, that's a hoot the BFEE.  Was there a CFEE?

 Good question, but no.
 Clinton wasn't born into a Crime Cartel where Gramps helped Hitler, Dad ran the CIA and sold arms
 to hostages and trained Osama bin Laden, Lil' George's best friend from childhood. (Osama and George
 used to skip rope together in Midland when Osama's Dad came over to talk business. They were so cute!)

 Clinton met with the Bildeburgers and the Tri-Lateral Commission just like Bush.
 Clinton was a skull and bones guy from Yale.  Is he part of the gay oil cartel commission?
 One last thing for you Bart:  FUCK YOU!


 My, my - is that the same tongue you use to lick your lover's butt?
 You should consider flushing your mouth.


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 His Mac is a 1998 model. 2004 Macs are much, much faster than 1998 computers.
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