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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
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  In Today's Treehouse...
The cost of Bush's bungles
Why Bush sucks at interviews
Janet tells CBS to take a hike 
Why are we still at Orange?
The 45-minute case collapses
Japan suspends all US poultry 
Russert gives Bush a pass
CNN's fake Dean apology
Feds get protestors' records


Quote of the Day

"Just got through watching Bush on Meet the Press. 
  I thought it was a pretty dismal performance. I'll be 
  voting for GWB in November, but let's face it, the 
  Great Communicator he ain't. The tongue-tied 
  blather was coming thick and fast. At times, he 
  looked like Al Sharpton on the Federal Reserve."  
    --John Derbyshire, Nazi pig  Attribution

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Volume 1250 -  Pride only Hurts

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  Sun-Mon      Feb 8-9, 2004


"Bush looks like he's afraid of Tim Russert. He's stammering and unsteady.
  For the first time, I've felt a twinge of fear myself about the November election."
     --Michael Graham, "The Meet the Press Disaster"    Attribution

 Strange, I didn't see anything different from the usual bumbling moron
 who can't answer a question because nobody's written a script for him to read.

 The terrible human cost of Bush and Blair's
 military adventure: 10,000 civilian deaths
  The greedy SOBs killed all those people for profit

  Click  Here

 More than 10,000 civilians, many of them women and children, have been killed
 so far making the continuing conflict the most deadly war for non-combatants
 waged by the West since the Vietnam war more than 30 years ago.

 Neither the US or British military, nor the Coalition Provisional Authority have kept
 a record of Iraq civilian or military casualties, and Washington and London have
 both rejected calls for them to compile such totals.


"I've only seen clips of Bush's interview with Russert. Of course, most people will only see the clips as well,
  so maybe the whole impression won't matter. But the impression I get from readers who saw the whole thing
  is that Bush seemed completely out of his depth. Even on Fox News, the juxtaposition of Bush's folksy chatter
  and Kerry's booming voice must have the White House worried."
      --Andy Sullivan, "liberal Democrat" who hates all Democrats and would drink Bush's dirty bathwater  Attribution

 Why Bush sucks at interviews 
   by Piggy Noonan (R-Lying slut)

  Click  Here

 It was an important interview. (That was only necessary because he got caught)
 The president has been taking a beating for two months now--two months of the nonstop
 commercial for the Democratic Party that is the Democratic primaries, (Awww, poor baby.
 Clinton took ten years of non-stop beatdowns from you sons of bitches and ran the economy
 and the nation and the world and a war and survived impeachment with unsurpassed brilliance)
 and then the Kay report. (Kay was his hand-picked stooge, so when Kay said he was guilty he was guilty)
 And so people watched when he decided to come forward in a high stakes interview with Tim Russert,
 the tough interviewer (Oh, please - tough compared to who? Katie Couric?) who's an equal-opportunity
 griller of Democrats. (Horseshit - Russert is a Republican who whores for a bigger paycheck.
 Remember this?

 He has heroic concentration and a face like a fist. His interviews are Beltway events.
 (Tim Russert is a whore who beats up scared Democrats and lets GOP bullies evade the question.)

 If you'd like to see what would happen if Ol' Bart went up against "the tough interviewer."

 Click  Here

HOT! Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!


"I kept wincing as the president bobbled his answers. Even when he gave what on paper is a
  decent enough answer, he looked nervous, stumbly and intellectually unsure. He did himself
  no favors with this interview. I know Bush is not known for being eloquent, but it did strike me
  that we should be able to expect better than this from the President of the United States, at least
  after three years in office... How fortunate we are that the president will probably be running
  against a liberal Democrat from Massa-gay-marriage-chusetts this fall."
    --Rod Dreher, "Re: "Meet the Press"     Attribution

 Janet tells CBS to take a f-ing hike
  Good for her - Meanwhile, Justin caves like a senate Democrat

  Click  Here

 Janet opted not to appear at the Grammys after CBS, the same network that carried
 the Super Bowl, insisted that both she and Justin apologize on air for their halftime show.

 Subject: Wondering about Koresh

 I've noticed that you mention David Koresh quite often and yet you support Clark for President.
 I think you should know that Clark was the one in charge of murdering all those men, women and children at Waco,

 Terry, you sound like a fan, but how can you possibly be so goddamned misinformed?
 Everyone but Rush's biggest dittoheads knows that Koresh personally started that fire.
 Government audio tapes have him saying "Light it, light it right now!"

 John Danforth, a Republican, gave a very rare "100 percent guarantee" that the Clark and Clinton
 had nothing at all to do with that fire. How could you have that so blaringly wrong?
 On top of that, Clark said his "role" in Waco was surrendering a tank and an APC to the FBI when asked.

 ...also Clark supports The School of the Americas in Ft Benning GA. It's graduates are the primary source
 of terrorism in South America, responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. I know that anyone is better than Bush,
 but if they support the New World Order, as Bush does, and as I believe Kerry and Clark do, than we can expect that
 80% of the worlds population will be eliminated by 2025.

 I guess if you believe Clark and Clinton cooked those kids in Waco, you have no trouble believing
 that somebody is about to murder four billion people. Please don't tell anybody you're a reader of this page, please?
 People might think you got these impossibly nutty ideas from me.

 I'm Bush's smallest fan, and even I wouldn't claim he was going to murder 4 billion people.
 Not that he'd mind, but the cost of doing it would be prohibitive.

 Look up Peak Oil for the truth about our very bleak future.
 You can also check out dieoff.org for some facts about Peak Oil.
 You have a great website though.

 Terry D

 Someone mentioned Peak Oil before, but I haven't had time to investigate.

 Saddam in the Slammer, so why are we on Orange?
   by David Hackworth, who doesn't like rich snots who buy their way out of combat

  Click Here

 Ross cautioned that his total of 21,972 evacuees could be higher than other reports because
 "in some cases, the same service member may be counted more than once."

 The Pentagon has never won prizes for the accuracy of its reporting, but I think it's safe to say
 that so far somewhere between 14,000 and 22,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines have
 been medically evacuated from Iraq to the USA.

 Subject: Et tu, BartCop?

 Mort Fromage wrote:


 You said, and I quote,

> Also, Osama says he brought down the WTC because George Herbert Herbert Bush
> put troops in Saudi Arabia, so again, this is all on Bush and the BFEE, not the liberals."

 I bet you can't find anything, anywhere, that says that.  There has never, not once, been any tape
 or document from bin Laden that actually takes credit for 911.  I've been waiting for it.  We have
 a muffled probable bin Laden being happy about something at a wedding.  We have him repeating
 that the evil giant must leave Saudi Arabia (which bin Laden's prrtner, Mr. Bush, has obliging arranged).
 What we don't have is him saying anything to the effect that, "Yeah, I did it,  whatcha gonna do about it?"

 If you have anything like that, could you send it to me?  Because I missed it.

 I'm not saying that bin Laden didn't do it; I'm with Dean on this one.
 Present the evidence and hold a trial.  Summary execution is not, or didn't use to be, our style.


 Matt, you're right.
 I don't even speak that language, so any "proof" I had would be suspect.

 What if I said,

"Osama says he's angry at the United States because
 George Herbert Herbert Bush put troops in Saudi Arabia."

 Would that be OK?


"It's not just fiscal conservatives that are concerned about the deficit.
  We're all concerned about the deficit. The deficit is too high for any of us."
      - Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN), 1/27/04   Attribution  = none

 The 45-minute case collapses (Part 1)

  Click  Here

 Tony Blair was sent three intelligence reports in the six months during the run up to the Iraq war,
 including one that warned him that information on whether Saddam Hussein still held any chemical
 or biological weapons was "inconsistent" and "sparse".

 The revelation adds to the mystery of how the Prime Minister could tell Parliament last week that,
 when war began, he still believed that Iraq held WMDs capable of being deployed in just 45 minutes.

 That 45-minute claim, highlighted in a dossier which Mr Blair presented to the Commons in September 2002,
 inspired reports in the press that British servicemen and tourists in Cyprus could be hit at any moment by long-range Iraqi missiles.

 The 45-minute case collapses (Part 2)

  Click  Here

 The "reliable source" who provided MI6 with the information that Iraq could deploy WMDs within 45 minutes
 was an Iraqi exile who had left the country several years previously. That fact alone should have prevented the
 intelligence being used in the Government's September 2002 dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

 Said to have "military knowledge", the source maintained contacts with serving officers in Saddam's armed forces.
 But the fact that he was not in Iraq meant that the information he provided, especially on such an important point
 as whether Saddam had active plans to use chemical and biological weapons, did not meet normal standards for
 assessing intelligence, especially as it was unsupported by documentary evidence. There was no definite information
 on whether chemical or biological warheads were with front-line units, which would have made it feasible that they
 could be used within 45 minutes, or back in secure bases which would make it impossible.

 The bottom line is Bush and Blair used fabricated intelligence to lead us into a war we didn't have to fight.
 The press and the Democrats are content to let that stand and not press for accountability.

 Lou Dobbs

 Lou Dobbs is as phony a right-wing bastard as they come.
 I guess, since he's very rich, he loves Bush for the tax cuts.

 But now and then he'll say something negative about Bush, but he always
 couches his criticism in terms like, "what this administration has done" or
"what this government has done," always giving Bush a pass.

 In their zeal to present that phony "fair and balanced" masthead, they'll
 sometimes criticize the deficits or unemployment as being too high, or the
 borders being too porous but Bush personally gets a pass every time,
 even tho it's Bush policies that caused the record high decifits and unemployment.

 With Clinton, it was always personal - Clinton the demon - but the
 never-elected Bush boy always gets a pass, as he has his whole life.

Marty's Entertainment Page


"So the Bush administration -- under considerable pressure -- has now decided to investigate itself...
  The whole exercise smacks of "cover-up" and is about as trustworthy as asking Enron executives
  to investigate themselves. The real story of how and why the Bush administration went to war in Iraq
  will be lost in a miasma of words - and no one in particular will be blamed."
       --Chalmers Johnson , "A Modest Proposal"   Attribution

 If you want to know the real reasons why that murdering cabal of power-hungry oil man took us to war,
 all you have to do is read the current and back issues of bartcop.com   ... a comedy page.

 Japan Suspends All U.S. Poultry Imports
  Another Bush screw-up, and he's still screwing with mad cow

  Click  Here

 Japan has temporarily suspended all imports of American poultry after U.S. agriculture officials
 confirmed an outbreak of bird flu at a chicken farm in Delaware, the government said Sunday.

 Tokyo, which had already banned poultry imports from Rhode Island and Connecticut due to
 a bird flu outbreak last year, was trying to confirm details of the latest cases, Kamei told reporters.
 He did not say how long the ban would last. In the fiscal year ended March 2003, Japan bought
 550,000 tons of poultry and poultry products from the United States - about 10 percent of such imports.

 I predict tha ban  will last until America gets a government elected by the people, a government that
 doesn't trust in mega-corporations to police themselves when billions of dollars are at stake..

 Subject:  BCR Show 26

 Show 26 was outstanding!!  The Dennis Miller beatdown was laugh-out-loud hysterical!
 We both think that you need to get that tape to an agent.
 Now THAT is Bartcop at his finest!!
 Please keep up the great work!
 Poker Queen and Buckwheat
 P.S.   I really enjoy the Tommy/Bart discussions, too.  A great part of the show as well.

Click for all your Bush-bashing needs

 How Russert Gave Bush A Pass On The AWOL Question
  Great stuff from  bushwatch.com

  Click  Here


"I based my decision to go to war on the best intelligence possible, intelligence
  gathered over the years, intelligence that not only our analysts thought was valid
  but analysts from other countries thought were valid. 
    --the lying Murder Monkey   Attribution

 I wish the Chimp would stop putting the blame on the intelligence gathering masters of "other countries."
 We all know how wise and infiltrated the Swedes are, the tremendous satellite capabilities of the Chileans,
 the Japanese who are undercover in Baghdad, the tricky spy gadgets invented by the Turks, etc etc.

 Blair admits his intelligence was bad or invented and the Russians begged the Disaster Monkey NOT to invade.
 Israel has a decent spy network, but they're hardly unbiased when the question is invading Saddam.

 Russert just sat there like a baked fucking ham instead of doing his job.

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 Subject: Bartcop Volume 760 - Go Pick a Plum

 Bart -

 YOU SHOULD Re-POST this.....

 this 'photo' from Bartcop-Volume 760, of Bush with complete destruction
 is EXACTLY what has happened with court-appointed Bush Regime


 Volume 760 - March 30, 2002

 Dan M


His specialty is converting 8mm and Super 8 silent movies to DVD.
Don't let your memories get old and fall apart.


"It looks like Bush will appear on Tim Russert's show this Sunday, presumably to discuss indications
  that Bush did not fulfill his military service obligations during the 1970s. Translation: Karl Rove believes
  that Bush can take Russert -- and that if Russert punts on the tough questions, the rest of the media will
  give Bush a pass, and they can put this behind them. This should really get Russert's goat, if it hasn't already.
  For Bush -- a man famously bad on his feet, who has created problems for himself at virtually every single one
  of the few press conferences he has given -- to put himself in Russert's hands for a full hour, when a few simple
  questions are all that are needed to break this story wide open, would seem to be a real risk. Unless you believe,
  as some folks do, that Russert's reputation for toughness is at best lived up to erratically, and at worse undeserved.
  Will Russert prove his critics right, or will he prove them wrong?"
     --Nick Confessore, "Batter Up!"   Attribution

 Instead of copying quotes onto the page, I'll address this on the next BartCop Radio show.
 Bottom line - Russert asked tough questions, but Bush refused to answer them and Timmy moved on, just as I said he would.

 Russert: Do you go to war for phony reasons?

 Bunnypants: Saddam was a dangerous man, a madman, and you can never trust a madman.

 Russert: That's good enough for me, now let's move on...

 Subject: You're doing fine

 As they do you, these kind of letters you get from people who are supposed to be on our side
 never cease to amaze me.  It really makes one wonder what their true motives, and allegiances are.

 As for the "fence-sitters" they don't need to hear the radio show, they can just read the damn page
 like the rest of us have for the last several years!

 You've been giving us "Bartcop" for free for years, at your own time and expense,
 and yet people like Adam refuse to give credit for that.

 You're doing great, Bart.  Keep it up.


What's this?

Tequila under an electron microscope


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 CNN Says It Overplayed Dean's Iowa Scream
  Duh!  What's next? ...admit they overplayed the Monica Lewinsky story?

  Click  Here

 "It was a big story, but the challenge in a 24-hour news network is that you try to
  keep all of your different viewers throughout the day informed without overdoing it,"
  lied Princell Hair, CNN's general manager with a straight face.

 The breathtaking media explosion turned the Dean into a punch line and arguably
  hastened his campaign's free fall. It's also an instructive look at how television news
  and entertainment works today.

 Yes, but only with the Democrats.
 They could've turned Strom Thurmund's race rape  into a big story, but they
 only mentioned it briefly and went back to attacking Democrats. They could make a big deal out
 of the fact that Bush lied us into a war to get even with Saddam by stealing his oil and making
 the B.F.E.E. hundreds of billions of dollars richer, killing 530 soldiers, but he's a Republican
 so he gets a pass from the major news outlets.

 Years ago, they knew Newt was screwing his secretary during impeachment, but they refused
 to run that story because he was a Republican and they always protect the Republicans.

 Whatever handwringing there may be in retrospect - and there's only a little - comes with
 a sense that repeats are inevitable.

 Yes - they will continue to hammer the Democrats and give the Republicans a pass.
 The sons of bitches won't even ask how many times Bush has been arrested because that
 would anger Karl Rove and no news organization (or Democrats) dares to do that.

 When Laura Schlessinger's vagina pictures were all over the internet, CNN didn't dare mention it
 because she is a Republican and they always protect Republicans. But Janet Jackson is a "darkie,"
 and that makes her a Democrat so you repeatedly attacked her again and again like your Dean
 excesses even tho you gave Laura the leg-spreading slut a total pass.

 Fuck you and your phony apology, CNN.
 Pretending to apologize when you know you'll do it again is just as phony as Fox News claiming
 they're "fair and balanced" when they know they're the president's personal praise network.

 Bush Claims Of Released Military Records Are False

  Click  Here

 On Meet the Press yesterday, Bush claimed he has already released all records of his whereabouts
 during the Vietnam War.1 However, this does not appear to be the case. Bush is being scrutinized
 for his failure to provide evidence of his service during a year when he should have been in the Guard.
 Yesterday, Bush specifically claimed that "we did [release all the records] in 2000" to prove his case.
 But as the Washington Post reported, "no such information has been released."

 And of course Russert, on the B.F.E.E. payroll, never challenged any of Bush's lies.
 Since he's being paid to make Bush look good (Why do you think they picked Russert in the first place?)
 Timmy earned his keep by asking the tough questions and then accepting every evasive non-answer.


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 Feds win right to war protesters' records  

  Click  Here

 Dirty Tricks Part 2
   by Margie Burns

  Click  Here

 Later on Wednesday, Melissa Miles, a SkadArps attorney representing Jones, called.  She explained
 that "Dave knows he's legally required to make a copy available," within regular business hours, and
 suggested I visit Jones' office.  I told her that I could visit the next day.

 Thursday afternoon, after repeated messages, Jones called me, saying he had just returned from New York.
 He offered to overnight the filing to me, saying that he had to show me the "original," and assuring me
 that he would UPS it to my home on Friday.

 Seven Democratic primaries and three caucuses have taken place between the filing deadline and this column;
 the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary took place before the filing deadline; Tennessee and
 Virginia hold primaries tomorrow.

  It pays to advertise on  bartcop.com

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"To suggest...that the military should 'answer questions'
  about President Bush's honorable discharge is an outrage."
   -- Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot, making Bush look very guilty   Attribution

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 534 to die - and counting.

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Even GOP types admit Bush did poorly on Russert

  Click  Here

 Some of my fellow conservatives found his performance wanting. Or more than wanting.
 As the show was airing, National Review magazine's Web site was firing on all cylinders 
 as participants in its blog, The Corner, threw brick after brick at the president.

 Talk-show host Michael Graham called it a "disaster." Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News,
 said Bush made him wince: "He looked nervous, defensive and intellectually insecure."
 The vituperative John Derbyshire (the son of a bitch who said Chelsea should be killed
 because she's the product of "bad seed.") called Bush "pretty dismal."

 Subject: Show 26

 I'll listen to it in a bit.
 I was just thinking about writing to you about what I thought of Show 25.

 I liked the addition of the Weather Vixen to the conversations with you and Tommy.
 She added a nice balancing touch.

 Anyways, gonna go listen to show 26, can't wait to hear the Dennis Miller beatdown!


 PS: I hope you're feeling better!

 I'm going to the specialist Friday the 13th to find out what's wrong with my blood.
 I'll post something when I get home.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Subject: Show 26

 Liked your rant on the Superbowl commercials and disgusting "humor."

 And your titty rant. See:   http://page3.com

 Tommy Mack picks the show up something wonderful (not putting your solo stuff down.)

 After your takedown of Dennis Miller, I was sad that I had to hear him in order to get to your comments.
 You did miss on one, though: I think your Laci Peterson hair comment was nonsense. Rest of it was on point.
 Wait, you think a single Laci hair on Scott's pliers is proof he killed her?
 I would enjoy that debate.

 The "service" pun was priceless.
 Welcome to Mac country. The check is in the mail.

 Dennis Kucinich for America!

 Thanks for the note.

 Mac-ing our way to Better Radio

 As we step up the pace of , we have another expense:
 We put $3687 on the credit card for a new Mac G5 so Tommy can edit radio shows,
 (Hey - I finally bought a Mac! :)

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 If you prefer the mail, our physical address is  bartcop.com  PO Box 54466   Tulsa, OK  74155

  Show 26 is up now, and it sounds good, thanks to Tommy and his new computer.

Subscribe today!

 I'd like to thank the subscribers and Mac donators.
 As long as you're contributing, we will continue beating up the Bush monkey and his Nazi gangsters.

 The latest GOP warrior to debate - tonight at 9 PM
 Unless like the last guy, he's afraid to show up.

 This isn't for any kind of recruitment ceremony, it's just how shit happens.
 Some conservative always thinks he's gonna set me straight.
 But as the decades go by, none seem to have the means to explain themselves.

 The latest wannabe is John Dawnson.
 He's going to straighten me out tonight.

 ha ha

 By biggest fear is that nobody will be there to witness it.
 When I smoke this monkey, I want witnesses or I want a record maintained.

 If he has balls, tell him go give me a hollar.
 John Dawnson.

 John, I already feel sorry for you. You're walking into a trap.
 This is an unlucky week for you to be fucking with me.

 Prepare to be boarded.

 Monday at 9 PM CST

 Subject: President Moron

 Today we got to protest Bush Sr. in Edinburg, TX, where he was for a 'fundraiser' for a local college.
 Saw a poster that said 'Down with the Bush family evil empire'.

 What with his fee and secret service charges, they may have broken even.
 Keep the hammer swingin',

 McAllen, TX


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